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Is Construction Engineering A Good Major | Construction Engineering vs Civil Engineering

Are you an engineer who is interested in engineering construction and management do you wonder if running projects is for you getting out into the field to see about what's actually being built on-site during construction projects well engineering construction and management could be for you from this video we're talking all about that right .

Now and you are watching episode 50 of the 1% engineer show where we empower young engineers to rise to the top 1% of their career someone challenged me lately to talk about what we actually do here what I'm actually trying to teach and the core thesis is that here at the 1% engineers show we teach the lessons that you never learned in school .

Relationship building networking communicating leadership things like that and of your young engineer and you want the 1% engineer kit which is a bunch of ebooks and resume templates comment below and I'll send you a copy I release videos on Wednesdays Saturdays and Sundays and event live streaming on top of that lately so make sure you .

Subscribe so you don't miss out on awesome lessons so that you can crush it in your engineering career ok guys I don't want this intro to be super long but really quickly here some context about this video I went to the University of Delaware that's my alma mater I graduated eight years ago in the spring of 2009 and lately this year we .

Just started a new engineering major which is engineering construction and management ECM em and I reached out to the professors and said hey guys you need to be talking about this you need to be promoting this new major I would love to just make you an in kind video that means free so I did and they said of course we'd love for free video so I .

Interviewed the professor dr. small and I do believe that a lot of you will be interested in a field like this because I just did a video about this guy's right after hurricane Harvey right after hurricane Emma we're talking about how there's three reasons why we're gonna need to build stuff forever we're gonna need to keep expanding our cities keep .

Maintaining our infrastructure so engineering construction and management could be for you if you like the merger of being outside of man projects being a communicator but you also want to be within the civil engineering the building and infrastructure engineering realm and have a listen to what a major like EC & .

M can actually do for you can present to you and your career maybe you're a good candidate for that I hope this interview with dr. small helps you guys so enjoy my name is Edgar small and I'm the director of the construction engineering and management program here at the University of Delaware and we are running a bachelor's .

Program in construction engineering and management well I had the opportunity to come to UD to build a construction engineering program from scratch UD has a great history with civil engineering and environmental engineering and historically what we've done is to have civil engineers go into the construction industry and learn the .

Industry with the civil engineering background now a lot of that has meant that there's a lot of on-the-job learning and the industry right now is moving to a point where there are so many technical skills that are required there are so many demands upon the construction area that a different background is required UD is the ideal .

Place to be doing it because we're we're right in the middle of the Northeast Corridor and we have the opportunity really to to train up construction engineers that will get involved in this area and internationally to change the industry down the road good environment geographically yes yep we're also at a good moment in time for kids to be .

Interested in yes okay sure well when we started the program we had to do some market studies and to look at what the the market is in construction engineering and management and actually the market is much better than I originally thought our study showed that the the growth is thirty percent nationwide for .

Construction professionals twenty percent in the Northeast Corridor which is dynamite for the the foreseeable future there are companies that they really just need employees that are coming out they can hit the ground running and we were looking to develop students with degrees that can can hit the ground running and .

And start contributing right away from day one with the the companies that they go to work for thanks really hit on demand already that was another question although how you have this that's ready yep no if that's just like a known thing for you to or you've researched it for this but that was really good good engineers can attach themselves to .

Numbers yes why things are are important okay so this is really this is really good dr. small I really think it's important for us to touch on this but you meant a unique program maybe you can speak a little bit to how this is unique within those 16 programs yes and then also touch on the business certificate okay students will have I think .

Highlighting that extra value that they get okay nice add okay what we have in in construction historically there there's two things in construction there's construction management and that usually comes from a business to diploma or that comes from a technology school but then there's construction engineering and that is built upon an .

Engineering foundation it gives you a path to licensure as a professional engineer what we here are here at Delaware is we are an engineering school we have a long history we want to produce construction engineers we are the only program in the Northeast that will be doing a bet accredited construction engineering what we are .

Offering is a construction engineering program built upon engineering fundamentals so you have your calculus you have your mechanics but then we get into construction engineering specialties how do you predict costs and come up with construction cost estimates how do you manage the time effectively with scheduling how do you choose the .

Right equipment how do you optimize what you are doing on the construction site for the maximum productivity we feel that this is going to to be ideal for the leaders of the future but there's more that you need that we've incorporated into our program and that is business acumen so what we've done is we've synergized and we've leveraged .

What we can do with the free time for every student to be able to get a certificate in business essentials as part of the degree program but there's even more than that right we we we talked to industry and as part of that conversation the number one thing that they say is we want students that have experience so what we've done is we've .

Been able to to leverage summers and our winter session which at UD gives us a great opportunity because we have a long winter session to have a guided cooperative experience that will give 26 weeks of experience without extending the degree program beyond four years and that is a great opportunity yes yes we are a co-op program but we are a .

