Friday, May 20, 2022

Mila’s Science Fair Robot! | Mila and Morphle Cartoons | Morphle vs Orphle – Kids Videos

oh daddy daddy we've just finished making healthbot for the science fair she's the best at helping well done milan morphle ah so that's where my old glasses went .

Oh there you are techie magic yes techie has the power to control anything electrical he's great at fixing too whoa hello melo morpho ready for the science fair hi enzo yes we made healthbot look .

I made a robot too a superhero robot he's called toefls ah enzo's robot is better than mine he's sure to win at the science fair okay tucky can he fix her she needs to .

Be really helpful what have you kids done now uh oh more full morph into a superhero i was just trying to walk barky you're welcome .

I was just trying to cross the street you're welcome sorry aunt augustine how about was just trying to be helpful you're welcome hey you're welcome you're welcome .

Thanks you're welcome let's grab the banner enzo i want to tell you something i used magic pet techie to fix helpbot and i shouldn't have it was cheating i want to fix her myself will you help me sure .

The trophy for the first place at the science fair goes to enzo for his amazing transforming superhero robot thank you you're welcome


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