Saturday, May 28, 2022

Architectural Engineering vs. Architecture – What’s the Difference?

Buildings are central to human life our day-to-day life has everything to do with the buildings that we're in but buildings are not purely artistic and they're not purely rational and people and how we experience buildings are not purely rational or purely creative architecture it's a design major right so you're not really focused on you know .

The nuts and bolts of the thing if you envision the grand scheme of the project like what is this thing gonna be what is this design whereas the engineer says okay you know that's a cool design but how does this actually get built architectural engineering is more focused on building systems what makes up the building so you have like your .

Structure what holds up the building and then you have your mechanical systems like how things are heated and cool then how you keep people comfortable inside the building so that's why it's kind of the science of buildings because you have you're bringing in this technical knowledge to solve problems so our keys pro solve anything from you know a load .

Analysis which is figuring out like whether the structures gonna be able to hold up all the way to understanding the budget of a project instead of looking at how to design a building from the ground up building forensics is going into an existing building and seeing like okay this building failed why did it fail and .

That to me is like really fun because it's kind of like detective work is like an investigation sustainability is becoming increasingly important in part because we are becoming more aware of the changes that are happening to our environment and the world around us so what architectural engineers provide are the actual knowledge and technical .

Knowledge to sort of say like this is what we should do that can mean like that's down to the materials that we choose you know or the construction process how do you reduce the amount of waste coming off of a construction site how do you design a building so that it consumes as little energy as possible to begin with you .

Know because the Sun has a huge impact on buildings how do you mitigate that one of the key ways in which architectural engineering can influence the health of a building is through indoor air quality because it's influenced so much by the way that the structure of a building facilitates air flow as well as the .

Mechanical sides of how much heat or particulate matter or pollutants or energy grate all those things that are happening with the HVAC system and the material of the building people who look at things like how carpet off gas pollutants how they hold particulate matter that then gets reeducate it and I shouldn't be arrogant through vacuuming .

Those kinds of studies are being done by architectural engineers


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