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Aspen Hysys vs DWSim Simulator for chemical process engineers

E aí Oi Hello guys I am back my name Jackson Costa Ana químico Crossing the new access System design entrou de a envia o shoyu são diferenciados em Ação similarities between the w Simulator Episode free process simulations software and out with rice and Peas in a Chemical process engineer At Work with .

Mehandi designs for you already have read about if and before starting the content and we Stop to your Website to do this Topic né time e vai tomar wi-fi micro sem dinheiro Johnny Emblem design and we a workshop on Way and the restriction for this event is already Open and you can't join it's going to my Website Jefferson .

O shoyu a all you can do that eu já conheci viu oh oh oh the subsidies my Website Jackson if you typed you will find a little registra em Angelim coregistration exalço available in the description of this video On YouTube and platform is a violati de 20 a vida Balls .

And Once you Click on via revista Now And It Will Station match you go to the registration Website and you just sent to your e-mail and Where are you from you now it's very important for me to know how' well from the use This Way and Chemical process and in a brazilian uma and I am able to help my message and Hit The Road and all are the kind of people .

That I am interested in my message subsistir com a mp Chan and when you register will be a Grécia Esplanada web page with institutions and I hope that you to be very very night for all of you you let me be a little bit digaí o CD It's attention because I'm Yours a anote screen to share his one two you .

And have a LG widescreen vídeo vir me and bolts with Dead em mini e mini parts and to be able to share with you the differences in seminaries between 1 and if I saw you should each side by side menor that he can't see how to proceed with Hot dance but I I Following the date today by my cell phone use of this arrangement and I will not be able to .

What we May I Scream and I am not saying and one day we will from and Greet Springs Grace Park speak with médicos pen drive drive me and It's time to bring me close to the internet with IP isto toque a long I have to make things to do in State of Being in da internet OK estou e tu eu vi be very nice to have your phone when Windows Live session .

Entre o contextualize Wire the site to do this the live session today e WhatsApp Line I'm not with you a família Marshall software is a very expensive and my Company e inah Pires Wilson licenses and because of that I wrote about value Within the W5 and verify if you would be interesting Speed of rye .

O seu Life from a commercial software if I could change from a começa o hábito de vida abro sim é zonold w5e Create your Free to download and you don't have eh and troubles in relation to get e set to get this software is stored on your computer notebook ideal a da gente é o último – ficou do Stephanie estudante do Resgate a nations e na canal tchau .

Relations of the Ice and I can't be your Son kind of trouble to God Be With to Yours de David w Se estende of the Places we will start in Children with questions on this question to date of course that is not my objects Wiki E aí gotta exemplo um hambúrguer e New City that so much is not is not designer sítio plan design and you will meet you .

There are you Straight to you with Notes and to start with another thing I have a presentation and which this presentation with you and What Will me and you let this presentation a ver lobo em My Own Hell let this presentation verbal tem mais elegante neuroses will be able to get it for free if you are a member of materials And .

Processes and you can find the reception ao sul alto Jaime Clementino e my web site Ok let me share with you my screen would know a lot of information so this time I will not I will he achou e mais fez sem maiores grifes do áudio e oi oi a videochamada tag tudinho e depois também do índigo c .

E aí E aí E aí E aí e o time right now you about my presentation Sul I Will Follow this presentation as a Studio this presentation will be available and PDF Núbia Veloso e mais relevante Neon em .

Brotas tu estás wi-fi e fiz a presentation to you a acompanhar os âmbitos de Einstein Highs and lows dw51 o homem homem né E aí de site do disco saia e vá Waiting to my Company if we can use WP instead of new and Son licenses from Collection software And Justin Bieber All references can be out depending On the .

Back Is that echoes up Being around you and I don't speak too thrilled thousands gold espiria and it is just four steady state steady-state é option if you need to have the dynamic option and World Race has a dynamic mode you can Double Risk Being The People of the price to let me see what I have to you o índice presentation a YouTube YouTube .

Avelix watchseries-online de rir Abril do The explanation in the presentation have one a Smiles of Justin bieber's to Help me with this presentation and if you didn't get What the thumbnail Harry Regional de DW Simulator e envelopes by Daniel Medeiros Daniel Medeiros um a brazilian Guy and I am very proud to say that at first we sometimes we Brazilians .

Do crazy things and it is very nice to have a culpa Patrick é that is the developer of the WC and you know if you know about Street Fighter is one of my most favorite Fighting Games a ir ao 2x Norte Brasília e representes Brasil em Street Fighter 2 do That's What I use the blankets to represent the w sin and a Lie is the perfect .

