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Lab Equipment vs. Industrial Equipment in Engineering and Chemistry Lab (E06)

Let's talk about equipment in the lab and when I'm in lab I mean the chemistry lab and the chemical engineering lab and chemical industry industry mainly this will be more about lab in the chemistry lab so well first instance storage facilities how you going to search your materials in a chemical lab or a chemistry lab you will have plenty of .

Glassware bottles maybe event you will have these safety Bell which tracks the vapors and fumes it might even generate you can see also solid Tsering bottles and so on plastic bottles glass bottles and so on in I would say that in engineering we got very huge containers still probably we have a lot of Valve's a lot of let's say .

Inlets and outlets because we need to keep a lot of pressure temperature levels and so on you can see here it's also huge you have these stairs in order to have some engineers or maybe operate operation people going here and checking out the huge storage for destination hopefully you check this out when you were student in maybe high school or .

Before you got this little thing you burn it or at least you burn the Bunsen burner it generates heat and starts evaporating this right here it goes here then which are cooling this so the vapor turns out as a liquid it got here and you make your separation now that's for the distillation in a lab industrialization is made in .

Distillation columns which are huge and you can see right here every stage is different we have no condensers here we've got condensers down and sorry up here and down here and what I mean here is not literally up actually we always say this in order to get an easier understanding but the thing is that we're going to .

Have a pipe go it it goes to here and then goes back the operation as the name implies is an operation that will evaporate or this liquid right here you got this Bunsen burner and it's going to go out in industrial applications we have huge evaporators as you can see we have a very hot fluid right here and we get our fluid in tubes so they start in .

Exchanging heat and they turn into paper and then immediately take it out chemical reactions well in the labs you are not going to have that fancy reactors you may even have reactions in beakers you have a and B and you please C and D or these right here which is not that safe actually I just took it because it's awesome right here but I'm .

Very sure this is not safe at least not if you are not in the distraction bag now for engineers you'll see of course lot of inlets outlets for the materials you will have a manhole right here so someone is able to go inside and clean or check out you got this is still very huge you got your steer because here well you might be able to do this little .

Let's say forgot the name English butts this stick you just move it and you will favor agitation in the industrial reactor you cannot do that it's a lot of energy you will require so money having a human turning this like a donkey well it's too much energy now you can see we've got plenty of security issues pipes inlets outlets and so on because .

We many times want to control temperature and pressure which is very difficult to control in these type of reactors now we go for mixing and agitation as I tell you guys we are not going to have someone mixing it we're going to have this machine it boobs and it as it moves it's going to mix all this .

Right here there are plenty of different patterns or it's agitation so you can see here this is like a helix this is a more structure agitation system and the reality is that if you're at the lab you will have teeth you know let's say spoon right here or if it's a little bit larger you will have your mixing flask right here's close it with this cork and .

You can move it and you will mix it or if you're feeling well you will want well you want to avoid to get burnt so you just have this little guy refuge agitates with magnetic fields right here so if you are having agitation and heat transfer now hitting in general well we just been some burner or this little plate right here or maybe even an oven .

Or stove right here in the industrial application we got the speed of all heat exchangers so one fluid goes inside the exchanger and other fluid goes outside the exchangers so what you have is essentially one fluid starts heating up the tube and the co fluid starts cooling down the tube so there is heat exchange one goes in when goes out liquid liquid .

Distraction well it's pretty easy this typical lab experiment you have this layer and the second layer this is a this is B and this is C and you will separate it very easily into a beaker opening and closing T's for a industrial liquidly construction well you require a little bit more complex equipment and we have these systems which are called .

Washing it helps to increase and decrease the concentrations in the liquid liquid extraction now pumping we've got huge farms for industry applications huge systems for compression and pumping and in the lab we got just little pumps which will generate a hue more little pumps that decrease pressure or these pumps right .

Here that we have favored flow of liquids and finally like compare much more equipments but I think you're getting the DL how this is very industrial for the chemical engineer this is very lab as chemists so the piping you will have these hoses right here going here these are plastic or maybe Pusey and here .

Right we use steel because it's still cheap and strong and sometimes it's hard to grow so you can see plenty of piping right here well that's the main difference we use huge pipes and we use insulation material typically at the lab we don't use that and yeah that's what I want to mainly show you guys left side chemistry lab right side industrial .

Applications so that was everything guys hopefully you start to get the idea of where you want to work


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