hello everyone today is monday and we are back to our live i know you guys need few seconds to start saying hi to us and hopefully you're gonna be enjoying our life first of all i would like to thank .

Everyone for joining our membership on youtube and we're charging only 3.99 but i want to tell you guys that it's gonna be for the good cause we're gonna be changing somebody's life we're gonna be awarding free classes we're going to be giving education for the people who really really in need so when you pay .

The 399 it's really you changing trucking industry together with us hello guys hi ken hi wrenches love uh hi tips tracking adventure hi vanessa how are you and today we have a very very good subject guys topic we have been talking about negotiations in the class right .

And all of you know that we will be hosting our freight brokerage class and one of our instructor uh john um lanceloti he will be uh teaching you guys and he is great with negotiations and that's why today i will be bringing him as a guest and we're gonna be seeing from both sides from the dispatcher side and the broker .

Sides what can be improved and before we're gonna bring him of course we're gonna go through the few slides because you guys are already used to me sharing extra knowledge with you and hopefully you guys gonna learn extra things about dispatching about talking about logistics hi jose hi santino and please make sure you ask the .

Questions because this is the purpose of our life that you guys get your questions answered by me and our guest so let's see we're gonna start with first few things first i want you to understand that when you see the rate on a load board .

That's usually it's not all-in it's rare that they're gonna post top number on a load board of course they're gonna keep some money and they are already know that you're gonna be negotiating right so a lot of times i want you not to be afraid to negotiate the rate but before you negotiate you .

Need to know why you asking for more money right so especially if you are new in our class we go in details the first question you need to ask but remember it should not sound like a script yes you need to ask what time is the pickup when is it delivering what is a .

Zip code what is it the delivery zip code you need to look at the map but it has to be live you cannot sound like a robot okay what is the commodity is it palletized it's not privatized how many pallets you need to stop you need to breathe you need to feel other person is he under pressure you have to look when was this load posted was it posted two .

Minutes ago 30 seconds or maybe it's already been a load board for four or five hours right so you have a better chance to negotiate well you have to just remember that we are all of us are trying to make money you as a dispatcher you trying to negotiate rates for your carrier broker .

He's trying to make money by also selling the loads can he sell the load and make zero no can you drive and take the cheap load and not be profitable not so there is somewhere golden middle right your negotiations have to improve but also your negotiations have to be .

Realistic and to for them to be realistic we have to make sure you guys know how to use those tools in the last class this saturday we've been talking about checking the quick rate search for the last 15 days checking the quick research for the last .

Seven days checking the tread lines for this month right now we are finished we finished september we are in october the rates went down a little bit compared to september to august probably they're gonna go up because holidays are coming spot market right so for you to negotiate you need to have .

Knowledge and of course you will need to understand some things right so let's see what i prepare for you first i want to make sure that each of you and i don't really care if you only just dispatch your company dispatcher if you are independent dispatcher if you are owner operator if you a drug driver .

If you own interaction company guys you need to know your operating cost you need to know how much goes for fuel per mile how much insurance cost per mile how much you guys pay in driver per mile what is your preventive maintenance right what is your extra maybe uh repairs you need to know this because .

If you do not know your bottom dollar your operational cost how can you dispatch how can you promise somebody that they're gonna be profitable so this is homework which has to be done with each truck with each combination because every equipment costs differently for example reefers they .

Have extra cost because they are using reefer fuel right they also have extra maintenance flatbeds stab decks they need to buy extra equipment right tarps chains i mean even drive-ins what if you invest in an e-track then your dispatch service then maybe tms right uh tracking management system .

Software anything you guys put into running this business this is your operational cost so for you to be profitable your rate per mile has to be higher than your operational cost this is just business 101 but i want to make sure that you guys .

Understand this so this was the first thing for you to know before you start dispatching if you have been dispatching and you've never think about it and you don't really know operational cost then it should be your homework after today's um uh life pay attention to drop off location .

Drop of location and look here we're giving you example for example the rates paying good to florida right wow it's really easy to get the good loads to florida but as a professional dispatcher as a person who've been dispatching or gonna start dispatching you're gonna see .

That coming out of florida is very hard and it's always low rates unless this is a produce season and a produce season sometimes it's only from april till july that's it so we have that seven maybe eight weeks of the produce spain in florida but it also goes backwards so if the produce pain in florida then the loads going to florida .

Are not pain but again you really have to be careful florida is a big state right this is a big difference to go all the way to miami or go to jacksonville because jackson will at least you can get a short load and get out to georgia to south carolina maybe mississippi maybe um i don't know north carolina tennessee .

If you go all the way to miami and you still did not charge enough because it sounds like it was good paying load but not good enough to cover your low paying load all the way from miami back to chicago so please make sure you pay attention to drop off and your pickup and the market so when i am telling you .

When something sounds too good two steps you need to do you're gonna go to power that and i will show you a few tricks in the end of today's video after we're gonna be done talking with john i will show you how to check what's going on tomorrow what is a load ratio truck load ratio right .

What is the pay what are you facing tomorrow so two things quick research and posting the truck in miami posting the truck in philadelphia posting the truck in oklahoma city and seeing how many votes are going to be there tomorrow how many loads are going to be there friday right and if you go somewhere and i will give you example .

Today my truck got loaded in a minnesota area he is going towards colorado right 830 miles well broker just wanted to pay 3 100. he end up paying me 4025 why because tomorrow guys it doesn't matter
how good i am it .

Doesn't matter if i am that sassy dispatcher that area does not pay so what did i do today i got an extra 1025 dollars to help me with my rate per mile with coming out of colorado right if i would only take 31 3200 with my load tomorrow my rate per mile .

Average would really go down this way no matter what i still going to be at my 360 370 per all miles because i took the strong load to go to bad pain area okay let's continue so pay attention where is it going guys let's see load to truck ratio i just were .

Explaining to you that you always have to make sure that you go and if you go to the area where so many loads and it's a small number of trucks what's gonna happen of course it's easier to negotiate the rate but if it's the opposite way you go to the area .

Where it's only 10 loads but 120 trucks what's gonna happen rates gonna go down so it's opposite supply demand right load to truck ratio is always affecting rates do you need to know this as a dispatcher yes of course you do how are you gonna know with the tools power that has the tools truck stop has a tools so if you using them every day .

You guys will understand how this works let's see what other trick i'm telling you well you need to look at the average spot rate right when you're posting your truck and you're looking for the load let's say from memphis to dallas tennessee dallas texas and it's a .

Drive-in that that is gonna show you average pain right it's gonna show you how much everybody's been paying so when you're gonna make that phone call you should have already that number in your head so let's say when our guest john he's a broker gonna answer that phone and you know that everybody else been .

Paying 1800 and he's telling you 900 1100 you know that he is too low you need to push him but can you really push him thousand dollars well we're gonna ask him that but you need to understand that you have to check what's going on and remember one thing .

Do not be afraid to turn down low pay and freight because this doesn't make sense for you this doesn't make sense for you carrier so say no to the nonsense okay let's continue well mark the load time so the longer the load remains on the .

Load board the more anxious the broker will be to find the truck so pay attention to the age posting but a lot of times this is not an indication because i can tell you this we have lots of brokers who simply do not take off the loads from the board so .

This is an advice but probably it's 50 correct the second biggest problem for dispatchers brokers truck drivers and everybody in logistics to make sure that the transit and hos hours of service go hand in hand how important is this .

To understand hours of service how important it is as a dispatcher to have access to your driver's eld how important is this to calculate that and if you need more time you're gonna tell broker you know what john i need few seconds .

