Sunday, May 22, 2022

MY PERSONAL BRAND VIDEO for mid term exam english business II

Hi i'm raditya chakra gumila people know me as chakra or radit i am currently a student in jakarta state university may you ran in a farce administrations i like to describe myself in five main objectives here's myself i'm passionate .

I am hard working i am easygoing person i am creative and i am organized person even though i tend to very focus in doing something i always make like schedule or organize my time what should i do from 8 am .

Until 10 out and what should i do next after doing that because it helps me a lot because i am a organized person so i should organize my time too because it helps me a lot in a day i was born in bokassi in 2003 since i was ever born i like to organize anything like i like to put my toys back .

To my box i like to organize my paper knowing that i love to interact with people i got it when i was in the fourth grade because i kinda enjoy it because i can transfer my energy to others and now i like to improve my skills how to organize with other how to speak in public and address .

In this senior high school piece i currently had an achievement as the one who had biggest score in math among the boys and the girls and i just joined an organization in my senior high school pace now i'm in college in this phase i wanna explore again myself what a potential that i have only in public speaking and .

Can manage my time better than before that's my personal branding video and thank you very much


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