Monday, May 23, 2022

What is a Hebrew? Social Engineering/GeoEngineering vs The Most Highs Engineering!

when we speaking you're here man like what darkness can't comprehend so they hate cause they fear it man see they the children of the ones who killed the prophet so we count it all for joy cause it's a sign that we will profit at the end when the son of man comes again .

behind me years ago i'm waking goons up everybody i got twelve .

behind behind me welcome to the hebrew state of being we are your humble humble servants and hosts for tonight i am kyle .

Solo dolo in the building it's monday night red beans and rice what is a hebrew that's right y'all know in new orleans monday's is reserved for bread beans and rice it's a staple in our community it's something we do every monday as a tradition as a thing .

Our community does to uh as a culture red beans and rice something simple as that you can track that one little line of red beans and rice and you will see a whole cultural lineage and history connected to mondays red beans and rice i mean if we could do it for red beans .

And rice you think that we will be able to find out who we are as a people that we will be able to just as easy as say hey red beans and rice is done on monday in new orleans as a tradition let me see if i can go into google wikipedia being whatever and .

See the history of that well our history has been taken over so that's why we have to have this monday night what is a hebrew we actually have to consistently on a monday night explain what a hebrew is i see y'all coming in on black mask and nola man thank y'all .

For joining us tonight the question on the table is what is a hebrew and what is it social engineering what is geo engineering what is geoengineering and what is the most high engineering that's the lesson for tonight that's .

What we're gonna dive into tonight because social engineering has been around you since you've been born when your mother was born social engineering was involved when your grandmother was involved your grandfather was alive social engineering when your .

Great-grandfather was around social engineering social engineering has been around so long that you don't even know what it is you don't recognize what it is as it happens to you every day from instagram to uh social media twitch youtube all of the above is all part of social engineering .

And social engineering just in a short definition means false energy false information social engineering equals false information lies lies and lies i see in the building lucian i see your dies in the building essence in the building add-ons in a building it all amounts to life .

Geo-engineering what is geoengineering well that's organic engineering that's genetically modified yeah they can't decipher the program until they realize they are programmed that's right sail iv people cannot decipher the program until you realize you've been programmed thank you celebrity so when we look .

At this geoengineering we're looking at engineering from an organic standpoint we're talking about geo as in genetically modified organisms that they are engineering the earth the nature that's what geoengineering stands for .

So geoengineering versus the most high so you have the mental engineering of social engineering going along with the biological engineering which is geoengineering and we say we put those two up against the most high tonight and his engineering because if you didn't know it without .

The most highs engineering there would be no geo engineering there would be nothing to uh uh decompose see all of science and all of engineering math and all of that is our way is man's way of deconstructing what the most high has created the .

Entire earth the sun the moon the way we breathe the organisms in the sea the organisms on the land between mammal and animal all of these things are what the most high created so he engineered it in the beginning and all man is doing is trying to play catch up .

We don't know anything all we can do is get it dissected study it put it through text confirm is this or confirms that and then say well from our limited understanding from our what the test results have shown us we would have to deduce not that they .

Know but they would go by the information that they've got information well then kyle if you're saying information is part of social engineering and they got all their information from deconstructing what the most high has .

Done then if they put out opposite information or misleading information then they would be lying they would be doing the opposite of what the most high has stated for us to know which is truth then they have now taken their ability to understand what the most high has .

Done on a more scientific or intricate uh or more of a uh um being able to produce it reproduce it level right there on that level of being able to reproduce what the most high has naturally produced so they then turn to you and tell you that it means a when it really means .

Being it's got a little bit of a in it you understand what i'm saying it's it's social engineering because they really want you to select c so they give you b with a little bit of a in it and say we're trying to strive to see that's social engineering when they take .

Something that is truthful and they change it present it to you as a challenge or as a breakthrough on their way to solving whatever the issue is or creating whatever they're trying to create i.e the man on the moon or i.e a vaccine for our disease get it .

Social engineering i don't do a good job of explaining it i've got a video tonight for you guys to explain social engineering from a way that you can not miscon misunderstand what has been done to your great grandfathers your great grandmothers .

And how that has created a thought process with us that is directly against the scripture so let's get into it dane calloway did an outstanding job of explaining social engineering i posted this because i was supposed to play it at the end of shabbat which i forgot .

Right so we are now going to play it for you guys to watch my exclusive content not featured anywhere on youtube log on to my website i'm just here to make you slash films for educational purposes and please go to that brother's website .

I'm just here to make you think what if america is witnessing the largest crime conducted against humanity in a way they never thought of before .

What if films were produced to inform the masses of these crimes by way of visual hidden messages what if america derived from the likes of conceptualism and organized written deceptions what if you were told that something .

Other than your own brain how would you answer these questions tracking it down to the configurations of the answers it would depend on how an individual receives information socially like for example there may be a few of you who may feel as though your history teacher gave you the correct .

Answer or it may be a few of you who feels as though some community leader gave you the best answer or there may be a small group who feel as though just because someone mentions it to them and it sounded about right then it's a fact .

Meaning that you're just simply approving his or her message but the funny thing about approving someone's message it's merely based upon how much you value that individual's opinion i mean think about it since history was written by strangers with malicious motives and biased agendas in the first .

Place what makes a person buy into a stranger's opinion about their own people's story this process is uncommonly known as a social engineering experiment or c for short which is a scientific study conducted on groups of large populations manipulating direct and indirect thought .

Of human behavior subsequently found within the origins of social science social science is the study of people or collections of people such as groups firms societies or economies and their individual or collective behaviors to have a better understanding of this intel there are three disciplinary .

Classifications of social science to break it down psychology is one of those three which is the study of human behavior and up next is sociology which is the study of social groups and then the remaining one is economics which is the study of firms .

Markets and economies this means that social engineering experiments are conducted upon people unwantedly or worth their acknowledgement and these forms of experiments are based on the principles of submissive mind configuring or manipulation .

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Associated with hackers in the technology field utilizing unfiltered techniques in order to hack into computer systems and high-end security walls for example but is that social engineering well from a certain perspective it is simply because technology .

Is very utilitarian for propagating all the good the bad and the ugly sides of society and human behaviors interesting enough the oxford english language dictionary defines social engineering as the use of centralized planning in an attempt to manage social change .

And regulate the future development and behavior of a society and it goes on to state that social engineering is the use of deception in order to induce a person to divulge private information or especially unwittingly to provide unauthorized access .

To a computer system or network so these social engineering experiments are continuously occurring over time and humans do play a major role on both sides of these test results which can be confusing to some of you because you may associate the phrase social engineering with things .

Like the famous hacker kevin miknick for example who was said to have popularized the phrase during the 1990s or you may associate the phrase with things like the movie called hackers starring angelina jolie and johnny lee miller and the reason being is due to the visual image .

Surrounding this phrase alone which has been displayed as a malicious means to gain access to private personal or confidential information only but unfortunately that is not the case here according to the website which is a website created for chief .

Information security officers and other top level executives charged with protecting their organization's tangible and intangible assets including technology infrastructure intellectual capital and corporate reputation in an article dated september 25th 2019 .

It states quote social engineering is the art of exploiting human psychology rather than technical hacking techniques to gain access to building systems or data exposing that the main objective of these social engineering experiments .

Is to alter the human psyche to influentially manipulate a human's behavior according to the oxford english language dictionary the phrase social engineering was initially recorded in a new york times article published on october 15 1899 .

Titled new profession appears promoters of social engineering find a fruitful field this article published in 1899 details that social engineering is the latest of the professions as applied by the officers and the members of the league for social service which .

Was organized in august of 1898 by dr jose strong and w h toman tomin is quoted in this article saying dr strong and myself started the league in august last year our object was the social and industrial betterment of the people there is much that can be .

Embraced under that heading we are really social engineers and that is the youngest of the professions now as to our work we go from place to place and see what employers are doing for the betterment of their help the members of the league are our clients .

And we improve their property on social lines the league is practically a clearinghouse for other institutions further into this article tolman goes on and states quote we intend to take up another matter and that is to act as an emergency corpse .

In the case of a great disaster or any calamity in which immediate relief is necessary we have the machinery and thus it is a matter of economy to employ us we have engaged to write for us a series of leaflets governor theodore roosevelt who becomes .

President of the united states dr albert shaw editor journalist scholar robert c ogden businessman and financial supporter of booker t washington and dr w.p wilson textbook author of christian psychotherapy and many other okay i have to stop here for a second .