Let me make sure that the transit from washington to new jersey can be done because do you think that broker wants you to take the load and then sit somewhere in the middle of montana all wisconsin and do your restart for 34 hours just because you simply forgot to calculate and see that he will need to do restart .

No no broker likes that and i am actually telling everybody that it's not only dispatcher's responsibility but a good broker will always always double check do are you sure that you have enough hours are you sure that you freshen your hours that's what it means .

Are you sure you freshen your hours do you have enough on your cycle and as many of you know we have cycles 70 hours right how many hours driver can drive 11 from that 11 hours we still need to fuel and take a break we have 14 hour shift so are we flying so let's take 11 hours .

So let's take 10 hours if you already loaded and you go in from cost to cost maximum 600 miles a day because we hit the traffic we hit the weather we have to the driver still have to stop wash out eat so when you're looking at the transit that's how you calculate the first day you're gonna lose for loading unloading so you're not .

Gonna make 600 miles you lucky if you get out with those apples or cherries or that beer in time so you can make at least 350 400 miles and then 600 miles 600 miles that's how you need to look at the transit of course we cannot predict this but this is the closest you can get so hos is very important okay .

And your driver can help you and your driver can tell you how he's driving what is he comfortable with right let's continue while any fees do you need to ask before you start negotiating if your driver will need to pay for example for the alcohol permit any fees to the port maybe gate fees maybe he goes to the .

Bronx market he has to pay the fee to go to the market is that going to be rainbows right or does he have to pay for lumper how much is a lumper right does he has to assist what if he needs to assist loading unloading can you ask this after you negotiated the load what about fuel surcharge and today i actually gonna be asking john .

If they ever practice that because a lot of people forgetting about asking okay so we negotiated the price eight thousand dollars does that include fuel surcharge what is the fuel surcharge how it's calculated well fuel surcharge this is a number which changes every day it's national data so that's what shippers .

Receivers are supposed to pay to us carriers per mile so you can google today's uh fuel surcharge for today how many sets so if let's say it's 026 and you have 1000 miles 260 dollars supposed to be added to us as a carrier and usually broker will say oh it's already included in the rate .

A lot of times when you book last minute loads with coyote xp or siege robinson tql you see that they gave you extra money and they're telling you well we are losing money and the charge is fuel surcharge and they add in you that three hundred dollars four hundred dollars you know .

I don't i i i cannot really say why are they doing that or why not that they giving us this is something which goes in industry but i do believe that a lot of that money stays in broker pockets and is it fair not i mean i am on this side i am on your side i am dispatcher as many of you i'm also owner of the company i don't .

Think it's fair and it should be all transparent that's why i really believe that this has to be more transparent we should be able to see this is how much was paid for this freight this is how much brokers making this is how much lumpers are this is how much fuel surcharge and this is our rate and then we just .

Negotiate and do our best but you know what i cannot control all the business maybe hopefully one day if i become a president of the trucking industry i can do those roles but let's continue guys right thank you guys for watching and uh thanks andre thanks lassa thanks muna everybody jose santino we're going to be bringing your questions because i will .

Be bringing our guests just in a few seconds i want you to remember get everything in writing broker is promising you don't worry about it you're gonna be working we're gonna pay you detention if it's gonna be more than two hours load onload he's telling you that on the phone .

How many times does it happen that yes you work in you sit in there for five six hours after you deliver the load you send the request back to the broker and broker stop answering the phone he says i never told you that i never told you that so remember new dispatchers when you sign rate confirmation if anything was promised to .

You for example you will be paid attention after two three hours make sure that they confirm that just say hey
hi john how are you i just want to make sure that if we're gonna be loading on loading more than two hours it's gonna be paid let's say in this case john he's a produce broker he's gonna say unfortunately we do not pay .

Detention on produce loads we might pay layover but not detention so at least you are clear so you know your driver know and you know what what are you dealing with because that's why produce loads a lot of times pay higher than regular loads because they already predicting that your loading time is not going to be one hour .

It's not going to be two hours and usually most of them have two three picks in california in washington and everywhere else but just miss you anything you discuss anything you send back it has to be via email it cannot be only wire for a wire phone .

Last monday guys we were going about verifying broker and shipper information on the rate confirmation but what else we need to do we need to make sure that we're gonna credit check right on our broker and how we're gonna do that of course we're gonna do it on factoring if you have factored if you .

Don't have factoring you can look at least at the rating on the debt or truck stop and again pay attention to this day to pay dtp dtp means what is the average uh pay for this broker so if gtp is 90 that means that he pay they pay their .

Bills in 90 days this cannot be a credit usually a credit it's payment up to 30 days b payment from 30 days to 60 days c everything after 60. so even if you have only dtp data in front of you you can kind of logically already understand well .

This broker pace in 60 days this is a good credit while this guy pays in 79 well maybe i should go to the first guy even if he's paying 150 less because you're gonna know for sure that your money gonna be in your bank what else we need to pay attention to uh okay when negotiating friend loads ask .

Questions right and we know the questions what is a commodity how heavy it is right we need to make sure any other accessorial charges but guys you have to make sure if sometimes broker gonna say no i cannot give you money you can tell them can you put my offer in .

And a lot of times they're gonna come back to you when they need the drug and if they don't come back to you you're just gonna start looking for something else because it's not that hard to go back to old board without frustration and look for the .

Better option also in my class guys i am telling you you could never book the load only from one phone call let's say you start your day and the first broker called you you did not even check the market yet you don't even know what's going on and he calls you and he pushes on you well i see your truck is .

Ready to go here i have this load tell him that you need few minutes let me check the market let me see what's going on you can take all his details you can ask him if you guys set up if you're not set up you can say why don't you send me the link and we can get set up for future references right .

You can buy your time but please don't make decision from first phone call go back and analyze everything well i'm gonna be bringing our guests and we're gonna be talking about psychology of negotiation so here you go john is here hi john hi alex how are you i'm great how about yourself i'm good .

So if it's all right what did we talk about today because uh everybody knows that you our instructor for our freight brokerage probably we have some new people so why don't you tell us how long you've been in the business shortly and then we're gonna go to your topic because you are the expert you know i negotiate on my .

Side but you can tell us better ways to get more money out of you right because that's the purpose of this video how can we get more money out of broker's pocket so we're not here to help you you're gonna help us to get better rates well i'm very good at self-sabotage so we can take it from that angle .

I've been in the business for 11 years i started out as a broker with no negotiating experience at all i did do real estate for a little but um shortly there after i moved to brokerage i was in a freight broker only for two years then i moved to an asset and brokerage company for about seven years and i've been with my current broker my .

Current job for the last two years i've done everything from dispatch trucks to broker loads i've even done inside sales i've done outside sales as well standard sales so cold calling or even bringing new accounts on board that weren't an extension of a house account and i've been doing a little bit of all .

That for the last 11 years okay but you also took a lot of trainings on negotiations right i have i've been um i've taken my first negotiation class back in 2012 and since then i've done everything from .

Take classes to do my own research and uh one of my main focuses in my research has been chris voss's work he's a former who is him for people who don't know so chris foss is a former fbi lead negotiation expert for terrorism and hostage-taking .

Well believe me a lot of times in dragon i feel like i am dealing with the terrorists so we have brokers on one side we have unhappy drivers and i am in the middle to make sure both of you do not kill me sometimes it does feel like that it's a no-win situation that's absolutely right .

