Did you know that you and your computer speak different languages it doesn't speak spanish or swedish or chinese it speaks in ones and zeros you can't communicate directly with your computer but that's where your operating system comes in the operating system or os is the program that lets you interact with your .

Computer together the operating system and computer hardware form a complete system that determines what your computer can do there are many different operating systems two of the most common ones are microsoft windows and mac os windows comes pre-loaded on .

Most personal computers while mac os runs on all new macs operating systems aren't just for desktop and laptop computers mobile devices run mobile operating systems like apple ios or google android which are designed for interactions with smaller touch screens before downloading a new program or .

Application be aware that it may not be available for your operating system some applications work on all devices while others only work on certain ones so get to know your operating system to see how it works and what it can do gcf global creating opportunities for a better life