Representation of the USA and a System that have it's hard hard headquarters in the USA Washington e p note Road sure it is a very very and Within one with a nod a venda Elite e is the low you be able to see it online enche de gozo outros amigos e isso com pé fácil vaporization 11w X and stem raio-x And let's see how to do The selection of the property is .

A selection of the property is in the W5 em Gales onde as canalhices Rendido o são comments to your eletroquímico próximo de unir em design bicos Azul hippie is my Man is with you is to help you improve your Skills And controls engineer and design eu to Help me with this is Evolution I got a problem from the book elementares .

Principles of Chemical processes é justo we advise You using Chemical engineers handbook do do próximo leichan e inox a It's Not The Best Side when you train to you and I we some kind of friend in próximo leichan It's better to have a exemplo é Beauty pode is kind of processed in the The Chemical and ebooks the Main objective is to All to you in .

Sítio de fundamentos and some times transportes de fundamentos do próximo leichan batizar user-supplied design exato até o fim um time is not Possible some time to do o crescimento but had this presentation rosto was supposed to be don't wanna go – Tamagotchi bicho e Cia and adote de exemplo do antes be able to evaluate .

What we have and calculation and from a reliable source from the book is a reliable source and compreender Miss out from the spies com perder o esmalte of the WC and How I Knew I needed eu sou a have the description of the problem I wanna Lick The Mission of benzene to win at pincel tigre Speed Disney continuously to addresses Within .

The Mystery êxito FIPE Celso de gripes e líquido produto e isso four percent Mall Engine and Paper Order with Six walle percentage and How much it must be transferred to The Mission pé grandes Grammy hall of Speed and on a força observations that I have to share it with you is that tô vendo minha talk about time com o .

Próximo de niver para em design we are talking about tons about thousand of normal cubic meters per hour is we don't work in the morning The Green Green Wall [Música] rock na se disse em level we don't work in Green Mall level You Lie with its design a friend Will consider The Force Is that the degree of the Mall is a .

Major event for Chemical engineers but when we aprendizagem we don refer to that is more we use Messi essa meramente peça de foliculite of War console for Of course I am yours volume that is normally Snow Miku bikini Happy Hour o estandarte e se despede pé é isso ainda etc de câncer This is the way that we have .

Instrumentation tu mexer we don't have to mention a média móvel vem revestimento Têxtil mede a mess of Heaven instrumentation tu mexer volume and in this way when we plan design We Used as reference is always visto kind of Flow indication INPS isquêmico próximo dias de de mols e o em meados de rico e material balance it snows in some .

Cases instead of using best of volume but we use de próximo leitor softwares de discutir de rádio Pax e substituído próximo reaction so it is a Point that would like to address to your hands um exemplo ou de o DNA Now some of the problem The Book blitz this process is the process Flow diagram we have the more we have .

Temperature the composition and have the composition em ao sul downstream of the equipments and one thing a nossa Figure that interest and is that he is in the announcement that its last week I am Fed continuously to avesso so if we have a stream de enfim curti nerito avesso e times that we have a Flow and Flow is a quanto de of Surfing with time and in .

The world and he in the process Flow diagram from the books we have references and Paul Wall o of obtém-se of the companies and deslizo Ei justo comércio de sul de students understand that It will be always filled with War what I will hold you not will not indicate a constante é role as a a quase exclui quanto esse pé .

Times with e uma o pé pé second E fiz uma maior pé our uma mal perde e sim e T12 a very big difference When will calculate and it needs to this System Will see if it is one of the Park and you get e the books are Not The Chemical Engineering books o som nosso dentes e principal sim about fundamento som de the resolution is .

Based on Wall but we transfer at Industry Will not be able to do that and we need to do some time of adjustments and we'll see this on Reddit o Henry i have the instruction of the What is inside books so you can see in the presentation subject in the television Channel It's Not My intention to split the Main purpose of this .

Affection that is the app is to you can use the latent Heat Of vaporization Hot Wheels the sense sense sensibility of sensible hits pop Fruit tu dizes the purpose of the debut and i i have the Energy balance and his seventh Heaven he loves and you can see that is and rules and meadows independente design Will the specific situation of the treatments the .

Rich in elements Will not use this image on you o What's that is Energy Pet time kilojoules pé Seconds will have a lot to This is some thing that you should know and família vende Mirassol work with music a São Fidélis e empresas Sinhá let me be returning to the process Flow diagram There is no reference for the .

Prediction of great interest in this Case because the altitude de som considerations and considerations e use at the antonov an equation and also The Run out right now Hot Wheels Road is Long and Beyond that e which defined the prediction of the system is one hundred and sixty four' millimeters quem é .

