Thursday, May 26, 2022

The Medical Model vs. Holistic Medicine (Common Sense Medicine)

I'm a holistic doctor and I'm a medical doctor and we're here today to talk to you about the differences between us nice scrubs I'm dr. Michael Berger and welcome to common-sense medicine today we're going to be discussing different kinds of healthcare systems some of you may are familiar with one and not the other most of you are familiar with one .

Called the medical system the medical system is includes hospitals physical therapists nurses respiratory specialists a fried different number of practitioners that insurance covers probably 75 80 % of people exist in this world the medical model believes in preventing death is one of its big motivators it tries to prevent .

Communicable diseases it also believes that symptoms are if we can fix a symptom we sometimes fix the problem sometimes the medical system has done a lot of faith in the body being a smart ability to heal a thing it believes a lot of times that the healing comes from an outside one of the primary things to figure out what the disease is we have .

To name this condition because the condition will then tell us how we're going to treat it because there's a formula to how to treat it the medical system also believes that there's a that substitution in the case of for instance of hormones like thyroid or estrogen is if we can just bring them from the outside into the body that's .

Just as good as if the body makes it itself medical system is sometimes easier and I say this because the patient is really asked to make any lifestyle changes in most cases if they can take a pill and not have to change it and exercise more not have to lose weight it's a it's a lot easier and patient compliance tends to be better in .

The medical model in the holistic model or some of you would prefer to it as the alternative healthcare this system believes in restoration / substitution we believe in finding the source of the problem and fixing it name the disease is important figuring out the dysfunction and this area of alternative health and holistic .

Health we believe in surgery as a last resort also the holistic realm we believe that the body is actually quite smart and it just needs us to help it it just needs us to remove that thing in there that's blocking its path our job is to figure out a way to help this alternative healthcare system it deals with the people that are very .

Conservative that would be chiropractors that would be acupuncturist nutritionists sometimes you'll find people that have not natural passed document called net doctors of naturopathy there's also chiropractic internist I happen to be one of those I've been in practice for 21 years now and in this natural health realm one of .

The challenges in our alternative health care is that we ask the patient as a partner we expect the patient actually take steps to improve their own health I believe that patients have gotten themselves into this mess and my job is to help them get out of this mess there is no right or wrong answer here Medical alternative I'm just trying to show you .

What the differences are between to certainly if you break your leg in 15 spots or you have a gunshot wound you need to be in the hands of a medical doctor certainly if you don't want to do any kind of modifications you don't want to change anything you probably belong over here the in the medical model the alternative model is there for people .

That go you know what I want to be in control I want to be the one I believe I got myself into this I want to help pull myself out of this I want to be an active participant in restoring health if it means losing weight just show me how to do it I look I will do that I will do the work if it means stop eating this food stop eating this food I want .

To do those things the alternative really lends itself to to those types of people I prefer the alternative health care the holistic approach because to me it's like it's like a car yeah when you have your the oil light comes on the car and you have two solutions right one solution is to either put ducttape over the oil indicator or snip the wire .

That sends the light to it and you can say well I solved the problem and to me you didn't solve the problem I want to know why in in the car you hook up that plug into the computer in the mechanic garage right and his machine will say what those codes mean that your car spitting out what I try and do for my patients is to help them and their .

Bodies communicate to help translate what their body's telling them so they could take better care so they know when the oil light is coming out thereby they go I know what that means that means this that means I've done this I've done this I've done this and they can make corrections and then those symptoms go away you look very nice to love the .



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