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Engineering Expectation vs Reality – What is like to be a Engineer

Going through some expectations of working in the engineering sector compared to the actual reality so there's a vast difference between what people think our most important assets are compared to what we learn at university and what we actually display to the .

Community this will also go through some of our key skills that we need to have as a structural engineer so let's get into busting some of these myths high objects and land on their two feet or i should say four legs we'll just study tonight .

now guys it's not nearly as bad as this you do not stop studying after you leave university you see once you've graduated university you've only really scratched the surface of what you need to know as a structural engineer you only really cover the preliminary skills .

To know how to design a building you see people spend many years to find out the fundamental aspects of how a concrete structure actually works so how to design a pt structure how to design an rc structure you can see how long people actually take to learn these aspects to even get a phd .

And even when we're looking at structures there's many different materials that you can use you can have timber design you can have composite design and composite design has time dependent behavior that you need to consider so you can see there's a big breadth of knowledge that you need to encompass .

And even communication skills you've only been taught how to write technical papers not necessarily how you should be professionally sending out emails how you should be writing for different audiences as you're not writing to your professor or someone that has those key skills that you have .

So if you're enjoying this video about expectations versus reality as a structural engineer please exceed my expectations by smashing that like button it gives me a smile on my face and helps me keep doing this content for you hi john i said you've actually saw me at .

Work task haven't actually done something like this before do you mind me spending a bit of time and learning on the job thanks for letting me know brendan i'm sure i can help you out here so i've got a lot of materials that i can send to you they'll actually help help you so you can actually read it .

During work hours spend as much time as you need to get familiar with the type of design that we're doing hi john i said you've actually saw me a word task i've actually done something like this before do you mind me spending a bit of time and learning on the job thanks for letting me know brendan now this is .

Really something that you should be doing at this stage so look i will send you some materials and we can look at some seminars to send you to but you will need to do a lot of work after hours to catch up the project budgets are quite tight so we don't have a lot of time if you do a .

Lot of on job learning and while maintaining the skills you don't necessarily have the time in the office to keep up their learning yes they will have some technical development inside your office you need to make sure you're maintaining exceeding the knowledge they're actually giving you as you do .

Not have time to learn on the job so if you've got a new design that you haven't seen before so going through those external seminar tasks making sure you're maintaining what knowledge you have and what knowledge you do not have it's not beholden on work to make sure that you're constantly developing .

Those skills and making sure that you're on the right directory as the office it does help them to some extent to make sure they have safe designs so that's why they have some technical aspect but there's also a benefit there to you as well as the better the engineer you are the .

More you improve your skills the more sellable in the market you're going to be and the more likely you you are to get a pay rise so there's benefits to you and there's also benefits to the company so it's making sure that finding the areas you do not know taking the code home .

And potentially reading it reading external papers watching youtube videos like this and hopefully i'm helping improve your knowledge as well but there's many ways that you can help and make sure you're exceeding improving your engineering knowledge over time here's the drawings here's the .

Computations if you just check this and get back to me so brendan i've checked all your work and i've just found a couple of errors in some of the computations if you can update them and if we're looking through the drawings we can see that we've got some .

Critical areas here that we need to check so we can just get on to that here's the drawings here's the computations if you just check this and get back to me so brendon click through i haven't really checked the comp so i'm sure you .

Know what you're doing let's just get it out now checking of work yes a lot of companies they mostly have qa procedures to make sure that your work is maintained and effectively checked however you should not be reliant upon this so you should be making sure you .

Double or triple checking to make sure there's no errors in your design see the ability of the checker they do not have the history that you have had with that project they do not have the time to check every single line in your design so .

Making sure that you've double checked you've triple checked everything they're looking at the general aspects of the design looking for any patterns they may see in there does it look like they're expecting now most of the time they will be able to pick up where those errors are but it's not something you should be reliant upon .

They do not necessarily have the time to make sure they've checked every single spot and if there's any critical spots that you're concerned about as well as maybe flagging it to them these are some critical spots that i'm a little bit worried about and could you look at in a little bit more detail .

But this is not something that you should be reliant upon you should be giving something to them and hopefully they pick up nothing in your design that is really what you're trying to aim for so you need to make sure that you have maintained every aspect to that design that you .

Possibly can to make sure there is no errors it's much like proofreading as well they're there to see if there's any aspects that you may have missed that's quite often you're looking at the drawings you may miss a key element in that design and that's really what they're there for when that finding errors in your designs .

