Monday, May 23, 2022

Every Nutella Jar Comes with a Gift and 23 Hidden Secrets Revealed

You're heading to a supermarket to get a few small items the self-service checkout is way faster than waiting for people to unload their huge shopping carts but this loud voice from a machine commanding over and over again spoils all the appetites i have some good news for you you can .

Turn it off take a closer look at the screen you'll probably see a volume button at the bottom use your finger to mute the annoying polite voice once and for all not all machines have this hidden option though but it's definitely worth checking out .

usually a sunflower oil bottle has this weird inner cap most people remove the entire top layer and throw it away but there's actually a better way to use it turn the removed element inside down and put it into the bottleneck it will make a great dispenser and you'll never spill more oil than you .

Wanted in your salad planning a picnic with your friends in the wild forget about the classic picnic basket we got it all wrong it's not a basket but a bucket yep it's way better to put your picnic stuff into several buckets this will help evenly distribute the weight among all guests and when you find a .

Nice spot for your picnic and get all the stuff out turn the buckets over and use them as stools when the food is over put the buckets into each other to save space on the way back home your toast is getting burnt but you don't have any kitchen tongs at hand take two identical forks put them .

Together time to time stick them tightly with a rubber band and voila your tongs are ready ever wondered what this double bottom under the nutella lid is for there's only one way to find out here's a brand new nutella jar let's remove the white carton circle and then peel off the foil surprise there .

Should be a little knife to cut the gold foil cover now you know how to get access to your favorite guilty pleasure without scratching your hands don't throw away the glass jar after you're done with nutella it can turn into a candle holder or a lantern wash it paint it to your taste add some .

Decorations or lettering glue a decorative rope around the neck of the jar set a candle inside the jar or put string lights inside it no one will ever guess that it used to be a nutella jar it'll be our secret have you ever wondered why ritz crackers .

Have ridges you can use them as a safe knife for cheese and similar soft products like cucumber ham and so on just roll the cracker as if it were a tiny pizza cutter and press now all the ingredients fit on your cracker perfectly enjoy your snack do you have one of those old baking .

Trays that you never use but still hesitate to throw away good news you can recycle it and make a gorgeous frame for a painting or a picture there are two ways to do so degrease the surface of your tray and attach the image to the bottom in this case the frame will stick .

Forward or you can flip the tray upside down and the edges will hide behind hang this construction on a wall or put it on a shelf and feel free to use metal paint to give your frame an appropriate color an old cutting board can make a great frame for a mirror use double-sided tape to attach a .

Matching mirror to the surface of your board make sure the mirror is firmly glued and now you can hang it on a wall using the board's handle or put it on a cabinet and lean it on a wall don't forget to wash and dry the cutting board before beginning this diy we don't want the mirror to smell fishy .

Another superpower of a cutting board is keeping wires tangle free wrap some string lights around an old wooden cutting board and put it in your closet the next holiday season you'll have it completely untangled a hairdryer can make a great mini vacuum cleaner when you need an emergency cleaning .

Cut a plastic bottle and dry it put a layer of fabric on the fan of your hair dryer then place the fan in the plastic bottle bottom portion fix the bottle and attach it to the hair dryer using a plaster turn it on and you're ready to clean the mess you can use a retro gas stove grate to .

Hang your indoor plants attach it to the wall with screws or nails now you're ready to hang flower pots string lights and any other decor items if the color of your stove grate doesn't match the interior you can always fix this using spray paint chopsticks and wooden ice cream sticks can also turn into a beautiful panel .

That will decorate your interior glue the edges together to create a grid you can also put together your name or any other word you want out of sticks then wrap the grid around with string lights and enjoy your decor don't throw away wrinkled kitchen foil it can help to sparkle up your day crumple identical foil balls and glue .

Them over a glass a mirror frame or even a book and your life will immediately become more glamorous if you need to sharpen your dull scissors take aluminum foil and crunch it up into a ball sharpen the edges of the scissors right on that ball of foil .

To speed up your ironing routine place sheets of tin foil under your ironing board and then put the cover back on the tin foil will reflect the heat the iron will get hotter and will do the job much faster if you struggle to organize all your jewelry and lose your favorite items from time to time use a sponge to store .

It just make a few cuts and put your shiny little friends inside these cuts they will sit firmly in the sponge and won't fall out or mix you can also use a sponge to create an organizer for your jewelry find a cute box cut your sponge into matching pieces and put them inside the .

Box use glue or tape to attach the sponge to the box and enjoy your new jewelry casket you can easily make chocolate filled strawberries at home take a plastic syringe fill it with chocolate paste remove the leaves from a strawberry and stick the syringe into the hole from .

Which the sprig usually sticks out squeeze chocolate into the berry and it's ready you can use the same technique when you bake eclairs apples or want to leave a chocolate note on a pancake to surprise your significant other in the morning wooden pants hangers with metal clips can be handy when it comes to hanging .

Curtains or a backdrop for your photo shoot if you need to hang curtains but don't have any special hooks attach several plants hangers along the entire length of the curtains and then hang this construction on a ledge an old metal tee jar serves as a mini shelf for small things in your kitchen .

Apply double-sided tape to the jar and stick it to the top corner of your cabinet


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