Saturday, May 28, 2022

Industrial Design or Design Engineering? What’s the Difference?

here we go yeah this is from aiden who's just posted thank you very much for posting could you explain the difference between product design engineering and product design absolutely i am an expert in that and everything that i say is 100 true .

Anything else that people say online is fake uh look design job titles are fluids there are no there are no precedents for actual job titles it all comes down to what a company needs in their company structure and the company that you're applying to is making up these terms .

In order to fit their their employment you know strategy it's it's that's why you see in you know ux designers and digital designers calling themselves product designers online just because that's what the companies call themselves so the difference between product engineering and product .

Designing is um and actually i had a great chat with with mia about this on the design education youtube channel so go and check out design education just type in design education on youtube and and that channel will pop up and i had an interview with her .

Very recently which is being posted we chatted about this where i said design engineering is thinking about the product from the inside out okay product design is thinking about it from the outside in now what i mean by that is the outside in .

Is more about thinking of the personal emotional societal impact that the design is going to have right uh the wishy-washy feelings of a product that's the outside of the design and then after that designers will then think about the inside and how does it work and you know what the mechanisms .

But it's it's not an afterthought but it it it's less important to to a designer an engineer will think about it from the inside out you know first the most important thing is how does it work what's the battery where does the mechanics go .

You know all of this stuff and then after that okay fine now what does it look like uh what does you know uh afterwards so so the emotions and the personal and the societal impact of that product maybe comes as again not as an afterthought i don't .

Want to i don't want to offend the engineers when i say that they don't care about how something looks uh and i don't want to offend the designers so you don't care how it works you know it's a balancing act and it's just priorities um and i i think that way of thinking .

About it with priorities um is a good way of thinking about it so what what interests you more you know are you more interested in the personal interconnectedness with with how people interact with this product uh how does it make people feel or are you more interested in how it's working .

And how to save money on on manufacturing and things like that completely up to you on what you're more interested in one can't be done without the other so we need both and we we laugh at each other for uh you know thinking the other ones not doing as an important job but we really need each .

Other so i hope that answers your question thank you so much for all of your questions i really enjoyed that live stream and i will be posting all of the other individual questions to my youtube channel as well so don't forget to let me know down in the .

Comments if you learned anything because i love to read about it and don't forget to like and comment and subscribe and hit the bell button and everything else youtube asks you to do and i will see you all in the next video bye


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