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data science and artificial intelligence are the two most important technologies in the world today while data science makes use of artificial intelligence in its operations it does not completely represent ai hello everyone this is roof from eduvaca and i welcome you all to this session .

Where i will be talking about the comparison between data science and artificial intelligence so without any further ado let's take a look at today's agenda so we will start this session by first understanding what is data science and then we will understand artificial intelligence as well .

Moving ahead you will understand the differences between data science and artificial intelligence and finally conclude this session by understanding which one you should go for before we begin do consider subscribing to our youtube channel and hit the bell icon to stay updated on pending technologies and also if you're .

Interested in post at diploma by nit sup call in artificial intelligence and machine learning then check out the link given in the description box below so let's start the session by first understanding what is data science so data science is the most training technology that has conquered industries in the world it has brought about a .

Fourth industrial revolution in the world today this is a result of the contribution by the massive explosion in data and the growing need of the industries to rely on data to create better products we have become a part of a data-driven society data has become a dire need for industries that need data to make .

Careful decisions data science involves various underlying fields like statistics mathematics and programming therefore a data scientist is required to be proficient in them in order to understand trends and patterns in the data this heavy requirement of skills skills data science a steep learning curve .

Furthermore a data scientist is required to possess the various steps and procedures in data science involve the data extraction manipulation visualization and maintenance of data to forecast the occurrence of future events a data scientist should also have a sound knowledge of machine learning algorithms .

These machine learning algorithms are nothing but the stepping stones to artificial intelligence industries require data scientists to help them make necessary data-driven decisions they help their industries to assess their performance and also suggest necessary changes to boost their performance they also help the product .

Development team to tailor products that appeal to customers by analyzing their behavior now coming to artificial intelligence what is artificial intelligence so ai is the intelligence that is possessed by the machines it is modeled after the natural intelligence that is possessed by animals and humans ai makes the use .

Of algorithms perform autonomous actions these autonomous actions are similar to the ones performed in the past which were successful many traditional artificial intelligence algorithms are explicitly provided goals as was in the case of path finding algorithms however contemporary ai algorithms like .

Deep learning understand the patterns and find the goal embedded in the data artificial religions also makes use of several software engineering principles for developing solutions to existing problems recently many major technologies giants like google amazon and facebook are leveraging artificial intelligence to develop autonomous .

Systems the most famous example is that of google's alphago this autonomous go playing system defeated the kg of world's number one professional alpha goplayer the alphago made use of the artificial neural networks that are modeled after the human neurons that learn information over time and execute actions .

Now let's understand how data science and ai differ from each other so we have taken different features here on which we will be comparison data science and artificial intelligence so first is the scope of both of these technologies so artificial intelligence is only limited to the implementation of mlight .

Algorithms whereas data science involves various underlying operations of data second is the types of data so artificial intelligence contains the kind of data that are standardized in the form of vectors and embeddings but on the other hand data science will have many different kinds of data such as structured semi-structured and .

Unstructured type of data third is tools so the tools used in artificial regions are mahog shogun tensorflow pytorch capital scikit-learn and the tools that are used in data science areas spss sas python r etc the fourth feature is applications so ai applications are used in many .

Sectors like the healthcare industry transport industry robotics industries automation industries and manufacturing industries on the other hand data science applications are used in the field of internet search engines like google yahoo bing marketing field banking advertising field and many more .

So these are the major differences between data science and ai now let's conclude this session by understanding which one to go for even though data science and artificial intelligence are quite similar to each other still if we see ai is yet to be explored very much but on the other hand data science has already started to make .

A big difference in the market data science transform the data which can be used for visualization and analysis with the help of artificial religious new products are created which are better than before and it also brings autonomy by doing many things automatically with the help of data science data is analyzed based on which .

Careful business decisions are taken that provides many benefits to the companies there are many companies based on artificial intelligence that offer you ai job positions such as nlp scientist or machine learning engineer and deep learning scientist various operations on data are performed .

Using the data science algorithms implemented in languages like python and r so key decisions today are taken based on the data that is processed by data scientists thus data science has to play a vital role in any organization so through these major points i hope you understand which one you should choose .

Right so with this we come to the end of today's session of data science versus artificial intelligence i hope you had a great time learning and understanding about it and if you have any query please feel free to leave them down in the comment section below until next time thank you .

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