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The Difference Between Pseudo Science, Theoretical Science & The Scientific Method #FLATEARTH

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Welcome back brothers and sisters to another informative live stream here on bro sanchez tv and i'm your host bro sanchez please if you will put a one in the chat room if you can hear me loud and clear and it's just so awesome to see all of y'all .

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Beats you know i produce as well and the link is in the bottom right corner now that we got that out the way let's start off by by just a little quick introduction what we're going to be dealing with here today okay we're dealing with the difference between .

Pseudoscience theoretical science and the scientific method one word that i did not put in the title was scientism all right i didn't put the word scientism in the title but that is also one of the ones we'll be dealing with as well okay so we can throw that one in there .

As well again we're also gonna briefly deal with ancient cosmology uh as opposed to modern cosmology today's lecture is not about cosmology i'm gonna say that again today's solo presentation in lecture by .

Your brother is not about flat earth versus globe earth and it's not me trying to convince you either or i will speak on modern cosmology and ancient cosmology simply to show examples of .

The different types of sciences that we have in the title here and the ones that we don't have in the title that i will be discussing as well keeping in mind guys that religion is a branch of science a lot of people may not know that that .

A lot of people may not know that religion is indeed a branch of science if you didn't know that now you know and i'll be teaching you why that is a fact here today one second becky let's do a bomb test cause there's gonna be a lot of those dropped today .

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Running my goddamn bombs becky run my bombs now now that we have the foundation laid we gonna hop right into this man so right off the bat what we want to do is go ahead and give uh a simple definition of these different types of science .

Sciences so we can set the premise keeping in mind that today we're gonna be dealing with the history of the scientific method as well now what we got to realize is this folks science is a methodology and anybody that follows that .

Methodology is a scientist meaning that um scientists didn't just appear on earth seven thousand years ago like they want you to think modern scientists want you to think that there was no scientist in the old days now what what is science folks .

Science is simply you using uh experimentation to make sense out of the natural world and based upon that experimentation laying out a conception of reality based upon what we can prove and can't prove imma say that again science is a hold on a second everybody .

all right listen so science is a set of actions now science is a methodology that anybody for example right a bird trying to build a nest uses science as a methodology not as an institution listen there's a difference between .

Scientism theoretical science in pseudoscience versus the scientific method which has been here uh with the origin of the earth animals humans insects germs you name it have been using the .

Method of science to understand their reality before we had universities before we had professors physicists and even scientists people were using science to understand their reality that's important to think about that's important to think about it's .

Important to think about right that before people were calling themselves scientists they were using the method of science to survive on earth and if they wasn't doing that we wouldn't even be here today so anybody that's telling you that your ancestors didn't have .

Science into the europeans took over 7 thousand years ago is an enemy and an agent to the people becky please the modern scientific narrative is that this thing called science didn't exist into 7 000 years ago with the birth of civilization science is a nh listen .

Science is our true natural spiritual system now what is science science comes from the word sense s-e-n-s-e the sciences are based upon the senses sense sense if you don't use your senses .

As tools in your scientific methodology then your scientific methodology will only replace the action of using one's senses with the action of believing someone who said they used their senses hit me becky .

I said if your scientific methodology doesn't require the use of your senses then by default we know we dealing with a belief system because a person that have not used their own five senses to prove the science that they accepted cannot deem it as fact they can only ask the question .

Hillary asked when she went to that college do you believe in science a person don't believe in something that they use their five senses to detect is real there are some things that the sense of sight will not detect like the wind but .

That's why nature gave me to sense call feel because i can't see that wind so the sense of sight gonna fail me but the sense of field let me know that when is that you get five senses where four fail one may still sense an aspect of the natural reality .

Therefore making that thing sense a fact of existence are we tracking if i can't see something or feel something but i can smell it it exists if it's detected by all of the senses or one of them it becomes a fact .

In our reality but in order for this kind of science to work its magic everyone would be happy to engage with it using the senses something happened on the earth seven thousand years ago where we were given a new form of science that did not require the use of the .

Senses it only required one's belief and when that happened we replaced senses with consensus becky please you can drop another one becky you could drop another you might want to keep dropping them on that i'ma sit here a minute for him one .

More come on let me have it see when that happened we replaced the use of our senses with consensus this was the rise of a new way of thinking on earth .

where now instead of each man and woman using their god-given senses to engage with the methodology of science you now only had to believe in science as an agreed-upon group of theoretical facts .

Which is why we want to talk about theoretical science today and where are we at today so when you look at the history of the scientific method today they will lead you to isaac newton ancient egypt descartes and babylonia because the biasness of this western world is that .

No one was using the scientific method prior to egypt and babylon and everybody before that was primitive remember when you see it's modern science that told you ancient people didn't have science it's modern science that told you there's nothing to look back beyond 7000 bc .

Because people was wiping their butts with their hands and they didn't uh you know come on you gotta you really gotta think about this folks uh let's talk about you need to re-question science .

As we know it the day was born out of the hellenistic world this is a fact okay let me read some to you real quick greek speaking ancient philosophers engage in the earliest known forms of what is today recognized as a rational theoretical science .

And i'm just doing a quick week wikipedia here on the history of the scientific method and there's something we want to point out you know i'm gonna actually share this with you guys so you can uh read along with me shall you choose give me one minute .

Let's do it like that let's make we can actually make it a little bigger about doing it like that there we go okay so now let's look i got this highlighted what we're going to be reading here all right this little blue passage here .

Okay so greek speaking ancient philosophers engage in the earliest known forms of what is today recognized as a rational theoretical science people let this first sentence go over their head you know for we read any forward we want to deal with this little first little .

Passage here you know what's so important about this first little passage that's gonna drive my message home today modern science is theoretical science that's a fact it's theory based theoretical science i'm gonna highlight the word for you that's the word that a lot of .

Knuckleheads miss and there's a lot of folks online talking about their atheists and their pseudo killers and they the most pseudo folks that's on this [ __ ] and the people that saying they atheists need to be calling themselves a theos because they they believe only .

The theories of modern scientists and atheists don't post to have no beliefs but yet they believe in science and the atheist will tell you that the atheists say look all got no beliefs don't deal with religion i only believe in science where .

You still got a belief if you believe in science that's a belief you got the same belief that hillary clinton got the belief in science is a religion rather you want to accept it or not see the science as a methodology don't require no belief now becca if you don't drop me a bomb .

You're better too matter of fact i said asking a person if they believe in science is because the person asking that have joined a belief system that don't require the use of their senses only they believe in their consensus .

Okay because science as a methodology don't require one's belief so understand that you're a religious [ __ ] if you engage in modern science is up to date and i'm going to i'll get ready going to .

Get repo prove that to you right now stand by we ain't going to play here now let me uh grab what i got here let me let i just want to put this up here man hold on a minute because when i tell you that you believe in science today which is new is new no one never believed .

First of all either you know some [ __ ] or you don't and if a person is believing they won't be believing for long because this method of science is what turns one belief into a true or either false and i'll give you a quick example if i believe .

I got gold under the ground in my backyard i shouldn't conclude on that as a belief i shouldn't build a religion based on a belief in gold under my backyard and i shouldn't tell people listen there may be gold under my backyard so hey i'm rich for real .

But i never turned that belief into a fact or none fact so i can believe it's gold in my backyard but now when i get a shovel and i go to digging either i'm a fine goal or not and at that point i'm not i don't have a belief anymore .

Either i'ma say man i know it's some gold back there or i know it ain't because why i did something i took action see that's the difference if you didn't take the action you can't draw the conclusion and if someone else draw the conclusion then you got to believe .

That i dug up the backyard and found the goal now how many of y'all believe me and loaned me money based on that how many of y'all to do it if i tell you right now man i dug up a treasure chest in my backyard loan your boy fifty thousand dollars .

I'm i'm gonna pay you back when i trade the gold in for money with interest guess what you gonna say to me let me see the goal that's the first thing you're gonna say let me see the goal you ain't just gonna give me the loan based on belief but we're cutting these scientists today .

Million dollar checks out of our tax money based on just the belief we're doing just that these people said we went way to the moon but we can't go back and during the time they went the moon to the moon the beeper was just coming .

Out today look at all the technology we got you telling me we can't go back you telling me they really got stuff on my arse but they can't get to the moon you better wake up you telling me they went to the moon during the time when [ __ ] had rotary phones and the beeper was the .

Highest technology but they can't do it today but they got the technology to upload consciousness like a fool check this out right y'all don't know that y'all are the real pseudos i'm just about to prove it to you today you don't gotta accept it .

Now listen up what i'm telling you here let's go back to this stuff here man when hillary gave his speech and she said she believed in science she couldn't even get the rest out because folks was clapping like a [ __ ] like i remember this when i was in .