Because i want to bring your attention to some things that were said this social engineering group that started in 1890 and then put out a want ad in 1898 in order to bring in more people stated that their process was social engineering which dane calloway laid out what social engineering .

Meant that they were not engineering in the sense of building things but in the psychology of people and communities and nations now these particular people took their organization and they said that this was the youngest of the organizations so meaning that .

1890 1898 that this social engineering that they put out an article for they had already had other programs that were running i.e jim crow right the the jim crow laws this is part of social engineering and it worked in two forms .

One it was to social engineer the blacks have believed that there was no way that they could get justice and it was better for them to run and be quiet as opposed to bring their matters to a judicial system the second way it worked it allowed the poorer um poorer europeans the poor whites .

To feel as though they were above a class that even though they were not making any money even though they were being down trotting by the corporations they still were better than black people because the laws were on their side and the laws were not on the side of .

Black people now this particular organization after having different auxiliary organizations and this being the youngest of that organization of different social uh social engineering concepts and laws and statutes that were put in place in the united states .

This group evolved and it became an emergency response as it says here in the case of great disaster or any calamity in which immediate relief is necessary we have the machinery and thus it is a matter of economy to employ us so this group that went from social engineering .

Now wants to step in and physically be an assistant for any disaster that happens because they have the machinery from where we don't know right obviously from the government as governor theodore roosevelt who became the president was part of this think tape .

This think tank and albert shaw honestly um robert ogden was the one that um paid for carver was the one that um funded black studies and the dr w p wilson was the one that funded christian studies so these social engineering people took their uh their plan .

To move the entire society like sheep not just black people not just downtrodden rich all of the above that are not aware of the plan of social engineering that these people are putting their ideology into these different areas or fields .

Of academia from government with theodore roosevelt becomes president to ogden who is over carver who is the one in our time was the great thinker of black studies and the christian the poor whites are the downtrodden of the americas at that time .

So now they have put their ideology and their system in all of these different avenues of higher learning and of government policies and then they evolved into a disaster relief group let's go others of note end quote now years later the league for social .

Service changed its name to the american institute of social service and in an article written for the new york times dated may 30th 1906 entitled what is the american institute of social service practical work and scope of the .

Organization conducted by dr jose strong and dr w h towing explained the institute is described as a storehouse of experience a sociological laboratory and a sociological clinic which diagnoses conditions and prescribes remedies .

Saying that quote all sorts of conditions of men women and children use the institute sociologists ministers of the gospel and those who have put dogmatics behind them all of these go to the institute for information almost about everything under the sun ministers want to know how they best .

Cooperate with one another for civic betterment many times the institute is asked to tell them how to attract and hold young men college professors want literature for use in the preparation of lectures students get up their graduating essays .

Writers of books and magazine articles want the last word upon whatever subject they are writing end quote social engineering modes the minds of those it intends to influence using one directional indoctrinating information established by the desires of the social .

Engineers themselves along with their affiliated organizations and institutions this skillful art of arrangements is used experimentally in both the ever-growing field of technology and or person-to-person contact and just as they were in the past .

Many of these experiments are documented under different auspices and clothed in the clouds of secrecy still to this very day some examples of social engineering experiments are things like americans following signs to tell them what to do while in other countries of other .

Continents those people do exactly what they want to do without consenting to foreign direction or instruction another example will be children television shows in which the fictional characters of these episodes will purposely display destructive behavior .

On television even if it is classified as kid friendly or to manipulate the mindsets of the children watching these shows in real time another example would be the i'm on it this time guys so let's say you have to read an incredibly long email from your boss .

That you have to finish before the big meeting starts in 10 minutes or you're cramming for an exam the night before but will be the initial campaign to promote the use of cigarette smoking by way of persuasive commercials broadcasted over millions of television sets at homes and .

Places of business and even newspaper ads inside various publications even ceos are on television influencing pregnant women to smoke cigarettes as a benefit embryos don't have much choice fetuses don't they don't like to smoke the british .

Medical research council uh did a study of all the 17 000 babies born in a single week in the united kingdom as you jobless know the council found that those babies born to mothers who smoked during pregnancy uh we're in significantly higher proportion small weighing under five and a half .

Pounds approximately then the babies born of others who did not smoke and there was a higher rate of stillbirths and of deaths within 28 days of birth the question is in view of this study which is the largest and most elaborate of this kind ever made .

Is it right to promote uh smoking among women with virginia swims and the other brands especially marketed for them with no warning as to the danger of the embryo that may exist but you're reading that quiz all right i'm stopping here because this sound may be bad it's a clip in here .

The gentleman saying that in 1970 that the united kingdom the uk did a research or did an experiment with i believe 1700 women and the group of women that smoked their babies they're breaking because these are all women that were pregnant that were smoking to find out the .

Effects or birth defects that would occur in children they found that the women that smoked during pregnancy their children came out about five pounds malnutritious and with a slew of issues and the man action he's asking the question to this guy joseph carmen .

How can you knowing that this is has been the most extensive test that has been done that is a worldwide uh accepted results how can you still advertise healthy cigarettes to virginia slims and to women via virginia slims to women and other .

People this is what we this is the part of social engineering i want you to i stopped it because i want you to hear his answer he gave an answer the other guy did not push him that's that you know they're both on the fix and that no matter what .

In social engineering when everybody comes and say oh i can't believe this is happening no they won't let this happen the congress won't let this happen senate won't let this happen oh no this this country won't do that and i'm telling you that this country will do that that when we say that in .

Our communities that we believe in our government to protect us that our government is gonna say wait that's just too much we're gonna we gotta hold it right there listen to what the answer that they will accept when they do the dog and pony show for the .

Citizens and say oh yeah we brought them to the senate we brought them to the floor and questioned them well this is the answer and what do you do after the answer is a complicated question i would say that i did read that report and i concluded from that report that it's true .

The babies born from women who smoke are smaller but they're just as healthy as the babies born from women who do not smoke so this man's answer is yeah i'll give you that the babies are smaller very healthy though so how does that .

Work something that is supposed to be eight pounds nine pounds is now five pounds but you say it's healthy because at the time of the report they cannot say and the senate cannot say that these children were guaranteed to grow up .

Wanting to be a smoker grow up uh with asthma emphysema or respiratory problems that some women prefer having smaller babies i mean come on bro your wine you hear this my brother the man's answer is that they're smaller when it's supposed to be bigger .

But they're still healthy and that some women prefer the smaller baby they prefer the boutique baby they don't want a full healthy baby they like a little small baby they can put in a little bag like a little dog but they accepted this because our news and i will they still push cigarettes .

They still push like it's possibly healthy i see the building time and almost everyone can recall the monkey see monkey do method where people gradually consent to being socially influenced or operated by the common .

Theme of foreign control no matter what the task may be and this is still an ongoing issue as of now so many examples that i have alluded to in my previous documentaries details just how deep this rabbit hole goes and as you begin to research what i've researched you will then know for sure .

That it's not based on some opinionated theories commonly used by those with the intent to distract you from the truth and so now we can determine the common pattern utilized inside of these i hope you all saw that i mean the brother was talking and you're right aaron .

It's the same thing as saying that she's got a beautiful figure because crack slims are down she doesn't have much of an appetite on crack but in this experiment that they were showing you here the gentleman was on the elevator looking .

In the right direction but everybody got on the elevator looked at the wall and he decided that i must be doing it wrong even though nobody told him he was wrong even though he wasn't really wrong he decided so that he wouldn't look .

Like an outsoar or a sore thumb he decided to turn around and look at the back of the elevator with everyone else that's called the bandwagon and advertisement and marketing that's called the bandwagon technique it's when they advertise to you that all of your friends are doing it so you .

Should come on and do it as well when you look at commercials now look at it from that anytime you have a commercial where all the people are running together and everybody's they got the whole commercial in motion and everybody's moving and they got a girl at the end comes back say come on .

You want to do this that's the bandwagon effect that's the that's the um uh um the marketing tool that they have labeled the bandwagon effect or uh yeah process so that's part of social engineering marketing when you go to school and the .

Universities for marketing they are teaching you social engineering understand that social engineering is so interwoven in our communities we are so socially engineered that we are actually going to school to get a degree in helping the process of social engineering our own people social engineering experiments and it .

