In terms of the speech areas of our brain when we're speaking the process starts in Wernicke's area because it's Wernicke's area where we formulate the plan of what we're going to say once this occurs a message is sent to our Brock's Broca's area which executes the plan via activation of the vocal apparatus in our motor cortex now when .

We're repeating a word we hear the process starts in the auditory cortex and the temporal lobe which processes the sound we then move to the Wernicke's area which like I said before creates a plan of what we're going to sale and then transmits a message to the Broca's area which produces a speech for activation of the vocal apparatus in the .

Motor cortex a different process when we're speaking a written word the process starts in the visual cortex which processes the text in the occipital lobe then we move to yet the angular gyrus which is a specialized area the brain that processes text and creates an auditory code moving through to the wedding Keys area which plans or .

Formulates the planning of what we're going to speak and again like we've talked about before messages sent to the Broca's area which produces the speech via the vocal apparatus in the motor cortex so let's get a bit more specific for 95% of the population Broca's area is located in the left frontal lobe just near the .

Motor cortex and its major function is speech production via activation of the motor neurons involved in the control of speech a good way of developing a better understanding of the differences between Broca's area and Wernicke's area is to look at what happens when we develop aphasia either area and aphasia refers to a speech impairment caused by brain .

Damage so victims of Broca's or expressive aphasia they know what they want to say they just have great difficulty communicating it so this speech tends to be very slow deliberate because of the difficulty they have forming the words required to produce clear and fluent speech their sentences tend to lack prepositions and .

Conjunctions and quite simple in their grammatical structure in terms of their ability to understand others they can comprehend the speech of others providing they are producing sentences with simple grammatical structure they do have difficulty understanding others when they produce sentences of complex grammatical structure whether that be in .

A written or oral sense now Wernicke's area on the other hand for 95% of the location is located just near the auditory cortex in the left temporal lobe and very simple way of understanding its major function is we call it the language comprehension center now in terms of the sentences produced by someone who suffers from .

Wernicke's aphasia they have no difficulty producing fluent speech the sentences tend to be normal in grammatical structure syntax and produced at a normal rate but they leave out key content words and substitute random or invented words obviously without awareness so their sentences are largely incoherent and they have a .

Tendency to talk excessively they also have difficulty understanding not only the spoken word but also reading the written word so let's summarize by looking at some of the key differences between a victim of Broca's aphasia versus Wernicke's aphasia in terms of the sentence structure for someone suffering from Broca's aphasia their .

Sentences tend to be short made up of mainly verbs and nouns like in key function words liking prepositions and conjunctions terms of the speech patterns their speech tends to be slow and deliberate due to the difficulty forming the words that they want to communicate but this speech is meaningful it's .

Just going to be quite difficult getting it out the victim is aware of their condition and frustrated by it in terms of someone suffering from or nika's aphasia Willis senses are mainly comprised of function words their speech is fluent but it's largely incoherent because it's lacking those key content words the victims are generally unaware .

Of their condition and thus are substituting random or invented words and they do have difficulty understanding both the written word and the speech of others