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Architecture vs Building – What Is The Difference

Hi welcome to archie marathon kevin checked up the audio on the last one we'll be recording the second time which is fun today we're talking about the age-old debate of architecture versus building is there a difference where do you draw the line roll the intro .

i've been calling a so much lately we've all looked at like the mask wearing like i've been hanging out with like people like pablo who are just saying ah this is just a dictatorship and my rights are being oppressed and i'm like what we live in this horrible age where .

Individual freedoms instead of the beautifully complex notion of our freedoms as a society as a as a collection of people um how do we protect each other's freedoms and that's all being sort of people don't seem to understand the nuance of that versus .

What about my freedom well you're a white middle-class person you've got the most privilege in the world shut up do you often have to explain to people what architecture is versus just any other building no no do you but i think that's probably the generation that we have now um it's probably also melbourne as well .

People are just um kind of understand or maybe just because your clients sort of gravitate towards you they already kind of know what you know it's about yeah but you know you come across a lot of people i certainly i do come across a lot of people you kind of explain to them uh .

You know they cannot look at anything you know that's architecture over there not really no well i guess my family in tassie my sort of broader family so ever since i studied architecture it was like where'd you do that what the hell does an architect do and i would just go .

I don't know bye just couldn't be bothered because you just tell they didn't actually want to have a discussion about what is architecture what differentiates it if anything from building um they just you really they really just wanted to call me a wanker .

And i could not i mean right yeah they are right yes architecture versus building is there a difference you know i don't think there is i don't know how you draw the line i my line would be sorry i would position it this way that all buildings are architecture are varying levels of success .

And not all buildings need an architect to be architecture but not all architecture is buildings because there's also really great paper architecture really great sort of ideas we'll all stop used to say sometimes the best solution is no building at all i like that notion .

That architecture can be something beyond just the material yeah and then there's also computer games and all those virtual environments the best architecture i've been to is in video games i'd say controversial yes but what's interesting also is the idea of uh architecture .

Is really about the conversation about space because and that and that's what that is but it's also the difference between paper architecture that we i think we are referring to we're talking about people like libya's woods early oma room cool house early zaha did peter eisenmann um .

And all those you know but they're challenging they're challenging or even archigram you know even before they even the cabuzia you know they were challenging ideas about certain political social cultural agenda as opposed to a lot of the paper architecture now in a lot of the uh occupant you get you know beautiful .

Renders of stuff yeah they're just stuff they're not really yeah challenging i guess it requires a definition of what paper architecture is like being educated in 90s it had sort of it was known as something that was culturally socially and especially politically uh .

Polemical so things you couldn't get away with because if you build something you have to operate within the status quo there's so much conservatism control and health and safety and building codes all these very important things that means you get your politics gets pushed into the status quo and paper architecture .

This idea that you could experiment with um with fictions that are really close to the bone satire uh there was a definition for that where yeah now we just see people just rendering fake buildings for no apparent reason other than just getting .

More likes like comment subscribe um i wouldn't define that as paper architecture so i think a good way that i used to explain to people including students about architecture i mean it takes five years in architecture school to get to trying to understand what is good .

Architecture i mean i think we established that i think all buildings are architectural of varying qualities but how do you actually know what is actually good architecture and this is kind of what we refer to as architecture you know that is actually of certain quality .

Um and one way i try to explain it as as i love my food analogy um is cooking a lot of architects actually love cooking i know you don't like cooking much but a lot of them do i think we ran a poll many years ago when the forum they used to run .

I think more than 85 percent of architects love cooking and i think there's similarity to cooking and the culinary arts because it is about making ordinary materials whether it be ingredients or the term materials so you can go to market and buy all .

Kinds of raw ingredients in for cooking just like you do with steel concrete glass you know it's raw materials and actually how you put it together to make it a special meal some special experience more than just it's edible and i think a lot of buildings are just kind of yeah it's a .

Building it's shelters it has walls it's not going to fall down but they are just merely edible so why do people pay good money to go to a restaurant go to have this experience that sometimes they remember for the rest of their lives for this experience and i think that's that's where architecture is it's .

More than some of its parts it's something a lot more um playful a lot more uh it deals with all your senses and memory and all those uh amazing things you know have you seen ratatouille yeah that's the disney pixar's right it's the pixar .

Movie where the rat is the chef my favorite scene is the scene where the the rat cooks for the this revered restaurant critic and what he cooked was a simple ratatouille meal it's just kind of humble simple dish but when he took a bite suddenly it flashes back to his childhood and .

It's amazing memories tears to his eyes and i think that's what architecture can do it doesn't mean that the more expensive the material i can use all these expensive fancy stuff and and very difficult to make doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be better architecture and i think a lot of people think you .

Know the more money i spent the better it is sometimes it's actually a solution that is a lot simpler and you know there's nothing wrong with a very very good potato dish oh there you go your audio is dead the audio's dead .

Audio's gone can't hear you this is already on you should have just used those straight away but a very special friend gave me these kevin gave me these i was so touched when he gave them to me he's like here have some pods and then oh funk how to it up andrew's airpods .

We're having serious audio issues in this episode architecture versus building versus audio so architecture school i think that's quite an interesting idea you know it takes five years to go through architecture school and in the meantime hopefully .

Students will learn but please get an idea what is architecture and more importantly to learn what they really don't know but what's interesting is that after that the registration the the extra work they do .

Is not really on the art of architecture itself that is exactly about legal issues and procurement competency that competency in the procurement of a building rather than our architecture in a way that quality that we're talking about so the real conversation and the .