All traces back to the art of illusory and whoever the engineer can mold and modify into compulsory participation but keep in mind that it can only work if persons decided to participate meaning that there is a solution to this common problem and we do not have to wait another .

However many more years you want to add on to fix it right another example of these experiments is what you see people are doing commonly based on some form of risk of a pandemic that somehow managed to ultimus prime itself and transform into an outbreak while simultaneously other .

Things are happening that people manage to forget as if evidence of the effects of more added frequencies to the atmosphere somehow does not pose as a threat to electrical beings in any place of the world and somehow people tend to forget how other examples of these .

Experiments are things that you would not consider as being the study of and this is where it gets a lot deeper now some of you may consider what i'm about to share with you the introduction to something that you may have no idea about .

Some may say they have seen it before but haven't thought about it really and some may altogether believe that it's just some viral phase that'll fade away in a matter of time however this type of technology has been around for quite some time now to the point where it can be shocking to say the very least .

We're entering an era in which our enemies can make it look like anyone is saying anything at any point in time even if they would never say those things so for instance they could have me say things like this is a dangerous time moving forward we need to be more .

Vigilant with what we trust from the internet thank you stay woke [ __ ] stay woke [ __ ] stay woke [ __ ] growing alarm over the use of altered videos online especially those known as deep fakes which are highly realistic looking and inaccurate there are concerns about .

Their growing sophistication and the risks they pose to national security it is the focus of a hearing tomorrow in the house intelligence committee miles o'brien has a look at how those videos once the source of some fun are being manipulated and how artificial intelligence scientists are .

Trying to respond scary as deep fake videos may be there are times when they can be fun a place where a 3d model of my face gets electronically plastered onto computer scientist hal lee's head making him the puppet master and me the dummy really a scary looking .

Individual overall what do you think i do need to change my hair don't i yeah lee is an associate professor at the university of southern california and co-founder of pin screen an app that allows consumers to make instant custom 3d avatars for virtual reality gaming .

And shopping so now you created your avatar right so you have your nice trim miles o'brien the real-time puppet master trick is how he refines the technology and here i am as our president yep shinzo abe prime minister of japan john leader of china .

That's not a bad look for me me is justin bieber what do you think i think i'm gonna do this on the newshour all the time now this will be good for my career lee says he never saw it as anything more than entertainment of course it can be used for something .

Really bad but the main purpose was never for that it was used to use for entertainment a fun tool that could give us more things to do for passion lifestyle etc deep fake videos cleverly combine what's real with what is synthesized by a computer .

To make people appear to say things they never did or never would i like vodka the ever increasing speed of computers along with the advancement of the artificial intelligence technique called machine learning is making these composites harder and harder to detect .

With the naked eye we all assume that there will be a point where there's no way to tell the difference i mean for visual effects i think you can get pretty close already it's just the question of how much effort you put into it but in terms of content that can be created by anyone i think it's .

Getting very close to the point this was this was very truly surprising for me one technique is the face swap which puts steve buscemi's face on jennifer lawrence's body nicholas cage onto a series of marquee stars in iconic roles terrific .

Or jimmy kimmel's mug on mine so i've had to re-learn very simple things but there is a deep dark side as well indeed the technology has been used to pace the faces of celebrities onto the bodies of sir take a look at this this is a regular .

Landlord he has to fix toilets chase people down for rent evict old cat ladies no wonder he's cranky computer scientist hani fareed is a professor at dartmouth college i am worried about the weaponization and i'm worried about .

How it's impacting us as a society so we are working as hard as possible to detect these things killmonger was right this video crystallized much of the deep concern what seems to be president barack obama making a speech see i would never say these things is actually comedian .

And filmmaker jordan peele doing his excellent obama impersonation synced with software created with artificial intelligence or ai the ai system synthesized the mouth of president obama to be consistent with the audio stream and it made it look like .

President obama was saying things that he never said that's called a lip sync deep fake just this week the technique was used to put some pretty outrageous and comical words into the mouth of facebook founder mark zuckerberg spectre showed me that whoever controls the data controls the future it's a potent .

Technology that is ripening at a time of deep polarization and suspicion fueled by social media so it's really sad here's the thing just last month something much less sophisticated than a deep fake a doctored video of house speaker nancy .

Pelosi making her seem drunk went viral we want to give this president the opportunity to do something historic deep fakes ratchet up the risks the nightmare situation is that there's a video of president trump saying i've launched nuclear weapons against north korea .

And somebody hacks his twitter account and that goes viral in 30 seconds we have global nuclear meltdown do i think it's likely no but it's not a zero probability and that should scare the bejesus out of you right because the fact that that is not impossible is really worrisome .

Computer scientists have pushed this technology using generative adversarial networks or gans again pits two artificial intelligence algorithms against each other one strives to create realistic fake images while the other grades the effort so the synthesis engine says .

I'm going to create a fake image i give it to this ai system that says this looks fake to me so it goes back and you change it and you do that a few billion times in rapid succession and the computers are teaching each other how to make better fakes and that's what has democratized access and that's why the pentagon is .

Interested in deep fakes it's research enterprise the defense advanced research projects agency or darpa is exploring ways to defend against the threat of deep fakes computer scientist matt turek runs darpa's media forensics or metaphor project so there's an .

Opportunity here for us to essentially lose all trust in images and video it was used to compress this turret showed me some of the 70 counter deep fake techniques darpa is helping nurture necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another .

This software is designed to characterize lip movement and compare it to the audio and so when we see these red bars that means actually that the sounds of the speaker are not actually consistent with the movement of the lips take a look at this video supposedly two people .

Sitting together but software that determines the lighting angle on faces concludes it is a composite so it estimates a 3d model for the face along with that 3d model it estimates the reflectance properties of the face and also the lighting angles and so here we're primarily using the lighting angles to .

See whether those are consistent or not in this example video apparently gathered by a security camera shows only one car this artificial intelligence algorithm is designed to predict how things should move what that's triggering off of is discontinuities in the motion and so that gives us a .

Signal to look at an image or video and say well perhaps frames were removed and it flags the video as altered another vehicle was edited out there's a cat and mouse game the more aspects that you can use to debunk an image or video the more burden .

That you put on the manipulator but none of these ideas will work without the cooperation of the big social media platforms youtube and facebook which would need to deploy the software and delete the fakes something facebook refused to do when the pelosi video emerged .

The platforms have been for the most part very cavalier about how they deal with this type of illegal content harmful content misinformation fake news elections hampering non-consensual pornography and the list goes on and on because it gets eyes on the platform and .

That's good for business a fake video amplified in an echo chamber can go an awfully long way before the facts even enter the picture and enter the picture believe company culture is important to .

An organization's success i'm just here to make you think excuse me guys one little so as we're looking at this .

Social engineering and want to thank the brother dan callaway for putting together a really great video to explain what social engineering is and how it's playing out in our communities right now right how is playing out in our communities .

Right now we uh uh and not just in our communities inside the world and how it has now ramped up with the technology the more we get into technology what they did is social engineering through fema because you gotta remember the video explained that these social .

Engineering people have evolved to be there for all emergency response um needs that these people are the fema they're part of fema they're part of how can i say this man fema are the federal emergency corps .

Were in control in the end of trump's presidency anytime that we sign over executive order or we do an executive order that is stating that we're in a state of emergency anytime your united states government makes a state of emergency fema takes over .

If it's in new orleans for katrina they take over it's in houston if it's in boston if it's in california for the fires it is the people that respond and when the president says it's a national thing such as covet 19 we are in a nation or a state of emergency .

The thought process and the ideologies go along with what the social engineering has been putting forth all the time i'm gonna let you put the math together for that i don't think i need to explain how detrimental that is for a company that has been putting out bad information about a community and .

This educating community is now the ones that are supposed to come in and save that community that's a conflict of interest we say that democrat or republican we're saying that all government all aspects of it all religions all higher education .

All of it has been infiltrated by the social engineering and if you haven't counted that will cover all parts of our society education government religion and social is in the name of engineering so obviously it's in the fun of the news or the social media or the anything that you .

Are being social in engineering has been a part of that i really want you guys to understand and take that in so when we say here on hebrew state of being that this world is a lie it is profaned that when enoch speaks about everything being out of his foundations .

Was put out of this foundation presently or has continued to be helped to stay out of it right presently by the social engineering we're gonna go into our book of enoch and we're going to uh as we're going through the book the entire book of enoch understanding that the book of enoch was .