O Mercure eo português e fiz Mercure Rainbow rocks with inglês do it is To Ride is a metal a Liquid metal e se arrepende four one will kill you can use it is Being to reference the depletion of System em grandes altitudes net start Heaven a Len design point of view they Now We have it would debut this i now have sim .

Will see em we can compromise and is one to get the process e na indústria Skill to how it should look Light and my point of view Ok pois we have the process Flow diagram and to be a Engineering documentation o início resistente itens obrigatórios e pizza tchau tchau item to have e n e dele e documentation Will need to have a System with the relation .

With we will need to have the responsible for fabrication of your mind Set On You That's What I Said o de sempre rouba we have the composition an indication we have the conditions the Physical condition so of operating conditions at this time I just use the information network is available In The Following ideas and the .

Adjustments to the reference is one Mall and we will with the Wind próximo lishan if it is the second Place our institution we have the assumptions of The Question and just to let you know the atmospheric Pressure and Bees Seven hundred and Six milímetros and the future if we upload it means that this this system is operating at black and .

Withe a crippling atabaque somewhere in the City in the system would have a kind of Complex with movie the D exemplo fiz and with that built This is the amount of fresh probe in this paper we have a Complex with a succession and we could have a Project of control with the drive Speed of the of the equipments and Tools .

To let this Pest control we have the Energy requirements in terms of Energy but we want to know about in term of Power to you will calculate and we have all the information related to the beautiful composition and the Vector composition lipid composition and etc G1 eu sou let's go to the flags and now he .

She from as screens and let it go now I have to dance to E aí E aí E aí E aí o vídeo esse momento gás E ai e sim that This is the subject is .

Not Smart of intervals of people I'm not One Direction ai I wanna start doing this the the presentation With that would be morning for sinto tipo Y si esto 135 é uma próximo e o mais chat is not work E aí é a mais chat is not work .

E aí se você não enfim guys o nosso have o Rio sandino The Who is he Will Smith Jonathan Ayala nasceu have send nasci have we for a Long Time we we are Together in the internet I have Own sun from Italy I like a lot of really sudam a Deep cottage a Helloween da a lot of people .

From Indian e Colors with his e-health gabryel Bossi are Mad about you Gabriel nasce heavy rain in the morning and a Music Box o Jefferson Jefferson Higino é de w sim And very beautiful and we'll see him out Wolf of that I die I am not the most Skillet pherson DW sim ok em andaimes a get in trouble if that is the Case a vida .

A pessoa que sai do Náutico fixed but It's Not The de aqui not Blind de software de 15 ai It's my fault when every kind of software and his singularities and E aí o Resident the singularities and we need to Adapt the way the software Easy Sorry I Cruze Audi .

O molde software you now I am what I am o share with you the moment E aí I will start from me G1 o sexo let's start with Nice vinha e o E aí E aí .

O ok now I believe that agora agora é Oi Lu e adiante E aí e o que é gás a nova aired on and speak out How I wish and we can solve this problem in a Week and it and yours is the process Flow diagram that have shown to you to not starting from the bikini .

In the evening we can see that have a new próximo lei Champion when heart is in the left Side of my scream on and at right Side I have dw51 Open and to start a próxima simulations em with raised Hands that but let's do it together and his companions and have the option to read the components from and Database Of The Race is how I change the data-base e .

Os de Einstein properties data-base São times depend on the kind of the component e as em properties but not In The Eye and is so Special li Beautiful and me are working with the whip on benficas Chan song Not so so como é com comparados ao componente Let's do The Basic and built his sleep on it and it .

Is tried the component is what I need to do is take what I can do is Type the name was it really is a quick on at and have Being and to lean on o hippie is the way that we get component to i raised a bionorte por sido original Nixon Now how to do that in the DW 5000 Create a new processes modele e os próximos modele Sul .

A pena Click on that Oi e Jame gives me the option to follow the configuration Wizard Will set and Netflix honest and now I have the list of companies or list of components of my iw5 Mission Will do the same so I Type Any a study of clicking on the addition to Edward componentes I need to check the .

Square is related to the Company I have devised and I headed to win in E aí cheque bolsa aqui then and it was ready to my componentes radioclick Unesp e de DW sim a now it's like the property packers and the scenes sure if This is a complete the Task of the component to my list and you can see that the folder e Light Blue Wave Chic and now I need is .

One of each packed with each with its cycle and I have to take it on the Packet and new Edge of the Packet and now it's One of the difference that we find it in Being dw5 and all the rights reserved to you in the presentation de Alto considered is the questions the author Used a galope de problema de Antônio a .

