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Biomedical Science VS Biomedical Engineering | University of Malaya (UM) | Biomed Life 003

hey guys wisely here yeah so in the previous video we've already talked about what the differences between mbbs and also biomedical science in university of malaya right if you haven't already watched that video make sure to click on the card at .

The top right corner yeah i've gotten a lot of comments actually from my friends that they thought that the previous mbbs video was horrifyingly long just like mine to make it short and sweet this time since a lot of the biomedical science information had already been discussed .

In in the previous video itself so for today's video i've invited another one of my friends and tupac's not a girl right but yeah he's a handsome guy right here so hi guys i'm isam and i'm entering my third year biomedical engineering degree in coming semester in university of malaya for the .

Information issa right here we've been friends since high school and yeah he's not just an academic he's also a very very aspiring creator he's actually the creator of this a fictional character named um sheep april am i right yeah sheep april and do check out his artwork i'll link .

It down below alright so today we'll be looking at another course called biomedical engineering yeah and i know it sounds similar but it's actually very very different and today we'll be looking into what are the differences between these two courses just a reminder .

The information provided in this video entirely revolves around the academic structure and syllabus for university of malay only in um university of malaya for biomedical engineering it is located at faculty of engineering while for biomedical science is located at what .

Faculty and math faculty of class yeah so first let's talk about the academic structure and syllabus for biomedical science students we actually learn a hundred percent about biology and maybe a little bit about chemistry because we have we do have biochemistry but um for biomedical engineering it's .

Entirely different yeah for biomedical engineering it is mainly physics and only a little bit of bio to go into detail biomedical science students are required to learn about anatomy physiology biochemistry hematology immunology histology parasitology microbiology epidemiology biostats and .

So much more all right but it's all bio biology related for biomedical engineering we will also learn about anatomy and other subjects such as biochemistry thermodynamics statics mechanics and basic prosthetic and orthotics as you can see biomedical engineering .

Actually focuses a lot on physics itself and not biology that's why it's under the faculty of engineering alright for biomedical engineering we will have physics related lab and biochemistry related lab for information we won't carry out experiments related to lab animals .

For us biomedical science students since most of the time we are actually carrying out experiments on biology itself we do have to carry out experiments on lab animals such as white mice rodents rabbits and whatnot just for information both of these .

Courses actually follow the semester timetable provided by the university so we will have our semester breaks and also we will have final examinations at the end of the semester and yeah the examinations for both of us biomedical science students and also biomedical engineering students .

Are also either assignment based or examination based for internships as biomedical science students as i have mentioned in the previous video we will have our postings after our second year and during the special semester for biomedical engineering .

We will have our internship after third year biomedical science degree programs in university of malaya on the other hand is accredited by the ibms but it's actually more significant in uk as this ibms portfolio must be is required to actually find a job in the uk .

But for us malaysians if you want to find a job in malaysia yeah it's actually not that significant for biomedical engineering we are required to graduate from eac accredited program to become a licensed professional engineer this means that all engineering programs credited by eac .

Will be recognized in all signatory countries such as us japan canada and australia and now for the most interesting part job prospects all right for biomedical science i'm not i will not touch too much about it since i've already explained in the previous video .

Basically we could further study into masters and phd and either end up being a researcher or lecturer or you could go straight straight into work in so many different fields so remember watch the previous video for biomedical engineering we can also further study into phd .

To become a researcher other than becoming a researcher we can also be a clinical engineer have kit and also product design engineer and rehabilitation engineer which require 3d modelling skill and lastly you can be a sales engineer you know marketing basically for biomedical .

Engineering students since they are under faculty of engineering they actually have the luxury and also opportunity to go into all of all of this on different kinds of engineering um careers if you are comparing which cost is easier actually you are comparing an apple and .

Orange we can't give you a definite answer because both of these courses actually focuses on different aspects if you go into biomedical engineering you could see yourself becoming an engineer working closely in health care facilities but not just in that particular field .

But for biomedical science it's mainly for you to build a base for specific interests for you to further study into well those of course are our own personal opinions others might differ from differ from us so keep an open mind if you are asking if biomedical science degree can further study into biomedical engineering .

Actually it is possible but you will have to further research into which university to offer it for your information university malaya do not offer it yeah because for um it's required for you to actually have a degree in engineering .

For you to further studies into you know masters and phd for biomedical science biomedical engineering so yeah to end things yeah like i mentioned in the previous video um you have to be clear and conscious about what are your interests are what you're passionate .

About if you know that you're interested in physics related courses and might want to end up working in a healthcare related facility yeah biomedical engineering would be a good choice and yeah so that's all for today's video i hope you liked it and remember to like and subscribe if you haven't .

Already and make sure to go check out esem's profile i'll link it down below so yeah see you guys next time bye yeah he's the creator of this fictional character named sheep april .

Cancer if you go into biomedical engineering you could see yourself becoming an engineer oh my god oh my god if you're looking for a cute boyfriend who is great in academics who could play sports who is right um he's currently recovering from um an injury so he's not playing sports .

Right now and he could also get draw and animate so if you were trying to find this kind of boyfriend go check out his instagram


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