Written uh deuteronomy in the torah that the book of enoch was around before the torah it was around before moses it was around before noah so the book of enoch is the original book that our ancestors passed on from generation to generation .

Without the hijacks without the social engineering now because we have been socially engineered when we read from the book of enoch we think it's impossible because social engineering tells us that the caucasians the europeans were the only ones to be able to go to .

The moon and that there are no heavens up there but they are nothing but planets and dimensions that aliens are going to be coming down here and that they are the original creators of the world or at least of the great civilizations and that these aliens gave man all of this .

Knowledge well that's the social engineering part the social engineering tells you it's a planet the social engineering tells you it's aliens the book of enoch tells you it's fallen angels the book of enoch tells you that there are heavens above us .

Get the social engineering opposed to the most high's engineering so in chapter 74 the most high is explaining what enoch is explaining to methuselah his son what the most high had told him when he was up in the heavens and saw the luminaries .

Of the sun and the moon which on shabbat we expressed and well we the lessons show that the sun and the moon and the stars is the covenant that the most high has with us as his people where on your screen you're going to see the picture of the .

144. 144 is a a topic in scripture readings and biblical uh communities right and then debate right uh um of this 144 that you've heard about the story of the rapture that most high is going to take up some .

And leave some behind and part of those that's going to be taken up in the sky that's going to be given a new flesh is the 144. gonna dive into that tonight as well with enoch but right now we're starting with the luminary so we can .

End off that as we read uh 73 um ran up to 73 on our last readings of enoch um so not on shabbat but on last cultural appropriation so uh we're starting with uh chapter 74 tonight uh and let's get y'all to these scriptures because we are the 144 and what i want you to .

Notice about this picture and what i want you to understand as we're reading enoch that everything in the heavens gives praise to the most high constantly everything in the heavens to call themselves in order they are giving praise unto the most .

High that is how you are in order in the heavens and it tells us in revelations that when the most high comes down and he destroys this earth that we will be saying holy holy holy which is the way to give praise unto the most high to acknowledge that he is holy and that he is perfect .

So that's what the moon and the sun and the stars do by going in their rotations and not skipping their rotations they are giving homage and giving praise unto the creator here when we talk about the angels the seraphim and the cherubim that are in the heavens .

All they do the host of the heavens the armies of the heavens all they do is give praise unto the most high 24 7 continually keep that in mind as we go into our scripture one second guys i had y'all set up all .

Right we're going into s73 and we're going to 74. all right so i want to make sure i got you guys on the page i know how tricky this enoch is with the with the uh internet because they got so many versions but here we go .

He united chapter 74 and says then i saw another progress the and regulation which he affected in the law of the moon the progress of the moons and everything uriel showed me the holy angel who conducted them all now if you remember in our wednesday night lesson when we went through these the the moons and the chambers of the .

Sun and then in 73 chapter 73 of enoch it explained how the sun gave light to the moon and how these two luminaries worked in conjunction to keep the covenant and that these both were the same size and that they had to work in tandem and .

Now in 74 it is saying that the regulations of the moon that it affected other things the progress of the moon it affected other things which the uriel showed him the holy angels so then verse two it says their stations i wrote down .

As he showed them unto me i wrote down their months as their cure occurred and the appearances of their light until it is completed in 15 days so understand that what is done with the light between the sun and the moon is done in 15 days .

All right in each of its two seven portions it completes all of its light and rising and setting so it says all of the rotation of the sun and the moon within 30 days is 15 days the order is done in 15 days that's going to break down you guys are going to see i just want to .

Keep y'all with me okay because when we talk about the seven portions is completed the sun gives the moon its light in 14 portions by seven all right so the first portion is the seven so all the portions are given unto the moon in .

Slithers of seven until we have a full moon this is the covenant of the most high this is not social engineering this is what social engineering tells us is done by some angels or done by some aliens or that these these orbs that the uh enoch said they are orbs .

Or planets so in verse 4 says in each of these two in each of its two seven portions is complete all this light and rising and at in that setting one started months in change settings you see .

On stated month i'm sorry on stated months it changes settings and on stated months it makes it and say it makes its progress on each and to the moon sets with the sun see in two of these now you know i want to make sure we clear it stating .

That the moon will set with the sun in two gates which are in the mist in the third and fourth gate it goes forth for seven days and makes its circuit so we're going to get into some technical things and like we said before we're happy to have the opportunity to .

Go into the technical aspects of how the moon and the sun rises without the lives of nasa and what the higher education has told us so understanding that all of these things have been this way from the beginning of time so it is explaining that the sun and the .

Moon will set into their gates and that in 15 days they complete their rotation from different gates but out of that two times they set in the same gates and it says again it returns to the gate once the sun goes forth .

And it completes the whole of the of its light and it completes the whole of its life then it declines from the sun and enters in eight days into the sixth gate from which the sun goes forth when the sun proceeds to the fourth gate it goes forth for seven days until it .

Passes from the fifth and again it returns in seven days to the fourth gate and completing all its light declines and passes on by the first gate in eight days and it says here and when the sun goes forth from the fourth portal she goes for seven days until she goes .

Fourth from the fifth and turns back again in seven days into the fourth portal and accomplishes all her life and she recedes and enters into the first portal in eight days and she returns again and seven days into the fourth portal which the sun goes forth thus .

I saw their portions how the moons arose and the sun set in those days verse 10 and if five years are added together the sun has an over plus of 30 days so now he's telling you after all the rotations of the sun and the moon if you add this in a five year span you will find that there are 30 days .

Left over all right there's an over plus of 30 days and all the days which occurred to it for one of those five years when they are full amounts to 364 days so we all know that i would calendar the gregorian count that has 365 days but in our original .

Enoch calendars 364 days and the over plus of the sun and of the stars amounts to six days so that's 36 right in five years six days every year come to 30 days remember they call it a leap year and the moon falls behind the sun and stars to the number of 30 days .

So the sun and the moon says i'm sorry and the moon falls behind the sun and the stars so the stars follow the sun because that's where they get their light from from 30 days verse 12 and the sun stars brings in all the years exactly so that they do not advance or delay their positions .

By a single day unto eternity but complete the years with perfect justice in 364. so what it explained just now was that the moon who doesn't always show right the moon doesn't always have light so as we were talk as we uh i was reading it spoke about the moon going in different portals .

Sometimes they were in the same portal as the sun and sometimes it went to different portals the sun however in this portal rotation does not lag and the stars follow it as they get their power the moon lags behind because it is the second luminary and it flags behind about 30 days over .

Five years span and it says that is what we will call our so-called leap year right so now it's saying that the sun by its rotation brings in our years exactly to a precise because it is the covenant that the most high made with us this is .

Not something man made verse verse 12 so that the moon has 30 days less than the sun and stars the moon brings on all the years exactly now see here it says the sun in my book in the torah it says the moon and the sun brings the years exactly so .

It says verse 12 and the moon has 30 days less than the sun and stars verse 13 the moon brings on all the years exactly and that their saturations may come neither too forward nor too backwards in a single day but that the years may be changed with correct precision .

In 364 days so now you understand about social engineering social engineering is the fact that they changed our scriptures over and over again so on this particular sacred text they are saying that the sun brings forth all the years exactly .

But in my suffer it says the moon that could be a big problem right that could be a big problem if you're trying to figure it out if you don't know any better right if you don't understand the rotations of the moon and the stars you can be following one thing we should be following another .

And your crops can falter well we know through as hebrews we follow the moon and not the sun so when you're looking at this text and you're saying well how do i know which one is the right text that goes by understanding who wrote the text and .

Understanding what is the goal what is the goal of social engineering the goal of social engineering is for us to be apart from the most high we understand that social engineering was brought in by the greeks and the romans because it's called the gregorian calendar so the gregorian calendar and .

Uh the greeks and the romans believed in the son they were some god worshipers they worshipped the son along with egypt and along with the mayan culture they worship the sun so we are able to read these two texts and say from our learning from our research that we can .

Decipher which one is the proper text oh i'm dropping jewels for y'all tonight uh now i'm dropping jews let's see my brother you are in the building this is jews on how you understand and break down social engineering how you look at scripture and understand .

When there's a conflict who is speaking because if they put you to the sun then they are christians they are helios they are greek they are roman they are the he goat they are the antichrist now before you get all excited when you understand that the moon is how .

We do our feast days by the new moons and by the um yeah by half moons new moons and so forth right yeah my brother juwan so when we follow our feast days due to the moon and the rotations of the moon then we understand that when we read this enoch we are able to know .