Four-year co-op program that has a business certificate included within it it has all the experience as well as incredible opportunities to interact with with industry as part of that in four years without extending it to a fifth year like most co-op programs would do you would say that being an accredited construction engineer .

Engineering construction and management having the business certificate and also having the co-op style there's most likely no other program there is no other program right now we've looked at every other program that is accredited through abet there is no other program that does this so this is this is really good just two more to go okay what type .

Of student whether they be going right into university or maybe within a general engineering term interests what type of student is a good fit yes engineering construction engineering and management is a little bit different than traditional civil engineering traditional civil engineering focuses a lot on design focuses a lot on analysis .

Most of the job is in the office environment for construction engineering you also have office work but you also have to be in the field as well so if you like to be a hands-on with what you are doing construction engineering is ideal because you have that ability to be in both the office and the field you have that ability to have different .

Challenges almost all the time so if you really like to have a challenge and to be out in the field it's ideal because you will have different challenges almost every day as part of the construction process another really good thing about it is that you you physically see the ideas come to reality and when you're looking .

Back at your career and you drive around where you live you can say hey I built that and I built that and I built this and that is a pretty cool feeling yes okay so this is the last question on the roster then we can add some other things if we see fit but I'll love for you to maybe mention the excitement regarding some of the emerging technologies that .

Play an impact into engineering construction and management maybe a little mention about BIM yep yes the industry is is changing very very rapidly right now the industry needs engineers who come out of school ready to use new technologies as part of their their job as part of their careers the number one thing here is BIM Building .

Information modeling you may think of CAD CAD is is where you have a two-dimensional or three-dimensional model BIM is extending cat by giving properties to those objects in the model so we can build a facility virtually in the computer environment and and see whether or not things work correctly and optimize our process before we start .

Spending millions of dollars or whatever it may be and actually buying the concrete and put in putting the the facility into place that is revolutionizing the way that we build things the second thing that I'm really excited about is robotics right construction robotics is going to dramatically change the way that things .

Are built it's going to do it in terms of heavy infrastructure in terms of bridge construction but also in terms of building construction and the third thing is going to be productivity and there's lots of technologies out there that help us to be more productive that are coming down the road such as 3d printing of .

Of concrete and other techniques to allow us to have a smooth process of the supply chain and in realizing the the constructed facility another thing that is unique about our program that is is really excites me is the opportunity that we have through technical electives and study abroad options to to get an understanding of international .

Construction I had the opportunity to live overseas in Dubai which was one of the absolutely amazing construction markets in the world our students will have the opportunity to study in Dubai and study and other dynamic construction markets as part of their degree program well what I'm trying to do I'm trying to take two weeks in London doing cross .

Rail and HS to the high speed rail – all right so do two weeks there do three weeks and do I so that's what I'm trying to do you'll see I guess it's not like fully like finalized right so you could yeah but it's we will we will have the opportunities just just a one or two-sentence thing about like a concluding sentence oh I'm so excited to .

Launch this course yeah in order to empower these students okay they can have an awesome career yes if you're interested in this please send me an email and then you can say and also have the text yes yes well we are really excited about the construction engineering management program here at the University of Delaware we are .

Starting with our first freshman class this fall actually in just a few days from the time that we're recording this will be wealthy welcoming the students on the campus and we are really excited about the construction engineering and management program here at the University of Delaware we are welcoming our first class in just a few days from .

The time that we're recording this and we will have the opportunity to to bring them through the program and graduate our first class four years from now our industry partners are extremely excited to to meet our incoming students as are we we are looking to be the premier construction engineering management program in the Northeast and looking to .

The future to be a world-renowned program in this in this part of the country so and looking to the future we are looking to be a world-renowned program where people from from the entire globe would look at Delaware and say this is the place where I want to go to get a construction education so what .

You need to do right now if you are interested in this I invite you just send me an email the best way to reach me is a small at U del dot edu send me your information and I'll look forward to getting in contact with you hey I hope you enjoyed that interview content with dr. small about engineering construction and management a new major .

Being offered at the University of Delaware I do also want to know that Delaware is not sponsoring this major through me or anything like that there's no sort of paid thing going on I just want to put that disclosure forward this is me just believing in Delaware wanting to help the engineering department and rekindling and building some new .

Relationships with the professors I'm doing what I tell you guys to do all the time I'm just adding value helping first I don't really have an ask at all I'm just putting myself on Delaware's radar again as I moved back from Vancouver four or five months ago and this is you one of your first times the channel make sure you subscribe guys because I .

Release videos on Wednesdays Saturdays and Sundays for engineering student success thanks for watching the more percent engineering show guys and stay hungry on your quest Cheers


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