Equation and ao sul de royalties love and I in the Ice is I have the Antônio a way I can not see the Rua Alto do Sul News de António a o Antônio em Brasil e seu display Antoine Vaillant ifix à frente sente name so There is a Direct way to do that and download good and I in the DW se we have the Hold out your article I .

Highlight that And recreation and it is already had to my mais próximo Leite ai ai quem te conhece but before doing that let me assure that I suppose that you are not sua família com wi-fi processo próprio that you should you use e na próxima Nation drag races the option that we have is to Click on metros assistente .

E esse opens a scream when you can look forward the more about properties that according to the de indústria Código de Processo Sul inciso I have you have to win that consider that it is all in this process so we have a list of a food packaging That Should Be Used in the process simulation and if you Click onde é eu perdi packages There is a very .

Detailed descriptions on world Hunger is to be Used and What are the recommendation is to be Used and the w sim have something similar to have to stop with no more about the própria Tec isso isso aí a Click on the first Lee I will Open a internet then your internet Browser I will address you too além cropped .

Package selection séries ao sul scription num Polo guests at low friction Velocity and yours de royalties Lopes And packaging and Samsung Deadpool físicas Lips i you and we have ordens descriptions here to body is at se site we rock The whole Love if it would add inscription of the Universe the story the WC and the Hang of it in the WC e .

Opens a nada a nada browse pages and you can see I I o The properties and correlations profile sou de peng Robinson execution of State a interação considerations and have long Road out Long To it for you' conditions and with that so it is a way that the book software has to support you in the selection of the greedy bakeries and at .

The first time that we use in between próximo lishan your One night to make sure that you use a própria Tekken x Street food Company but don't worry about the accuracy to much at first sight and me are working in companies for instance we work for a Long Time to practice and practice and specific for each package for Clinical supervision is .

Wide Eyed Peas e pecas network standards and illness in on and at the world when you need at freddy's Simulator sem raízes no menu start work most probably you have at of Wind waker if it is specific you will have from the Company It's Not specific You can use the process simulation software to help you with that to get on .

Let's go to the Ends in the w sim E aí VW sim already gave us The option to Set the illness the system of illness and would recommend you every time that you do a próximo leichan use this system of unit that matches with the Contract will and if the contracts With Your costume skimboard usiprest and if the cries Mary Mendes e Celsius e os céus .

Infinitos FS dia o PC Yes I will Yes they discuss this way the species that we have to do some kind of Miss understanding Will decries Ok to and is in the process simulation in the inscription of this in o off the program would have a close to you my um system of your speakers and reason Now read All Red stand-in' In The .

Eye and W5 Neves ixuss One a temperatura Isabel already at the my designs seus I have question suppresswarnings trts sente mic Square so I don't want that I have seen the presentation e de quais são esse livro millimeters of the units and that and the More love Club o Olá flor e escudo time to play at brazilian standards and It's very night .

Breaker Plus Rádio Cabo fluem Brasil de tempo e isso em Celsius and It's Not a Standard em everywhere in the world to the w sim already be Used this option if it is impossible to eddie's reference guide is not issues and W X O orgulho com isto dw51 Albert and This was my Whispers in on at this time so when the man United States have indicated in the .

Promise is temperature reaction and love to Dance Again which and go to the crow City of the of the process simulation on o fim de as Ferraris is one I have which May componentes electrónicos I finish my free pakistan election if it on simulations I am now I got to the longest scream item I like to add to the model is .

Filled with my right Side I like to have as much Space is próximo tudo de próximo lation Willy AIDS alto hides all this option Will do the same thing with the Deadly sin eu sou we have a lot of Space to do The próximo Leite and according to the o aquário to to the process Flow diagram outra rede e a vs peritos Wind w sim e o .

Conhecido at de débito tu é de objects in the Bottom of the próximo lishan índice this layout is very well sing until I find Love if it has the same layout And issues and options May be different and Edmilson me we can do a video about and raises the Classic One in the universe is Where similar ao do ioc nota 7 e o próximo Leite so let's .

Start with the Ice raio-x aí like one time to Highlight the objects and bring To The Host simulations the DW sim it's a little bit different I Shoes the web o initio litis I really like this one time I am not able to bring it on my próximo lishan início do Click and Hold and click and Hold we can bring this to my próximo lation it's a i am used to .

Write some time it is I Forget About it but it is motion Once you get familiar with that is Nothing that you need to worry about e por fim about an interesting about dw50 when you Click on the recruitment and automatically é o pênis suíno and you are able to Connect with creating Connect automatically Strings study with .

Me to have one live stream and Stripes and his way you will see that the one thing is created and I have also the vectors in your friends and have the light Liquid stream ao sul and you see that the DW senhores converter and we'll see when I turned into duas um zoom out on Azul pizza no Habib's Lopes envie um alto enjoei efectue on your screen .

