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Copeland Vs. Smith: The Math Ain’t Mathing

I'm tired of the other women i'm tired of him using me for two months i didn't even hear from you where were you i'm overwhelmed man i love you fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me he fooled you about 50 times we are a financial disaster because of him divorce doesn't exist where i'm from neither one of you is wrong for having .

Your opinions but it just makes you wrong for each other there's been a huge breach of trust according to you she was on the fast with the pastor she sent her pictures with a smoothie of straw in her mouth and it's such a big muffin can i eat this pasta you know what i'm saying so i'm like hold on why you got to send .

Pictures with it here is today's case she says his late night disappearing acts have left her emotionally drained after having their two children she wants him to commit to marriage or let her go he says the cheating accusations on her end must stop in order to fix their .

Relationship that's today's case on divorce court card is now in session the honorable judge faith jenkins presiding your honor our virtual audience is filled with your super fans today's super fan of the day is daniel from fayetteville north carolina daniel we're .

So happy to have you with us welcome to divorce court your honor this is the case of copeland versus smith thank you juan miss renata copeland yes your honor you have brought mr blake smith yes ma'am to divorce court today the two of you have been together for five years you are not married yet that's one of .

The reasons why you're here if you haven't been able to move past this level of your relationship and go to the next level and you're trying to decide if you should do so correct okay i'll start with you ms copeland why don't you give me some background so again uh me and blake have been together since 2016. we have two beautiful children and .

It just seems like we are at a crossroads in our relationship so there's been a couple of times where there's i've lost trust in him and he's very inconsiderate he takes me for granted and he's just impulsive when it comes to certain things .

What do you have to say mr smith about why you're here first off your honor thank you for having me uh secondly i just want to say i'm a good man i'm a hard-working man i love my family love my kids i love my lady she's beautiful overall good person but she's crazy that's the that's that's the that's the .

Big picture you know that's the big thing she has these accusations you know she has trust issues out the window uh she has bad spending habits it's it's just a lot it's just a lot to deal with in the relationship give me an example of why you say this relationship has been going downhill .

Well i mean if if you don't give me a reason not to trust you i will so one night about a year um after we started dayton that he decided to go out with some friends to go to the bowling alley you know okay cool enjoy yourself or whatever but bowling alley closes around what 11 12. and it started getting .

Pretty late i hadn't heard anything from him i was texting and calling and there was no response no answer and i started getting worried of course i don't get anything from him no type of communication at all he just walks in the door at 5 30. first i was worried now i'm pissed off because i'm like where have you been for this long you .

Know and he's like oh i just got too drunk at the bowling alley i couldn't drive home i brought a map to show how far uh our house is from the bowling alley so if there was an instance where he could not drive he clearly could walk so as you can see on the map the bowling .

Alley is literally down the street from our home not five miles not 10 miles is the walking distance from our house so if he was to have been too intoxicated either one he could have weighed it and just let me know two he could have walked home or he just could have called me to come get him because it's literally down the .

Street so i don't feel like that's a good enough excuse for you to one not be contacting me at all and we're in a relationship and two to be coming home at 5 30 in the morning and i don't know anything about what's going on mr smith where were you and what happened well some of what she said was true i did go out after work with a .

Handful of my friends from my job we went bowling we had a few drinks so me being the responsible person that i am i didn't want to get in the car even though it was only a five-minute drive home i didn't want to risk you know get in the accident or let alone even think about .

Trying to walk home because a five-minute drive would have been a much longer uh walk and uh her map it's it's not very detailed it's actually kind of misleading then sir but why didn't you call that's the thing my phone was dead you .

Know and this is the first incident i've been out and my phone's died but so where did you sleep that night i slept in the car but why couldn't you use your charger in the car you have a car at this time i didn't have a car charger you've always had a car so there was no car charger accessible at that time according to you .

I have a you slept in the car you showed up at five in the morning you don't believe it i don't you don't believe it because they're they're like it's 5 30 in the morning i've heard nothing who would believe that you know give me another example at this point in .

Time he was working nights at his job and he gets off well he used to get off around like 11 at night so he takes me on his lunch break and was like yeah me and some of the guys are deciding to go out and watch the boxing match tonight okay cool i know like usually on a boxing match the main event is between like 12 and one all .

Right fine so he goes out he'll he texts me and was like hey just want to let you know my phone's about to die so i wanted to give you a heads up okay so the phone's dying again uh so at this point i'm like oh okay whatever so i call and text every now and then just .

To check in don't hear anything and you can tell his phone's not dead because the messages are blue if you have a certain type of phone you know what that means it means it was they were delivered exactly so um i'm like okay something's up so i took it upon myself to go and look at his .

Social media so he's on social media posting pictures with a girl yeah i mean but he knows you follow him he knows i follow him he knows we're friends on everything so crazy one i didn't know who this person was two you told me you were going out with the boys so .

