Sunday, June 26, 2022

Business Dictionary – 7 Definitions

Business terms that you really really need to know number one traffic traffic is people okay so what you do particularly online so in internet marketing you are advertising to what's called traffic and so these are the interested people so if you think of it like the streets and they're going down this way and that way downstream and .

Then you can appeal inside that says eight ways to make money and that some of those people will see that sign action down that road find out there eight ways to make money so that's exactly what traffic is now traffic magnet is the eight ways to make money so that's the magnet that attracts the traffic number to prospects prospects of .

People that you want to sell to so when you get them on the phone they're prospects so you're prospecting to sell to clients and create new clients so that's prospect number three is leads leads is very similar to prospects so you're getting leads by attracting that traffic through your marketing funnel which I will talk about a second so what .

You're doing is trying to get leads so that you can call them and sell your products or services to the number four is your list so it's your database of names phone numbers email addresses and any other details that you get from your traffic or from your prospects so what people do is they sign up so the traffic comes through there .

And get the traffic magnet they sign up to get that traffic magnet and then details then go to a list and so you've got to keep a list if you're starting a business because these are the people that you want to sell to because they're interested in what you're offering number five objection handling when you're selling to people on the phone .

And you're trying to sell your products and services you're going to come up against objections now objection handling is how you handle those objections so usually generally the objections are money time on a holiday family the partner objection or any other excuse they can come up with to get out of why what you're offering .

Look generally if people don't want something they will say no I'm not interested and so when they give you an objection it just means that you have to do a little bit more to find out if that's genuine or if it's just something else because obviously they haven't seen the value in what you're offering to them but when you're on the phone .

Talking to them number six now there's three different titles for this one thing so you've got a landing page a squeeze page and a splash page and so if you see these are actually all pretty much the same thing so what happens is that when you get your traffic they go through to your traffic magnet and then they get to .

A landing page or a splash page or a squeeze page and that's where it asks for them to put their details in which actually goes to your list and so that is a landing page is opt-in and so that's when they give you their details so they're opting in to get your traffic magnet so I hope I explained this well please email me if you've got more .

Questions about that at aimsley and the LS e at have a great day hey and I really hope you enjoyed that video so to get a ton more just subscribe below G I'm actually giving you for free my business startup kit so if you go over to this side you're going to get the five-step strategy that I use every day that's what I was doing in the .

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