A Camila é vim a Abigail para simulations and 7 dias Ferraz x200 have the option of Automatic atendimento but you have many ways One independente indicou depois in your hand From This this Spring o diminui you can consider the Type the name of the Rings and with that the Einstein Race your clients that you do you do this with All The Race and .

Matthew Strings to poder propósito de fluxo Let's do this we have the same name Wolf E aí E aí a one interesting thing is that we are considering that we have a Rich estádio o Atlético Hitler Insight de e o pai de diversos Security to swing .

And this way I need is Wide as a source of Energy it up the content that's inside de diversos hipolito sorria de vida brucinho opções weather Energy 30 de crescimento lecturer at até terço de w sim and adolescent o de raio-x and oferecida tem e diz a option if it would stand próteses a vs Predator I don't need to Death .

E quem sou em as Ferraris is my e conhecimento os edges and the information is available but It's Esse desconverter ficou it's the way that it has his works He is different from the W5 every time that I Did i Dream at at which the a a standalone string in the BW sim Ixi already loaded a Tom information to the processing conditions .

Will conhecido é a visão types with himself the Grim Adventures of One and Precision and then Type de esmola o volumetric Flu tomei tomei próximo lation bike DW sim already loaded and i e próximo leitor a Disney and the composition With our Heads world and composition of the Speed in this Case it Mech maths with Whom I .

Have in the presentation but I cried and I cried his and can Type by my soul was Used his Hit em up and go o e de as Ferraris is its definition of Strings comes with the Without information with Tool and information just by Little I need to be able to convert the days we use at I like Where have the composition of the true I like .

To start with the composition sobre have the composition o item esmola bags I will can see that the Disco I write Sins help you to weather information that is Missing em let's go to conditions Will Now Be You One sempre that stem cells In The Grid and I'm hiding from The Question is one in Six .

For miniatures and the and Flow for this moment are you consider one Mall per Second to this way the World Race is converted and What happens in the Eyes when you have a blue light colour it means that swim is not converted It's Missing some kind of information and when you have a Dark Blue With Me is that it would All information needed to .

Calculate the properties of the the this feeling eu sou 18k o canal ai I work with the client and I forgot What I have All The Things That A AT today keep me sua Wilson desmente directly is instead of going to the best Tools and weapons and Gear and after that I got to Where Messi mestre .

Trendsetter next go to work sheet and what have according to my my problem Is that I Hit him Up The spirit of Duty Ghosts Wii U em abril do that é de as ferragens de ao calculations and now I have the system which converged asleep in the W5 a a Point that you can see that the pecha Isabelle em .

Milímetros at the end it Will use cores azuis de ai Too Close ties with the calculations will be Hell would be correct roc Ride at the system of unit of my process but if it works and Friends I still love you let you go to University Oi Ju Quem ganhou units of wax Weekend Corinthians I walked this one the New .

World at War in coffee and I can't Deny it the process and adjustment in the Fridge and system of your lips I'm not that every time that I had with this One of you use this system of units with have a noda a Nova Cruz a quem vende mais em espanhol Pioneer and etc so It's interesting Way we have in the DW sim e .

Difference is that the w sim of your Shoes which is Part of that you are invited to define your sense of illness In The End is you can do in the inside Pluft óleo King to the options alto and find at mete-se now let's Just the w Since we don't have the template as3 Celso i have it is em Celsius degree in my question is not .

One Thing and my question is one in Six for and my deepest Floresta Requiem snot Netflu nosso Gourmet Club Y mola Flu 1 E aí o brison that you are not able to see and kind of of differences in the process simulation at first sight but Without it continues to cover the things we have All Blue Wave I don't have the .

Convection in the Spring when something Missing in the stream it is here Head and when something is not Hold is not Connect with gusto to Black e Soul o final to define the outlet Temptation of the screen will go to the equipments and will overwrite the information of temperature Will use it is a condition That Should Be considered In Side with .

Me so if I check this out this super Easy to take we can define What will be the operating temperature in the crime to it was considered and White cells that was the details information and willows de DW sim Now Will consider his chips wi-fi a internet abriu not over Rider de flecha avião com Cida depletion of the .

The next one and you a nossa think that interesting in the VW sim that for its Object you can't select What is the property pra quem intensidade I have an inside espírito if the road is long i have the the More I can select the property packers I have the same pode outlet and Wilson and Hill to verify if is Wood Friends with age in different .

Objects and spaces with wit and stand we don't define de o guidom definir de o Whindersson I'll never Change it speaks with the indie is the What a day What is time to the matches with your head out let things and of defects and keeping up with the options too much and hauls on if That's What You Get and be .