That we are in line with the original text and not with social engineering all right so then we go and we say uh we drop down to uh and their saturations may come neither two forwards nor two backwards in a single day but that the years may be changed with correct precision .

In 364 days in three years the days are one thousand and ninety two in five years they are one thousand eight hundred and twenty and in eight years two thousand nine hundred and twelve days so enoch now gives us to say okay if y'all get all confused with that .

If you get to your five years or you get to your how many days you should have this many days and if you are in line with this many days then therefore you have followed it correctly to the moon alone belong in three years 1062 days .

So that means that's how many times the moon has light in those days uh in five years it has 50 days less for an individual being made to the 60 um to the 62 days in five years there are 1 70 days and those days of the moon and 8 years are 2 832 days .

For its days is 8 years less 80 days which 80 days are its diminishing dimination in eight years so that's how much it decreases in eight years when we go to northwest and we look at the depth we look at the definition of dimination the act of .

Lessening making smaller opposed to augmentation as the diminishing of size of wealth of power of safety a state of becoming or appearing less so it's telling us that the moon is decreasing right it says for it's 80 for his days in 80 years or .

80 days or less 80 days which 80 days are its domination in 80 years so it has this doesn't show for eight days in 80 years the year then well that may not be correct hold up for for in its days in eight and eight years there are less .

80 days right which 80 days are in diminution so of eight years i'm sorry i i transposed i said eight days when it's 80 days were lost in eight years so 10 10 days out of the year right so 10 days every year you didn't have light from the moon right the year then .

Becomes truly complete according to the saturations of the moon and the stations of the sun which arise in the gates which rise and set them 40 30 days so it is saying to you that we all know our calendar by the um rotations of the sun and how much light how much saturation .

Of light the moon has verse i'm in chapter 75. it says these are the leaders of the chiefs of the thousands which are over all creation whoa it says these are the leaders of the chiefs of the thousands which are over all creation and over all .

The stars with the four which are added and never separated from the place allotted them according to the complete calculation of the year and these serve four days which are not calculated in the calculation of the year four days respecting them men greatly .

Air for these luminaries truly serve in the dwelling place of the world one day in the first gate one in the third gate one in the fourth gate and one in the sixth gate so there's four that are fixed that don't move and men greatly air from this they say these are .

Four days which are not calculated in a year so not only is it it's four days but it is the luminaries truly served and they dwell so they are luminary these four days are luminary days or days of light and they stand for and one is in the .

First gate one is in the third gate one is in the fourth gate and one is in the sixth gate you know get that right one three and four and six one three and four six all right and the harmony of the world becomes complete .

Every 364 of it so every time we rotate around because we're four corners right we're on four pillars right enoch says we are not an orb that the earth is four pillars is flat and that we have four luminaries that are in the one position .

The three and the four position gates and the sixth gate and that everything rotates around them for their perfection and it says four verse four and like manner yeah i don't think he's in the same one three but the signs and the times all .

Right so though is separate 360 for station so what do they have here sixth portion a six portal right we said gate the exactness of the years accomplished duties separate three by through its separate 364 stations for the signs of the times and .

The years and the days the angel uriel showed to me whom the most high of glory has set forever over all the luminaries of the heaven in the heaven and in the world that they should rule on the face of the heaven to be seen on the earth and to be .

Leaders for the day and the night i.e the sun the moon the stars and all the ministering creatures which make their revolutions in all the chariots of the heaven so that's what he says right there right that that is different from what i have in my three right it says respecting .

Them men greatly air that's not what they have in here right it says and owing to them men go wrong therein so understand that we are going between two different verses mine doesn't my verses two and three does not add up with what's on your screen .

So i am reading from your screen which is my book verse three now verse four in my book which should be on your screen verse 3 it says and the harmony of the world becomes complete after 364th date of it for the signs the seasons the years .

And the days uriel showed me and the angel you are most high of glory appointed over all the luminaries of heaven in heaven and in the world that they might rule in the face of the sky and appearing over the earth as it says in the face of the sky .

I know what they say they say the heavens on theirs and it reads in the sky and appearing over the earth become conductors of though of the days and nights the sun the moon the stars all the ministers of the heaven which make their .

Circuit with all the chariots of heaven thus uriel showed me 12 gates open to the circuit of the chariots of the sun in the heavens from which the rays of the sun shoot forth wow so now now that i hope y'all are excited about this now i hope this is not boring you guys but .

Get this right so now we understand how the heavens look regardless of what they tell you about moons i mean about aliens and planets and saturn and rings and and neil degrasse tyson you know whatever he is actor here we are stating that the moon and the uh the moon .

And the sun rotate around the four corners of the earth where there are pillars that are stationary at the one gate of the heavens the three and four gate of the heavens and the sixth gate and that this moon and our uh sun they rotate around them .

Through the different gates they go in and out of those gates that go in a circular motion around our pillars of the earth and that when we see the stars moving on shooting stars those are the angels and chariots running back and forth making sure that everything runs in alignment .

Wow that's the chariots when we see shooting stars verse 10 in my book and verse 4 on the screen thus uriel showed me 12 gates open for the circus of the chariots of the sun in heaven from which the rays of the sun shoots forth so when we look at a zodiac .

Sign right and they give it to you in a circle and you have all of the zodiac signs this is what they this is where they got it from because we are rotating the sun is rotating around those 12 gates .

Those gates and the horoscopes are represented by your sign i'm a libra so i should be in the 10th gate get it right if you're going with all of that hocus pocus then all the things of the 10th gate is is where i'm in right that's that's but as we know our months and the gregorian .

Months don't line up so even though we understand a beep which is our which is april our abeep in hebrew starts in march at the end of march and goes into the beginning of april two weeks into april so that's our month of abe .

Which is in the middle of two months of the gregorian calendar so it's hard to say exactly you know what unless you go by your your day but you know the day that you were born you can probably try and find your gate um in the heavens and then see if you are one gate or three or .

Four or a six gate that is holding right uh the sun the light these would be months of the year that if you were born and you would be a light bearer right that's how we would look at you would be a light barrel right and and yeah now this is an astronomy class for real .

Yeah like like people you know we have to understand that when we read these things about these different gates that we understand that they have recreated all of this and given us these lies so all we have to do is look at their lie look at the 12 that is here everything .

In our society is based off of 12 12 months of the year 12 zodiac signs 12 gates in the heavens 12 tribes of yahshua is 12 a number that is just uh uh arbitrary let's take a look i got something i pulled up for you guys .

So when we look at the number 12 biblically right so this is a site called grace in torah dot net grace in torah dot net and it's going to break down to us what the number 12 the symbolism of the number 12 is for us it is .

My um yeah so 12 in hebrew is italian s-h-t-a-y-i-m um shattarium a perfect government so 12 in hebrew is representation of a perfect government its order organization united perfect subdivisions of time 12 hours in a day 12 months in a year .

12 primary constellations and the people 12 tribes of joshua 12 disciples the um this demonstrates a holy people serving are holy remember what i said that they're doing in the heavens right all of the angels all the luminaries are saying holy holy holy .

I see the building big chief walter cook created wild west legendary in the building so you see 12 it says 12 hebrew letter the letter 12 in hebrew is also lamech right so you have shi um shatayam and then you have lamin right which is in the paleo hebrew and this is the .

Numerical verilemite um letters numerical value of 30. in our pictograph which is the first language before paleo-hebrew meaning shepherds hook staff teaching learning goading protection yoke all right let me break down what this means that limit right so as us as an ancient people before we wrote down .

Words we had pictures as our language to communicate things in our community and our um thing let me pull up that let me pull it up uh let me not play with y'all tonight cause we getting in deep paleo hebrew olive ph out of bet sure .

all right so limit right is the word where is that lamb right so right here you'll see lamb right so this is the original pictograph right and it said hook right shepherd's hook that's the .

Shepherd's hook and then it turned into a hook in the middle ages then late it turned into a staff right so then that became lamb so it's a shepherd's staff and it means to teach to i mean the yolk and now we went through a whole lesson on yoke and us being in the most high's yoke .

Right meaning that he has formed us yolk means of forming so he has formed us right so this is what um 12 means that we are in the formation of the most high in this celestial um in the celestial order that we as limit which is the number 12 means .

