Myth. Engineers can fix everything. Reality. When I was at university, bearingin mind I studied civil engineering, nothing to do with cars, my mumwas having a problem with the car. So I got back from uni, I said mom “what happenedto the car? Why is it broken?” And she said “Oh I was waiting for you to come back because youstudy engineering at university” No. Myth. You have to be a genius to become anengineer. People come from all different routes in engineering whether that be a degree,an apprenticeship, gcses, no gcses, you can be a successful engineer. In my organisation I workfor lots of people from different backgrounds, I'm assuming half of us are not geniuses but don'ttell anyone I said that! This is me at 16 I failed .

My A level biology mock and I'm an engineer.Myth. It's a dirty and dusty job. Nah actually I sit in a wonderfully air-conditionedoffice with breakout areas, teas and coffees. I've always wanted to be a diva. All engineersare boring white guys. Do I look like a boring white guy? Myth. Engineers spend a lot of timebehind the computer. Thanks. Reality is my job is actually quite dynamic. One of the reasons I lovemy job is that I'm always on site. Yes some of it can be done from your desk but a lot of it is doneby actually going out there and being inspired. However if you are one of the geeky kinds thatspend a lot of time behind a computer screen, you can do that too. Myth. All engineerswear hard hats and hi-vis vests. Yes sometimes I wear my high-vis clothing and myhelmet, some engineers do, some engineers don't, .

It's not about what you wear it's about howyou think, and I think I look good in orange! Myth. If I study engineering at uni I'm notgoing to have a life. Reality. Engineering was not a walk in the park but having an engineeringdegree opens a massive amount of doors for you, there will always be opportunities and jobsavailable once you graduate. If you want to be the next Iron Man become a mechanical engineer, ifyou care about people's health become a biomedical engineer, if you want to go into space studyaerospace engineering, if you want to create stars for a living become a control engineer,if you love football be a sports engineer, if you love music be a computer engineer, if youwant to build schools, if you want to save lives, become a civil engineer, if you want to buildfast boats become an apprentice engineer, if you .

Have an interest in the world engineering is foryou. Myth. You can't change the world. Reality. I'm young, I'm black and I'm an engineer andI'm changing the world, and I'm very proud.