She's not she's definitely not a boy so now i'm pissed again like what's up you know what time did he come home that night i don't remember but i wasn't expecting him to come home super early that night what happened sir what are you over there laughing at well it's i'm laughing because she's she's too far gone she's wild in left field she's a .

She's a nut yeah first of all my battery was drained i went here and text her ahead of time let her know hey my phone was about to die i might be a little late getting home you know i'm with the i'm with the fellas i'm with some of the friends from work you are once again being super responsible exactly not only with that incident but .

Did he take a picture with this girl and post it on his social media when he got home he's texting her yeah i made it home and sent her a picture of himself you didn't text any of the boys let them know you were home she's just one of the guys that is a fair question .

but somehow with all of the responsibility you have in your life you're not charging your phone in advance who is the girl on your social media sir she was one of my co-workers okay you know like i said i work a lot i work almost every day sometimes we get all .

Work the fellas the girls that we know from the co-workers from the job okay we want to you know unwind go get some drinks go watch the fight this was a group playoffs yes this was a group a group thing if that was a group why did he only take a picture with the girl and nobody else i'm curious you posted that on your story you didn't think that was .

Going to be an issue if i know that she she follows me on social media on snapchat why would i post something that's going to incriminate myself not only with that incident did he take a picture with this girl and post it on his social media when he got home of course it started argument and then he got in the shower .

And i'm like i'm gonna check his phone because now i really you know don't trust him so then i check his phone and he's texting her yeah i made it home and sends her a picture of himself like if that was just one of the dudes or anything like that why do you need to send her a picture of yourself and why do you need to let her know that you're .

Home like you don't you didn't text any other boys let them know you were home you didn't send them a picture she's just one of the guys that is a fair question first of all i didn't let my fellas know that i got night at home cause i dropped them off you know so i know that they're home but my female friend co-worker at the .

Time she wanted everybody to let us know you know because she drove separate so all the guys texted her i'm not sure what they did but why did you need to send a photo of yourself you needed to also submit proof photographic proof to her that you fat indeed made it home well i had i had a few drinks you know i had a .

Lot to drink tonight so instead of you know texting a long message like that i've got i'm sorry where'd you charge your phone that time because it was dying earlier that night how would it get charged up enough for you to send a text and a photo nah i charged her once i got home you got it charged when you got home you sent a selfie you sent a .

Selfie not really a selfie just like just to let her see that i was home but i made it home so you wanted to take a photo in your home just in case she doubted what you were saying that you were yeah just to show that i was home you know i was going to send a picture bam i'm home you know it's so much easier to just you .

Know how snap works nowadays you know how everything is ran by you know okay what else do you say happen ms copeland well your honor he um he also we had an incident where i was driving his car we have separate cars so this particular day he decided to drive my car to work and i kept his car home so .

I just so happened to need to go to the grocery store this day go to the grocery store you know how sometimes when you put your groceries in the car some things fall out you know around your seats and stuff like that so when i get home i'm replacing the things back inside of the bags to take them upstairs uh so as i'm replacing the .

Things in the bags i just so happen to grab a box of condoms well let me hear from him she goes to you when she tells you what she finds what was going on part of it is true she did find a pack of counters in my car what she failed to mention was that it was an unopened pack of condoms from mr smith .

I was born during the day but it wasn't yesterday hello if you'd like your case to be heard on divorce court call us toll-free 1-877-311-2222 or log on to our website at miss the show watch full episodes on our .

Streaming platforms and follow us on social media for exclusive content uh so as i'm replacing the things in the bags i just so happen to grab a box of condoms i'm confused because one we've been together for five years and we don't use indie condoms so i'm why we'll wire .

These in his car so i'm trying not to you know go off about it because as you can see he claims i'm crazy and i just have so many reasons or so many conspiracy theories yeah that he has nothing to do with so i tried to go off she did go off can i finish thank you i tried to you know .

Slightly confirm about it you know what are these what's up with them or whatever well let me hear from him she goes to you and she tells you what she finds yeah what was going on part of it is true she did find a pack of counters in my car what she failed to mention was that it was an unopened pack of condoms why does that matter if we haven't used .

It i'm getting there i'm getting to that point if i may finish john i have a little cousin then he's not old enough to you know go in the store and buy that type of thing so i took the product their age limit on as far as i know it's been a while since i you know what's the age limit i'm not .

Sure that's not if you're not sure but you have a cousin who's underage i'm not sure what the age limit is that you i'm not sure how you say you have a cousin who's under age what do you think the ages i assume you have to be under 18 the bicon you don't know i don't know oh i don't know it doesn't matter why you bought them for your cousin why didn't .

You give them to your cousin i hadn't seen him yet you hadn't seen him you're honored i had just gotten the condoms i got him when i got off the night before and i just so she went because i know how crazy she is i didn't want her to see the box of condoms and and blow up and like think you know so you bought them .