That and we are teaching we are in the mode of the most high and we are to bind to bring everyone together this is the binding of the 12 tribes it is the completion right so that comes to la mer right there which is the modern hebrew right .

That's what the what it looks like in modern day but it was islam for us which was shepherd and staff and then it became the l then it became the uh when the khazarians came in and they brought in their yiddish and added it to our hebrew and now you have limit right .

So so here it's saying to us that 12 well let me get back to my 12. so 12 going back to the paleo hebrew sign limit right and it also tells us 12 foundations in the heavenly jerusalem 12 gates 12 pearls at the age of 12 yahshua first appears in public and engaged with the teachers in jerusalem .

Luke verse chapter 2 verse 42 he was at his bar mitzvah age is when a boy becomes a man in hebrew right when luke 8 a woman that had an issue of blood for 12 years touches yasha fringes and she is healed this occurred while he was on his way to heal a 12 year old .

Girl then again to a little gematria when they do uh 2 plus 10 equals 12 if we look at the ideal um at the ideal for numbers 2 and 10 then we can see that 12 is about a united and perfected congregation right so we look at the number two so let's .

Look at the number two oh that's eleven to thirty so i have to go back to two but um and i'll look at the ten for you guys we'll we'll go back to ten to two and ten after that's eleven so two is about being united and a perfect .

Congregation is ten three and four is twelve and again you look at the three being with the holy spirit and four produces the resurrection of life that is powered by the divine government two and six if we give a number to two and six .

Twelve will ideally picture a unified relationship two that is serving in the image of allah and six the beast is being ruled by the two in one i say in one flesh of restored adam mankind say that again two that is serving in the image of allah i am which is six and once we said the .

Gates what were the gates one three and four and six was the gate right the beast is being ruled by two in one flesh the beast is being ruled by two in one flesh and two being a perfect union of being united you have good and evil in you you have .

The spirit of the most high and you have the iniquity of your flesh when we are breaking down these numbers and understanding that everything the most high does he did on a tapestry levels is all intricate and all together so that you can find your way back through the breadcrumbs back to the .

Gingerbread house all right that's 12. so we're looking at this scripture and we're seeing that 12 is the gates it's not by accident that 12 is by the gate so url showed me confirmation the sun's chariots um the sun's sheriff's .

Heavens memory for mine and it says i'm in verse uh 12 gates i'll be held to heaven's extremities of the earth i haven't perceived uh on rising and says okay verse 12 for me which i'm not sure which one it is for you guys 12 gates i be held in heaven at the extremities of the earth which the sun .

Moon and stars and all the works of heaven proceed at their rising and setting so in these 12 chambers that we look at a zodiac sign all the stars the moon and the sun they all rest and go to rest in these 12 chambers many windows also are open on the right .

And on the left one window at a season grows extremely high so also are the gates from which the stars go forth as they are commanded and in which they set according to their numbers i saw likewise the chariots of heaven running in the world above to those .

Gates in which the stars turn which never set one of these is greater than all which goes around the whole world i'm read that again 15 i saw likewise the chariots of heaven the man says there's one there's one charity in heaven that's bigger than .

Them all that goes around the whole world for one's a spirit so this here says revolution i'm trying to get y'all back on the face of the heavens and see on the earth the sun the moon stars ministering the creatures and revolutions of the chariots of heaven .

Like man of twelve doors doors urea showed me unto this um circumference of the sun's chariots in the heavens through which the rays of the sun break forth and from them is warmth is fused over the earth when they are open at their appointed seasons now again we .

Understand that this book i see in the building paparazzi rob yes now again what you have on your screen is the people that believe in the sun ours here tells us that there are 12 gates that they are the um the um gates which the stars turn it does not give us .

Windows right as it says here the sun breaks fort is raised in those 12 um in those 12 windows the 12 doors showed me open the circumference of the sun's chariot in the heavens through which the rays of the sun break forth that is not what it says in my book my .

Book says many windows are also open and to the right and to the left one window at a season grows it says one window and a season grows extremely high also all the gates from which the stars go forth as they are commanded .

So it said one window heated up and it said that the gates that the stars are in are heated by the stars but this says no the sun is doing it all all right and it says walt is diffused over the earth when they are open at their appointed seasons and for the winds of the spirit of the .

Dew when they are open standing open in the heavens at the end as for the twelve portals in the heaven at the ends of the earth out of which goes forth the sun moon stars and all now remind on all the works of the heaven in the .

East and in the west there are many windows open to the left and to the right of them and one window at the appointed season produces one corresponding see now that's a contradiction in a7 they said that 12 that the sun did it that he heated up all 12 windows now .

Is saying many windows open which i have in my scripture that many windows are open and that's what we just read and produces warmth and corresponding at the um corresponding to those doors from which the stars you come forth they added in there they didn't even need to put all of that in .

There when they already have the same thing as in my book down here in verse seven so that lets you know again how they are social engineering your scriptures and it says and i saw chariots in heaven running in the world above those portals in which revolve the .

Stars that never set and one is larger than all the rest and it and it is that mix the course through the entire world let's go down 76 then we get to the rest of our scripts and it says and at the ends it says and at the end excuse me and .

At the extremities of the earth i beheld 12 gates open for all the winds from which they proceed and blow over the earth three of them are open in the front of the heaven the front of heaven three in the west three on the right side of heaven and three on the left .

The first three are those which are towards the east now these uh we just went through the 12 gates of the heavens with the stars and the moon now we're dealing with 12 gates that are dealing with the winds that are for all the winds .

And um towards the north three buying those three bonds yeah three behind those which are open which are upon the skins which are upon the left towards the south and three on to west from four of them proceed winds of blessings and health and from eight proceed winds of punishment .

When they are sent to destroy the earth and the heaven above it not just the earth and the heaven above it this one says hurtful wins though four of these come winds of blessing and prosperity and from those eight come hurtful wins when they are .

Sent they bring destruction on all the earth and on the water upon it and all who dwelt their own and on everything which is in the water in the land right so and then i remind reid from the four weeks we're seeing the winds of blessing .

Right i'm sorry and all the habitants and all which are in the waters or on dry land verse four for you to be verse 7 on your screen the first of these wins proceed i'm sorry right it's first five for you is verse four for me verse five for you .

Proceed from the gate team the eastern term the eastern though the first gate on the east though the first gate on the east which inclines southward from this goes for destruction drought heat and prediction from the second gate the middle one proceeds equity their issue from yeah we said equity .

Their issue from it rain fruitfulness health and dew and from the third gate northwards proceeds cold and drought verse six for me verse seven for you and these proceed the south winds through three principal gates through their first gate .

Which inclines eastward proceeds a hot win but from the middle gate proceeds grateful odor dew rain health and life from the third gate which is westward perceives dew rain blight and destruction verse nine for me and these are the wins .

To the north which is called the sea from there i mean from three gates the seventh gate is on the east zone read that nine again from these are the winds to the north which are called the sea from three gates so three gates are the winds for the sea the seventh .

Gate is on the east inclining southward from this proceeds do blight and destruction from the middle direct gate proceeds rain dew life and health so one out of them is good from and from the third gauge which is westward and climbing towards the south proceeds missed snow rain dew and blight .

verse 10 for me blight is destruction from them so i believe there's 14 for you guys after these four are the winds of the west from the first gate inclining northwood proceeds do rain frost cold snow and chill .

From the middle gate proceeds rain health and blessings and from the last gate which is southward precedes drought destruction scorching and perdition the account of the 12 gates of the four quarters of heaven is ended so four quarters of heaven 12 gates .

So they're broken into quarters all their laws all their punishments and all the health of them have i explained to you my son methuselah so as we're looking at methuse enoch explaining these uh uh the goings and comings of the stars and the moons .

And the winds and how the sun and the moon work in conjunction for our cicada rhythms for our 12 you know 12 hours of sleep 12 hours of sun right well you know the day being split in 24 you having a certain amount of sun and a certain amount of moon every day .

And then working together to bring you that um to bring you that uh equal uh uh yeah to bring you that uh um that's the word i'm looking for guys i haven't gone to brain fart um it brings forth his covenant that everything works .

In his order so we've just gone through that and when we go through that we understand that 12 what we got out of it majorly was that 12 is a number of the most high that 12 shows up throughout our scripture in different ways it shows up as the perfect government right so we're .

Looking at uh so so many tabs open guys so when we look at the you know climate science news uh and bill gates wants to block the sun he wants to launch balloon .