Church a [ __ ] stand up there and say i believe in jesus yeah you don't see you your inner religion you get praised for believing in science not practicing it as a methodology you get praise for believing the diamond .

Planet not actually saying let me see it but that's what you don't ask me if i ask you for that long talking about that goal in my backyard think about it in real life you don't play like that but you do it with these folks because you don't unders you don't see how it bites you in the .

Form of taxation see in in any situation dealing with reality you're going to want to use one at least one of your senses to prove the validity of a thing but in the case of modern science you find it rational to only use something called belief but .

Think about the example that i gave if i believe it's gold in my backyard and i conclude on the belief hell i never find out we will never find out if what they're telling us about our reality real or not it's just gonna be people standing on the side of you telling .

You to shut the [ __ ] up you being too deep man you should just trust and believe in science and i understand that kind of jargon because when i was in the church and i started to doubt christ a christian would tap you on the shoulder and say boy you better shut your mouth and just trust and have .

Belief in the lord becky bomb please see y'all y'all got to realize something man it's the same religion everywhere we look telling you the same thing one proven the other one .

Y'all don't see y'all can't see or seem to uh see that it's one damn big uh religion on earth one now listen everywhere we see western universities and institutions we know we're at the boundaries of the hellenic world .

Now a lot of people may not understand the deepness of what i just said but as we get deeper into this thing you'll see at some point that brother sanchez just did a quotable where the western institutions began is where what we call the world of the theoretical .

Scientists begin ah i'm gonna i'm gonna show you what i'm talking about before we get back into this article here let me go to this uh thing with hillary clinton real quick let me show you something because sometimes we need the visuals to understand .

So let's do that check this out see this was hillary clinton right and she was at um queen's university in belfast all right you know everybody graduate from that college right there is multi-millionaire like no one graduating from from from this .

University in in in in your tax bracket just keep that in mind but anyway that's just a sidebar but anyway hillary made this speech at this university you got to understand something this is way in ireland and the people who control the western .

Curriculum in academia are island witches they are celtic witches and your curriculum comes straight up from that boston area northeast tri-state area where they had the first institutions your oldest colleges on this land all right midwest northeast areas you .

Didn't have none in the south because they weren't letting the slaves uh you know you know how that was you didn't have colleges in the south yet because which only thing you had to learn was how to be a slave master and that didn't take no damn university okay so it came ladder .

In the south so i'm explaining to you why your first colleges and stuff come from up out the north and midwest area because what we call western education is the religion of celtic witches saint patrick's bloodline the same people that corrupted the pick me .

Don't you know that a lot of the pick me and uh tribes like that what disconnected them from their ancient spiritual system was the same thing that did it to you the western curriculum now what i'm trying to get you to do is to start to look at the western universities .

As an extension of the military and the uh uh ongoing of colonialism where you see the western curriculum begin is where the colonial world began why because you have to make a slave one have to learn how to be a slave and they got schools for that .

All of the western institutions creates a consumer which is a word for modern day slave all of the schools in the old world created slaves all of the schools today create what people who spend their whole life working not living .

Every day you clock in remember some dude that work four hours a week and make what you gonna make in a year so that's how monopoly board is designed if everybody could really make it to the top how fun would that be to be in the one percent rich elite becky bomb please trying to wake y'all up man .

So when you look at images like this you need to keep some in mind when i say that the western academia and curriculum is a religion of witches look at look at the attire and god warned now i'm about to open up your third eye because if you look at this image in .

Front of you you can't tell me the difference between how they're dressed and how the religious leaders dress now here's the kicker the religious leaders said snakes used to talk in the garden and science said we can back that up the religious leader .

Said there was a god in the middle of darkness who just said let there be light and science said hey man we got a big bang theory to prove that the religious leaders said that was a great flood and a dude named noah uh uh uh rebirth the seed of humanity on earth .

Man is so many documentaries that science proves noah's flood is real science do dna tests to prove humans branched off the genome of noah like a bunch of foods science today only seems to prove theology and you wonder why i call it theoretical science .

Now i'm about to wake you up see how your church and your religious leaders dress dress just like your dog on academia officials because it's the same religion when you go to school you're not learning and and learning how to think and engage with the mind .

You're told what the answer is and when i ask you what it is tomorrow you better raise your hand and tell me what i told you it was as you get it wrong that's school today that's indoctrination children ain't going outside interacting with the world using their senses they're looking in the book being told .

What to believe and when i call on you if you don't get the answer right you fail that ain't learning that's bullying that's what happens in the church everybody look in the book and they being told what reality is and if you start disagreeing with what we all agree .

Reality is in this church man they'll run your butt up out that church they will run your butt up out that church you start going against the consensus and no one's looking outside everyone's got books open but nature's speaking to us .

Out there who listening nobody because everybody listening for jesus listening for otter allah and etc now look at the what i'm showing you here with the images on the screen though let's look at the whole uh quote that she made all right hold on i believe in science i believe .

That climate change is real and that we can save our planet while creating millions of good pan clean energy jobs now we gotta talk about this quote because that's what's actually happening now if you thought the democrats and .

Republicans had different agendas you a fool because hillary said this and we can see that's what they're doing now all right we they talking about the modern world salvation depend on good paying clean energy jobs .

There's gonna be a new industrial revolution but this time they ain't gonna be building cars and stuff is gonna be building the new energy grid for the new world so technically the world finna go into a big dark age like texas and we're gonna come out of it .

Again with a new with a new energy system big redoing it's a great reset but anyway i want to stay on topic with with the agenda behind why everybody's sleeping don't know what's going on right because people that they don't realize they practice in a new world order religion .

Which is the belief in signs and not the practice of it you know let me show you this a person can believe in jesus but they don't have to practice being good they can cuss you out every day man they can gossip and do all that but long .

As they believe in jesus they can get that daily forgiveness and wash they cloth long as they get forgiven before they die for stabbing you in the damn back they good cause you don't have to be like christ or be good you just gotta believe in it that's all .

It require you can be a pedophile but i just told you the dangers of concluding on belief no parent says i believe my child is safe so that's good enough no you go and check and use your senses and you don't even feel comfortable until you're verified that .

Your child's safe nobody say i believe my child's safe past the blunt only a horrible parent gonna conclude on belief i believe my child is okay see how silly that sound no i know my boy okay i checked on him everyone verify .

You see what i'm saying and if you see a science you can't verify by default it's a science that forces one to conclude on belief which is none conclusive one more time becky yeah science like that .

Okay it's gonna force you to conclude on a belief now let's get into the knowledge right now man let me let's let's go deeper here and i'm gonna go back to this quote by hillary clinton so you can see why i'm doing this today because because we're still on the first sentence here .

Greek speaking ancient philosophers engaged in the earliest known forms of what is today recognized as rational theoretical science now listen ain't none rational about a nigga's theory that's the whole you got to look at what what's going on today and read the sentences and actually .

Dissected rational theoretical science is what the whole world is under today and it don't make no dog own sense you're not thinking rational when you start thinking theoretical you can't do them both it's no such thing as a rational theory it's no such thing as hey i believe the .

Moon is made out of cheese i got a theory that the moon is swiss cheese right what's rational about my theory nothing because it's theoretical a rational science is basing their conclusion of observing reality and then .

You start with that observation and the mind gonna start having all kind of beliefs hey i believe the moon is this i believe the moon is that but guess what you gonna do let me test my beliefs that's what a methodology come in based upon experimentation .

Is what the foundation of our side the conclusions that come out of these experiments is what we build our science on that ain't today's science a lot of folks say what you want them to do let everybody go to space to prove that it's real what you want them to do lunch everybody .

Up there in rockets to show them that the moon is what they say it is brother sanchez they can't do that so just believe em see that's where y'all wrong at it don't put my money no money in my pocket to believe what they say is real about my reality actually take away .

Rights and money from me however me me not doing it frees me from them you ain't gaining nothing by believing in a diamond planet but they are because they get hundreds of million dollars a day to fund their sciences and when you find out that it's .

All theoretical it breaks your [ __ ] heart don't it becky me too that means you've been you've been donating your goddamn money to the church listen to what i'm telling you man today's science is an extension of the .

Vatican and the church today's scientist is only proving that the the theologians are right religion and science can't debunk each other and they don't let there be light is the big bang scientists talk about a great flood .

Come on man they they're extending this religion to every paradigm and layer that we would use to engage with our reality on a spiritual sense you got the church and when when the church tell you that god said let there be light guess what you gonna do .

You're gonna say i want to prove that see because the mind they know that our minds are brilliant our minds don't naturally want to conclude on belief that's why the science is an extension of the church they know our natural minds just ain't gonna feel right concluding .