The night before right so whenever you would see your cousin i was going to give them to him your relative you were going to give it to him so how far away does his relative live at the time an hour and a half just in case you saw your relative who lives an hour and a half away you bought this package just in case you .

Ran into them right just in case just to be safe with a tight-knit family from time to time i knew that i would see him sometime soon so you're planning for the future right right being the responsible person that you are right we had a little get togethers little you know family cookouts and gathering i know i .

Was seeing some mr born during the day but it wasn't yesterday hello okay so now i know why we're here because she's a nut but let's talk about how impulsive you are what do you mean by he's impulsive so when i was pregnant with our daughter .

Here recently of course is during quarantine we had a conversation about it i was considered a high risk pregnancy and we decided that i should stay home with kids so there will be no like extra risks for anything happening to me or the baby and about a month later i started noticing he was home a little more than usual .

Went about a week and i saw him every day which is not likely you know when you have a job at the end of the week i was just like did you quit your job or something so he proceeded to tell me that he did quit his job and i asked him why he said because i it just didn't feel right for me so now i'm confused because you just .

Told me i could stop working so i could stay home with the kids and you know for my health we had no kind of conversation about this happening we had nothing saved in order for you to be able to stay home you weren't prepared for both of you you were not prepared at all so i just felt like there was very inconsiderate and impulsive for you to .

Just make that decision and we have no kind of game plan what was going on mr smith well first of all i did alert her that i would be quitting my job she just doesn't listen i did wow you think she would forget something like that i think she just doesn't listen everything i say goes and why .

Don't you at that point because you do have a newborn right right right and it just wasn't i wasn't getting the amount of hours and i wasn't getting enough hours and i wasn't getting paid enough did you have a plan b exactly i had a plan b r a london i was already starting a new job in two weeks so it's not like i was just going to have this huge .

Layoff okay not working you know and did you and did you do that starting your job into the week i did i did what is your and i actually started a week earlier because she was all the nagging at home and her being so crazy i just needed i had to get out the house you're still staying home with the children and .

You're working right and you said that one of the issues is her spending has been an issue because you're trying to save for what i'm trying to save to open up my food truck blake's chicken and waffles are you serious i am serious but i can't do that i can't you don't know about this you're on earth there's no planning there's no .

Business plan he only talked about it like once there's no saving and all this money he claimed i spent up is irrelevant i mean my my little 20 30 on amazon doesn't compare to him buying his court side tickets every month first off it's not a little 20 30 dollars i've heard enough .

A lot of these things that have happened you know it stems from the fact that you started off really young you made some really immature and dumb decisions and you've had this period of growth hopefully over the course of the years because that's what you want to look for when you're in a long-term relationship .

Is are we growing how are we navigating this space together now that we're having a family now that we're part of the same team are we making decisions not just what's best for me but what's best for the team right that's the question that you have to ask yourself and if you have an agreement about your finances and how .

That's going to work if you have a dream about starting a food truck because you say he has no he has no plan no outline of how this is going to work so then the two of you work together and if you believe that this is something that he could do you said he's actually good at cooking right at cooking chicken yeah okay is .

Can he make can he make waffles i don't know i haven't had any of it okay do you want this relationship to work i would but if if he's not being considerate of how i feel about things and he's going to continue to take me for granted then no i don't take it for granted i don't you have a six month old yeah you've been dealing with this for .

How long years so what has made you reach a breaking point now it's just too much like him being so inconsiderate i don't get any help i feel like he's just a paycheck so if that's going to be the case i can get my own paycheck and i can do it by myself so mr smith i think mr copeland has reached a .

Breaking point i don't think she has i mean she says i don't appreciate it i appreciate everything she does i why don't you tell her right now what you appreciate about her i appreciate everything you do i tell her this all the time well i'm asking you to tell her now what is it that you appreciate about her look at her not me renata you ready .

To listen i appreciate everything you do i appreciate you holding down the home cooking the few meals that you do cook i appreciate those i appreciate you taking care of the home taking care of the kids you know making sure that my lunch is packed when i get ready to go to work and .

I appreciate you being a little less crazy within the past year mr smith you started the entire case today by saying she's crazy and she's nuts and you know what that's how you ended it full circle moment that's a problem she's the problem okay so you've heard .

Your answer you wanted to know today what was going to happen with the relationship and you you said you brought this case because you wanted to see a change you can't change a person who doesn't see an issue with their actions that's true so you have your answer but mr smith right so i've .

I've heard a lot of things said that today that i find very concerning they don't pass the truthfulness test if anything always would have seen john well in your case i think it is mr smith i wish both of you will well what made me realize that i was done is there's still no accountability for his actions it's still always my .

Fault and that's it so that just made me realize that it's just i mean there's just no hope into trying to fix somebody that's not willing to fix themselves uh well i feel like it's for the best you know as i said before she's crazy she is a nut and i mean .

At some point she said she's reached her breaking point but i mean i think i think i'm way past mine you


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