Okay so if it's okay you brought up some good points just before i get into um my short presentation i'd like to address some things that you brought up because they will tie in nicely to um what i have to speak about so you mentioned what time of day are you negotiating that is very important .

So it's a broker's morning and it's a carrier's afternoon it's been this way the entire time i've been in the industry so can you specify that again because some was for new people who they it's so when you say that it's broker's morning what do you actually mean so what i mean by that is all the loads are on the board in the morning and all the .

Trucks are on the board in the morning as well so if you have a truck in washington and i have a load i'm going to call you up i'm going to call you up at 9am my time 8am your time you just got in i've had a chance to check out the market so i have a little bit of an edge over you because i know .

The market has way more trucks than loads so i know that i can hit you with a rate that is 500 less than the previous day you're going to look at it and you're gonna say okay i'm one of a hundred trucks in a market with ten loads so maybe i can get a little more money .

But ultimately the ball is in my court as the broker i have the negotiation advantage now when it comes to the afternoon all the trucks are gone now we're left with the cheap paying loads and rather than take a cut into your margin let's say as a broker you make five percent instead of ten percent .

If it's three o'clock in the afternoon you're talking about a 20 loss if you can find a truck it's the carrier's market now okay so in this case sometimes i tell if i'm when for example i work with you guys i don't play that game morning afternoon i actually pre-book loads with you .

Because i've been working with you guys for a long time is pre-booking would be a good thing if you are working with the same brokers because if we've been working for a long time i mean you should treat me with loyalty so you're not really going to be taking advantage of me also i will be easy in your process tomorrow by giving .

You truck right away if you fair to me and you honestly know and that's what i usually get from you guys you say well you know what today we pay this tomorrow it
's looking like it's gonna go lower or higher but we can close it today or should i still play that game hard to get hard to get here john it's hard to get actually my truck's gonna be .

In washington on friday so i'm gonna have a few trucks in washington so are we gonna play this game or we're gonna just kind of be loyal to each other well if it's a carrier that you're loyal to and you have an outstanding business relationship what i do is i'll tell my carrier i'll text him on for example monday for tuesday work i'll say one of .

My carriers will say hey adam do you have any teams in fresno i have these loads going to carlisle pa he'll say yeah when does it deliver and i'll tell him and he'll say okay save me the load we'll figure out the rate in the morning that's how i go about things because if i pre-book him and i pay him today's rate and next thing you know the market .

Drops tomorrow i have to drop him because my boss is going to look at my rate and he's going to see my rate is 10 higher than everybody else's but also it can go a different way because market can spike up and then he's gonna say well john i'm not gonna take you low the rates went up two .

Thousand especially with produce you know it can go like this too that's absolutely right so it protects you as the broker it protects you as the carrier and it also protects the integrity of the relationship when you have that understanding that you're going to get the fair market rate .

And sometimes we will even give our preferred carriers a little more money because we know that they're going to take care of us and they do stuff like that they give us trucks in a market where they could yeah today they can go out and get 25 more than we're paying but they're also getting five percent .

More when the market's dead and they understand that okay so let's play this scenario i am a new dispatcher i'm call you you actually i posted the truck you calling me i'm got so excited oh my god somebody's calling me right we talking talking let's say i did not do my homework i did not really check the market .

Are you gonna tell me right away the number or you're gonna ask me how much do i want it depends i'm gonna look at a couple different things so i'm going to look up how long have you been in business let's say new new carrier new dispatcher you know that the newbie when he even answered the phone they got like okay .

Yeah which truck oh let me oh oh one in washington oh okay so they get nervous you know so you can feel i mean come on you and me we're professionals you can feel the newbie right away although yes confidence gonna come but a little bit later so in this case you as a professional are you gonna take .

Advantage of that yes i'm absolutely gonna take advantage of it so what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna see okay where is their truck located do they know the rates so if i start telling them about cherries and they say oh what temperature do you run i know .

They've never hauled this product before everybody knows cherries run either 32 or 33. well but sometimes you want to verify too of course but typically what i say as a broker is i want you to pre-cool 34 run for bills call me with questions so there are certain things that i'm going to ask them to gauge their level .

Of awareness of not only the commodity students after my class they knew that it's going to be 34 okay what else so they saying oh yeah no problem we're gonna pre-cool we even have e-track what else so how are you gonna start nibbling at them so .

The nibble is a technique i'm not gonna go into today but it is something that i worked into our course so what i'm going to do though i'm going to ask some little probing questions i'll ask them is your does your truck go to pa and mass i might not even have two separate loads .

I want to see because if they will go to pa and not mass i don't have a mass load i have a pa load so i'll say oh great i have this load it's going right where you're looking to be so now i know that i have something they want i'm not going to have to sell them as hard on it .

So okay let me say this so if you tell them i have the load to pa and massachusetts and they say well we need the load to massachusetts and you don't really even have that load so how are you gonna play this game now that's an easy one so i say okay let me pull this load up so this load is picking up out of wenatchee .

Washington and it delivers oh hold on a second it looks like somebody covered that one in my office i'm sorry i hadn't refreshed my board so you admitting right now you're gonna be lying lie in line just because you use a tactic to feel how good they are in their knowledge right i mean it's all about probing yep it's all about probing .

And getting all this probably not lying probing we're gonna be professionals about this right okay probing so okay so now they're gonna know to pennsylvania again they're gonna ask you how much are you paying that's right so let's say the market right now is 8 500 .

And their truck happens to be let's say where's washington we have a lot of deadhead we have 200 miles deadhead so i know the market's at 85. i know they're an inexperienced dispatcher so what i'll say to them is okay looks like you know today's tuesday looks like .

Yesterday we were paying right around 8 100 on a load like this does that sound like a rate that you'd be able to meet me on maybe they say yes maybe they say no maybe they put me on hold to check with their boss check with the driver maybe they're just gonna be like the rest now i need to be at ten thousand .

So they're using a technique called high anchoring yeah so typically when somebody says something like that an inexperienced negotiator not knowing the market's 8 500 they'll come back and say well maybe we can split the difference at 9 000. do not ever split the difference under .

Any circumstances because you're meeting halfway and guess what the new halfway is 9 500. now that works out for the carrier it doesn't work out for you as a broker so typically what i'll do in that circumstance i'll put them on hold i'll put them on mute whatever and i'll i'll count to 30 i'll .

Ask my co-workers i'll do whatever i know where i have to be on this rate so i'll come back to them now knowing they need to go to pennsylvania and i'll say listen i can help you out with your deadhead i'll do 8 400. there's this psychology of round numbers that comes into this too .

People like your 8 500s your 9 000's your 10 thousands 10 000 is a beautiful number but so is thousand so it's 8 500 it sounds good it feels good it looks good so then they're going to come back to you at 9000 because they're going to say oh let's split the difference because that's what inexperienced people do and .

That's what this person is in this scenario they're an inexperienced new dispatcher when they hit that number you've got them then you tell them all right listen i went to my manager the best i can do is 85. i hope we can work this out i want to get your driver to where he's looking .

To go you are going to close that deal as a broker more times than you're not because you know your market you know the type of person you're dealing with at that point type person you're negotiating with and you're using a tried and proven negotiation tactic of .

Just going incrementally up okay let's talk about same scenario and i am with experience and being a negotiator let's talk about this so i'm calling you are you calling me so first well you offered me what
8 100 8 100. 8 100. listen john i'm delivering .

