Okay guys hi hello everybody welcome to your today's i won't take chemistry session because gopan said is also here so many war between chemistry and dance yes over uh first of all guys everybody uh welcome to the session and yes two interesting subjects .

Maths and chemistry maths generally no exceptions chemistry full of exceptions so two opposite subjects uh and we'll be having uh this uh mentee war today so i hope you'll be taking the subjects uh seriously and uh try to give mexico answers correct .

Just focus on each and every question uh think analytically and then give your answer that's the most important thing okay so so we'll be starting the session guys uh the code you can see at the top it is double one eight seven seven six double four .

So guys quickly join the mentee code uh the code is double one eight seven seven six double four also will be having this many in two rounds taking this the first round and we'll have second round okay the benefit you'll get is we'll get to know two winners two winners yeah and invite your friends to the session they have a good fight and you can know your .

Rank among so many students the better the more the better that is true yeah exactly and uh anything uh huh guys your exams i think for now many of the students uh say grade nine students exams have already started some of them .

Are starting yeah for those whose exams are yet to start mem what tip we would like to give them about the chemistry okay so uh first of all you don't have to take stress okay believe yourself whatever preparation you are doing that is good so you have to trust yourself .

And do not run after multiple sources because you know the more choices the more confusion so stick to your basic like study material whatever you have been doing stick to your nose just solve the ncrt textbook and the authentic study material so so because i've seen these days it before the other trend you know .

On any app some study material is leaked out in students just run after it without knowing uh so you know that is distracting kind of so you have to stick to that and just hard work and smart book you're gonna rock it that is true really true guys one thing which i completely agree this is not the time to .

Go for the new study material right now whatever your studied revise them and learn them in the more detail so we'll be starting the mendy now so guys welcome welcome to the session let's move ahead with our very first question all right so welcome to all the students who have already joined the .

Mentee and for those who are still joining guys see the code is at the top double one eight seven seven six double four this is your mentee code all right so guys i'll start the quiz the first question coming to your way is is is from chemistry .

Which of the following is not equal in mass to the 64th part of an oxygen atom is always like you know he always gives which of the following is not equal not to the 64th part of oxygen so oxygen because 16 has 16 by 64 that will be .

0.25 right sir so 16 part of helium would also be same because helium is 4 units so 4 by 16 will give you the same value 48 part of carbon carbon mass is 12 12 by 48 gives you the same but high function has a mass of 14 so 14 by 64 that won't be equal to 0.25 correct correct you know like in chemistry like when .

I was in i think we periodic table was introduced being grade ninth only right ma'am tenth maybe pbsc uh you you had taken now uh i think i know but starting i was in rajasthan world so state board i was there in gray up to grade uh eighth i think i was introduced to it very .

Earlier i think it was in grade seven or graded and we had only the elements up to 20 up to 20 elements so the way i have remembered it i still remember it from 1 to 20. how you you have some tricks no no trick nothing i said there three four days continuously and kept on repeating it so i still know hydrogen .

Helium victim barium boron carbon first 20 elements and their masses see guys gopasser is such an inspiration so let's move ahead uh we'll be going right now with our second question and first leaderboard let's see the leaderboard i think many students i'm confused .

I did not see the not portion i thought it was which is equal so i eliminated c and d with the negative statement that is important guys watson is on the top amazing then we have sakura elsa earth man and guys amazing keep it up now and thomas with your beyonce .

Account called x square minus x is whether it is present or not doesn't matter x term whether it is present or not doesn't matter x square term highest power term on the basis of that will see x square term is present degree is 2 degree 2 means quadratic all right so .

Very well done 30 students have given the correct answer let's move ahead let's look at the leaderboard so in the leaderboard right now who do we have i think those who have got the first answer correct they have got a huge lead so very well so watson uh .

This is same as gram atomic mass is you have option b with a hydrogen exercise come ask how you take band units and molecules it is two units so that is not same enough correct .

One gram is not equal to two grams my point is at this moment of time neither me or not every man we are judging you on the basis who is giving the quickest answer yeah what most we want is you give the correct answer accuracy matters the most right now actually so let's move ahead uh we'll be going for our .

Next question before that in the leaderboard right now chemistry is like changing the leaderboard space a lot so we have amanda gauri nandana nancy bhaskar you have to focus on accuracy today leave everything focus on the accuracy .

Try to give your first correct answer if you're getting all answers correct in the mentee you are the winner today okay focus on the accuracy now let's move ahead question number four coming from matt's category so question number four kabul radically uh three angles of a quadrilateral are .

75 90 and 75 degree find the fourth angle and then 360 minus 240. so guys quadrilaterals angle sum is what 360. 75 plus 75 plus 9240 subtract 120 is your answer question .

Nothing right so very well done guys let's move ahead after this in the leaderboard who do we have so i think there will be some changes and we have real aman vinita nancy anu abhinav so very veteran very well done who are .

In the leaderboard and if you are not in the leaderboard but you have got the correct answer very good okay let's move ahead uh so before i go ahead guys let me tell you about vedanto's pro subscription first thing amazing features you are getting unlimited live classes covering your whole syllabus you'll be getting notes .

