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Menti War ⚔️ Sundar Sir Vs Surabhi Ma’am | Social Studies | Class 6 & 7 Vs Class 8 | Young Wonders

All right i think we are live no i don't think so once again huh i didn't hi guys hi everyone thank you hi hello how are you guys what's up hi alana we want lyanna .

So happy so guys today we have me myself so you're so famous is that something that you're called i said no no i like probably he is putting that hi man thank you so much for joining guys i hope uh you know i would say we have a .

Lovely time today with this minty yes yes yes yes all right guys please call your friends also for today we have we don't want to start the session with such a you know less numbers and like tell us right now in the chat .

Box who do you think is going to win six standard seven standard undas or eight standard karbujas who's gonna win wow eighth eighth will win come on guys 141 people i need at least 160. then we will maybe start there are a lot of new students in here .

Yeah so let's see let's kind of also introduce ourselves for all of the new students so i take class 8 here at the young wonders channel but sundar sir is a you know veteran he's the one who would actually take six seventh and used to take eight standard till last year i also watch his videos sometimes before i .

Take my own sessions just to take like support all right all right good good good you're going to explode you're so happy krishna good please don't explode do the mentee all right start like okay steady then .

Great okay right now shall we start we are gonna start with 160 people watching but 120 thumbs up what is this can you see you are doing guys thumbs up click on it not a lot of effort .

All right i think we can start now that these kids have brought their friends also sure oh my gosh that's a whatsapp conversation class stopper annual exams preparation dude any offer wait till feb 14 guys .

What is there in feb 14 surrey ma'am any but you know what valentine's day is all about love right and that is the day where something lovely lovely is going to happen yep we have that because i'm sure all of you are going to love it from watch out be on your toes .

All right and i'm sure you're going to like it guys yeah so guys 14 february please put it in your calendar something big is coming right bounce on it because you might not get a lot of time when the opportunity knocks your door yeah okay now guys one just let's quickly .

Tell them the mentee code go to www.mentee.com for all of you all okay people have started joining me okay guys the mentee code is two seven eight seven eight for those of you who don't know sir what is this all about .

Please go to the website www.menteementi.com it's mentioned right there at the top you can see that and once you get there it's going to say freeze into the code type this code 2787.5826 side come on guys sorry i have some news for you .

Our name has been brought together and we are having a hashtag of sunbee oh it's okay you guys are getting notoriously you know what i would have been happy if you said sir cute little boy these kids are here with like full naughty intent today so there are 180 .

So guys the point here is as you can see in this slide something super amazing is likely to happen on fourteen watch out right so watch the channel without fail every single day starting today till 5 40. yeah okay one the moment it touches 160 will move on .

Yes yes i'm a nutella lover all right ready all of you give me a yo guys come on you're in the chat box hashtag soompi is coming back thank you krishna i love that you've taken subscription great lalit please let everyone know how amazing .

Is lots of yours so guys let us get started ready so what i'm going to do is i'm ready let all the authors get launched so we have let me do one thing let me .

Take the bandwagon of sixth and seventh guys okay okay and i'll make it interesting i will ask the questions on sixth and seven okay all right in case that's my question i'll ask good good and i i want to see thumbs up guys and subscribe do not forget because .

As a channel we are going to grow only with your support right absolutely you guys have been fantastic guys come on come on please subscribe support us please join the family of young wonders by subscribing thank you aaron great shall we start yes yes let's start five minutes okay guys first question okay i'll start i'll take that okay okay .

Okay here we go guys i want all of you to answer okay very important which rock is the molten magma made up of okay igneous rocks metamorphic rocks sedimentary rocks none of these which is the molten magma made up of .

So magma is like something related to maggie right right comes out of the earth and what do we get i guess majority because it's right wow good man how will classics know about class 8 that is the that you have to do .

Yes igneous rock is correct do not worry the questions haven't picked like that you will always see that you will know guys think okay guys one question done who is at the top great .

Followed by thristy albert all right now we bring question number two is that bitty culture is the cultivation of silk flowers grapes or fish the culture come on guys come on come on come on .

Central gamer don't confuse everyone okay with your wrong answer time is right awesome so we have high five to you i don't know what that is i think it's tumble or void .

Good job all of you on top of the leaderboard right next question to sundar right here we go make it easy here it is a person who makes cartoon caricature maps or none of these i know everyone should get it right come .

On guys come on come on come on what i'm giving a hint also sir yeah you directly spotted central gamer come on don't confuse everyone yeah good guys that's like my boys and girls so what three questions done right yep so there are a lot of questions guys .

Monkey wait guys this is where we stand fourth one the fourth question sir you ask yeah the indian constitution was written by mohandas true or false guys don't break our hearts by choosing the wrong answer they caught like gandhiji was one day .

Chilling and he's like let me write down the constitution of india and he wrote it true or false come on guys like no question this is what do you think i think majority of you of them will know this answer yeah absolutely so i i'm wondering about those 53 people 53 people .

Questions standard on top of the leaderboard good job good job all right awesome guys ready for the next question all of you guys think the one who chose wrong answers .

Next question is all right whose autobiography is jutan guys read this read this book him it's a well-known book guys i'm sure six standard challenge everyone knows no no give hint give hint okay it's about a boy a lower caste boy .

It's about a boy good job good job good bad guys man everyone is remembering it very less lead good now it is 11 points 6 7 8 9 10 so guys question 6 yes .

Here we go i will ask let dc this emperor blessed to the mutiny was that yeah guys when you look at the picture you'll know who it is but for this you should have kind of looked at the same picture in your books and you're talking about the mutiny of 1857 .

Right in the first ward of independence so guys i'm all right so we have ritesh on top then we have pokemon krishna no all right so here we go .