This is something you should actually take as a good thing as well yes you do not want to have any areas however it's a way that you can help improve your knowledge so what have you missed and make sure you do not miss it in future projects g'day guys my name is bill on the lead .

Architect on this project i'm just going to go through some of the key aspects that you've done with your current design where we're currently sitting so brendan let's kick it off oh hi bill yeah well i'm the structural engineer on the project so i've been doing some numbers .

And i've been finding some of the sheer forces and stresses are getting a bit higher so it means we need quite heavy leaks and congestion in some areas also the column stress is a beyond allowable limit so that now now look i'm going to stop you there because i don't really know .

What you're talking about here so i don't really care about what the shoe forces are the bendy moments how does it actually affect my structure g'day guys my name is bill i'm the lead architect on this project i'm just going to go through some of the key aspects that you've done .

With your current design where we're currently sitting so brendan let's kick it off i'm the structural engineer on the project and i was looking at the plans of the architecture i was finding that the column spacing was quite far so now what this does to the design it means that those columns need to be .

Quite big it also increases the floor depth that you need and it may not fit in the florida floor they actually have in the building but when i overlaid the plans i saw there was a number of other internal walls that we may be able to get columns into .

What this allows us to do is more evenly distribute the load through the structure well brandon that sounds great so we've actually done some overlays so looks like we can get some additional columns in there so should it have a big impact on the design another thing they've also done .

Is overlaid some of those plans as well to see where we can get rid of some of those transfers as this is one of the most costly elements inside the design so if we can make sure we align those columns throughout the whole building this will help you and the structural design overall where do i spend most of my time well .

It's not really in those calculations and you may be thinking it's all about engineering design sizing beams up sizing structures up looking at how much flexural reinforcement needs to be put inside the design this is not the case and you may pick that up in the skit it's about communication there's a lot .

Of communication back and forth with you and the architect about looking at where those elements need to be now they don't necessarily care what the bending moment is what the shear force moment is they only care about what elements that you need to make sure that structure is stable so most of your time is sit around those coordination meetings going .

In and out of means communicating back and forth with the architects and while it's getting built as well there'll be a lot of design changes so there'll be a lot of written communication with the builder where they're making certain design changes they've had certain problems so writing back and forth with giving .

Them instructions on what they need to do in both written and documented form special engineering skill set there's only a small aspect of what you'll be doing as a structural engineer and you may have actually heard this in previous episodes however your most important skill .

Is not your engineering ability but your ability to communicate see everything we do as engineers is some form of communication whether we're writing an email to a client builder or architect whether we're giving some sort of advice during a meeting so that verbal communication or even our .

Drawings which is quite arguably one of our most important aspects as an engineer is our documented drawings they are a form of communication as well so then trying to tell a story through those drawings about how the building is going to be put together any key and critical areas that the builder .

Needs to be concerned about so what we actually produce as engineers yes there is some level of calculation and sizing it up to make sure structure is stable and structurally sound but most of it is in communicating that knowledge to a person that doesn't necessarily have the .

Engineering ability that you have ah what's the time it's time to go home ah it's five o'clock already there's more work to do so how about the hours that we work most people think it's a nine to five you office hours are nine to five .

As an engineer your hours will vary depending on what stages your projects are at and what aspects you need to consider see my normal week is about somewhere between 40 to 50 hours and that can peak at times if we've got a project due there's normally a deadline similar to .

When you're at university you're cramming those last second minutes to finish off your design system requires you to potentially do some additional overtime hours to complete the documentation that you need to issue to the client at a specific time see if you do not .

Maintain those critical requirements and may even be related to side aspects so not issuing a documentation or changes at a certain time can cause cost delays so your hours although they may be long in some companies and shorter in others they potentially vary throughout the year depending on what stages your .

Projects are at depending on your company culture as well this potentially vary some companies vie for that high number of work hours everyone's working overtime everyone's working really late while other companies potentially try and shy away from that .

So not only does it vary from time to time depending on the projects but also varies from company to company as we're a service based industry we need to make sure we're maintaining the quality and timing aspects to our client as they were only good as the previous project that we've given to them .

So there any other expectations versus realities that you're found in your engineering sector please comment below and if you've made it to this point don't forget to hit the like button and if you haven't subscribed at this point and you're interested in structural engineering hit the subscribe .

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