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Press Conference Psychology: Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Let's break down today press conference for Connor and could be one of the best things I've ever seen entertainment wise without exaggeration is one of the best things I have ever seen in mixed martial arts it was completely fun look let's back up was okay let's back up to yesterday guys Connor had two choices when he comes into this press .

Conference and this isn't a slide that could be this is a reality that khabib was never going to carry this torch there was no scenario where khabib is the one that lights that press conference on fire so Connors got two choices okay he can come in the obnoxious over-the-top in-your-face flamboyant entertainer that everybody .

Wants or he can come in subdued because of the environment he can look across the table at his opponent go hey you're not gonna do your part of this thing so why am i there's no audience here there's the wrong energy this is an environment I'm not used to so I'm just gonna come in and be subdued I'm gonna answer the questions I'm gonna get out .

Of here as soon as possible those were his two choices like him or not but that's that's all that he's got he comes in on fire okay if one example was that he can come in with a machine gun or he could come in with nyquil he came in with a machine gun in both hands he had a machete tied to his back he had clips in his socks this thing was .

Fantastic as a piece of theater is absolutely fantastic and Connor let it rip Kabhi made a lot of mistakes I'm gonna break those down for you but you have to understand this is what we wanted okay when Connor comes on that stage he's wearing a suit that looks fantastic he's got his hair done he's got his beard in check he's got some .

Cool chains around him he's breaking out his Irish whiskey at one point he gives Dana a shot of the whiskey Dana drank the whiskey on stage I mean everything you could think of that would be entertaining or fun was there plus he got right in Tuukka Bebe's face you know Connor was really up against it on this artistically artistically speaking he .

Was up against it he had done such a bad action that it was a crime it put him in handcuffs it put him in the jurisdiction of the DA and put him front and center but before a judge he had to bail himself out he's got lawsuits going on he put himself in such a bad situation that the press and the media were pushing back on Dana White for showing .

That as part of the promotion in the build-up to the fight this is how bad this was so guess what Connor did he steered right into it he came out and said the very first thing I did when I walked up to that but don't don't bring up the dolly business me throwing a dolly into the window the very first thing I did as I came and I showed you .

My hands I let you see that I was unarmed it was gonna be you against me man against man you had friends I had friends but I showed you my hands and you wouldn't get off the bus it doesn't matter who's right in that scenario this was a powerful picture that Connor was now recreating right Connor had one of the best lines in the history of mixed .

Martial arts and nobody heard it so I'm going to retell it too and I can't remember why no one heard either Dana started to say something as Connor deliver this or Kebede started to say something as Connor delivered the line but something somebody else was talking and it happened like that but I picked it up I god that was gold so he told .

Khabib the line was simply he told Cabot you tapped you tapped the window now what he's talking about is when I came and put pressure on the bus when I attack the bus you were so scared you tried to tap out you tapped that against the wind it was a very simple line but he said you tapped the window and everybody missed it I want to bring it .

To you guys his attention because it was absolute gold now here's the mistake that could be was making and one thing about Connor I mean this guy was red-hot in Cairo Connors fired on all cylinders and one thing about Connor that he doesn't get enough credit for his car as a man of his word when he says he's gonna do something he does something and .

I think guys in this sport should get more credit for that and guys don't get credit which is why guys don't mind being chickens that's why they don't mind signing contracts and then pulling out missing weight finding excuses taking the low road nothing happens to him on the playground if you didn't show up to the bell at 3 o'clock and the .

Other guy did you lost that's the way it used to be in this sport back when men were men now you now you got something else going on Conor McGregor follows through on his wording he called to be bout Point Blank and he said you better show up on October 6 and khabib so why would I not show up and Connor said you put you pull out of all sorts .

Of fights you missed wait for all sorts of fights you never do what you're supposed to say I'm paraphrasing now for those of you that watch it but Connor called him out on it he said I'm gonna be that October says I fought hurt before I've fought overweight and had a struggle to get down to the limit that was agreed upon before I come in every .

Time and you don't khabib this was the weak spot the weak spot of the whole press conference this khabib said what if I don't show up we would just do it another time whoa it doesn't work that way did does not work that way could be but better show up on weight on October 6 period period if he shows up an ounce .

Overweight or he doesn't show up at all this goes to Connor and they don't need to rebook the match Connor did everything that he was supposed to do I know as you're watching this this video you're thinking jails taking Connor side I'm not doing that but I'm crediting for today and for what happened could be was up against it it was up against it from .

Jump Street we all knew that he was up against it so you go out there and do the level best that you can this is just not his sport okay every time this was a brilliant move and I'm afraid you guys would have missed it every time Connor got into a jam every time khabib would ask him something or somebody would ask him something or .

Kabhi would say something that was damning to Connor much like the great Andy Kaufman much like the great Dwayne the rock Johnson Conor McGregor would respond by going yeah but maybe maybe he would make a fake silly voice he would just speak over him kabhi would ask him something to put Conor in a bad light and Connor would respond a bit maybe I .

Can't do it I can't even do it it was so funny I was fall out of my seat watching this and that is how he would deal with the question he would never answer the question khabib also made one other big mistake and you'll see you guys will see this in politics a lot right cuz this is a debate this is just like politics didn't matter if you're in a .