For all the classes class teacher present in the class to take care of your doubts as well as you'll get assignments after the end of the class take mock tests see how you are performing and also revision for revision have micro courses available as well so registration client go to the link which is mentioned in the .

Description box of this video as well as in the pinned comment coupon code may either apply shelf code or apply my code anything is fine mine is g p e pro shellfish is s k a ft april sk pro ticket so you can go for any of the link all right let's move ahead with the last .

Question for today ending with chemistry started with chemistry ending with chemistry so let's see what is the question number five yeah in which of the following compounds formula uni
t mass is considered instead of molecular mass carbon tetrachloride phosphorus .

Pentoxide magnesium chloride sulfur hexafluoride so i'll give you a hint epic guess that um so their mass is like molecular mass and magnesium chloride the calculation way of calculation is same just the term is .

Formula units 20 students very good magnesium is a metal chlorine is a non-metal so this trick you can use usually like in most of the metal on where you make ionic bonds so their mass is just any silica mass we have to calculate so we won't call it .

Molecular mass we'll call it uh what subjects pcmm pcm what you've done till 12th chemistry chemistry merely do say namaste so so uh congratulations see you have won today's first round of mentee very well done after nancy i can see some of the names which is like muskan anu abhinav .

Ninu then srivastava aman verma nandana so these are the students who are in who are the winners of our first 20 very well done second quiz one more chance you are having guys smart you can join the mentee i think the code .

Is visible the code is visible it will be visible visible visibility yeah so guys the code is 4702 969 okay say it um please highlight the code .

In the chat box also the code is 4702 9694 i'll do it one more time why this buttons are not going up generally it's still there .

Uh um 9694 studio team uh the code is four seven double two nine six nine four join okay party everybody four seven double two nine six nine four four seven double two nine six nine .

Four four seven double two four seven double two nine six nine four okay so you will see it in the pinned comment also please pin that okay so pin ho chukka mmm so i'll do one thing i'll share the screen with you again now and .

Join so guys we'll be starting the session now as many of you have already joined so this will be starting with the uh maths i think let's just start cutting it so if chords a b and c d of a congruent circles obtain equal angles at the center then .

A b c d equal ring a a b will be greater than c d a b will be less than a d a b will be less than c d option three is cd they cannot add it to cd a b is less than c d or option d none of these may give you full opportunity i guess this is all common sense congruent .

Will say this again and again each and every uh subject is important to you once you go for your specialization there you like it but up to grade 10 you have to like work on each and every subject be it language be it science be its maths question b .

Foreign didn't give any laws theory the other dalton's atomic theory just for some postulates he put that for explaining the laws and then tony lavoisier gave the law of conservation of mass mass cannot be created nor we destroyed that .

Just i have taken water so water made the mass ratio in which the elements are present like hydrogen and oxygen and that will always remain fixed irrespective of source care but if you take sea water you take seaweed water the ratio mass ratio of hydrogen oxygen will be fixed um understood now .

Proportional uh the question is surface area of a cube whose edge equals to three centimeter important point to notice over here is okay whenever i am saying surface area until analyst not specified it always means total surface .

no need to remember the formula also common sense six squares each area or the area of each square is a square to six times of a square six times or three square nine nine six minus fifty four .

Simple very well done but you have a boss immortal question of chemistry ma'am yes okay so you can get directly right when alpha particles are sent through a thin metal foil most of them go straight through the foil because .

Alpha particles are much smaller than electrons alpha particles are positively charged most part of the atom is empty space or because alpha particles move with the law velocity easy take this was the first observation okay so he was trying to study uh how an .

Atom looks like structure of atom tucking the deflections or what happens to el paris by observing so most whether electrons exist or not am i right i'm not negative question give your hundred percentage and give correct answer .

And an easy question for us 100 is correct all right so think and give your answer guys question what it is saying probability of each event lies between foreign zero to one zero impossible event one is a sure event .

So always lies between that all right so this is all and let's look at our winner for the second mentee the first nancy was our winner and let's see after the second mentee who do we have in the leaderboard so we have but somewhere in maths and in chemistry you guys are .

Making silly mistakes try to overcome those and uh go for the accuracy now hannah speed should be normal snee keep the banana paper finishing in 10 minutes you'll get some prize or something one arm has given you all the tips like sir i think .

Preparation is good a little relatively so guys what are you doing in chemistry i don't know he signs that exam is late or you are still not very much sure about the whole concept so please do the written practices whole concept is just like maths so math is something you have to do the written practice now the same applies to it also so don't run away .

From it facing okay so that is what you have to do to a baby you have a lot of time it's only 9th of february so for one week continuously do practice and then things will like you know fall into place so don't worry about it one more thing i would also say this thing practice them actually but also .

The one in which we have covered the concept in detail go through those videos whatever concept is weak for example mam is saying molar molar mass this concept is not strong search its video watch it first see the concept and then start solving the question similarly sufficient volume is not clear watch that video see how i'm .

Talking about the theory how you got the formulas what concepts are there and then start solving questions wherever you require that you are you're not good with the theory yet if you're good with it start with solving questions okay so this is all and thank you so much guys for joining the session still many students have not liked the video so .

Guys do like the video before you leave let us know in the comment section anything whatever you want whatever help you want will be providing so thank you so much guys for joining the session and i'll see you all bye bye