On belief so when you tell me god said let there be light and that's how it started a a normal person gonna go and try to see if there's any parallels to that in science and science gonna tell them it started with a big bang which is the illustrations that the bible didn't have for let there be light .

And every time they go to verify the validity of their religion the science tell them yes god is real without saying those exact words because they all are in the bed together the symbol of the church is the cross the symbol of son of science and medicine is the cross .

All right so you need to understand they all is it's the same celtic religion everywhere we turn and all of the layers and paradigms that build our world okay now hold on a minute it's a lot going background but it's all good all right so hold on we bout to move .

Forward all right so check this out right uh i got i got some more for y'all i want y'all to understand we're dealing with the bloodline of saint patrick the blood that what they call them merovingians these people know the secrets of the universe .

But they built institutions all around the world to create a type of human that only knows enough to be a consumer if the truth will set you free you can't be getting no truth in the western curriculum otherwise we'll be free dummy if knowledge is power we can't be getting no true .

Knowledge in western curriculum if we ain't powerful dummy what's knowledgeable about learning how your oppressor kicked your ass what did you learn in the western curriculum besides gangsters and thugs who went around taking [ __ ] from people and calling them great alexander the .

Great ivan the great isaac the great people who tortured and murdered that's was your curriculum was a religion of glorifying witches like saint patrick and the likes druids and celtic [ __ ] sorcerers .

Run your world and they still wear their warlock robes so hillary clinton tells queen's university students to believe in science see no one's picking up on this terminology and you want to know what the new world order religion is .

It's the belief in science and not the practice of it see science is a action okay now check this out right um hillary made a statement where she said um i'm about to pull it up real quick i got .

It on one of these tabs excuse me you find this right quick my bad okay here it go now check this out here it is so look at here the science is clear the earth is round the sky is blue and vaccines work let's protect all our kids grandmothers know best yeah i just wanted to put this out here .

Right you know people with the eyes open gonna really get some out of see a lot of folks don't see the the slickery with this [ __ ] see the only thing true in this little statement is that the sky is blue now you may say .

That simple but that's all it takes to deceive the masters the earth is round the sky is blue vaccines work everybody notice sky blue but everybody don't know the earth is round and everybody don't know that vaccines work but all you got to do is slide .

One of them up in there and a simple one at that then what you do we're going to play on their fear by saying let's protect the kids y'all don't see what see this the game right here see what i'm saying so i had to point that out for you .

Now let's talk about let's go back here because before we move on with this paragraph you need to understand why i can't get past this first line this first line is very important greek speaking ancient philosophers engaged in the earliest known forms of what is today .

What is today recognized as a rational theoretical science but anybody who's smart like me know that you can't have them both you can't have a rational rational-based science and a theoretical-based science you just can't now i'mma show you why let's look up .

What theoretical science is theoretical science these are the scientists who develop new theories that's why it's called theoretical these are the scientists who develop new theories and hypotheses to explain natural phenomena for example in astronomy a theoretical scientist .

Might say i have formulated a theory to explain how planets form my theory predicts that the moon is made of cheese now they would spend tons and tons of money to prove or disprove that the moon is made of cheese and what they would conclude on if they prove that the moon is made of cheese .

Is that that's how the planets must form from cheese what a [ __ ] foolish science what a foolish science people y'all know that's dumb come on man come you start off with this bizarre ass theory .

Yo yo see you're not basing your hypothesis on reality you basing it on your dumbass theory that's theoretical science oh you know what i think i got a theory to explain what's at the core of all planets my theory predicts that there are diamond planets out there .

And over time they collect surfaces and all that and that mean the earth's core may be a diamond what stupidity because you already starting up you got everybody invested in imagine if i gave hundreds of thousands .

Of dollars to see if the moon is made of cheese or not we'll find out damn it we still ain't get nowhere in our sciences we ain't really figuring out what the moon is you know why you're basing your science off a theory that's saying what it is instead of saying we .

Don't know what the [ __ ] it is let's base the science off figuring it out what it is no it's made of cheese now let's base the science all proven if it's made of cheese or not like a fool how about we just make the signs prove what it is and let's not draw no .

Conclusions that's why we're doing the science [ __ ] to see what it is no you know what i know what it is y'all there's always some [ __ ] coming that's gonna say that you know what my [ __ ] y'all ain't gotta even do all that he gonna be eating a banana what .

I know what it is it's cheese i'm telling you money what the moon just cheese let's get him up out of here we don't know what it is brother and quit licking your hands in the meeting she is always that [ __ ] present and that's these are the scientists today .

Like bro we're trying to figure out what it is don't say what it is yet we finna do some experiments to figure out no i'm telling you it's a diamond planet y'all need to be trying to detect if it's a diamond planet or not no we ain't gonna make the experiment biased let's just let it tell us what it is .

Now it's made of cheese see if it got cheese up there see if he got cheese what the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] that's science today that's science today not the science supposed to tell it tell us what it is not the [ __ ] theologian .

Are we trying to prove what the theologians say or let nature prove to us what it is based upon us just doing experiments and unbiased you trying to prove the bible real or if you trying to prove reality did you hear what i just said .

Today science ain't trying to prove what's real and fake they just trying to prove the bible is real because the bible can't prove that itself is real theoretical science will always favor the theologians this is the science of the pharisee and the saddle see and this is the .

Costume and and the uniform of the pharisee and saddle see if you don't believe me i'll show you right now sometimes brother sanchez got to show you because you know what that'll do it it'll it'll actually open up your eyes that ain't nothing changed in the world .

There you go there you go these are the pharisees and sadducees of the world today and the synagogue of satan and they ain't changed their uniforms at all and you can't tell see these guys guess what see listen here these guys would have been .

Your scientist slash religious leaders so when someone came up to them talking about the god of the bible and asking questions about when god said let there be light okay that's the theoretical explanation the pharisee and saddle c job was to tell the child the mechanical and scientific .

Form as well when god said let there be light and start creating the biblical universe what was the mechanisms behind the word when things started to become in motion what was the chemical reactions behind them see it was the pharisee and saddle c's job to make the theoretical world .

Scientific this is backwards family science is used to prove or disprove phenomena in the natural world today's science is only there to not debunk the religious institutions that foundate the modern slavery spiritual slavery upon humanity .

So you got to keep in mind during the time when the church ruled they still was talking science and periodic table but there was no such thing as a scientist you had religious leaders that was teaching you science as well and you got the same thing today bill not a science guy .

Neil degra all of these guys are religious figures they are not a theoretical scientist is no different than the theologian it's a scientist that will give you the uh mechanisms behind a theoretical universe that originated with that particular region's .

Religious religious genesis story do y'all see what i'm saying we're gonna get more into what i'm saying here so don't worry but let's read this some more now so that we know what theoretical science is now so with the move towards a more rational .

Understanding of nature which began at least since the archaic period with the pre-socratic school tales was the first known philosopher to use natural explanations proclaiming that every event had a natural cause even though he is known for saying all .

Things are full of gods and sacrifice and ops when he discovered his theorem these folks are [ __ ] idiots drop another one becky these the [ __ ] that they look to to tell them about their reality we're in trouble let's keep reading lucifer's went on to develop the theory of .

Atomism oh my god they just keep [ __ ] up right you just oh my god these guys are just they how oh my god let's just keep reading the idea that everything is composed entirely of various imperishable indivisible elements called atoms this was elaborated in great .

Detail by democritus now check this out guys understand that lucifer's developed the theory of atomism which would later morph into the official atomic theory after they revised a lot of it don't you know that these scientific revisions take place just like the .

Religious revisions think about that you have so many revisions of the bible the king james version is a revision it's not the original vision of the original prophets so let me show you let me teach you what a revision is .

Some [ __ ] theoretical uh theologian has a vision of a diamond planet then when he dies some young other theologian who trying to move up into the scientific ranks expound on that damn vision of a diamond planet and says you know what it's also got platinum on it too so it's a revision he .

Revisioned an idea it wasn't his idea some guy just said hey it's diamond planets out there and later on some other theoretical scientists say hey not only is it diamond planets but they got platinum on it too and he gets a reward and they say hey he's known for revit revising uh lucy's theory .

A bunch of [ __ ] and people making up [ __ ] getting accolades similar atomos ideas emerge independently among ancient indian philosophers of the nyaya vesaka and buddhist schools in particular like the nya yaya the vasaka and buddhist schools .

The kavaka epistemology was materialist and skeptical enough to admit perception as the basis for unconditionally true knowledge while cautioning that if one could only infer a truth then one must also harbor a doubt about that truth and infer truth could not be .

