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IGCSE vs Sports Science | Game On | Episode 4 | PSB Academy

three two one hey everyone welcome to game on and in today's episode we have our sports science team and igcse's team facing off in a game of two truth and a lie all right sport science team are you ready let's go yes let's go okay so for .

The first one number one regular exercise helps boost the immune system two sit-ups will help you lose fat around the stomach or three the arteries are part of the circulatory system that's right when it comes to body fat there's no such thing as spot reducing okay so number two .

It is best to exercise in the morning two it's good to eat a decent amount of carbs and protein post workout or three energy can be measured in joule and kilocalorie because the first second one was one measurement second .

That's right you can only you can exercise in the morning only if you enjoy it it doesn't matter what time of day you exercise and for the last one sports science applies the knowledge of science to physical activities sports scientists help athletes reach their maximum potential or sports .

Science only is only about exercise and fitness small programs i gave the option of one two three and you guys answered see so is that three that's right sports science covers a wide spectrum of disciplines including physiology and psychology .

Good job guys you got a clean sweep all right igcse's team are you guys ready yeah let's see how many lies you guys can catch so one an isosceles triangle has three equal sides two the area of a rectangle is length times width or three an integer is a number with no fractional .

Parts that's wrong guys this is the basics okay an isosceles triangle only has two equal sides so the answer is one okay so the second one every non-zero digit is a significant figure two 37.25 has two decimal place or three one thousand five hundred and .

Twenty seven to the nearest ten is one thousand 1500. number one yeah that's wrong again yeah the lie was number three yeah 1527 to the nearest tenth is 1530. okay for your last one use redemption a little bit okay it's okay one numbers in a ratio must be .

Of the same units two ratios cannot be converted to fractions and vice versa or three equivalent ratios are the same idea as equivalent fractions just tell me repeat the third one equivalent ratios are the same idea as equivalent fractions .

Can you repeat the first one so sorry about that it's okay numbers in ratio must be of the same units do you need the second one now you guys can yeah that's wrong i think he was right it was number two was the lie ratios can be converted to .

Fractions and vice versa so as compared to the other team we got all right we got plenty to do clean sleep all wrong all right guys are you ready for round two that's good can you get a hundred percent again all right so for the first one you guys .

Still have to guess which is the line one your blood pressure decreases as you age two epimysium is a connective tissue that surrounds the muscle or three obesity is an excess of body fat that endangers health two is definitely correct all right yeah three three that's right suh blood pressure increases .

So number two one kilocalorie is equal to 4186 joules two there are four types of bones long short flat and irregular or three gender age and body mass influence energy intake oh my god i had so much i had so much hope .

Gender age and body mass influence energy expenditure so not intake expenditure okay last one one a joint is a spot where two or more bones meet two glycol .

Glycolysis is a breakdown of lactose for energy or three metabolism can be defined as the main chemical process in living organisms i see a lot of thinking happening what's one again a joint is a spot where two or more bones .

So i think it's one nice the answer is number two glycolysis is a breakdown of glucose for energy how did you guys do so well in round one um it's okay it's okay you guys still got one right let's see how the other team does .

all right guys do you think you can catch up and beat them that's all yes so for the first one figure out which one is the lie skimming is useful to get a general idea of the text two scanning is reading a text quickly to find specific information such as names or three in .

Skimming and scanning you'll need to read all the text which is the line that's right you do not actually need to read the passage entirely but it's extremely important to understand the questions keywords and somehow how some vocabulary can be paraphrased so for the second one prepositions are not considered part of a speech .

Two adjectives provide information about nouns or three nouns pronouns verbs and adjectives are considered parts of speech prepositions are not considered part of a speech are considered part of a speech they're essential as markers in a sentence structure got me shocked .

Okay for your last one okay can get it all right let's hope okay first one igcse stands for international general certificate of secondary education two igcse students can progress onto certificate courses at psb academy or three the igcse course is not awarded by cambridge assessment international .

Examination could you be the person oh my god you're going to make me read it igcse stands for international general certificate of secondary education i'm i think it's the third one that's right yep can you see that whoa guys okay so igcse course is awarded by .

Cambridge assessment international examinations so good job guys really redemption from the first one from zero to hero i guess the hope the whole world so our winner for round two was our igcs he's doing good job guys he put a really .

Good try a close one but unfortunately only one team can win and that was our sports science team thank you guys for joining us for this final episode of you


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