Hunting buddy this is sona karma branagh you're accounting by now today guys we're going to be looking at some fundamental differences between a bachelor of commerce in accounting and a bachelor of accounting sciences in financial accounting i bring this topic to you because there's been a .

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For tutorial videos now back to the topic of discussion today now the fundamental differences between the two uh study fields a bachelor of commerce is a it's a general degree which can either focus in finance economics .

In this case it's accounting and a bachelor of accounting sciences is more of a fixed in terms of its study field where your focus is on accounting taxation financial management and auditing right it is more in line with students or people who might want to be chatted accountants in the future so .

Most universities call it a bachelor of accounting sciences some of them quality becomes and this is what we call it in south africa i'm not really sure what they might call it from where you're watching so both of these uh degrees can lead you to the ca root it's just that .

The other one is straightforward because after you've completed both of them at undergraduate degrees and with your bachelor of accounting sciences after you've acquired that you can either go and study an honors or a post-graduate diploma which is going to usually be called the cta your .

Certificate in the theory of accounting and that will be the program that will enable you to gain entry into the first board exam and the second board exam now with the become accounting right the one which is not psycho endorsed psycho being the south african institute of childhood accountants .

Because you do have become degrees which are endorsed by sayaka which means you will still go through the same route as someone who did a bachelor of accounting sciences the key here is that different universities have different names for it like i said in one university they can call it a bachelor of accounting .

Sciences in others they can call it uh becomes others call it become ca right but if you have a become uh become account usually involves doing sort of like a third level of all the third levels the third level modules of the program which is the bachelor of accounting sciences so they let you do all those .

Third year courses that are done in the bachelor of accounting sciences field so that it but it's going to be called sort of like a diploma postgraduate diploma or an advanced diploma so that you qualify to do your cta which is your honors some universities call it a postgraduate .

Uh diploma in financial accounting and it's just one year more than the other one so those are the fundamental differences but all in all it's still all accounting and you can still be a general accountant so if you are more interested in becoming a child accountant i would advise you to do the .

Bachelor of accounting and sciences which is the one i did it offers you a more in-depth look on on accounting and you know your focus is mainly accounting by the way so those are just some of the differences that i thought i should just highlight to maybe someone who does not .

Have clarity and obviously our followers who have been asking these sort of questions and also generally maybe for someone who might be interested in getting into the study fields i think that it's very important for them to know about these fundamental differences .

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