Unconditional that is the most dumbest [ __ ] let me uh break this down and y'all for people who don't know what we just read in other words the truth can't stand alone in these greeks mind there is no such thing as truth that's what we just read let me read it again .

and it says the kavaca epistemology was materialist and skeptical enough to admit perception as the basis for unconditionally true knowledge perception as the basis for unconditional true knowledge that's why when you get the arguing with .

People today and you tell them the truth they say man that ain't the truth that's just your perception becky drop my bomb some of y'all know what i'm talking about some of you don't check how many of you ever done that you some of these folks today so scientific and caught up in this modern real .

Religion of scientism they think they're so smart you can tell them some so simple that debunk the whole paradigm and you can look in their eyes and know it registered but they ego or make them say something like well yeah i know you can prove that and .

That makes sense yeah cause i use my senses but they will accept something that don't make sense and tell you the reason why your [ __ ] makes sense is because it's just your perception it ain't really the truth you perceiving it that way .

But yet they will admit it makes sense and the only way it can make sense to them is because it's verified by the senses but they will take away the truth that's verified by the senses they will ignore that and they will take the theoretical signs and tell you it's the truth and you just got .

Perception they're not really lying though we got perception they don't and that's a tragedy they say that as if it's a good thing yes we have perception you traded your perception for consensus we are able to perceive and conceive when you're just only able to believe .

Becky bomb please yes we have our perception and you have your beliefs which one more powerful what my senses perceive or what you guys believe and why would you forfeit what you know makes sense to you for what you were indoctrinated to .

Believe they do it every time y'all they do it every time they'll they will say your senses is just your perception and i'm like duh that's what science is about how else do we perceive reality if not through the senses what they're .

Saying is the reality you perceive and draw out based upon your perception using the five senses is incredible enough and they're right in today's world is not credible enough to formulate a reality based upon what makes sense in other words common sense ain't coming .

No more but theories are theories are very common today everybody know them but sense is not because no one used these senses when they have theories becky baum please now towards the middle of the 5th century bce .

Some of the components of a scientific tradition were already heavily established even before plato who was an important contributor to this emerging tradition see see see that's our problem man tradition people think they got see you got a .

Science today that's not based upon a natural methodology that connects the true world to the five senses it connects you to a curriculum and like you said right using your five senses to draw conclusions and understand your .

Reality is incredible enough don't mean is not accurate enough or not truthful enough you need to understand the word credibility because credibility comes from a culture's traditional system in other words it ain't about what's true or false in today's signs .

It's what we give credit to who we'll choose to give credits to so like i said it's not credible enough to just accept the truth as it is the truth as it stands has no credibility why because the truth is not what what we base our creed on in today's world because .

The root word of credential or credibility or credit is dealing with creed of nations creed based upon that nation's creed that creed comes as a culmination of everything we value as a people we make a national creed and based on .

That creed which is a summarization of all our values we b we give credentials to certain people in society based upon who uh adhere to that creed the most and we build a competitive system on that and the ones who adhere to the creed the most have the most credentials they're given the most .

Credit treated so you're based uh you're living in a world based on consensus and accreditation not necessarily on using the senses and trying to find out what's true or not um the science we have today .

will only use the mech the mechanical aspect uh that that that's associated with the methodology of the scientific method they will only engage in a mechanical aspect of that methodology for the sole purposes of creating technology .

Other than that you will learn about diamond planets and you know the people with the biggest degrees still can't invent the things that i mean you got to think about it right someone like elon musk or bill gates um you may say well they went to college and they learned so much that they got .

Smart enough to make these inventions actually when they dropped out of college is when they made these inventions and that's a fact a lot of these tech gods actually dropped out of college and were a bunch of nerds in a garage with a new idea and had they presented that idea to the .

College the college probably would have laughed at it because you would have had a bunch of uppity [ __ ] who were theoretical scientists right or they would have saw the implica implications of the technology and the .

College would have stole it they would have stole it so a lot of guys man know how that even though you you smart and in the tech world you still live in a country of thieves man and a lot of these folks drop out of school and then they become the [ __ ] nets .

Fortune 500 goddamn see what i'm saying google was started in a garage like what i'm telling you is this right the things that change our world is when people start thinking outside of the status quo and when when that happens enough they have to rewrite the science books .

When bright minds start pushing the tech and that's by design too but that's the world change the lies in the science books are revealed because what you learn in school is to hide what's really possible on this earth .

You don't know the magic of west possible owner until you see some other man come out with it and you say oh i wonder how they made this playstation or this xbox man this is a magical world look at my computer my smartphone see what i'm saying you don't understand .

The mystery of how this stuff is manifested now you can go to school for 20 years and you'll never invent a damn iphone till you get the hell up out of school and start [ __ ] with electronic [ __ ] and getting shocked and putting [ __ ] together yourself .

Learning why cuz that's science as a methodology not just raising my hand saying he got the answer right prove is right see that's what i'm saying the first electric car was built in the poorest country on earth and they say our academia trumps that .

Country ethiopia we pride our curriculum over theirs the first electric car was built by a dude from ethiopia he didn't come from western curriculum but and he didn't have the credentials that we would say that would deem him and .

Even in any position to even be talking up at one of the universities here but that's the problem what i'm talking about with credentials right you got guys that are multi-millionaires in america and all they got to do is show up and do an hour lecture about a diamond planet that .

None of us never saw because over here we're in a religion we're in a traditional system not a natural and truth-based system so let's keep reading and say you know this scientific tradition that we have today because that's what it is it's just a cultural tradition a spiritual .

System by celtic people but this tradition was already established even before plato who was an important contributor to this emerging tradition thanks to the development of deductive reasoning as propounded by his student aristotle in protagon and protogora's .

Plato mentioned the teaching of arithmetic astronomy and geometry in schools the philosophical ideas of this time were mostly freed from the constraints of everyday phenomena and common sense they telling you right there man you know i saw a dude .

Read this [ __ ] and he skipped over this because he would have debunked himself becky drop the bomb drop it again becky one of these [ __ ] that's caping for modern science and all that when they pull this article up they gonna skip right over this oh them [ __ ] they computer gonna .

Freeze right here because it says it right there itself the philosophical ideas of this time were mostly freed from the constraints of everyday common sense why would you how are you freeing me by taking away common sense [ __ ] that's enslaving me see how backwards this [ __ ] is drop a bomb .

Becky but see people don't think though you'll get some smart [ __ ] come up you'll see see i want to thank the greeks for freeing us for coming since and now we get to use science instead of just your common senses cause guess what these [ __ ] say you can't trust your senses .

But you can trust plato like a fool yeah these guys pride themselves and freeing us from using common sense but they skip over that line though it's convenient to live your life every day on cloud nine free of hopping to make sense of it using your own senses cause .

You got sciences you got scientists you don't need senses you got beliefs you don't need facts yo your whole that right there is a nail in the coffin bro let's stop and talk about that come on brother these [ __ ] idiots .

Look at common sense as constraints do you hear me this is how dumb the greeks are oh my god folks come on man you got to be a real dummy to look at common sense as a burden drop a bomb becky what kind of idiot look at using common sense as a burden .

What kind of idiot says using my senses is a constraint it's easier to just believe what he said it hurt my brain trying to figure this [ __ ] out and use all my senses i rather just believe bill not i'd rather just believe near the grass i'd rather just believe plato .

I'm aristotle take too much work using my own senses why don't you believe in science brother sanchez you ain't no scientist you ain't got the money to use your senses like a fool don't take one cent to use your own five god-given senses .

But it costs you to use belief don't you see you pay 70-100 million dollars a day for this expensive scientific curriculum that we pride ourselves in today that's how much they taxes so using the belief system costs money ask the christians it costs 10 percent .

Every sunday but using your own natural god-given senses is freedom a [ __ ] and it'll set you free than the [ __ ] becca hit me says freed in a [ __ ] and a set you freed in a [ __ ] one more time .

Oh my god i just this [ __ ] right here just won't let me move on that right there shows you how the greeks and the egyptians and the babylonians how they thought about the world see these atheists and all these egypt these hotels all these [ __ ] man look here these pan africans .

See they history start with evolution yeah the history of africa starts with the evolutionary timeline they don't know how to make no sense out of reality prior to 7 000 years ago because they reality is basically a set of agreed upon .

Uh theories and once we all get a the consensus to a high level it becomes a theoretical fact not a natural fact see a theoretical fact is just a theory that we all agree on as a fact becca hit me that's what a theoretical fact is just a theory that they convinced everybody was .

A fact and we said okay well it's a fact cause everybody said it is that's called consensus not using the senses see so let's keep reading here it says oh i gotta read that again man oh it's so hard to move on from that .

