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Engineering Technician vs Engineer | Engineering Technology vs Engineering

Are you wondering the difference between an engineering technician and a full engineer well in this video we're talking about all of those things the type of people that is the right fit for each and the career options that you will have all that coming up hey guys I'm Jacob Ortiz from the 1% engineer show where we empower young engineers to .

Rise to the top 1% of their career and in this video I'm guest starring for Bryan and 101 mentoring com2 give some insight on vail Tolliver's question which is hello there I am currently taking my diploma in mechanical engineering at a Polytechnic institution once I graduate I have the choice of being a technician or I can continue my .

Degree for 4 years at a university should I go to work and earn money or just complete my degree and go to work after 4 years thank you great question Vell I actually get this all the time I did a video about community college into engineering or tech schools into engineering and that's exactly what this question is about .

Basically what Ville is looking to do is a 2+2 program where you do the first half of your engineering program and a tech school or trade school or Community College and then you finish up the second half at a full engineering University where you walk away with that four-year degree from an accredited school and you can continue your career .

As a full engineer so yes I do see this question a lot and first of all I see a lot of anxiety about even thinking about these types of options and I want to smash a couple of those right now you will not be judged by doing a community college or a poly tech 2-year and then doing a two plus two into a four-year school you will not be judged employers .

Do not actually care as long as you have that full engineering degree that's what they care about the most and the second concern I see all the time is students saying well how do I know if I'm going to be the right fit for a real University I'm a little intimidated so if you are struggling super hardcore if you hate your classes you really don't .

Like being a student then going from your Polytech or community college into a full university is yes going to be a step up going to be a challenge you're going to struggle so I would encourage that everyone actually do the full 2+2 unless you're somebody who really hates school and you're just eager to get into the workforce and make .

A little bit of money because it's going to be very rewarding to get your 4-year engineering degree and I'm gonna explain a little bit more about that right now so let's talk about if you were not to go on to the four-year university what that would mean for you and your career ville this means that you will be constrained to only being an engineering .

Technician for the rest of your career because unless you have that full engineering degree you cannot actually call yourself an engineer you cannot become a professional engineer here in America you are not eligible to sit for the PE the professional engineering exam you can't stamp stuff so that means you cannot actually implement design in your .

Work you most likely will not be able to be a team leader a manager you will not have a corporate future you will be limited in the amount of salary that you get the amount of say that you get in the table because you're just not a full engineer so in terms of the career you actually have a whole bunch of disadvantages by not continuing on to .

Getting that four-year degree what you will find though if you just get the two-year technical degree yes you do to last years of school you probably have far less debt so gonna be a little bit easier you're not gonna have the super challenging engineering courses in your first two years of that technical school you're not gonna have calc 3 you're not .

Kind of thermo you're not gonna have dynamics so yes it will be easier but again there's lots of career disadvantages with doing this you have to weigh your options now there's a whole bunch of advantages of doing the 2+2 situation in general you've probably saved a bunch of money by not going to the full university for two years maybe .

You can limit home maybe you can work on the side your grades are probably going to be better in the first two years you're not gonna have that sort of freshmen struggle that sophomore struggle that a lot of Engineers like myself went through I almost didn't make it through freshman year I almost didn't make it through sophomore year so you .

Probably will not see that crazy uphill initial front end challenge but if you transition after two years into that full university there is gonna be a learning curve but it gives you the first two years to sort of figure out how to be a student figure out time management and work ethic and building relationships with your peers and your .

Professors and things like this so I think you do have a lot of advantages if you decide to go to that full engineering program so if you choose to become a technician if you choose to only do the two years what that means for your career you'll probably become a drafter you will probably be a Support Technician .

You'll do calculations you'll do estimates you'll do drawing she'll do figures and exhibits you probably do data entry maybe some data analysis but again you will never actually be able to participate in design you'll definitely not be a team leader and you will do the heavy lifting what they might call grunt work that's what your career that's what .

Your future is destined to be so if you like that sort of stuff great if you want to get paid less if you don't want to be a leader if you're just eat at work maybe you just hate hate hate being a student maybe this is for you but I'm going to highly encourage you guys to continue on and do the two plus two get that four-year degree being an engineer .

Is respectful its prestigious we have an impact on society you're gonna be able to feel good about your career you're going to be able to make a difference you're gonna be able to design things make stuff safer make things more efficient create scenarios where they can save money you're gonna make more money than average Engineering is .

Prestigious there's a reason why we honor doctors and lawyers and engineers is because we do have an impact we are respected so there's lots of advantages of just becoming an engineer and there's even more bacon advantages that you don't realize until you're working and until you see the stuff in the world but if you have an engineering degree you .

Can even change careers and it's probably going to be okay because most people know that you're gonna be able to figure out whatever you want you're an engineer it almost brands you with this stamp of respect so if you want to go back to grad school no matter what Avenue you choose you're going to be able to get into those programs again if .

You want to switch up your career you're gonna be able to get a job even if you leave engineering you're gonna be fine with that engineering degree oppositely with an engineering technician diploma you're not gonna be able to work anywhere you're not gonna have enough respect and authority to just throw your resume around and get picked up by a .

Company you don't have that option so bill again thank you for the awesome question if you have more concerns or little micro questions within this conversation please make sure you tell Brian comment on this video make sure that we can do a follow-up for this so that we answer all of your questions I hope .

This video helped you guys delineate if the career options for a 2+2 program or maybe just a two-year technician option is for you so thanks again Brian if you guys enjoyed this video consider subscribing because this channel releases awesome content so you can have a great career so see you guys later bye bye .


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