Saturday, May 21, 2022

Why ExecuSpeak Dictionary is a Compelling Business Tool

There is not a single company there is not a single industry there is not a single organization that does not have its own jargon we all go to meetings we all read okay you know what this is the greatest thing right you know now everybody understand or at least you know we think we understand what that person up there is talking about on that .

Point board or smart board or whatever so I think you know if you look at this as a tool and a very persuasive tool so that people are not embarrassed okay because people are embarrassed to ask questions we all know that all right rightly said because because it is in a way it sort of makes a silicon stupid okay that we don't know what they're .

Talking about so although they would like it ask questions they really don't want stupid questions because really it comes down to and I think that's you know that's that's the compelling part of that this is a great tool what what I've learned is a great tool that we can provide people with understanding when they're going to meetings will they be .

Public meetings or just private meetings and conferences without having to worry about asking a question or possibly looking it up later on we're going to give them the ability to provide an app on their phones and look it up right then and there the ability to do that without interrupting somebody I think would be a great great sense there's .

Always new terms coming on stream and and this way we can add to the book as it continues you


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