That's just so [ __ ] dumb like the philosophical ideas of this time were mostly free from the constraints of everyday phenomena and common sense y'all let's not move on let's talk about this line we can't just skip over this line like that you know why not only did these damn .

Dummies think that they was freeing us from common sense they thought that they thought that common sense was a burden the fact that you got to use go through to engaging with nature and smelling [ __ ] and looking at it and feeling on it and touching on it .

Just believe what he said and spray your cologne on and go to work you ain't got to be out there playing in the dirt every day we got it you covered see that's see think about this not only did they look at using their senses as a burden they looked at everyday phenomena as a burden family let me show you now look .

At here look at that the philosophical ideas of this time were mostly free from the constraints of everyday phenomena how do you base a philosophy on something that's other than everyday phenomena you start coming up with comic book [ __ ] this is the birth of a science .

That's trying to prove comic books yo are y'all hearing me how do you have a [ __ ] philosophical foundation that's outside of everyday phenomena so if we ain't dealing with everyday phenomena what the [ __ ] are we dealing with diamond planets and ufos .

And cosmets and plasmids and crab nebulas and full of rings and dark matter all that old dumb [ __ ] if your science ain't dealing with everyday phenomena what is it dealing with man ancient aliens .

Ancient aliens and anakin if your science ain't dealing with everyday phenomena what is it dealing with family nibiru planet it's archons and reptilians if your science ain't dealing with everyday phenomena what is it dealing with family phone home .

like a fool drop me a [ __ ] bomb becky tired of it man and folks think they so deep out here and they think they so deep out here thinking talking about you are atheist and you believe in science the atheists of today are the biggest .

Goddamn religious people on earth becca you better drop it i didn't lie you atheist got the biggest beliefs than the christians they believe that a [ __ ] walked on water and you believe it can ball up in a vacuum like a fool they believe in a kingdom of gold floating up there in space .

And you believe in diamond planets floating up there [ __ ] the christians believing in streets of gold you believing in streets of diamond bomb please keep dropping them that's right y'all in the same boat so let's read this again the philosophical ideas of this time were .

Mostly freed from the constraints of everyday phenomena and common sense these [ __ ] was on a whole nother universe probably smoking and [ __ ] saying you know what i wonder if it's planets up there made of orange juice .

And [ __ ] was like oh that [ __ ] fart right there right there in the book [ __ ] we gonna say that that's the fact hey [ __ ] ooh i got a fire ass idea i think it's a crab nebula up there [ __ ] a whole galaxy with red light that's shaped like a crab ooh [ __ ] that [ __ ] so far write it in .

The science book let's teach it to him y'all think i'm lying that's your science today and you know i ain't lying let me show you this crab nebula let me show you where it's gonna pinch you when you go to it look at it look at that see a science that ain't .

Dealing with everyday phenomena is only gonna lead you in a room and say hey guys what we're learning about today professor crab nebulous [ __ ] making me hungry where's the garlic butter this is the [ __ ] y'all learning about in the universities floating crabs made a red light with the .

Pinchers [ __ ] look at the pins oh [ __ ] bomb please becky bum bum bum calm away bomb away by my way you can't say i'm lying i'm showing you it hey bro just pull it up man that's what kind of science we got today i'm reading it i'm doing the research for you right now .

And i'm showing you how it ties into what you've been taught see what i'm saying all right so i'ma do that again now because we want to really understand that the philosophical ideas of this time were mostly free from the constraints of everyday phenomena you know why .

[ __ ] ain't walking outside looking up in the sky every day seeing crab nebulas and diamond planets [ __ ] only saying that in a book see when you open up these science books you can see all this [ __ ] crab nebulas potato worlds carrot galaxies celery [ __ ] .

Uh asteroids you can all that and they see that's what i'm telling y'all when you open up the bible [ __ ] you can see talking snakes [ __ ] getting up out the grave [ __ ] uh uh uh uh [ __ ] walking on water you can see all of this but [ __ ] that's .

Outside of the natural phenomena only in their books but when you close their books and look and get real let's get real man the crab nebula is under the same goddamn umbrella as lazarus getting up out the [ __ ] grave bomb please becky thank you dear .

So understand now illustrations have had [ __ ] intrigued for generations little drawings of [ __ ] walking on ward and all that have just touched [ __ ] kindle their little hearts cause when you take a [ __ ] outside of his natural .

Paradigm and start now we in a comic book world now [ __ ] they telling you the planet superman came from out there somewhere [ __ ] hey they saying these planets out there imagine the possibilities let me tell you some [ __ ] thought of this crab .

Nebula and he rich as [ __ ] right now why because y'all believe it he painted that into the paradigm of the world that's why he's a millionaire for just creating this [ __ ] it gotta be interesting enough let me show you the diamond planets that you see what i'm saying guys this is science .

That's outside of natural phenomena this is a sign that only exists in the realm of what cartoon drawings comic book animation you see and you start to formulate a real reality based on a theoretical science such a goddamn .

Tragedy it's such a tragedy when you try to make sense out of the real world with fake science you live in a matrix that you created off the beliefs they indoctrinated you with and i'm trying to break you free so .

I'ma keep bringing you back here to do so the philosophical ideas of this of plato's time and our time all right all right because we got to go back here greek speaking philosophers engaged in the earliest known forms of what is .

Today recognized as a rational theoretical science again ain't none rational about a crab nebula [ __ ] okay now listen everything theoretical about it but ain't none rational about it now .

Oh this is the same science that we're under today you can sum it up as what they're calling rational theoretical science and this kind of science don't require us to do any kind of action it just requires us to believe the pharisees and the sadducees [ __ ] .

Now i want to read on it says this denial of reality as we experience it reached an extreme in pum and prominent promenades who argue that the world is one and that change and subdivision do not exist but why would he make that argument because they was changing what the world .

Is and how the people was defining it as a collective on earth and that was part of why the greeks went on part of their crusades and establishing a new way of thinking on earth you got to understand that their religious theology had to be uh extended into the .

Sciences of a people because what freed our ancestors was the scientific method i would sign our ancestors used their senses they were people who who relied on their senses more than anything else because they lived in nature .

Let me say that again and i want to cut my camera on cause y'all need to see this understand this the only way you can and um deceive our ancestors was over generations make them stop using their senses our senses connects us to the earth and lets us know .

Truth from faults and our ancestors use these senses think about it study animals in the nature everything in the wild rely heavily on its goddamn senses man once you take a scent if you take the dolphins ability to use sonar which is its most key sense you just killed it .

You might as well kill it it's a slow death every animal in a while relies its survival depends on its use of its senses and you want to know why we ain't surviving and we getting wiped out our ancestors lived in nature not only did they rely heavy on their .

Senses they had tuned their senses to be very sensitive so their senses were sensitive they can hear some [ __ ] way miles away where you can't because we haven't been using our senses for generations we just been believing and when you .

Believe it don't you you forfeit the use of the senses and if you don't use it you lose it bomb please one more so now we're on the process of regaining our senses as a collective and they trying to rock us back to sleep .

Our ancestors were sensitive creatures meaning they used their senses they used their eyes and sense of sight to look at the stars and know when to plant crops when not to plant them they use the filling in their gut and the smell of the wind to know when the storm was coming months in advance .

They were so sensitive their senses is what made them gods on earth and when they stop using their senses is when they just start using their back to their arms and their legs to be [ __ ] slaves now becky hit me with a bomb again said when they stopped using these .

Senses is when they started using a [ __ ] backs and bri and their knees and arms on a plantation and the people that's in tune using their senses is the one shaping the future for your children so let's read in case you not aware of what we're .

Reading the philosophical foundation of today's world views using common sense as a constraint and they feel that we should be free from everyday phenomena and when they free you from everyday phenomena they got your kids in .

Classroom learning about the most silliest [ __ ] remember a science that frees you from everyday phenomena ain't dealing with west natural which is why this is a kind of science that will tell you two men are a couple a natural couple now i'm not .

Judging homosexuals i'm just saying this science changes whenever it wants to something they condemn as unnatural they now can say oh well it's natural today because it's a consensus-based science it's what we agree on not what's true or not and if two men can't make a baby then this science .

Ain't about obeying what's natural this science says we observe naturally two men can't make a baby but we don't choose to accept that truth our science is based upon forcing something that's unnatural so we gonna spend the next generation and that's trillions and trillions of .

Dollar budget to figure out how to put a [ __ ] on a man and make him give birth cause this science ain't based upon accepting what nature gave as the rules is based on making its own goddamn rules and every time it think it can it can do some other than what what .