Education of that really stops uh officially at the end of university and then they got a whole career in front of them so and the good ones uh and the top of the game they did you know as you said a lot of architects go to venice biennale they go to conferences they go to visit and travel .

To see buildings because it's a continuation of that education about architecture whereas and and that's so important where that doesn't happen a lot for everyone yeah um and it's about the question why you know we've addressed that a couple of times in our videos you know why do you do these things and .

Every project why are you doing it and going and um traveling and going to conferences and visiting things it's a way of pulling your head up out of doing your work because you find that the longer you sit at the drawing table just churning through projects .

The more that you can get in the mindset of just assembling building parts instead of being objective and going what is the bigger picture what what's my position culturally socially and politically um and in that that in lies a clear difference between architecture and building .

You know a lot of people when they come to an architect you will hear people talking about components of buildings you know i want these components or these parts or these functions within my building it's great we need that we need the shopping list of what needs to be in there but .

Most architects will actually try to dislocate some of the language away from the spaces as you the away from the spaces that have to be created as you said architecture about defining space so things like a door and a window and a roof and a wall they all have connotations that we see .

Immediately and i'm a pretty simple creature so i will see a standard sized door i will see a sash window i'll see a suburban roof and i'll see brick walls like just by those definitions and as an architect what you need to do is sort of take those definitions away to kind of get to the essence of what .

Somebody's asking for or what the opportunities are for a certain site so many architects try to work beyond those definitions to free themselves to liberate themselves from what you just buy from the shop to install so one being architecture the creation of delightful space versus the assemblage of building .

Components which you have to do but it's absolutely focused and i think that's the problem with uh things like bim software which is building information management software uh where you do put in in the computer these elements um and you are thinking about windows .

And doors and things you know it's it's it's about building these things with these things as opposed to a much bigger conceptual understanding and an idea ideation level of the spaces and the composition and the order of the of the project and what it means and what it does well it's about making sure assembly and building .

Yeah it's about making sure that you don't miss opportunities so at the end of the day we're always battling budgets so the best way to bring a budget down is to not design something bespoke is to use commonly found objects but you can't start from that premise you need to .

Um i always call it you know getting lost in the fog of war you need to sort of head off with your architectural weaponry your pens and your papers and your and and and pursue all of these most likely dead ends to see what the best opportunity is for that particular .

Project you can't start with the componentry but then when you come back to it you go okay now how do i build this thing you know a beautiful word is buildability i love that word it's a word that's probably not taught enough in university so you've got to explore these amazing ideas now let's .

Assess in terms of buildability and that would bring you back to the area of components that'll bring you back to bricks and tiles which again our generation is using a lot of these known elements but what's that they're not limiting they're just a way of putting of assembling .

These spaces that we've imagined this particular site so what's the main thing yeah yeah exactly episode up above the entrance head together the main thing because it's so easy to lose track of that the big idea when it gets to all that and so .

Something like bim is a wonderful tool to keep the process on track and to rationalize things if you start with bim though you're probably going to start just assembling components and not really thinking about what is the nature of this space .

What is the quality what are the opportunities where's the architecture where's the joy you're not really thinking about humans you're thinking about just building materials yeah i think i think the very fact of thinking about space it's it's uh you know that is the probably .

The biggest gift of modernism when it started in the early 20th century is that the dialogue becomes about space it's not about style although some people see that as a style but it really was a liberation of building that can do certain things and it's about the spaces .

And the conversations about spaces it's about the order that things are composed uh and what it means and there's so many different options of how that can come together now so you know going back to the idea of architecture and education and the fact that there is uh a long .

Process to be a registered architect and some countries requires to be a registered architect to procure certain type of buildings which is great uh but does having an architecture degree or you know being a registered architect makes architecture it's not the same argument as uh .

You know i'm an artist there but whatever i do is art yeah no look you don't architecture doesn't need to be created by an architect but it bloody helps but there are rare i know you're going to talk about tattoo and there are rare examples where there are incredible architecture that had no .

Architects involved however i think the safest bet is to use an architect it's like going and getting you know heart surgery like talking about architecture versus building talking about surgery versus cutting open a body you know anybody can go build a building yeah sure anybody can .

You know cut their do surgery on their liver it's about the level of success i guess and who do you trust to do to do that so having an architect is the safest way to uh ensure help that you have great quality buildings however there is great examples of people of .

Architecture being made without architects and there's also a lot of architects that don't care they're just producing buildings they're just fulfilling a brief and um but it also goes both ways too you know having clients who are a little bit more aware of .

Architecture and therefore having the kind of conversation that would actually more which is more than just procuring a building instead of just give me a building therefore that would trigger trigger that would entice i guess architects to have a bit more .

Care about the the kind of architecture they're producing potentially absolutely and engaged clients uh who who is considering much more than just return on investment the size of their building the level of bling that's in it but actually give give a about the longevity the sustainability the quality of their life .

Now and into the future you're gonna have a much more engaged interesting conversation and a better outcome than just maximizing yield on a site all right so architecture versus building is there a difference what do you think can you leave a comment tell us what you .

Think can anybody make architecture um is anything that's built architecture in some way um do you give a why the hell are you watching as always please like comment subscribe we really appreciate it go to patreon and have a look there there's a lot of .

Really good discussions there um there's lots of really interesting things that kevin says that i tell him to cut out of the youtube stuff because he looks better than i do and sounds better than i do so that's all on patreon alright guys thanks for watching we love you all talk to you soon .


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