Presidential group of the tour whatever it is we get two opposing views up on a stage all you've got is your body language and your words and your wit that's who the winner is going to be in that scenario that's cast in the form of a vote on Election Day in scenario it's cast by a round of applause at the end of the day but .

Connor won this and I want to tell you one of the mistakes that could be made is it was a QA and could be that questions of Connor so kebede would ask Connor the question Connor would not answer the question and then Kebede would be frustrated and then we asked the question and at one point Dana White even said all right next .

Question he turned to the media and khabib steps in because no no I have a question I my question needs to be answered Connor don't need to answer your questions that's why it's a sucker's move you don't ever do that in a debate Connor McGregor is not under subpoena to be there he is not under oath he doesn't .

Owe you an answer and he did not give could be even answer and when Connor dismissed the question that khabib demanded be shown respect it made khabib look weak before anybody responds Agosta beams not weak and he's gonna win the fight we're not talking about the fight we're talking about the battle that happened today at the press conference .

And I'm sharing with you some mistakes that he did body language is also a very big deal look Connor was very disciplined to stay in his Lane and as the showboating entertainer okay that's gonna draw people's attention that's going to provoke a fight khabib was very disciplined to stay in his land of a gentleman of a sportsman all the while .

Keeping his fingers crossed and hoping that Connor would induce a self-inflicted wound where eventually he would drive out of that lane and wreck his own car that was the only way kabhi was gonna get over today and Connor just simply do it well it did not do it at one point I will tell you Connor went a little bit too far when he said to .

Khabib had you gotten off that bus you would be dead right now now in Fighter terms I can tell you I'm gonna kill you I'm not actually threatening your life I don't even mean for a second that I'm going to stop your pulse not not at all but those are fighter terms I'm going I'm gonna I'm gonna kick your ass at no .

Point am I going to take my foot to your butt right these are fighter terms Connor doubled down on it though and he said you would be dead and I would be in a jail cell that's when it became a reality of wait a second now you did just threaten his life now you did just threaten his life and the spirit of hail-fellow-well-met we .

Don't do that but that was the only time that connor ever drove out of his lane the rest of the time he was fantastic if he went after everything he gave a damn about any of it he went after Putin he went after Russia he talked about the Dagestan any people if you guys understand the geography of Russia as it pertains to Dagestan .

There's some real interesting things there Conner was all over the map and then he challenged him and this sounded like really tough guy talk and it was that's the point of a press conference okay tough guy talk captivate people make people believe it don't manufacture anything a Connor didn't manufacture anything .

Connor meant it and he was speaking from the heart and that's the reason all of you believed it that's the reason you guys were entertained if there was any winking going on if there was any elbow pokes going on man the whole thing's a bunch of garbage this was real as Connor sees it for Connors truth he shared his truth with the world today khabib for .

His part also shared his truth he just doesn't look he's up against it case taking on the greatest entertainment in the sport with a microphone in his hand it's just a big problem and you just started to see this and you started to see how engaging this was Connor would ask khabib questions that there were no answers to Connor is up there pitching .

Is whiskey and khabib says I don't drink and Connor says what do you not drink well there's no way answer to that quoting but why doesn't he drink he doesn't it religious maybe maybe doesn't want to do the alcohol you could be allergic I have no idea but there is no answer that I don't drink I don't drink that's it that's it the end of it so .

Connor kept pushing them on this why do you not drink why do you not drink and could be just stood up there like a fool he had no answer you have to understand when you're in a verbal fight Gabe went to Politan when anybody is in a verbal fight on a stage you must have an answer if you were ever in an alpha off trying to be the alpha male in the room .

You must have an answer right wrong or indifferent you do not stand there quiet Connor refused to answer his question set up by khabib he never should have asked him questions he doesn't have the right to asking questions he should have seen that one coming and – Connor would then pose questions to khabib that have no answer do you guys understand why .

That's brilliant do you understand why that's a brilliant thing to do and then when he would get in damn I can't do it I want to do it for you with Connor we'd get in a jam he would just start mumbling cartoon talk I was covering this thing for ESPN I was just hoping they didn't throw to me I was laughing so hard and if you guys .

Know who the great comic Andy Kaufman was who was way ahead of his time or if you guys even know who'd wane the rock Johnson is that's a move that they invoke okay it's a move that I've invoked it many times my side just I thought it would be arrogant to tell you guys right put myself in their class and then bring it into you but it's a I've .

Done the same thing so I knew what Conor was doing when you're in a jam did a little oh let you just stumble the other guy you make the other guy look like a fool you make the other guy lose his temper and when you're ready for it and that's what you want cuz you've already lost your temper nothing bad can come from it .

Nothing bad can comfort all you can do is lure him into your game and I thought they both showed real discipline to go out there and do what they wanted to do I don't think that khabib is going to watch this video and then say yeah jail you're right and I wish I would have had more Flair on it I don't think that's khabib style I think that that he liked .

The way that this went down all the same I will share with you whether could be will or not he was very happy when that press conference was over


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