In seattle right 167 miles deadhead right so we need extra money for that who is a receiver in pennsylvania it's going to giant foods oh giant foods okay so i have to use a 76 tolls cost ah do we have appointment when is it schedule 5 a.m on saturday 5 a.m on saturday wow looks like it's also extra day in .

Transit huh so john i just checked let me see seems like market today is paying 85 86 was mine that had average and i really need to be at 91.50 and this would be my bottom dollar 91.50 all right hold on a second alex let me put you on hold let me see what .

Guy's been covering these at okay so alex it looks like you know we did pay one load 8 800 but here's what i can do i really can only do 8 800 but this customer it's very easy to move these delivery appointments get loaded send me an email and i'll change it to .

Friday morning for you that way you can save the 250 layover for your driver i'm getting close i'm about 300 off on your rate but you save 250 and this is a load of apples it's not a very big you know it's not an insurance nightmare if we were to have an issue they it handles temperature changes a lot better than cherries and it's a nice easy one .

And one what do you say well i would say i would go 291 because i know my guy he's a good guy good equipment we're gonna be there in time and you know with that hat and loading and who is lo where are we loading who is the shipper it's the you know stimula is going to take six seven hours right john so we can settle .

For 91 right now and you don't have to pay that extra money because the driver will be pissed you know that i know that right so can we close us at 91 well to come out of this for a quick second alex what time of day are we negotiating this we negotiating this at noon .

You're getting close to that 4 p.m 3 p.m they're gonna close ten miles you need to make appointment and i'm gonna deteriorate and my guy my guy is already empty so he is deadheading from he's going to allensburg washington so if it's noon and i know you i'm gonna give it to you .

Okay if it's noon and i don't know you what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna say all right alex let me do this i know you have a 200 mile deadhead i know you'll make it before they close give me five minutes i'm going to call the shipper i want to make sure they're going to have the product available .

And i'll call you right back okay in that five minutes i'm shopping and i'm shopping and i'm shopping so at this point we both doing our jobs i am calling other people to see what commodities they have because you just mentioned wow this is the apples and if i get the same let's say 8 900 but it's .

A cherries of course i have to be silly enough not to take apples for 89 right so i am doing my job so for all my new dispatchers even if you guys get close to this and you cannot close at the rate which is good for broker because he knows what he needs to be and you need to know where you need to be you can still take that few minutes .

Get his name right and what can happen well it can happen that he's gonna cover that load and you're gonna be stuck with cherries for probably 87. it can go both ways but it's not the end of the world as long as both of you know your bottom dollars and where you can be right john because you .

Know where you can be i should know as a dispatcher what is profitable for me but for me as a dispatcher i need to do a little bit more work because i need to check on hos i need to check what other people paying because usually john you when you have lots of load do .

You really check what other brokers are really paying you don't check that every two minutes you check in the morning like average and you're gonna know mostly from your clients what are they willing to pay because they will say john yeah last week we gave you 10 grand but everybody else is willing to take results for 8 000. so a lot of times .

It's not you being a bad guy putting the rates down it's actually customers and that's what people do not understand so can you clarify this you as a broker in between let's say cherries apples grapes in california and .

When you bring them to boston market to bronx market to giant foods are you really dictating that market because that's what they think well today john may be in a bad mood so he doesn't want to pay me that extra 1500 so that's really important for new .

Dispatchers to understand how it goes sure so some people certainly think that is the case i've had carriers call up speak to the manager and then call back and ask to speak to another one of our co-workers who he normally deals with who gives him what he wants so they know they know what's going on .

Do we always determine the rate no sometimes we do sometimes the market determines the rate it really depends what the lane is so if i'm moving a common lane out of california to pennsylvania yeah i'm going to look and see what the brokers are paying but i'm also going to post a load might be a real load might .

Be a load we don't have like fresno to new jersey or l.a to atlanta and i'm going to field some phone calls i'm going to make up the details of the load i'm going to tell them we're quoting a customer and i'm going to say i need your best rate because i want to try and get you this load there are many different ways that you .

Can go about finding what the true rate of the market is okay so again in this scenario we're just going to kind of finish up dispatcher has more power afternoon or when he's recovering truck right same scenario right now it's a friday night saturday morning somebody maybe truck broke down .

Or maybe they did get a better load and they were not honest with you right they tell you oh my god turbo blown out well honestly they just lying to you most of the time unless they can prove because it does happen so we have more power if we recover in truck but for us to be recovering talk we have to be right there in that area .

At the time and a lot of times me as a professional dispatcher i'm not gonna sit there and hope for the miracle hopefully i'm gonna get thousand dollars more on the cherries if somebody's gonna break down yeah it might happen once it might happen twice but what i'm playing with i am playing with having my truck sitting till the next day and the market .

Next day can go down right and i am wasting time for my driver to load start driving make his money right so that game and you probably know a lot of dispatchers who would play that game they would wait to the last minute and a lot of time they are punishing themselves and their drivers i mean just i mean you tell me because you broker .

You know more uh on that side does that happen it happens but the way you do it strategically as a carrier is you have a driver who's at home who's ready to go at two o'clock in the afternoon and he doesn't care if he goes out tonight tomorrow morning we used to do it at the last company that i worked at yeah but .

That's see we were talking we were talking about washington nobody lives in the yakima nobody lives in venati okay so yeah you can do that with chicago i do that with chicago when i have my owner operators in chicago on sunday on sunday night and i get really spot market loads because somebody's missing and they pay a lot on saturday night .

When i know that he's in chicago it can happen in a big markets you know like memphis it's going to happen in columbus when we have even in philadelphia you know like saturday night you can get a better load if you would pre-book it right but again driver who is willing to jump to that truck driver who knows that
that's what he's dealing with but .

Usually i like to do my negotiations good every day so they can plan their time they can go and sleep and eat and they can do a lot of things but it's gonna backfire you it can backfire you okay so let's go through the things you were showing us so i know that you prepare some slides so let's see some techniques that you would like .

To share with us and please guys ask the questions as a new dispatcher what do you think you still confuse on or maybe what questions should be asked to help you to get better so here's john screen okay there we go is that working out yeah that's working we can see it yeah okay so let me start this .

So labeling is a technique that you use to show your your counterparty you're negotiating with that you understand what it is that they're looking for so how can you separate people from the problem when their emotions are the problem they aren't so give us examples .

So an example is i have to get my driver home and i've been trying all day and i haven't had any success so when the broker calls me i sound frustrated and he offers me ten thousand and i tell him twelve thousand because it's three o'clock in the afternoon and i know he's gonna pay you're dealing with a highly emotional .

Person so what you can do is you can say to them listen i know you have you're posting your truck to maryland and pa my load goes to carlisle i'm not sure if you're looking for baltimore or philly but i have a load where your truck is i have you know the freight where you want to go to let's talk this out let's work .

This out so what you're doing is you're identifying their emotions and you're showing them that you know how they feel and when you tell somebody that you see them you're going to end up really just tempering a lot of the attitude that comes with it and all of a sudden you're going to be .

Partners in negotiation as opposed to adversaries okay so that's what the labeling means okay see you guys you're learning some terminology okay so you always start it with it seems like you've been having a rough day finding a load .

And it sounds like i have something that would work for you um and if they say oh well i don't want to go there what makes you think that you back out of it your out is i said it seems like not that it is the case so what you're trying to do is you're you are effectively managing their emotional state .

It's a little it takes a lot of exercise in learning how to do this properly without coming across as offensive or pushy but it's a highly usable tactic i need to start using them because i am pushy i'm direct you know sounds to me like i need to cover my truck oh you guys gonna give me that money oh i'm gonna look for somebody .