Caused by Never Mind that both have ao sul em que o minutes Will verify What happens if it is one and with Changes in the world and the teams the free This property is in the air o desfile we pacto times and pretty pictures which would be pretty Pet Network load during the debate is the definition and we have the one and the .

Act Nice It's Everything with the 100 mil packers because it would make sense at the first time with the equivalent of the game are even There no one can dance between that o final Lets with the house and I will exalt you and riches and have a Power and remember that we Wood the presentation about all the problem is .

Worried about how to calculate the Energy Direct Impact on what we want is the power Quality of black power at to Hits the Streets We are we going to by Erick Pimenta Rita elétrico Rita and elétrico Rita e o will be both based on the power I can not about the Energy when we have two and Point Fortin eliot and we consider the Flow is more XP .

Second it is the é equivalente jovem e com estilo Hot estilo de our second Ok Sub 17 anos Mc convert to the do de prova há cento e de vida W5 we have Seven in one two Pilot that is much much closer to the problem because the ensuing the problem is the seventeenth oito Seven elojobs o Week of each Spring that we .

Can explain that because and w 5 user de royalties lobb Networks used by the author of the book Winder de aço em raio-x vídeos de António a de The questions a difference the right questions related to hold IT Center a Constance that Used To Be This Way a as a Muse and Friends with this property is To Build the calculation of Knot .

E do Street Eyes not God Speak to the point and say that the the differences between the two próximo leitor de coisa me usa independente property packers do Equalize then to let go of everything you the same basis at go to the need races to the Prophet at the age of rights and now let's change the Wind waker Stupid Robinson é sono many people .

Will talk about rádio com bons espécies um depende rock legs with its Origins and When I Look At You already Hold time componentes e O Arildo diferente instead of challenging leads leads de Antônio Alex Eddy anold o feedback swipe com sede em this time we have depende Robinson and it is also related to the component is .

If you have a friend próxima Happy Pets Pets Du monde por necessidade de um Heaven O componente Liz e operando a second component lei só – mini componentes iniciais Unidos Sul address is different techniques with different components to net return to the process integration and I don't want to be Rude I am up to this time and things the same .

Dicas de flippers e descer now in the US in an next go let's see if you are able to é diferente feedbacks aos Network settings a ganhar Will Open a nota menu and you can see that I have in the eyes and see is what you get to you push It Will not do that and I I want to hemodynamics and now The Edge of seventeen une de .

Royalties long let's go to digg and Robson de stand-up Robson and Get Ready to approve simulations so now I have the king Robson e próximo lation of me I need is you o Word abdominal lexdu Don't Change so in the first ingressos em raio-x em pedófilos One Direction de Antônio Let's you the best that is and Robinson .

I wanna do that in calculation for the power and you can see that It's Not One Seven se estilo pelo whats and the basis of the conference and is awsome oferecido é tipo de solo em France o have All a to Everything be consistent in the things He is already and at the Max Wheels and now let's with effective and Studio equipment should keep me out .

This eu não nasci in the w sim um pequeno in the information with go to the Profit pecas ai clipe e and we can select and Robson intense that the four sides and Fingers and remove the the the information que ia que o Goten formation e shows e o WhatsApp in the air but I think It's ok you don't need to worry .

Too much about the information that some things wrong you need to go That Way To Happiness and now with the w City and all the package of Standard It's with views of the possibility that users with Steel road to World Cup Head o Luiz estilo de royalties pode material spinxo em nosso tomate vestiu am em AM D G .

In the calculation when it's too is in Point night night Fight love and just let Everything at the same basis we have the Ice is having you and the property packers em your objects which is good and of Houston at this time you and Robson o cento de máquina Sim gosto de Penny Robinson e we don't have the de y the .

Calculation so I don't have to pack and associate with up to now you can see that the Energy calculator is one Fifty five floors and it is very similar to what we have In The End is one and one points out louds é What is interesting and WC and this New Collection book with the dance of days at the calculation parameters next and let explicam so .

Sweet and now each update I Don't Know What is this way and don't think that was é a ilha ato do not get rough Road assumptions and to you it's the it's a caracteristiques a característica of the próximo leitor aí que nascerem filhos à espera de bebé subir update automatically but don't know how' hard .

It is to Daniel tudo Jet o que pode ficar o normal to handle the próximo leitor e o Kings of This Kind of things you do o Ronaldo to let all life Vision to verify the hounds Médici o wik wik and formation War próximo Simulator 1 a dar-me News weather information in the próximos com deixa information e de as .

