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Photoshop vs Illustrator in Architecture | Which One Should You Use?

This video i'm going to talk about the differences between photoshop and illustrator for architectural design i'm not only going to explain what these softwares are typically used for but i'm also going to highlight why you should use one software over the other i'm also going to cover the pros and .

Cons for each program and finally when to introduce these softwares in your architectural workflow photoshop is a raster-based image editing and creation program that creates graphics by combining millions of pixels of various colors .

Individual pixels can be seen when zoomed in yet they are unnoticeable from afar it's quite different from illustrator in the sense that illustrator uses vectors which are points that are used to make flawlessly smooth lines now what is a vector it is a line that's .

Made of two points linked by a computer program vectors are scalable images that can be scaled up or down to fit your needs while maintaining the same level of clarity and resolution so as a result illustrator is frequently used to generate logos and other graphics that may need to be printed or shown in .

Various sizes so the pros of adobe photoshop is because online graphics picture editing and designs are usually at a fixed size photoshop becomes the best choice another wonderful advantage of photoshop is that you can modify your .

Graphics pixel bike pixel giving you total control over your creations photoshop allows you to produce a plethora of unique effects and styles that allow you to effectively convey your idea there are some cons to adobe photoshop which are everything in photoshop is essentially a .

Sequence of pixels so scaling something up or down can cause it to lose quality fast which is why raster images can sometimes appear choppy even when you import autocad drawings into photoshop if you zoom in you can find that it's a little bit pixelated which is so .

Annoying because you've spent so much time creating it in autocad just to put it in photoshop and lose its quality that's not to say that you can't import it with high settings but it will always appear a little bit more pixelated especially when you print it now photoshop is regarded as a one-stop .

Shop for architectural students and since it can accomplish so much and it's so simple to use but i found that it's not the ideal software for all sorts of artwork and design especially line work drawings and illustrations now let's talk about illustrator the .

Pros of using vector is that it will offer you a superior print result since it's not resolution dependent and also vector design will never lose its quality when you scale it up or down so if you create a diagram if you create a plan if you create a section and edit it in illustrator you can print .

It and scale it how many other times and it will always look the same it will always have a really crisp resolution now there are some cons though which are restricted filters and image editing tools so it's difficult to change photos that have already been created .

with file formats you can imagine that raster and vector both have their own file format and i've got a quick hack for you which i use in every single software so if you want to figure out what format any software supports .

Go to the import or export or the open menu and you'll see all of the formats that are available and that work within the program but you should know that each format will behave differently and that's where your research will come into play but you're probably already familiar .

With the jpg and png raster file formats ai eps svg and pdf are all common vector file extensions but you can also open autocad files in illustrator which is great for us in architecture now here's where things get a little bit complicated so bear with me .

So you may save a psd file which is a photoshop file comprising of layers pictures and text from a photoshop project that is in progress someone else or maybe you at a different point in your life you may open the psd file in photoshop and you can continue altering it .

Including reverting some of your modification however you must export it as a jpg or a png before you can use it as a raster image which means that it will combine all of the layers where changes are no longer reversible now illustrator on the other hand .

Is not like photoshop the project file and the end output are both ai or svg so all of the individual layers the shapes the text are preserved in a vector file so if you open an svg file you can still tweak and change it but you can also save an illustrator .

File or export it as a jpg or a png file which will combine everything into a single flat raster picture although the end result of both apps might be the same the path to get there is extremely different so just keep in mind that if you save anything as a raster file .

That's it you can't change it but if you save it as an svg file you can always go back and change it file size in either application is there a standard size the size of the file is determined by several variables it is determined by the actual size of the document in pixels .

The bit depth and the number of layers and effects in photoshop however in illustrator files are primarily vector data that is mathematically encoded thus the final document size is usually a factor for example in an illustrator a triangle is merely three points .

Aligned on a page maybe with a fill color that file will just take a few kilobytes to write because it's only three points but in photoshop which is a raster picture program the same triangle is depicted one pixel at a time in a rectangular .

Document or a file so if you modify the resolution if you make the triangle bigger or smaller you add effects if you add layers you'll end up with an increasing number of pixels illustrator file with raster components will be affected in the same way .

So say you had an illustrator file and you wanted to add a picture for your background it will behave in the same way however keeping an object or your illustrator file completely in vector format allows you to add layers of complexity without .

Adding a lot of data the vector data scales in size without adding any weight to the file size since it's merely geometry so as the name implies photoshop is primarily used for photo editing and manipulation things like adjusting color balance sharpening an image .

Collaging adding plants in your renders because we are just obsessed with plants and other elements to make you render appear more realistic because you know it will take your time energy and tears to actually model it generally if your starting point is an existing image or a render .

Photoshop is the application that you should use illustrator is generally utilized for logo creation because the ability to scale it while maintaining its quality is important so as a result i like to use it to create my line drawings diagrams and modify my orthographic drawings .

Sometimes i mean all of the time who am i kidding our lectures will require the same drawing in different scales so maintaining the resolution is important especially when you print some people also like sketching in photoshop and then use illustrator to turn that sketch into a vector .

But the great thing with the creative cloud is that you can link both illustrator and photoshop together say you had an illustrator file and you had an icon you can then save it and place it linked into photoshop which means that any changes to the icon in illustrator .

It will update in photoshop and vice versa photoshop to illustrator but instead of exporting and importing you can just copy and paste from one file to another and place it as a smart object it will essentially be linked so if i need to change it for whatever reason i can double click on this box here and .

It will open in illustrator and then i can edit it save it and it will update in photoshop keep in mind though that if you rasterize that file so if you right click and you turn it into raster file you can't edit or change the file and have it linked anymore i love this .

Feature because it works the same way with indesign so if i import the native photoshop or illustrator file to my document any changes will automatically update in indesign say you had a review and you needed to update your drawings because we all know that it happens .

Too many times in architecture you can do so without redoing the entire layout from scratch so my workflow is essentially illustrator to photoshop to indesign and everything is linked so any changes in the drawing it will update in all of the software so i hope that after watching this video .

You realize that there is no single software that is the ideal software so instead you should focus on the advantages and disadvantages of each software so that you can get the result that you want and then hopefully once you are familiar with the basics of the software you can learn more and more and become an expert .

At those softwares so i hope that you found this video helpful let me know in the comments down below when do you use photoshop when do you use illustrator also let me know if you have any other questions i would love to answer them don't forget in the description box you .

Can find my fiverr page as well as my super peer page if you want to book a private tutorial with me and learn more about photoshop or illustrator in the context of your own project english and i'll see you next time you .


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