Else so labeling it's something i really need to work on this and probably in our freight brokerage class we're gonna be all working because this is a part of being a good negotiator right and that's what we bring into that great brokerage training it's not just about how to open company or find that but how to really really .

Be successful absolutely and here's the beauty of labeling when you get it wrong they're gonna tell you so the power of labeling is that it forces your counterparty to reveal their true motives now it's a tool not a strategy it's just .

One of many different things that i'm going to be teaching in our course on freight brokerage okay so when you label a negative it diffuses them what i mean by that is alex if you and i are talking and i say alex it sounds like you're really frustrated and and you know you want to just get this .

Over with if i'm correct you're going to say yeah listen i've been working on this truck for four hours i've just been going over all these loads that don't work for my driver yeah i'm frustrated yeah i'm frosting i did john because i'm asking you to give me 91.50 and you're still going to 89. you .

Frustrated me john so the other thing is if you're labeling something and it's incorrect they're going to say oh no no that's not what it is i i just got off of a difficult phone call i have to leave work early and you know i had to pick up my kid because i don't know the babysitter cancelled on .

Me you're getting people to reveal the human aspect of them so you can empathize with them and the sooner you can empathize with them that's the third bullet point here when you label their experience you are converting their experience into emotional currency so you are showing .

Them you understand them not just as a counterparty in negotiation but you understand them as a human being so now it's important to understand that dispatchers we are human beings drivers they are human beings brokers they are human beings shippers and receivers they .

Also human and a lot of times we do have negative things going on through the day right right so the interesting thing about that is so once i label your experiences and i either get them right and you see i understand you or i get them wrong but i get them wrong in a diplomatic way you then explain them to me .

So at this point you now know that i understand you and i understand what you're going through so when i tell you alex 88 really is the best i can do i wish i could help you out you might be more inclined to take it because i understand you .

Plus you're gonna mention me while well and hopefully we can finish this really fast and you can go pick up your kids right so you put it in my head okay that's something i really need to finish right now because i still have to take care of the kids because i get frustrated with the soccer practice or something else or maybe the little .

Previous load cancel and i'm dealing with some brokers so yes sympathizing and kind of telling me that well honestly i'm trying my best right that's right and i'm recognizing that and i'm seeing you for who you are you are a human being who is at work doing the best job that you can but you also have obligations and the sooner we close this .

Deal the sooner you get to your obligations okay sounds good so that your negative situation coming to the last bullet point is having to go and take your kids to soccer practice you have to be there in an hour and you have an hour and 15 minutes so i empathize with your situation with your situation excuse me i provide a .

Solution and then you see that i have empathy for your situation and you are more inclined to not only take my load because you see that i understand your motivations but you are more inclined to call me next week when you're back out in washington and you need another load it's just so funny because today i told .

You i had the negotiation about the colorado um load right and it was on friday and the guy called me at 4 30 p.m so it's friday and of course it's going to colorado my map is already not there i know the miles i know the market and i'm asking okay how much are you .

Paying and he's telling me well 31 but i can go to 34. and i know i'm not gonna go there to 34. of course i said well to go to colorado and it's going to be heavy at dry load i really need to be at 43 and he's like but really maybe you can help me in 36 and i told him listen you know what i'm actually on the way to go .

To my pilates and that's what i was doing because i gave myself a promise that every day i'm gonna go for one hour two pilates and i've been doing it for six days i'm proud of myself today was the sixth day and i told him if you really wanna do it i'll go to 4021 because 25 because that's where it .

Was my target and he's like but then i'm gonna be losing
hundred dollars and i told him do you wanna be frustrated in the morning or you are gonna lose only hundred because first i was asking you for way more so i know you're gonna be losing but it's friday .

On monday it's gonna be covered and we are done we are set up good guy you don't have to worry about it and i told him right away i don't even have time to sign the great confirmation make sure you send it to me i'll send it back to you later today and you know what he's like okay yeah i'm okay i need to get out too because i need to go pick up my .

Kids right there so did i have to yeah you know what i could have done it for 3 800 i know i could have done it for 3 800. i started with 45 but i made him feel like i'm helping you man come on you are not losing 300 right you only gonna lose 100 so that made him feel good are you still there john oh you frozen up .

I see that john got frozen so any questions guys we're gonna remove him for a second any questions on negotiation what do you think about how to sound more professional how to understand do you see how the brokers are playing with .

Your minds john i'm bringing you back because you froze in there for the second there we go so labeling so we talk about empathy we talk about understanding that we are humans so that is good what else what else you think we we should know as a good negotiators well .

Always know the motivations of your counterparty so here's a great example this is from 10 years ago i was trying to move a load of paper on a friday afternoon out of mccool maryland which is on the western peninsula it's the middle of nowhere you'd never have trucks there you're looking at a minimum of 100 miles .

Deadhead this was going to windsor connecticut for sunday night delivery so who wants to do something like this you can't load a reefer because it's roll paper and you can't nail it into the floor to secure it so you need to drive in so i have a company call me out of .

Chicago arca express and the guy says oh i have a driver over there um tell me about the load so i tell them i said it's paying 765 dollars so it's 350 miles and again this is 10 years ago you do not see these rates anymore so he says to me can you do 1200 .

So i put them on hold i go speak to my manager a manager says offer him 800 tell him it's the best you can do he's gonna take the load so i do and he takes the load so i send it out to him and i said to my manager how did you know and he looked at me and he said john .

It's a chicago-based company calling you on a friday afternoon for a load that this guy is not going to get empty with tomorrow and he has to sit there all weekend why is he going there it's because his driver lives there he's going home he's going home he's going home that's why .

Like east coast market you know we have a lot of carriers who and drivers who live in chicago that's why load for example from east coast on wednesday on thursday on tuesday usually higher than friday load why because most of the drivers they don't care if they're gonna lose a difference in two three hundred dollars they just .

Wanna make sure that saturday afternoon they are back home in chicago because they have take care of their family of the kids that's why a lot of times brokers know that that it's friday and we have a lot of people going back to chicago area so they use that advantage but a lot of times they forgetting one thing they .

Forgetting to remember some of the holidays which is not only usa uh usa holidays okay because we have a lot of eastern europeans right we have a different easter and sometimes brokers forget about it and then wow that friday is gonna be spot market for everybody else who is not celebrating that easter because most of eastern europeans .

Already home on thursday because his wife is telling you you know what you never home if you're not even home on thursday night before easter that's it done right so those guys they don't care they will take cheap rates they will go home for everybody else this is going to be spot market same happening with other holidays and different markets right .

So as a broker do you pay attention to that you have to and not just the eastern european holidays too that's why i'm just giving an example but i said and we have all other right we have a lot of different nationalities that's right it is it's been my experience that most of the drivers are .

Either eastern europe so they're orthodox so they're either a week or two behind the uh the typical religious holidays or they're of indian descent so you deal with a lot of i was totally ignorant to all of these indian holidays and they are not around other holidays .

Either and you will get great spikes because nobody wants to leave but also you forgetting about all ramadan and people who practice uh you know islam religion that's also big because believe me we have spot market due to that because also we have a lot of people who have the .

Those religious beliefs and they have their holidays we all have to respect them but as a pro-dispatcher broker you always have to pay attention to this and especially for dispatchers new dispatchers working around us usa holidays is challenging right tell them .

From your own experience how many times even the receivers or shippers who you know for years will change their hours and sometimes they will not even tell you the truth and they will close early or they will not open they promise you well we're going to be open the day after christmas at 6 00 p.m and you have a bunch of .