Experiment in sweden that hits a snag environmental groups express criticism but we understand that this is what he's trying to accomplish he's trying to create a layer in between the sun and the earth this process is blocking the sun's rays .

They'll give you that they're just trying to help with global warming meaning that they want to block the sun so it doesn't warm the earth but then they use a lot of fancy words to try and say that no we're not blocking the sun we're just putting out some emissions so that we .

Can help better understand or better protect the earth it means you're blocking the sun it means that you're blocking the most high in his order as we just read in enoch and social engineering will tell you that he is .

Only trying to help us social engineering will tell you that the vaccines he created is only to help us we are going to go to we're going to go to revelations chapter 7. .

Now it says after these things i saw four angels standing on four corners of the earth holding four winds of the earth that the wind should not blow on the earth nor on the sea nor any tree now when we read revelations after reading enoch and we understand what these angels are doing because we .

Read in enoch that these are portals that they are cherry that you're yours um uriel or user reality yeah uriel let's say you're real it's a captain over the conductors that make sure all these things go in the motion or in the order that they're supposed to .

So now we understand revelations and people talk about when you have the vision of the angel coming out of the sky you should not get that hollywood image in your mind you should understand that the the heavenly bodies are doing their job and if they are told to hold back .

The four corners of that they're on the um the angels stand on the four corners and we understand we talk about the one position and three four position in the sixth position of the gates these are the ones that never move they're saying they're holding the winds .

Back they should not blow on the earth of the sea and we understand there's four for the sea and right so we just read this and it says and i saw another angel ascending from the east having the seal of the living most high so that would be the seal of yahshua the .

One that came from judah the one that died for our sins that came from the seed of jesse and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea saying hurt not the earth neither the sea nor the trees until we have sealed the seventh of .

Our most high in their forehead the servants of the most high in their foreheads whoa okay so we any not understanding that the angels control all that is around us we now see that in revelations this is the story of when the most high has come .

Or yahshua his son is coming down and the most high both are coming down to bring vengeance and that it's going to be used that yahshua is going to be used as the sword for the most high to do his bidding and that he's telling the angels to hold back the winds and all these things that have .

Been created to destroy the earth at the end of the gentile rule to bring forth the new kingdom that yahshua brings the angel comes with the seal that says to the angels that when you release these winds to destroy things do not do it until we have sealed the foreheads of the servants .

Now we're about to get into the 144. many people have uh uh they have different stories at 144. we have the gates that allow the tribes of yahshua to enter where they're going to give us 6 000 and 12 000 right to enter in and then there's the 144 that's going to be doing his bidding .

All of it goes back to the number 12. all of it goes back to the most highest map and it says verse 4 and i heard the number the number of them were sealed and they were sealed 144 000 of all the tribes of the children of yahshua .

So out of the 144 even though gentiles can have salvation they will not be part of the 144 that will have the seal on their head other tribe of yehuda will seal twelve thousand of the tribal reuben would sell still twelve thousand of the tribe forgotten the tribe of god .

Of the tribe of god were sealed twelve thousand other tribe of ashur of ashura were sealed twelve thousand other tribes of natalma were sealed twelve thousand and of the tribe of manasseh were sealed twelve thousand of the travis simeon twelve thousand of .

The tribe of levi were sealed twelve thousand of the tribal issue car was sealed twelve thousand so how many was that guys that's council four we have judah reuben gad that's three we have ashore naphtali manasseh that's six .

We have simeon levi and issachar that's nine then we have zephylon joseph and benjamin benjamin's avalor was sealed with twelve thousand and the tribe of joseph was still with twelve thousand of the tribal benjamin was still twelve thousand hmm .

Let's continue and it says after this i beheld and lo a great multitude which no man could number of all nations and kindreds and people and tongues stood before the throne and before the lamb clothed with white robes and .

Psalms in their hands and cry with a loud voice saying salvation to our yahshua which sitted upon the throne and unto the lamb that was gonna uh to sell i'm sorry and cried with a loud voice saying salvation to our most high who sitteth on the throne and unto the lamb .

Which is yahshua and all the angels stood around about the throne and the and about the elders and four beasts and fell before the throne of their faces and worshiped the most high saying i mean glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might be unto the most high forever .

And ever i mean and one of those elders answers saying unto me what are these which are radiant white robes and whence they come now this is the important part to understand because this is part of social engineering the people in jerusalem are saying that .

They are the chosen people and only they can make it as a matter of fact only their tribes but them they say they ain't even looking for the ten tribes that are lost they're not following the law that they are the ones as they are saying here judah right they are saying that they are the .

Ones and that they are the only chosen ones but here it is telling us uh 24 000. right you you you read what you got there aaron what did you mean to put 24 000 explain that right quick because you're going to be interesting all right and they said unto them .

Sir thou knowest and he said to me these are they which came out of the great tribulation and have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the lamb we just went over this with the blood of the lamb right we just went over this with forgiveness on shabbat night that .

Forgiveness is for those that are going to be tried by this world that they are full of blood they're full of iniquity but their righteousness the thing that wipes away the blood that's been on their hands praying to false gods following the ideology of the united states following the lies of the world .

Following the social engineering the people that are making it through to jacob's trouble the tribulation of the great tribulations these are the people that's going to wipe themselves clean by understanding the law and bringing themselves to the law and getting all of the iniquity off of .

Them as they are following the law and you are becoming white your robe becomes white therefore the great therefore are they before the throne of the most high and serve him day and night in his temple and they sit as .

Um and he sitteth on the throne shall dwell among them they shall hunger no more neither thirst anymore neither shall the sunlight on them nor any heat so after this happens we won't worry about the chambers of the sun we won't be worrying about the winds we're going to be in paradise let's go .

To um revelations let's go to to ezekiel right because this is what gets people mixed ezekiel 48 see ezekiel 48 gives i know y'all didn't like the raspberry zeke you easy .

So we go to ezekiel from 48 it gives us some different things right here right you you still got that aaron i said 24 000 it was 12 tribes with 12 000 each tribe with the seal we just counted right right there we go now let's look at this 12 right it's 144 and it says now these are the .

Names of the tribes from the north end of the coast of the way of heplong as one goes to hammond hazetan the border of damascus northwood to the coast of hamad and these are his sides east and west a portion for dan now this land division that you have in 48 .

Many people get confused and say well is this who is this for because we first got our land that was promised right through um to um joshua right joshua gave us our lands and in joshua we were um we actually took over the canaanites jericho remember .

And we got our promised land then we got brought into exile into babylon right then we built the second temple this is talking about the portions of the second temple and how the land was supposed to be divided .

For the second temple i'm going to drop down to 11 because it says i'm gonna go to ten and it says and for them even the priest shall be this holy uh ablation toward the north five and twenty thousand in lent and towards the west ten thousand .

In breath and towards the east ten thousand in breath and towards the south five and twenty thousand in length and the sanctuary of the most high shall be in the midst thereof now i may go all right so i'm gonna read this this eight because that .

Is very interesting and by the border of judah from the east side unto the west side of your offering we shall offer of five and twenty thousand reeds in breath and the length as one of the other parts from the east side .

Unto the west and the sanctuary shall be in the midst of it the oblation will suffer maybe that's not the part i was talking about the city gates in 30 that's what it does well right here i'm having you guys in 11 as is breaking down the different .

Gates for everyone and it's breaking down the tribes and the levite tribes and all that will be given in the second temple when they wrote the second temple how the land was supposed to be um given but a lot of us did not come back and rebuild on that second temple the reason i read that is because even .

In the uh plans that the most high had for the second temple he etched out a section for gentiles and for the ones that were about iniquity and that was in the city gates witnesses and these are going to the city on another side a thousand and gates shall be out of the .

Names and there's always gates in northern gates and so we as the tribes were given gates around the holy city that matched what was the gates in the heavens that rotated around the most high and the sun and they said these .

Um 503 gates and one gate of joseph one gator benjamin one gator dan we go to 11 it says it shall be for the priests that are sanctified of the sons of the doc which have kept my charge went which went not astray when the children of yahshua went astray as the levites went astray after the .

Temple was set and the levites were kicked out even though they have a gate right even though levites still have a gate into the heavens they were kicked out by the most high zaddock was the priest or of the sons of iran they were descendants of the sons of adam .

And they still kept the temple going when the levites left and didn't come back the zelda came back when the levites did wrong the zadok stayed with the most high and that's what we have to be in this hour we have to be like the zadar zedox and i want everybody to do their own little .