Ferraris em DW sim abrir o show you one time all so let's start with the w sim if you want your World temperature variation of your goods trains will have the option to go to the crushes Mud Pie and check the temperature fecha e pisar Huawei no show o machão ele tem pode ser eleito Cash and What happens Is that always with you shut and your .

Information Week Shake jeans jeans options and the asterisk times that it is a Brand equity and the ones we don't have the asterisk is it means that is o tempo to what I really don't Miss this way that we have big big próximo simulations I don't want to know every every information em Olx I don't you ever movies and what you are doing is at .

Table in Click On Time in the Matters Within and click with my right Side of my house was shown to be and this way I am able to Edson information at first time he i have the simples é Space than the dead Hearts Will the temperature Pressure and more of Love And last and always on the information about the Energy team at the Scene highlighting at .

With the right Bottom of your mouse and creations show table Oi Ane the standards is that we have the Heat Flow I don't want the Ritz Clube aonde Power So what Kindle sobre isso victimes and should bow and can at move very much and a set of various available in the eyes and see you can surge olha aqui look in the lies and what one fool .

Is the Powers with the power to the assimilation and don't take hits we muda o This Way every time that they do a team in my próximos conditions the power will be calculated and have a Sweet verifi cation about the Rise of the witch is Possible to do some piercing lá e de DW 5.7.1 Clean with the right Bottom e de .

O this feeling is what you do is split in the property is stable and click on that This is Where we'll be holding on to you for it and I need to Click to time Zone deve do Sul abre o norte e o espinho um bico da Disney que usa em uma in the eyes with e o álbum aqui é a azeitona when ready to be familiar With One uma próximo leitor .

E o have a quite different in the one I don't need to Click on the screen to do this proposed em DW sim o time to do his property table o que que tu time and new Shoes we Walk that is different from Billing System High System High System High cinza shows the screen with the mouse no do One Direction em algum tempo transpiration .

And mola floresce revendread raio-x Ok check this and if I close I have is my horse Simulator LED sun out of this process and With Your Friends in the temperature and the Same but more full is a little bit different Because The calculations is a little bit from Next Door The Sims The Power of God and Where appropriate table .

Eu sou times And Beautiful and scream and and kiss the CW sim only give us The options and new Flow e a heavy is the commission of Energy in kilowatt hour and the Places i have the option to read many information related to Energy Justin Ok e Índia w5e revisor 19 força o jornal Weekend evolui Now We can .

Evaluate if the of which gives é similar a response or Not You and I o refrigerante quem quer and if we get you nice design YouTube bilhete pro Mac em do The 100 most probably the calculations no em um aprender calculation Will match the company's do specific upgrades adjustments and stools not have a very out based on the first .

Day and it is common is what Matters worse idade e ao fa is one Half is one is one of if we get ID After High Cell reference we have to him One Seven witches and with either by the the a medida w senhores altos e a we have around One percent of variation in that is very good and I don't need to worry if the WC e é isso .

Daqui risotto with the if The Creator is out the Truck is Used both been released in the calculation is not the calculation parecido pode ver volta acidente Residence Resort because we always have a variation in the Resort is common in Forest and it and one percent is modern and What if for Any reason and percentage of relation with five percent .

Of variation it would be something working out and tricks with which one is Smoke Red Hot Scar is no one percent and o Henrique C that with me I work with This Kind Of crosses My guess Is that it's a it's a it's a it's a good é consideration to your dw-59 staging of using the If I walked the if there's a lot of water is features Will not allow .

It and you will Feel It Burning software is based on the specific exemplo Oi e da fita if you want to win and Win A grimório exemplo about it I don't talk Santander Totta lotes e seguir almoço three percent were five minutes Walking and o accendino accendino you are an Expert in the DW sim a norte-sul i will share .

With people Uni uni would have trained to Walk and Abril Jackson classes with you and with Time Will Be more accurate and with the west rayz we still have of speeches and night my friend Thanks a lot to let me turn to the presentation gás Náuticos to finish the expressa Harrison em seu like you E aí .

[Música] a gostar minix e o homem e como esse reforçando details May LG screen Ok gás o ocidente intenso comigo se assim quiser não agora é além da redução de leiber tem WhatsApp do Rio Reno bote o disse que o e o que só what we can see Now based on .

What we have is in Is that at first sight itzwood WC instead of spending thousands of dollars with the Rings and I would have Now oi oi o Miguel rede de pacotes e crise de riso Salt that's what I say to you I am very question before doing the class fazer nosso espírito in the mid w sim .

E diz this Resort is based on either the Penny Robinson Fridge with that is not based on its not based on rock'n'roll House I Love You One people that are watching the video no The details What Happen no outro nossa repente um o vento before a Gobbi fora eu penso são questions I have got me a homework to you all don't have to you do not use .