Trucks sitting there and they're not going to open because they are short on people especially now with the covet they are short shortened people so instead of 6 p.m they finally start receiving and 1 2 am hopefully oh maybe even next day so you as a broker do you experience this as well .

Like that that actually shipped the receivers are not gonna honestly tell you the holiday hours yes you ask them they say well should be this there's this but then something happens and it changed so can i start screaming at you and getting pissed oh i have to understand well this is holidays that things can happen .

That's why in my class i teach be careful with the times be careful with commodities especially if you're either right you don't want to have minus 20 degrees you don't want to have minus 10 degrees sitting somewhere you don't want to have cherries extra two days right around the uh independence day .

Because you might have to sit and that 250 layover is not worth it because you have a chance to have the cargo claim right so this is something that we all need to ask but let's go back to that one more hos hours are you really asking are you trusting dispatchers that they are .

Able to do the transit from your experience i mean of course if you working with me i already know all people who you work with they already know what the transit but do you double check or you just leave it on the dispatcher's shoulders and the new driver it really depends if it's a new carrier .

I don't leave anything to chance i have one carrier based out of fresno i know he makes all local trucks do pickups so i know that his road trucks are not burning hours i have two other carriers who i know that any load i offer them they're going to say that it has one extra day transit .

So it really depends it i can't give a one-size-fits-all answer um i had a carrier recently uh i think it was on friday he told me he had a truck in new jersey i had a load one pick one stop to him in louisiana delivering sunday .

First thing he did before i even got to money was he checked the driver's hours i mean that's the type of person he is he's never taken a load fro
m me he couldn't deliver so if you do not know the person you do not know how they do business you have to ask the questions okay and here we have the question the river truck would .

You take a weekend load that's due on monday or does that depends on what being carried in the truck isn't that a risk for the product again it depends on how good you refer how old is a unit how good is your driver responsible because it's not even about the commodity what if this driver is doing a reset right and you do have a .

Car going his truck he's gonna leave you a truck somewhere with the reefer running right i don't like that i don't like my own experience because sometimes even if you're on truck stop you have a bunch of drive-ins around you and your reefer with minus 10 degree standing there saturday sunday right .

Making all the noises sometimes people get frustrated believe it or not we have it happen when people go and to another effort because he wants to sleep when he's doing his restart so for me this is a big liability but again it depends what we're delivering because .

River can have only like chilled pra but maybe some candy which has to be at 55 60 i am not worried that much about but minus 10 cherries over weekend minus 20 never i don't care how much or even john gonna say alex you know what you will need to hold the cherries for two extra days because you have three drops i am giving you instead of 85 i'm .

Giving you 12 000. and my answer would be thank you john give me 85. i'll take one on one today i don't care about because i know the i know the cost of traffic i know the cost of cargo claims i know how easy it is to lose your company so that's also comes with experience but a lot of people go for what for money money money .

Right and actually you know what i wanted to actually share uh we have some youtubers a young guy who is posting his negotiations and it it just killed me just listen to this john and you tell me your opinion because i wrote him a little note sounds good i'm proud of you but please learn some dispatching .

So he posted their phone call and he's calling the lady from michigan and the load goes to california and he's like oh nobody gets a load for 6 000 from michigan going to california sounds good in the beginning right people everyone is listening 6 000 right well when you listen to the laddie she's saying wow this is ice cream loaf minus .

20 right minus 20 from michigan going to california has extra two drops what are we talking about extra two days in trinidad in california and also the first drop in houston taxes so picture just just picture the map you are in michigan you go to houston then you go to california two extra drop .

Minus so when you really run the miles it's actually become 3200 miles so it's under two bucks commodity is minus 20 degrees and everybody's sharing him like man you're so good i wish i could dispatch with you guys no you don't want this patch like that because this is you killing your company with your own .

Hands do you agree with that a hundred percent because next thing you know you're not making a straight line from michigan to california you're making essentially a right angle which adds we all know a squared plus b squared equals c squared and you are just adding so many miles you turn a 2 800 mile trip .

And you add 400 miles two drops yeah but also ice cream minus 20 going in the summer and it was in the summer he posted it in the beginning of august so we're talking about 100 degrees in michigan because it was hot we're talking about 120 in houston we're talking about 100 1500 in los angeles and .

I hope he had a good reefer i hope he still stay in business but that's what i want to say sometimes people think that money that means the best paying load so can you just tell them so sometimes when the broker gives you way more money there's always going to be a catch yeah nobody gives away free money unless it's five o'clock in the afternoon on a .

Friday and you're the only truck within 300 miles of the road it doesn't happen nobody is that nice and the difference between one and one let's say one on one and we're talking about difference in 1500 and now you're talking about three picks two drops 1500 you know that happens in washington right go to yakima go to venachi then you're going to go to .

Pasco sila then you're going to drop first in pennsylvania then marion right there fifteen hundred i mean knowing me i never do that right because i don't care if i'm gonna make last fifteen hundred dollars but i'm one on one i'm loaded i got out i am saving on transit but how many how many dispatchers when you tell them nonsense .

Because guys i mean let's admit you guys have two three picks sometimes right and two three drops right is your carrier carrier really people who really understand logistics are they ever gonna take that it depends it really really depends you are not gonna get a pennsylvania carrier to do three picks two drops to dubois .

And maryland out of california because he can just get a one-on-one now if you call a california carrier who's based out of la or fresno and there's two picks la one bakersfield with two drops he's gonna take it you have to know who you're negotiating with and when you negotiated with eastern .

Europeans from chicago are they gonna take it or they're gonna ask you for 20 grand no matter what you ask what offer you give them they're going to ask you for some ridiculous number more and if they really don't want the load they're going to tell you no if they're trying to gouge you on the rate they're .

Going to ask you for 25 more than you offered them and they will settle if they give you an offer what do you tell them call me when you more realistic or you just hang up or you put them on a hole then you keep covering other trucks and let them sit there and they how do you .

Really do because you know what not that i'm making fun of it i am eastern european i deal with this every day and i'm proud of it but that's something which is like and it's not all the eastern european a lot of people you know i am not going to drop your load unless you pay me 1500 in layover really what are you gonna do with it uh go and .

Put it in your backyard this is liability on your company so it's like you know terrorist negotiation right if you don't give me this i'm not going to do this remember when a guy was given the story about the guy with cherries right or he took half of the load and then he was asking for all that money blah blah blah this is kind of .

Terroristic negotiations right this is not professional and in the end of the day carriers don't understand that liability is on their shoulders because product is on their truck the moment they close the door this is their liability .

Until they're gonna go and get what couldn't be ol right even if they have rejection even if they have damage it still goes first against them not you not everybody else so sometimes even when we get upset having kind of cold hat and trying to achieve some kind of negotiation and help from .

You right because if i am calling and i have a rejection john and i have that attitude i don't care start affording you this and this my driver is not gonna redeliver are you really gonna try to help that carrier to resell that produce somewhere else or you're gonna like okay you know what why don't you deal with it because .

In your heart you know it's gonna go against him you as a good human and good broker and being loyal you will say well let us see what we can do and most of the time you guys help to resell of course it's going to be some uh we're going to lose some money but at l
east not as much correct yeah it really depends on how .

The carrier approaches it i've had carriers who have yelled at me and i've helped them and i've had carriers who have yelled at me and i've hung up the phone and then and told them it's your problem it really depends it depends on the relationship but it also depends so with a claim .