Nature permits this science fails us every time that's the folly of trying to create a reality based on what you want it to be instead of using your science to prove a reality that is okay .

and it's very dangerous to use your technology and science methodologies to create a world as opposed to sustain one every time you do that you only gonna recreate disaster that you got to tell us you need to fix with your science .

Over and over again so your science create a problem then says hey our science can got the perfect solution and when they solve that problem it confirms our belief in their science so then they have to create another problem and these problems have to be solved .

Over hundreds of years so that you can buy into their systems it's it's a very sad thing as a science based upon unbiased methodology would conclude that you shouldn't be chopping down the trees because if we use the scientific method we would see that the oxygen levels .

In the atmosphere are decreasing the more we uh uh carry out deforestation but today's science say yeah that may be true today's science ain't about living by the truth it's about it saying hey it's true that trump chopping down trees taking oxygen .

Levels down but [ __ ] that our science goes gonna create some synthetic oxygen for the air so we're going to continue to create a problem and pride ourselves that our science can just solve that problem and guess what one thing lead to a next .

One because the earth's so interconnected man ain't smarter than he think he ain't solving nothing he putting a band-aid on something that the next generation gonna have to fix and that's been happening for thousands .

Of years while he keeps saying his science fits in some and [ __ ] deteriorating now his science is telling you in the future we may have to move under the earth but we're so smart and we're so technological we're going to be living in underground bunkers and they're going to have flat .

Screen tvs in them like a goddamn fool if you were so smart you wouldn't be [ __ ] up the earth you live on and you wouldn't need the technology to make your dumb ass live under the ground like worms but man is so dumb he said yeah i know my technology keep .

[ __ ] up the earth but we so smart we keep finding a way to get around it after we [ __ ] it up so let's keep trusting technology like a fool yeah we know our technology polluted all the oceans but we got the technology to fix that you know your science would tell you the technology is the human mind which .

Should tell you don't create the goddamn problem in the first place you know what i'm saying we got a new machine that can clean up all the fish off the damn shoreline when they wash up because of our oil look how quick it pick up the dead fishes that wash up when we spill the .

Oil now that's science today y'all oh we look at that thing it's picking up all the dead fish that they're all killing that's beautiful science today when science should tell us don't spill the damn all and kill the fish no you amazed on the robot picking up the dead fish after we .

Killed them that's so technological that's that's where we in today guys you know so let's read on because of what we read here about these guys developing a new kind of science that attempted to free humanity from .

Common sense and everyday phenomena because of that it brought forth reality denial which is something i want to talk about in detail which is why i'm going to cut the camera on for a minute because we bout to go deep now and since we bout to go deep we're going to take a little one .

Minute break and since y'all are so god damn awesome and so attentive and everybody is uh active in the chat room becky give him some mega bombs with a break we ain't going nowhere don't you go nowhere .

They like damn this [ __ ] got becky working hard today that's right we bout to get it in give me a minute we just taking a little smoke break i got too much jewels for y'all today make sure y'all hit the like button i mean if you in here you appreciate what i'm doing i'm putting a lot into this i've been going live a lot lately man .

Long streams i'm very passionate about this so if you appreciate what i'm doing you can let me know by way of donation there's always a good way but if you can't do that we still appreciate you just hit the like button for us right that's a donation and let's keep this thing moving man .

Cause we still got a lot to go into y'all know how i do it we ain't through i hope these guys ain't think we was through no we ain't through yet hold on where my window capture all right i took that off and now it won't pop back up okay we need to be looking at .

What's going on hold on y'all wait wait a second i'm trying to get our screen share back up so we can continue but it don't even show okay there we go i got it all right now let me just get it back on the screen the right way fit to screen okay there we go all right i don't know why i do that it should .

Just keep it the way i have it but now okay so now let's keep it moving right oh no wonder i'm sharing the wrong screen i'm sorry guys i'm having a tech issue hold on a second hold on one second yeah give me one minute cause now i got too much stuff open that's my .

Problem all right i got you i got you i got you okay okay i need to go to a new screen share now thank you all for your patience we are about to continue the presentation at this time i'm just setting the screen share back up there we go .

All right and let's make it big as we can by cutting out the crap yeah that's the way i like it now let's keep see look i want to talk about the denial of reality because you know we we we want to look at the word .

Denial heavily i'm up i'm gonna take y'all back to uh a hot topic that was on the table it was called science denial the big topic in today's world is science denial people who deny science are seen as a threat science denial is is is something that .

Is a big topic today okay now why you know what the big topic should be reality denial you understand what i'm saying think about what i'm telling y'all because y'all don't read between the lines .

Why is science denial a big topic and not reality denial think about it if science proved reality wouldn't they be mad at us for denying the reality that science proved no they just mad at you for denying science why science is a belief system itself .

Today which is why we're about to talk about scientism which is the umbrella that theoretical science and pseudoscience exist under flat earth are not under any one of those that's a fact and and i might not be able to get deep into the cosmology .

Today but in the next ones i will to show you that in more detail but today we talk about science denial back then people was talking telling these same scientists y'all denying reality man this dude named harmonix he was a revolutionary .

It said this denial of reality as we experience it reach in extreme and harmonize in promenades oh nowhere this dude promenades all right he was saying look man the world don't change what are y'all talking about you know science needs to be based upon everyday phenomena because why everyday .

Phenomena is consistent night and day the four seasons the the the alignment of the stars the consistency of eclipses down to the point where our ancestors charted them out and predicted them you see that's what this guy promenades was saying this new form of science that y'all .

Talking about is [ __ ] is [ __ ] just making up [ __ ] in other words y'all ain't doing us a favor getting us away from everyday phenomena and common sense you want to know why common sense cause theories are theories are people replace common sense with .

Consensus so people now in a world based upon scientism and consensus everybody want to know why are you denying the existence of diamond planets why are you denying the existence of climate change why are you denying existence of that crab nebula .

We should be talking about why are they denying the existence of reality reality says the more trees you cut down the worse it get but you deny that and you keep cutting them down you want to ask me why i'm denying a damn crab nebula why the [ __ ] you denying them fishes to live and you continue to dump .

Your oil and your damn uh pollution in the damn ocean you you worried about me for denying your scientism and your diamond planets when you denying the reality that you creating genocide on every species on earth thinking you smart with your technological innovations but you just don't ignore .

Reality that people get sick drinking the water the generations getting smaller and smaller and more defective because the air and the atmosphere changing and you denying the reality of it but you mad at me for denying [ __ ] diamond planets when you denying reality .

A [ __ ] would be mad at you for denying a talking snake and that a [ __ ] walked on water but he denying the fact that christians committed genocide all over the world so we in a world a day where we all deny reality but get mad when [ __ ] deny fairy tales is [ __ ] sad .

Let's talk about reality denial not science denial reality says it take a man and woman to make a baby science says uh that's not true you know [ __ ] [ __ ] hey let me stop that topic man you see what i'm saying but i'm just trying to give an example of the difference and .

You see what i'm saying but in other words today's science is not aligned with natural phenomena okay and when that happens to some gotta give i'm gonna show you what i'm talking about if the whole world have a form of science .

That's based upon denying the natural world by default they would try to recreate their own reality which would be a synthetic world and that's where we are today and i know i just scared you back at drop a bomb drop to you know .

You know what i think about what i just said science is supposed to reveal to you what your reality is and when a person is convinced that their reality is one thing but they walk outside and don't see it either they gonna abandon their foolish reality .

And accept the truth that's outside or they're gonna be so egotistical they're gonna try to create their idea of what they think reality is in their mind outside and that's what they're doing right now terraforming the earth because their .

Science saying based upon observing improving the natural world and learn how to live within it and coexist with it their science is based upon what kind of world do we want to create and going outside and making that world even if it goes against the natural .

World we in trouble y'all and ain't nobody else talking like this that's just the truth and the cold hard facts buddy the people that run the world in fact they think they can create a better world in west outside and a better human body and all that they trying to transform .

They're trying to create the reality that's inside that rich people agreed on a human infused with robots and that can be tracked and controlled a world that can people can be more easily tracked with a smart grid a new system they're basically creating the theoretical world .

Against the natural laws with our consent and you know how they do it by saying we're getting more advanced you know we need to talk more about reality denial then about science denial and we need to ask ourselves if modern science proved reality .

Why wouldn't they be concerned with the denial of it becky please drop a bomb you feel what i'm saying if today's scientist was really bent out and struck on proving the natural world then they would be mad at anyone .

Denying reality they don't care if you deny reality long as you accept science now as their science prove reality they'll be worried about what i'm worried about reality denial and not science denial do you get it they're trying to take people away from reality and that's what their science .

Does it takes people away from reality and if you wanted to take people away from reality using scientism you would get mad at anyone that denies the scientism that you use to take people away from reality anybody denying reality you would actually reward them .

