Saturday, May 21, 2022

Cultural Anthropology – Herman Cain Vs. Milwaukee

Don't blame wall street don't blame the big banks if you don't have a job and you're not rich blame yourself you don't think the banks have anything to do with the uh crisis that we went into in 2008. they did have something to do with the crisis that we went into in 2008 but we're not in 2008 we're in 2011. .

I personally don't have a job right now because i haven't looked for but i apply already for qps located two blocks a row blocks away from here i also apply for some other uh agency located by 13 10 they think in the third industry hopefully they can call me soon and make some money .

But those those are awards are definitely right you think that's right yeah first of all we're not all gonna be winning the lottery and we're not gonna be rich so we have to tax even when when a company moves overseas and takes the jobs from america and moves them overseas we have to tell the owners of .

The company you're no longer an american citizen get the hell out if if you don't get rid of the stockholders bill of rights and it doesn't say that companies have to be motivated by profit only we're not going to have any more jobs in the united states because there's always .

Cheaper labor overseas but first of all you have to take all the rich guys who are investing overseas and tax the hell out of them tax them at 100 percent i believe and then if they do make jobs here give them back some money we need jobs we will we will cure all of our problem if we have jobs because .

That increases our our tax base once you increase the tax base then you can afford to have buses and you can afford to have social programs if you don't have a tax base the rich guys aren't going to pay any more they have to pay more but they won't and you'll cut out all the social systems that's my belief .

I think that's um bs i mean i i i have problems right now because i'm not paying for child support it's hard for me to get a job because of my felony now um you know it's just i mean i've been to the step service down here i've been uh several other temp services .

And there's just not the jobs out there you know to receive um i'm also on probation right now which i cannot work a cash job so it's i can't even work you know i can't even make a living off of me doing a cash job so yeah for me it's really hard out here .

And i'm sure there's 100 people out here in the same situation pretty sure any guy that comes out that office majority of them are gonna have the same situation um because they don't have programs for us you know for felons on jobs training or nothing so um yeah i think that's .

Yes there are people that that coke can apply to but i don't think that's the case for everyone i know it's not the case for everyone including me well i think that that's the most idiotic statement i ever heard in my life i think that you can blame wall street .

And uh if you can't find a job because there's no jobs out there you're competing with 80 60 50 40 30 12 year olds are all vying for jobs you know from shoveling snow to working at mcdonald's .

What does that say you know you can't find a job you can't find a job because there are no jobs you know even at christmas time i mean it's uh it's ridiculous and yeah it's just an idiotic man making an idiotic statement some people is definitely lazy they .

Don't look for work they they don't care you know but some people definitely worry about to have a job because they have no other alternatives to survive some people definitely don't want it to work and it's why the recession doesn't .

Progress you know so what what we really need is the people who is unemployed unemployment they have to look for a job as soon as possible we we are the people who can make the difference but every one of us have to do that our empire you know the part .

So that's what i think i think they can't find work because there's no businesses out there but other people might think that they don't want a job and that's nonsense i know some people who can't read and write and they can't get jobs i know i live above a family and i i just told them .

Told them they build cocaine and they can't read and write no one in the whole family can't i think a lot of people think a lot of people don't want to work take the easy road um yeah i really think that's basically the thing um i think a lot of people think it's just .

The easy escape you know that people want to sit on an employment which by night half of them want to work and stay active you know as myself that's what's driving me crazy um not working is i don't i have a lot of idle time and and and for a lot of younger people out there with idle .

Time you know that where that goes what that leads to so i might make an excuse but once again you know not working is a big big factor in a lot of problems here in the city with crime and um unemployment and stuff like that so i mean uh one thing or one misconception is .

Maybe that they're lazy and that's the reason why they can't find a job and like i said that can be the case for some individuals but not all and um i mean if they're already doing well they have a job they're employed the people that may think this it they may be biased towards the fact .

That they weren't in the position to have to be looking for one during the time that this crisis is going on with the economy and everything so if they were to lose their job and then get out here and find out how it is they might change the way they think about it think they're lazy .

Even though these people have worked half hour for 30 and 40 years but they can honestly pride themselves and have themselves on the bike back for saying something to students when they should ask these people how long have they worked they've worked longer than most of them .

Have been alive so i think that that again is a stupid thing thank you thank you thank you for your time i think that the state would um have some kind of job training program um so well to let us into society and job market um i know when i was out in california i spoke with the gentleman he's worked for .

The um the county and he was on paper and he was getting paid decent wage being a felon being on paper they hired nothing but people on paper and felons so that was something that this city needs to look into and a lot of other cities well they do have uh staffing services .

So that's one um maybe some type of the requirements that a person needs for a certain type of job maybe not all are something that's necessary like say for instance um owning your own vehicle maybe they can get some mass type of transportation besides the bus .

Because that's exists but it doesn't go everywhere that there are jobs 250 000 new jobs that's my goal 250 000 new jobs by the end of our first term in office please


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