Research on the zadox right because the mossad says these are the ones that's going to be serving him in the temple as we're about to read in revelations 14 about the 144 that's going to be brought up understand that those 144 are going to be soldiers they're going to be a .

Priestly hood that's going to be serving out of us and those are going to be the ones from sally well i see the building big chief carl in the building so you'll see that zaddox right those are the ones that's going to be serving the most high because the levites fell which is our you know .

Our haitians you dig it is what it is so let's go to our revelations 14 because we are right now what we're doing is we just came from enoch where enoch explained that there's no such thing as planets no such things as aliens all that is fallen angels .

All that is demonic we just went through dane calloway that showed us social engineering that america has been lying to us through the media through our textbooks through all of our history we are seeing that in the book of enoch the most high is stating exactly what is above us in the heavens .

And the skies what portals how the sun was how does um the uh the sun rotates how the moon rotates how the stars rotate and he has now shown us that us on the earth we are a facsimile or we are a reflection of the heavens that we as the 12 tribes of his .

His chosen seed the seed of jacob those 12 tribes represent those 12 gates or the 12 portals in the heavens and that in revelations it says the land and the 144 on mount zion and i look and lo a lamb stood on the mount zion and with him 140 .

And 4 000 having his father's name having his father's name written in their foreheads so they said what is going to be written out for his what's going to be stamped in our foreheads it is not the name jesus it is not the name jesus it says the father's name is written in their foreheads revelations 14 .

1. and i heard a voice from heaven as a voice of many waters and as of the voice of a great thunder and i heard the voice of harper's harping with their hearts and they sang as it were a new song before the throne the throne and before the four beasts and the elders and no man could learn .

That song but the 144 and 4 000 which were redeemed from the earth so there will be a remnant there will be a small group of us i would like to believe but it won't it's going to be a small group it won't be me it's going to be a small group and the next line is going to tell you why it's .

Not me it's not maybe not you but it could be rick though it could be ricky yes it could it could be isaiah it could be george it can be logan not us though the most high is going to take a small group and he's going to bring .

Them to the skies and put the name of his father on their forehead so that they can be redeemed from the earth and it says these are which were not defiled with woman oh well throws us out the mix say for they are virgins they are they which .

Follow the lamb whatsoever he goeth these were redeemed from among men being their first fruits unto the most high and unto the lamb and their mouth was found no guy but they are without fault before the throne of the most high so the most high is saying that out of each .

Tribe there is going to be 12 000 children that's going to be raised up that are virgins or maybe some men that are not that are virgins that have not had any evil come out of their mouth they're going to be the ones that's going to be raised up in that hour that he comes down to bring .

His kingdom his government onto this earth his perfect government his perfect kingdom and he's going to make it reflect what is up there by taking angels of the earth because he's got angels up there watching all of the 12 portals .

So he's going to take out of our 12 tribes 12 000 of each 12 times 12 is 144. take out of those tribes and have them have the blood rise as high as the horse is bright there's a number there's a system there's an order that the most high has put forth .

We can ignore it we can choose not to seek it we could say that it doesn't connect we can say that some people are are just making real hard to make these connections mozart is telling us clearly that only a remnant is going to make it and whether it be a part of that twelve .

Tribe or be a part of the ones that are in the city that are on the outskirts of the gates the the gentiles that have also gone through the trials and tribulations and chose righteousness in the midst of trials and tribulations in the midst of famine in the midst of of uh .

Of attacks in the midst of violence in the midst of whatever they have chosen to do the right thing let's go to our songs and we're gonna out of here tonight guys and go to our psalms uh fold that's right he's gonna go with songs 144 we had to kick it all in for our soldiers tonight .

I see you still in the building say like fear i love the way you stay in the building i think alana switched over to our black mask you know appreciate it yes yes so and it says 144 my psalms of david bless be the most high my strength which teacheth my hands to war and my fingers .

To fight remember the 144 isn't getting raised up to hug nobody the 144 the righteous you will be we are washing our robes our iniquity off of us so that we have the right to kill evil so that we have the right to watch evil fall to the wayside so .

That we have the right to be able to walk in the midst of the most high and be like his stars his moon his sons his angel to give him to say holy holy holy are you father we give you praise it says my goodness and my fortress my high .

Tower my deliverer my shield and he in whom i trust who subdue it my people under me the most high what is a man that thou takes knowledge of him or the son of man that thou makes account of him moses he says most high what is a man that you take knowledge of us it says what is the son or the son of .

Man that thou maker's account of him man is like vanity his days are as a shadow that passeth the weight they mean that we care only about how good we look what we can achieve where we are on the social order of life by thy heavens almost high and come down .

Says bow dog heavens almost high and come down touch the mountain and they shall smoke cast forth lightning and scatter them shoot out thine arrows and destroy them send thine hand from above rid me and deliver me out of the great .

Waters from the hand of strange children whose mouth speaking vanity and their right hand is the right hand of falsehood social engineering david was talking about it way back then you don't think that they perfected their lives now you don't think they perfected their way .

To lie to the masses and get them to do what they want i will sing a new song unto thee almost high upon a sultry and an instrument of ten strings where i sing praise unto thee it is he that giveth salvation unto kings who delivereth david his servant from .

The hurtful sword rid me and delivered me from the hand of strange children whose mouth speaking vanity and right hand is the hand of falsehood that our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth that our daughters may be as .

Cornerstones polished in beauty after the similitude of a palace that's what we praying for on this night to see through the lies to be raised up as a soldier whether you're a woman a man child or boy a child or elder to be raised up so that our women can be .

Polished like cornerstones beautiful and our children will be planted they will be sturdy as an oak tree in the most high that our gardeners may be full of uh affording all manner of store she says this is the prosperity part and it says and give it to us .

Where we have all sorts that we can afford all manners of our store that our sheep may bring forth thousands and ten thousands of streets in our streets bring forth yeah say that bring forth tens and ten thousand in our streets .

That our oxen may be strong to labor that there be no breaking in no going out that there be no complaining in our streets no complaining only prosperity happy is that people that is such a case yay happy as that people whose most high is .

Their strength and salvation that's our lesson for tonight social engineering geoengineering versus the most high engineering they engineer lies they engineer fools that does not sustain the body that does not coincide with the osmosis or the rather not the osmosis but the .

Photosynthesis of the vitamins from the sun that the most high is created that goes into our plants that we eat builds us and strengthens us mentally and physically they want to block out the sun they want to block out the covenant they want to give you social engineered .

Lies that it is to help the environment when in fact they were the ones that destroyed it in the beginning and all you have to do to let the environment get back to the way it was is to let it rest to give it its shabbat as leviticus says that we were supposed to give the earth any time we're .

Planting in the earth the seventh year we should let it rest this beast system has not let our earth rest it has poked holes through the ozone layer it has done everything to destroy this paradise that the most high has created for us so yes they are now trying to .

Scramble and figure out what they can do just like they're scrambling to never die they're scrambling to be immortal to put their conscience on computer chips so that their brains and their memories can run algorithms and computers after their debt so they can somehow think that they .

Are still alive cheating death and denying the most highest truth this is the reality of the world that we live in it's your choice whether you want to continue to be a part of a vain society and only think that things that are .

Important are vain things or getting back to the most high getting back to his law so you are no longer a lost tribe that you have a law you have a creator and you like to ask and like the ox know their own .

Get to know your own love your creator he is not the oppressor in the government that we're in and we are not to have stockholm syndrome give all praise unto the most high we will see you guys yes repent and it is revelant i pray that .

As it says reveling yes thank you i'm so glad that y'all understood this this how they lie to us what's the propaganda what's the spin it's called social engineering and engineering means that they're creating something in order to bring it somewhere and what .

They're bringing us to is an artificial life with no photosynthesis no real vitamins and no nutrients in our foods no sun and a new world order where we're on bitcoin where we are augmented human beings have human have ai where we are redefining what sexuality is what is a man and what .

Is a woman through the new gender laws of the lgbtq which our government is bringing in understand this is bigger than your neighborhood this is bigger than the beasts of being black and just regular racism this is evil on a level that you may not fully understand but if you want .

Salvation in this hour if you want to not fall prey to their sword to their lies to their fool charges then get to know the most high personally seek his face personally and he will direct you in all your ways if you acknowledge him and all he does .

In your life with that we give all praise and honor and glory to the most high me shalom


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