Chemical Engineering books tudo próximo Nation Hybrid this One this problem to you Enough to you evaluate if it is Possible to do this próximo leichan de Açúcar mais em dw5 super fácil de amizades What are the considerations in the Factory no YouTube estudou a peste calculation and What is interesting about Heaven got to Yours Will process .

Simulation Is that we have a reliable source of information which is based on the handbook of Chemical Engineering calculations of Edition and have mixed with benzene toluene at one end and you need to calculate what are the flash composition o canto filhos the presentation and to you It will be available to you e mais .

Elegante and processes with you again to make microsim Dione Friends say we use in the workshop abriu o Xerife últimos not work Within The Dark you can go to my Website is Yours The Night is available in the presentation and we feed On Me and we'll be together the Talk more about químico próximo de mim hein the real life ok .

Oi o I Miss The prevention of All We soon to the screen Will see It's Winter in some tudo de Playstation e PC headset to you I am Evil Within I think It's on thousands of dollars to my Company and in the Fiction With Everything so sick Of You behind morre a quadril em exemplos share with you comprehend the book The Book a tour na de joelho que .

Ande família with wi-fi and you swim in the WC e deve estrear don't need to look for and option option and it can bring you are good Hands audry good calculations and I have o raio x nfs-e my friend programa raios de as pernas sísmicas e editar Too Many companies almoço só que contém as nossas redes antes de IOS de raio-x exato .

Because it has a lot of sources and resources and that have a surprise to be played Ok but you can save money to the Company the Company will be glad to pay desta Malta automático I have questions please let me know I'm still have so many things to share with you do an eu ouvi almoço Wanna Wait meninas toque .

Em nada mais 19 Valdete Araújo em my cellphone and we have some questions Samsung Iva balanço dando José n mesa diferenças de pin de w sim and even if we want to learn simulations assistindo with four one for each WS free and free wi-fi and Bluetooth or played with None of the WC a Oi Nice question to be the reason the .

Differences at Your Hands In the difference in the layout Is there is the reason and princesses on rail and components to the component to the o de flores sheet and of course the datsuns features and w x y z There is no end In The End is and vice-versa but if you understand How the próximo Latin Words you will save some time when you go to .

The if you will not be the best friend you will not be able to get na laje ew5 transferir autometrics de as Ferraris book encheu a família ou o próximo lá tion and most important that would like to Point out if you need to understand that this problem this o Henry ao estoque a morte nem design you need to understand what you Once the .

Process simulation software and in this case e dosimetry is DW Griffith raio-x you need you now it kind of Who You Are created it kind of which kind of fool out What are Kids I need to you and I love the DJ Yuri documentation This Way if you are about to start doing próximo lá Chan DW se esse will help you a lot Ok but you it's not automatically will .

Not transfere a noite com uma software at uma roda antes de cm e e o have very skilled in addition it is a new start with decímetro funções no meio you go to the linked With YouTube é Pro mexx 1 e Jerry Isaac of learn what have you already família with próximo leitor software This Love will be Faster to be ok o verbo na sequência a atitude I'm .

Not the most inscriptions in the disable assim bate demand nem difference at first sight between agencies that I Reis speed one and DW Sweet just because of that you could be a Sweet atitude w x y z have access To The Highest hights Ok essa uma One Day E aí fique né que o Slash eu sempre leque disse ai de Daniel Medeiros e da .

Após in the leached talk about the w Sim ainda é ver a comment telling that a dwx very very nice fresh News gratuito in the news em amperes on was Angry with me e reflito my to my comments and said that is not show the WC and a lot of features and units we and is correct but the difference is what I What is the most é that I need to congratulate .

Daniel Medeiros Is that he broke his work as a Tool that is free pills and because of that the zenonas o uso de w sim é Manso de haya Band In The Race is what we let in a SW sim is the way that is one is not Sue Job and is not So Easy and even if his glasses on fins ideais Corinthians de Daniel Medeiros Líder showed the .

Information already loaded when you load of swim Deep House we don't have that we can start from Scratch and sometimes it can be that can be confusing four girls on that start with the w sim batize is Possible to Adapt Sudeste e centro-oeste Pocket much I hope that things on your quest ok e nada question and I wanna lá em Suelen .

Femininas a e duas very nice to be with you on the Johnny e Chemical engineer Johnny e o have a lot to learn the use of Talk How is the relationship between próxima Chan Kid when planning design and this will inclusive honored in the subject and No Thanks a lot for participating in the large section and an event in .

E a ali o nosso the invitation live de café don't if you have my invitation but are you ok o gajo existe apliques Anderson Sul in the next Live session by an E aí


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