Anybody that's a wizard at gaining influence on people making them deny the real world outside is gonna be a millionaire a day and the only way you can get rich off denying what's real is to be a believer in a religion called science .

What's real i want y'all to hear me out right what's real has never required your belief silly drop another one becky you see a man never says i believe i'm gonna die one day because he knows it .

And what's truth can't be believed it can only be known the truth never quite required belief facts don't require belief theoretical science require belief theology require belief it require one to conclude on belief at the end of the day i believe in jesus leave me alone that's it at the end of .

The day man i believe in a lot and that's the end of my paradigm is that belief at the end of the day i believe in science leave me alone but at the end of the day you ain't nobody got back to all y'all got his belief systems facts didn't never require one none of .

Y'all beliefs truth ain't never require you to believe in it it only said no me no one believed two plus two is four if science is supposed to be proven facts how can it conclude on beliefs becky if science is supposed to be proven .

Facts why did it conclude on beliefs anything any institution that conclude on a set of beliefs is a belief system aka a religion institution religious institution any science you have to believe in isn't based on facts a science is a methodology that leads .

You to truth that can be known and anything that you believe in ain't come from true signs it come from pharisees and sadducees now let's move on so i'm a lead is highlighted and we're going to refer back to it at different points but let's skip around .

Let's talk about pseudoscience what is pseudoscience it's a collection of beliefs or practices mistakenly regarded as being based on a scientific method i want to know the scientific method behind a diamond planet i'm a prude of these globalists into .

These atheists who believe in science that they believe that their they got suit theoretical science falls under the umbrella of pseudoscience all right like a pseudonym is not the real person okay it's a made-up person and pseudoscience is just [ __ ] making up .

[ __ ] which is why theoretical science is the biggest [ __ ] form of pseudoscience because all that is is a bunch of [ __ ] thinking they deep you know what well i envision a diamond planet and i propose that on a diamond world there will be diamond creatures .

Who just drink diamonds and [ __ ] diamonds all day and they won't say hello they'll just say bling bling that's the type of [ __ ] they sit around and talk about when neil degrasse tyson them you know what well i think of a world .

Where i believe in a fire earth well it watch this i'm you think i'm making this [ __ ] up watch this watch this look at here five planets i believe in a world where it's just made of all fire and the creatures there they just [ __ ] lava you know .

Ooh [ __ ] that's deep we gonna put that in the books too that sounds deep as [ __ ] you know how to draw that make sure you drawing with the fire busting out that's what your science is today a bunch of [ __ ] sitting around .

Thinking of [ __ ] you know what i got this fire ass idea [ __ ] a fart planet or what planet no a planet made out of farts made out of poops [ __ ] just i swear to god they got a gas nebula hey they got beer galaxies and all that [ __ ] man y'all see .

When you start let me show you something hello y'all think of live floating alcohol it's a bar just floating in space [ __ ] you can go and get a long island tee on your float to saturn that's what i'm talking about [ __ ] like that see .

In theoretical science all that's possible man if it you know tomorrow [ __ ] say we just discovered two new planets one of them is a beer planet the other one is a [ __ ] wine planet you know and [ __ ] will be like boy you heard about the wine planet and the beer planet .

I wonder what kind of fishes live there what kind of people live there and they just got us all out into this theoretical universe and all of our aha moments and when we try to think about our reality we can't escape this theoretical universe they created and you're stuck in a universe of oh man .

It's diamond planets and super earths and fire earths and you so far away from the real world you will base all of your research and questioning for the rest of your life off of this endless universe of lies and you will only add to it cause with this kind of science guess .

What you gonna do the same thing they did you ain't gonna fly off earth to prove these diamond planets you just gonna continue to make up your own well if this diamond planets well it got to be flower planets oh i thought of a world with just flowers and they gonna get you award .

And now we got flower planets in the universe and then when see if you could just get credit the more lies you add to this [ __ ] and it ain't about proving what's really outside it's about ooh what's some deep [ __ ] you can think of [ __ ] .

Cheese galaxy a parmesan world oh [ __ ] y'all man this [ __ ] is crazy so your ass got pseudoscience you globalist cause you got a collection of beliefs and practice practices that y'all mistake as being based on a scientific method .

Yeah that's what you got you fake ass atheism see you got a collection of beliefs and practices that you think is facts and you tell it a theoretical fact is still a fact no brother fact is a fact the theoretical fact is uh it's a fact that it's that nigga's theory .

A theoretical fact is [ __ ] jesus walked on water that's a fact see y'all ain't y'all ain't hearing me y'all don't get the legal lease y'all don't get the dual language a theoretical fact is only a fact in theology it's only a fact in theory it's a fact that jesus walked on water in theology it's a .

Fact that jack climbed up the beanstalk in literature it's a fact lazarus got up out the grave in theory and theology not in reality only in theory again theoretical science are the scientists who develop new theories not .

New facts [ __ ] all right they don't prove facts they just develop theories okay cheese planets beer galaxies fart worlds and you know all that kind of stuff okay now so uh let me see some y'all give me a minute .

To go to the next part of this hold up a second let me see where we at where we at where we at make sure y'all hit the like button for me real quick make sure you hit that like button for your real quick and hold on a minute so i can uh get this next slide real quick .

Uh yeah that's i wanted to talk to y'all about scientism right scientism is the promotion of science as the best or only objective means by which society should determine normative and epistemological values you see what i'm saying listen scientism is the promotion of science as .

The best or only objective means by which we basically should make sense out of our world we should let the astrophysicists and the tech gurus base they're actually creating the world they want instead of using science to make us coexist in the natural world we live in .

The term scientism is generally used critically implying an unwarranted application of science in situations considered not amenable to application of this scientific method or similar scientific standards which is deep man in other words we're just saying .

scientism is a religion based upon look accepting their agreed upon theoretical facts that we based our reality on and moving forward don't challenge the status quo scientism as we know it today .

Which is not the methodology of science taking the actions to determine what's real really fake but just being another person agreeing on what the collective said was real based upon political reasons and everything that took place during the rise of the hellenistic world we're in .

Today you know all of our curriculum was designed to and formulated to create a certain type of human so they knew everything and all over the western what we call the western world the boundaries of it .

Is created by its uh universities and curriculum its institutions you need to understand that that boundaries are are are made by militaries and maintained by curriculum and institutions um it's when they take a prison or walk through their education system that they .

Teach them how to be a docile slave by creating a credit system to the slaves who learn how to be the best slave and the best slaves will always uh perpetuate their own slavery by accepting the miseducation and status quo and not challenging it these are the people .

That's gonna get the degrees graduate the top colleges remember they gotta raise their hand and get the answer right no one gotta go outside and and once you start telling the truth to these big corporations about reality and how they saying they so smart and so scientific and they worried .

About people denying science but they denying reality and science should be aiding our experience our reality experience is only making it harder things are getting more technological but they ain't getting easier and i thought technology technology posed to make .

Life easy so listen um remember now they got rid of these are the same people who thought that using these senses and uh engaging with natural phenomena was a burden all right so of course they're going to .

Create technology to so-called make life easier because they see life as a burden they don't like what they are as humans they want to change it to robots they don't like the clouds disguise a beautiful natural world they want to terraform it .

So they don't use a method of science they already know what kind of kingdom they trying to build on earth and they don't have a kind of science that would make them make that kingdom compatible with the natural kingdom it's going to be built on top of the natural order at .

All costs at the destruction of this world you see what i'm saying so when your science ain't dealing with the natural world what will manifest is by default we will create an unnatural world based upon us having an unnatural .

idea of what reality is we'll subconsciously go build that outside and that's what's happening gmo food unnatural uh just unnatural everything look at the health and beauty industry everything about our world is unnatural because our science is based upon .

priding itself on being able to alter the natural world not live within it so if you can create [ __ ] to to fuse a plant with a computer you get a reward if you can create things to alter the natural world you get rewards because despite today's science deny .

The natural world it will create an unnatural world and when it does that it will have to terraform the human making the unnatural human that's what the transhumanism all about once they transformed our minds and our reality inside of our brains what we believe will act will start manifesting .

You see once they took you out of the real world and gave you comic books and let me show you all some cause y'all don't know how how deep this is about a science right that takes people out of the natural paradigm a science that's based on a theoretical concept let me show you some .

Once they took you out of the natural world and started putting you into the theoretical world in your mind and the comic book world see now what happens see all of this stuff you read about in the comic book is not real it's just theoretical but once you accept this unnatural .

Theoretical uh cartoon world as real we start becoming that's the beauty of our collective consciousness the collective mind of humanity will create the world we believe in which is why they got busy changing what .