If it's a small amount let's say it's one palette of cherries that's going to be about three thousand dollars but i paid them 12 000 across the country and they don't want to be corrupt cooperative and the rest of the freights off their truck i'll say listen i'm trying to help you if you don't want me to help you that's .

Fine it's a three thousand dollar claim we'll just take it off the invoice and pay the nine thousand it's it's no problem as soon as they realize that you have their money they change their tune real quickly but if it's a twenty five thousand dollar .

Claim and you paid them 12 grand and you have no open invoices against them to recoup the money you have to play nice okay so it's um it's a tricky situation again it's not a one size fits all solution but ultimately you get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar in other words be nice uh for .

The new for the new dispatcher especially for reavers uh and we talked about it last last time when we had you in life i i do believe that cherish is one of the commodities you have to be really careful especially if you accompany with one truck one guy maybe you should stay away from cherries what other commodities i mean .

Blueberries is one of them also most of the insurance are exclusion for bull boys actually you know so i mean what other commodity you would really pay attention to as a new dispatcher and a small carrier because again small carriers we cannot afford those cargo claims because we're gonna close our doors really fast and our .

Insurance gonna go up and sometimes you know if it's not covered if it's a human error or something else so maybe it was excluded i mean this is a lot of money seems like wow 25 000 not a big deal but it is big deal 25 000. even 3 000 for one pallet of cherries it's a big deal yeah and that's the average cost it can be .

Anywhere from 40 a box to i mean and you're talking 120 bucks is the palette it could be forty dollars a box or a hundred and twenty dollars a box if you're dealing with in season high demand cherries so would you say that apples probably potatoes uh pears .

Apricots are easy to deal grapes not that bad right no grapes aren't that bad orange isn't good oranges are good yeah oranges are the easiest commodity because if you run them you can run them at 34 40 45 it really it takes a lot to destroy a load of .

Oranges what about bananas and avocados so avocados typically when they come across the border they are not ripe yet so you're talking you're running them at 42 degrees you don't want them to ripen in transit um bananas i have never hauled a load of .

Bananas okay so what about watermelons do you guys deal with watermelons sometimes we deal with melons but more like honeydew melons or cantaloupes when it comes to watermelons when you're dealing with bend melons they are the cheapest commodity of melons i've seen i mean i work in the hunts .

Point market i've seen trucks where they double stack bins and if one bin shifts every bin in the row the whole way back shifts and next thing you know you are on you're taking 50 watermelons out of one bin and you're doing that 10 times the whole way back wow so let me ask you this since you .

Right there uh this guy in a market in hans point market guys you have so many rejections so many trucks trying to sell the produce that probably every time you go home you get like a really cheap watermelons bananas mangoes and everything else is that becoming an issue of the trucks sitting there trying to deal with .

Rejections sometimes no so um we typically don't have rejections in the bronx that are usable product so for example we have um we'll have a load of mixed greens and a load of scallions so it'll come in and let's say that the scallions were too .

Close to the reefer unit and now they have frost on them they're garbage there's no selling there's no market for frozen scallions so unfortunately it's a truck claim and as far as the first thing you said you might be surprised to know this but two years working in the hunts point market i've never come home with .

Anything even i i don't bring produce home it's not a thing we don't work for a produce house we work for a broker so they throw out truckloads of produce every day it's such a shame they do right .

Yeah at least three truckloads three full 40-foot containers of produce get thrown out every day because they could they could donate them they could just you know probably some product is not that you know well i mean maybe first few pallets has froze to them but but you know that's that's a lot of extra or you know a labor involved and they're .

Delivering in everything else well i can't i can tell you this since i'm coming to new york to visit you and um guy and we're going to be finishing up on our brokers so hopefully i can have a pick of the haunts point market i don't think that's a destination i really want to be .

Concentrating when i'm gonna be visiting new york but as always it's been a pleasure and thanks for giving us some tips on um you know on um uh how to negotiate the last questions what condition gives the dispatchers more leverage what conditions the number one condition is .

The time of day you're negotiating time of the day so again as you said that morning is a broker's market and afternoons is for carriers probably also day of the week right definitely friday will be different than monday monday everybody's just starting they have so probably also day of the week and again new carriers how what .

What things they have to say to sound more confident to you so first of all know about commodities right if they talking about cherries apples so now hopefully i can see my students understanding me why did i send them the least of all reefer .

Commodities so they can kind of memorize apples at 34 fresh beef at 28 bananas at 48 watermelons and 52 because this is kind of knowledge it's gonna help them to sound more confident right so even if you have that in front of you and you telling me it's cherries i can really fast to look and say okay so it's going to be at 34 because if i am saying that .

First don't i sound that i know what the hell i am talking about sorry that i am direct like this but is it gonna make you feel a little bit more comfortable with me absolutely and if you tell me okay well this is 17 hours transit my driver has um 34 left on his 70 and he started his .

Logbook at eight o'clock this morning so he can make it there get loaded and shut down yeah yeah we can make this work for you i'm going to need another 500. you know what i might give it to that person okay again remember that example going to pennsylvania going to massachusetts right we're talking about .

Different distance so it's going to massachusetts usually it's going to be extra day in transit right so right there if you guys going to get comfortable with the uh transit and miles right there well you know what i really think i would like to go to pennsylvania also knowing like okay how heavy is the load right because of the .

Total cost and again asking you who is the shipper who is the receiver don't you think when the dispatcher asking you who is the shipper who is a receiver he kind of actually has a knowledge like you told me it's going to be what in washingt
on the ones i don't like stella yes the mill stanel .

Well they take forever right but if you go to orlando those guys are fast so when dispatcher asking you that but he also needs to know some shippers in the receivers all right like for example giant foods they receive from midnight till like 10 11. after a few votes you're gonna know that right but if you're going to cns in .

Massachusetts it's always going to be night night delivery so that's why another negotiation well john yes you know what i'm gonna choose pennsylvania because usually you're probably gonna go to cns is that correct yes so it's going to be night receiving so that's again extra transit so .

My advice for all my dispatchers know those basic foundation the distance the miles the commodity zip codes don't ask million time where is yakima where is wenatchee right before they call you shouldn't they put on the map and see how far their truck is do should they do that .

Absolutely and if one thing to backtrack real quickly when you're saying they're asking about who's the shipper who's the receiver it may or may not be relevant but an inexperienced dispatcher is never going to ask that question yes and here we have see because i told you we have a new people so they're .

Asking 34 what does it mean we were given example of temperature for commodities so cherries have to be called at 34. so if santino is calling to you and you telling them that it has to be hold at 34 and she is gonna ask you back what does it mean at 34 right here .

You're gonna like okay she has no clue yet about three for commodities right so right here is a good example why we need to take them some trainings why we need a strong foundation so we can do better negotiations because that's how we're going to become a good dispatcher right and good brokers goes both ways .

One more questions before i let you go because i still gonna show them few tricks on the load board lots of people asking should i go to the freight brokerage without any experience interacting all logistics because everybody tells that being freight broker is so easy .

Can i just jump in what is your truthful personal insight on it if you have background in sales and negotiation you can do it with the right training but if you do not have that background you need to work on that before you can start selling your company selling your services and making money .

Well good negotiation people have for example some people somebody sells anything you can be selling furniture cars write negotiation skills knowing the psychology of the other party all good but misrepresenting on all the groups on facebook on youtube and everything .

Well you have the sales uh skills you can just jump in into freight brokerage without knowing actually tracking or logistics or produce market do you think that that can really happen it's highly unlikely unlikely right because that's what my opinion is that you have to start from beginning because when we're gonna take .

