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Introduction to Qlikview | Qlikview Architecture | Qlikview vs Traditional BI Tools

Hi welcome to clicky today we will be discussing about click view introduction architecture and how if you differs from the existing BI tools okay so so coming to the contents will be discussing about so what is click view and how it works and what are all the functionalities has and what is the underlying mechanism of click view and other features and .

Comparison with traditional BI tools and architecture and its components so how the components will work together and the process flow will works and the licensing mechanism and come to the click view so click view is a new generation be a tool so which will provide insights to the users on the fly so whereas coming to the traditional BI .

Tools those our developer driven and here the insights are user driven and coming to its capabilities it's an unbeatable cap abilities holding technologies I can say so you can define a bi tools ever after tip you or before clear flow so after take you all the data's has been measured to in memory so if you has .

In memory means whatever the data you're putting thing to click view and trying to do analysis that is available on the RAM so you can experience seamless and very fast calculations and tillu is a market-leading bi tool so it's it is leading the magic quadrant then from the past five years in the BI category .

And it works on the basis of a societal concern as I told you earlier it is completely on in-memory technology so whatever the amount of data you're putting on so it will be loading into RAM and you can see the seamless calculations true Ram only so whereas it also uses cash along with the RAM efficiently to provide insights and .

Calculations on the fly to the users so as I told you the traditional technologies will work with developer driven or IT driven so once they define the hierarchy of interactions user has to follow it for example so as you there is a hierarchy region to state product and salesperson suppose if you want to select salesperson 3 who is there in the .

Region 3 so you need to start from region 3 state 3 and again product 3 and sales wasn't 3 so this is how it evolves whereas n click you if we want to select salesperson 3 can directly select same from 3 so the remind census will change accordingly suppose if you want to select another state which is not belong to the particular salesperson you just .

Select the state which you want to select the remaining will adjust according to your selections so here the selections are user driven means what are the insights are generated trivial solution or use it rivet and whereas coming to the tension these are high T driven once it has been defined so you don't have you'll not be in a position .

To change them if you want to change if you get month's time so but if you want to build a simple application with the traditional be idle it takes months time to get into production so by that time so you will launch the business or as you may lose opportunity to improve your business or to implement some strategies but whereas it .

Clip you your insights will be driven or insight will be develop and hand out to the end user within weeks of time with a cost effectiveness as well and so it works completely on SL model so that you can implement as many changes as you want so come to the other features it is also having inbuilt ETL tool which no other technology or no other be a .

Technology tools are having so you name it anything whether it is a tableau or else go bi anything so clearly has inbuilt ETL tool which will saves money for some small scale or middle scale enterprises so it is having rich set of ETL features channel so that you don't have to purchase another bi supporting ATL – ok so because it has an immediate .

Built ETL tool it is also having a red set of data sources connectivity so you can connect with multiple data sources to fetch your transactional data for doing analysis ok so and it is also compass data 10 times – the overall size suppose if you have hundred GB of data it will compress the data to 10 GB and is also having a rich set of .

Visualizations and the visualizations are not limited to the click view provided visualizations there are other extensions object which we can say means so other than if you there are vendors who will build these things there are some free visualization – extensions available in the market you can use them as well and for the authorization .

Authentication there is a centralized access control mechanism which is provision by click view so you can use that to control users not to access a particular data field or particular chart and but in visualization sheet so it is highly I can say configurable access control mechanism which is our well with .

Click view and coming to the accessibility so you can access the click view applications through any device which is having a browser and it is also provide offline analysis through iPad application so these are all the which the major things and coming to the manageability of applications it is provide it provides enterprise class .

Architecture and you can also it allows forward as a business as I discussed it will also provide I mean flexibility in implementing the changes so it takes very less time we can say in weeks only there is professional support from click taken and has well as I can say a good developer community is available so there is no other technology partner or .

Technology vendor is providing this kind of developer community so you post the questions whatever you have in your mind they'll answer you in multiple scenarios so there are already available I mean some thoughts and it's answers as well so you can go through them as well so coming to the Clarion pitch if they have made three components .

Majorly one is PQ desktop and then when a server and other one is publisher okay so the publisher and server will be available through a single package but you need to purchase license for both indifferently so the Q desktop is a developer control which will be used for developing the dashboards our applications I can say once you dump the .

Application you will deploy them in server and the users can access the applications will short applied in server through means of a web portal called as access point and here the publish role is very crucial it is useful for fetching in data from data sources and will host the applications in server on timely basis so you can .

Automate the data refreshing through publisher and also it will distribute the application to the server with access control imperat format so coming to the licensing there are three modules which are to be considered by licensing one is desktop so if you want to develop an application you will have license so Dell desktop presence will be provision .

In two ways one is to lazing other one is to desktop can they stop tell is nothing but it's in license which will be having a key with the Control Number so you have to enter the key and Control Number and keep you desktop so that it will freshest the license information from server and you can use it for developing and the one is leasing so .

Once you buy a server they'll give you some name Cal's so you can lease license from server if you have a named Cal available in the server okay and if you lease license to the desktop you will be allowed to develop the application for 30 days so after that again you need to lie is my license so and here coming to the server .

So server is available of with publisher in combined but you have to purchase license differently for both server and publish it okay so if you are buying server you will be getting some Cal's along with that server license and so the Cal's number will be depending on your deal with click tech okay so coming to the Cal's so the Cal's our client .

Access licenses okay so if user wants to access a dashboard from access point or from QlikView server there should be a license available for that accessibility so that will be provision to Cal's there are four types of Cal typically one is named Cal another one is document called and third with this session and the last one is using scan so named Cal is a .

Super Cal I can say so this is used for releasing a license and you can also assign it a user so that they can access all the documents which are assigned to that user or which the user has access to for unlimited unlimited time there will no II would and the next one is document can so document Cal is assigned to a particular user for only one .

Document so the particular user can access the document for unlimited time it is a document car and a third one is session can this is for all the fields but for limited time if you assign sorry there is no assignment as Avignon France issue cap so we can't assign a session Cal paper care user so if a session can is available so any user is logged in he .

Can able to see all the documents whatever form into which order Rahman he has access to for 15 minutes so once his 15 minutes is completed I mean the Cal will be transferred to second cap so the second session Cal consumption will start from 16 minute and 16th minute are modes but user will feel seamless I mean flow from one session Khaldun the .

Second section Calkins consumption okay next one is uses camp so this is one document for limited time okay so it depends on the scenarios depends on the uses users and enterprises will buy the licenses on the I mean uses business so this is how licensing mechanism will walk so from the next session onwards we will see actual implementation of click .

View and how the click view desktop will looks like and what are all the components are available in all the Minos available in cliffy desktop and each and every menu will have some specific functionalities and options so we'll be discussing them in detail future sessions so thanks for watching please do subscribe .


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