We believe in because if you want to change the world you got to change everybody mind you got to change what everybody believe about the world and when you change the world to where robots are more infused with nature in order for the new human to live in that world .

You have to become infused with the robot we start to build these comic book worlds that we theorize about in our mind and this is how we literally go away from nature see when you had a methodology of science that proved to you what the real world .

Was and then based upon the facts of our experimentation we know not to throw pollutants in the water why because we see fish dying so let's stop that that's the that's the smartest scientist ever that's a whole experiment dude all right we thought we can create this form of .

Waste and get rid of it in the water then we saw fishes die so we stopped doing it that's called a scientific method you saw a problem you observed you hypothesized the fish did not started dying until i put something new in the water .

So let me stop that that's what science is telling me to stop that but anytime you got a people where science is telling them to stop that and they keep on doing it well they science ain't based upon coexisting in the natural world their size is based upon overriding the natural order becky drop me a bomb .

They science ain't about us coexisting in harmony with the natural world it's about overriding the natural order it's about rewriting the dna of man it's about making a human a synthetic being why you accepted a synthetic ideology when they say you was born in sin you was born into a synthetic matrix a .

Make-believe world that only exists in your mind neo listen to me neo let me show you some fire planets only exist in your mind neo you were born into a synthesized world that was animated by computers don't this sound like the matrix neo i'm trying to unplug .

You because the veil over neo's eyes was only there because of he believed that that world was real the moment he stopped believing in it they took him out of that world and that's what i'm trying to do to you take you out of this animated world this synthesized world .

That computers generate a man sit down and he types in a bunch of numbers in a computer that will support his theory of a diamond planet and a computer spits him back out this image and they right and they make it part of the western curriculum .

You believe in a synthetic world neo a synthesized world is not real you were born into sin that's just saying you was born into synthetic fake [ __ ] gm oh this gmo that every listen everybody born the past couple thousand years on earth do we you don't know what the real world look like .

Neo then then morpheus tell him that in the matrix the people that's been on earth ever since the rise of hellenism 7 000 years ago we ain't been in a real world we've been in a matrix world created by the rulers of this place who took control we have no idea .

What the real world once looked like before it was covered up by roads highways and mcdonald's and pizza hut and walmart you can only imagine what the earth was in antiquity in its original form before it became another gmo fruit you don't know what real air smell like you were born in the world .

Post-industrial revolution you don't know what it's like to live in a world where the water don't got fluoride in it you think the world you was born in is natural wake up neil you have no idea what the natural world look like they've been controlling the weather for .

10 years now how do you know that the storm how do you know all the weather you saw in your life was it man-made everybody was born in sin and synthetic made a synthesized world yeah and it's time to wake up from it so let me see what else i got on these slides on the slides yo .

Hold on a minute okay let me uh wind down here i don't know how many more slides i got let me get get through these okay scientism okay so in the philosophy of science the term scientism frequently implies a critique of the more extreme expressions .

Of logical positivism logical positivism later called logical empiricism and both of which together are also known as neo-positivism was a movement in western philosophy whose central thesis was the verification principle this let me read on you need to .

Understand this this theory of knowledge asserted that only statements verifiable through direct observation or logical proof are meaningful in terms of conveying truth value information or factual content .

Starting in the late 1920s groups of philosophers scientists and mathematicians formed the berlin circle and the vienna circle which in these two cities would propound the ideas of logical positivism so let's talk about what this is right because it's called neopositive .

Positivism it's central thesis is the verification principle and understanding that principle revealed to you what this movement was all about verificationism also known as the verification principle or the verifiability criterion of meaning is the .

Philosophical doctrine which maintains that only statements that are empirically verifiable verifiable through the senses are cognitively meaningful or else they are truths of logic so think about this right this would be the signs they build a car .

With or the signs they build an iphone with it falls under verificationism the signs you actually learn in school is the science that only teach you how to buy the cell phone everybody can't have the same degrees of science which is why i'm trying to free .

You they gave you the neo-degree neo-positivism that's based upon um the theoretical science that i was talking about the science that steve jobs and bill gates using to build technology is based upon verificationism they only dealing with what they can verify .

While giving you diamond planets some [ __ ] you can't verify that's what i'm telling you is levels to this [ __ ] so uh think about this right the science you get gives you mathematics it gives you mathematics arithmetic it gives you history of alexander the great the career .

Everything we learn in school is just enough so you can be the greatest consumer so when you get in the grocery store you can budget right they're not going to teach you the same science it's different levels of you only get listen you get math reading science and a bunch of diamond planets .

And and alexander the great talk just enough to make a consumer your science ain't based upon giving you things you can verify it's only based upon you giving you a doctrine that'll create a desired result out of your lifelong behavior patterns that's why .

They give you the theoretical science everybody with the theoretical signs are very predictable they just gonna repeat the theories and live their life out they gonna go to work every day and say science got that under control man i'm just trying to punch the clock and they gonna leave their reality in .

The hands of them they just gonna live on not really trying to verify what's real or not but only repeating what they was told these are the ones who not really conscious living they're shales of a human some of us reach a point where we say hey .

The science i've been given don't really align with the reality i'm observing that and for you to be observing reality mean you're conscious a person walking outside every day never looking up always looking in the phone or the time magazine or some science tech book .

They have no idea about reality and how the mechanisms of the earth work right they could tell you how corporate america work or how the political system work but if you leave them out at sea they wouldn't be able to navigate by the stars because they don't know how the stars work but these are the people that are not .

Into verifying their reality you just tell me what reality is and i will just spend my life chasing the bag but when you do that you're basing every action in your life on a reality that you never stop to verify what if it was all a lot every action .

You made in life was a lie because the foundation of all our actions is our definition of reality what you think about the world will automatically program your paradigm with a .

Pre-calculated subconscious actions that's going to govern your day automatically and you won't be able to break that paradigm till you change what you think about the world that's when you change yourself um negative people see the world negative .

In a nutshell so verificationism is the true science because you verify things with the senses not by believing that they real okay the science scientific institutions of the western world are all based upon .

Theoretical signs because they don't want you to be able to verify the moment you go outside trying to verify what's real from fate is the moment the entire system fall because remember in a world where people thrive off creating synthetic technology to .

Take you more away from the natural world like we just read they have to make you think that everything you grew up in was natural chemtrails natural animals just falling out the sky randomly that's natural fish is washing up on the beach line .

With no explanation just natural today it's normal it happened no it don't happen the world is being terraformed and so are we and if we just write it off as well it's natural what is natural now see gmo is the new natural with our consent .

And why because we don't verify what's natural or unnatural no more scientists said the food in your grocery store is healthy for you why verify it just believe them and eat it and we can keep dying from the same diseases like fools science said a air you breathe is .

Totally safe but yet the more motives chemtrails increase the sicker and the more vaccinations the children need let's not verify though let's just believe science even though reality is showing .

Us different realities showing us that all the technology science pride itself in creating is destroying us but we ignoring the effects of science of our science because we saying it can't do no wrong there's no way my iphone given me .

Cancer we love it so much we're in a technocracy and we willing to trade off the lifespan of a human for iphone ancestors didn't have all the technology you have but they live to be hundreds .

Years old you got your devices but you lucky to learn to be 65 today and it's getting shorter and shorter as we get more technological but we ignore the effects of technology because science ain't based upon you .

Observing reality so we just ignore that the world is falling apart because that's too real for us that's dealing with reality but we're dealing with diamond planets and [ __ ] being lunch to mars instead of the [ __ ] that's being launched in the ocean .

[ __ ] up all the water systems on earth you're sowing all about the [ __ ] they launching up in space you don't care about the vaccinations they launching into the arms of your children you can tell me everything about what's up there in space and all the diamond planets and .

The fullerenes and the dark matter you can tell about what all up there but you can't tell me what's ins what's the ingredients inside of the vaccination that your son got hit him again becky .

That's the problem you can these guys can tell you about what's everything floating around in space but they can't tell you the chemicals that's floating around in a children body because of the vaccination ingredients they know the ingredients that's in the next galaxy over there but they don't know the ingredients in .

The new vaccination they just gave a child they can tell you the makeup of saturn's atmosphere but can't tell you the makeup of the vaccination they just gave a boy theoretical signs i don't have to verify what's in that vaccination why i trust science i believe them they say it is .

Healthy you leave the verifying up to them which is pure stupidity hey man i'mma get ready to shut this thing down i didn't want to be have to make a long stream i just wanted to come give y'all a five presentation solo and give you something that was powerful .

To open up your eyes to your friends out here to these fake atheists and folks you know just to give you something to open up your eyes right share this man make it go viral all right and maybe the next show maybe tomorrow i'll go live again and open up the calls for .

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