Guys by the way did you like this movie i didn't see it it was a good movie right so this is only a trailer you watch the main picture here it comes guys we are already on the .

Main feature i have more than 10 questions remaining next question question seven yeah what is the name of the instrument used for measuring earthquakes thermometers seismograph weighing machine all of these guys don't take all of these please .

Don't do that it's like on our faces anyway when they don't know they'll be like let's click on d i'm sure all of these is the answer wow very nice good guys great so study of earthquake seismology the .

Instrument is seismograph right supper who is that and she guy is saying we use pro only all right so guys after seven questions here is the leaderboard for all of you i think they are still at the top yeah but the .

Lead is only six points very close with pokemon pretty sharing guys you guys are in the leaderboard leading congrats keep it going come on give it a good fight i want the leaderboard to shuffle right here you go question 8 autumn all right is identify this monument .

Make her identify so i don't know what you should do redford old ford taj mahal or my used to every year you look at this monument in the news is almost given the answer i don't like a very good hints such a beautiful monument i absolutely wow .

Five good right we need a question we need a question that's so tough that you know it's going to change the leaderboard completely all right .

Let me see come on come on come on guys first slave king first slave king of the delhi sultanate okay so i think one hint that we can give is that there's a very famous indiana right good job good job .

Now i see oh again uh there is a lead okay what happened hey guys come on you guys are you know kind of hanging on very strongly to the leaderboard question yes and that will be asked by sir .

The organization was formed in what is this organization 1940 1945 47 or 1950. i think this is united nations khanna i think that we can tell let's see if they can they can i mean or am i i could be wrong because this way when i am not very strong when it comes to international organizations even i am very weak .

I think so what do you think guys no it's wh so okay 40 45 most of you got this right super guy could it be oh not much but i think pokemon is at the top now no no oh only one point difference close .

Guys i'm going three krishna mayan top five priyanka aina and shikha albert that is abhishek six seven eight nine ten guys you are part of the leaderboard the top ten for now so what question number 11 six month selected representatives yeah all of .

These your monkeys another option monkeys come on an all election like this is something you've been doing since fourth standard right when it comes to elections who is electing who has the power people guys mlas are elected by mp so they're people right yeah they are all .

Direct representatives right so it is us when during the election parliamentary elections right uh you know legislative elections we choose them correct right all right leader .

Welcome to the class einstein then we have taron and ashitosh on top of the leaderboard great so guys lesson 12 right just five more to go so please be on your toes buckle up guys oxide thorium petroleum yes what is .

Called black gold black gold come on valued a lot as simple as that i think people are going to be super confused between a and b that's what i can see in the chat box guys choose wisely how many of you chose petrol by the way .

68 only all right all new is black gold guys because you know petroleum is actually what guys this is eight standard question my eight standard karbojs you know this petroleum is actually black when we get it out and our core is called sunshine right so yeah .

So 12 questions done oh now now the leaderboard changes yeah big change so a few new people are coming great guys welcome come on cling on to the opportunity all right next question .

Lots of questions this line divides the earth into two equal parts northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere so what line are we talking about 600 for you this question is very very general and showing lenient a prop to help you understand figure it out .

Yeah tropic of capricorn tropic of cancer equator or arctic circle come on days i mean this one kid was complaining man that thing from six standard so guys it's here good job equator zero degree is correct .

There guys equator it is right all right so baby on top then my the cave at night it's quite treacherous acknowledged acknowledged question 14 is not an english word so do you think britishers will call that rivals come on come on .

So everyone should have chosen false after all what's up guys look at that guys you were confused see i knew it they so let's see if that is going to change the leaderboard went down oh oh i feel like 607 standard kind of went down in this question .

Because it was a tough question for them no but uh you know it's a little common sense they don't know that word right english pokemon wow hey yep voila this is our what national statue national emblem national .

One one student is trying to search for lion slash tiger in option this is lion tiger man lion tiger where is it come on so how many of you chose b do we have a national statue no no oh no ritesh went on to care very sad .

That he was doing really well you don't look sad you look happy you're like went down i said oh no right come on but still look at that that shows one mistake will not bring you down absolutely that's the learning for all of you guys .

Consistently score high points you know you make one mistake you know at the end still it saves you the way buckle up all of you just one more do after this here it is question 16 and the question is article 21 of the constitution .

Guarantees right to speech right to life right to freedom come on guys super easy question you know it so right to survival right right to life yes it's not freedom guys it's not faith .

It's not freedom okay it is right to lies did i give you hint also like this like but i don't know i think they were like that this only in the class right here guys you know what first two there is hardly five points different come on .

Come on come on guys find it out this can be decided so be very very watchful everyone guys all the best here comes the final tamale the decider question on your screens now none of these if you have been in tier 2 tier 3 places .

You will easily know that what is the answer for this that's the district panchayat we all know so who's gonna win pokemon oh my god it went down pokemon is winning congratulations pokemon .

well great job keep it up practice more you will get into the leader amazing so support did you enjoy it great great one momenty come on one more moment in the next session come .

On guys if you like this hit the like button let's see how many likes we're getting yep yep thumbs up and guys in the comment section do let us know how you like today's session and uh thank you so do share the video like the video share the .

Video with your friends and relatives if you're not subscribed first thing please go and subscribe right and enable the bell icon because we will be able to send you daily updates and what kind of lovely sessions are happening yeah .

And do not forget 14th february something amazing is coming yeah yeah okay wait for it guys watch out every single day you will get some more a little more information but we will keep them clear now okay guys i think that's it for the day right we will be seeing you in our next .

Session soon that sir continues to take amazing classes for 6th and seventh and i'll be there for eight standards so meet you guys please do go ahead with your lovely sessions guys we both will meet you very soon again until then this is spice bye from sundar .

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