Back 10 12 years ago right you as a new to logistics do you think you could have jumped being a broker right away no i probably had to have about five years experience but it's also not something that i was dedicated towards doing the more drive you have to achieve your goals the .

Quicker you will achieve them because you'll become obsessive about them you'll want to learn everything about the industry you'll want to learn about safety even though you don't have your own safety department as a broker you're going to want to learn about hours of service even though you have no drivers .

You need to know your counterparty's business you need to know how the carrier works as much as how your customer works that's why my students are telling me alex why do you know so much you know about safety you know about dispatch and you know how to open the company you know this you know that because like you .

Said when i got into this i wanted to be so good that i got obsessed and i understood well i am lacking knowledge here i need to improve my host understanding well i have no clue about safety so yes it is possible so my message to everybody it's possible to be a good dispatcher it's possible to become a .

Successful brokerage you only need strong foundation knowledge of any industry in our case terminologies the sales the commodities the produce market hos hours doesn't matter which side of the transportation you're going to be and it's possible and some people have that determination and they can succeed within the first year two years .

They don't have to wait five ten years especially nowadays with with a terminology but i think it's a big big misunderstanding when people say go pay three hundred dollars open umc and tomorrow you're going to be afraid broken and people think it's so easy it's not easy because they when they make that phone call they don't even .

Have a clue what are they going to be talking about how to price it so should we tell everybody that yes it's possible but you need to have some kind of training for uh for future like to make it faster and more productive you have to be humble when you're .

Getting into any new industry and understand that you're not you're never going to be totally knowledgeable you need to surround yourself with good mentors and people who have been doing this that when you ask the wrong questions they tell you what the right questions are to ask and guide you in the in the right .

Manner so you can be successful so you personally let's say you've been doing it for last few years right do you personally take extra trainings do you read extra books do you google extra things do you go and listen to more successful people as a poor person because you can be comfortable .

Where are you at absolutely i've done i've read so many books about the different types of personalities that you'll deal with um there was even a point in time where i had a an ex-heroin addict working for me and i went out of my way in my personal time to understand .

The psychology of addiction so i could be a better manager for him that's good so you invest in your time to be a better broker to be a better coworker to be a better uh manager right because that's what it takes and that's what i am trying to do and that's why we actually added that membership on our .

Youtube for 3.99 and i just made the non-profit organization in empowered through education because i do believe education is a key if you have a strong education and you learn things like today see labeling i did not know the term so because of you telling us today now i know what labeling is right i am using it i just did not know .

The terminology because i never kind of uh you know cross crossed that word but i knew especially for people who different language sometimes we know that in our language but we never cross it in english so we learn something every day but again it was a pleasure and i want to tell everybody john is our instructor for our upcoming .

Freight brokerage class in december and we're gonna have one more instructor guide they work together they've been business for a long time we're gonna see you around and it was pleasure again and i'll see you soon in new york sounds good alex looking forward to it thanks for having me thank you bye-bye and guys .

Just few more things i would like to show okay so we were talking about a lot and a lot of things right as you know i need to make sure that you my dispatchers do the things correct when we were talking about quick research again where are we gonna do this we're gonna go to tools treadline we're going .

To do the quick create search when we're going to go to quick research you can choose
different equipment when reefer flatbed right you can choose a city origin city so let's do really fast memphis tennessee let's say you do not know .

How much to ask going to oklahoma city right oh you know what hold on oklahoma city okay when you click it's gonna give you what it's gonna give you the trip how much everybody have been paying for the last 15 days so isn't it gonna help you out before .

You pick up that phone to know that everybody else is paying 2200 if we're talking about a reefer pay attention if it's a reefer let's change if it's a drive and how much is it paying for the same lane while they pay in 1880 see different equipment so that means that .

The market for reefer from memphis to going to oklahoma is stronger than for driving okay let's pay attention two flat beds same 1800 and you can play backwards if you're gonna go to oklahoma and you want to come back to memphis what are they paying .

Wow even less what does it prove to you is flat bad should really go from memphis to oklahoma right now maybe not right or at least you're gonna know what are they paying so you can negotiate what if it's a dry one from oklahoma back to memphis wow guys .

Nothing market right now in oklahoma for dry when went down going to memphis so should you go to oklahoma now with the driver but let's see the river right and look at this river is still strong and why is it strong because my students know we are in oklahoma we are river what do we have .

We have all the beef all the pork right so that's why river is thrown we're coming from tennessee what is tennessee surrounding with the fresh poultry that's the wife of the reefer going there 2200 coming back 1800 it's good dry when while going there is okay coming back sucks flatbed kind of in the middle so .

This is the tools you guys gonna use what else we were talking tread lines how much is the market paying right now right remember it's very easy to see you're gonna go to that and you're gonna see well october the first one is dry when so what's going on in october we close september eight to er two dollars 83 .

Cents for driving for the loaded miles remember loaded miles we closed the market for flatbeds at three or seven for september now it went a little bit down look at this october forever is going up why is it going up because we start getting apples in washington right we start getting stuff .

From mexico from the border we're getting stuff in lorado we're getting stuff in arizona right also salads cucumbers oranges uh we have apples pears so why do you need to know your markets why do you need to learn how to use your load boards because guys i am begging you stop being desperate dispatcher stop .

Picking up that phone number and saying now you're calling about road posted from memphis going to oklahoma for today for tomorrow for driving for reefer what time is a pickup what time is the delivery you're going to look at the map you're gonna look at hos of your driver is that transit make sense if it makes sense go to the next question what is .

The commodity well commodity is beard do you take beer is your driver take beer you know beer is gonna be happy heavy do you wanna deal with heavy load do you even have coverage for alcohol okay let's say you have all that let's say you that desperate that you're gonna take that heavy beer load right .

At least make sure how heavy it is is that 45 and a half includes the pellets right is it gonna be single stack double stack so ask all those questions make sure your truck is not going to be overweight do they have the scale on the site are they going to scale you to legal limit .

So ask them those questions do they need dry van with the wooden floors or plated trailer do they need e-tracks and if they do needed hex how many straps do they need all those questions guys we are going over and over and over and over in our class our students have the real rate confirmation they calculating rate per .

Mile they look all the details our classes are very intense they're very hands-on and actually i'm so glad that next week we're going to be starting my favorite time practice time when we are going to be divided into the groups and they all going to be making those phone calls and make me proud because that's what i do guys i want to make sure .

That people from my class students all the women all the guys who come and learn from me they're gonna make me proud and we're gonna change to rock in one person at the time and again from the bottom of my heart i really appreciate you signing up as a member to our youtube channel .

Channel it's 3.99 if you did not do that please do so as i told you those money gonna go to the good cause and i would love to thank you again for being here asking questions and how about taking how about taking course for broker and then jump into .

Brokerage yeah that's what we said first get some training don't just go jump in the brokerage you need to know more about this thank you again and somebody asked me somebody asked me has a new car is it best to sign up for the highest debt plan well the highest one .

Was 149 and now they are going to be actually 179 starting in november remember guys you can get one free month if you call them and mention our code 2017475 well why do you want to have at least 149 plan or 179 .

Because of all of this tools guys all of these tools are not available in a cheaper version right quick research market conditions remember when we were talking about ratio right uh next don't show this again next next when we were talking about ratio of the loads right so let's see again .

Memphis tennessee if i'm applying filter right what can i see well i can see that for drive-in you can choose here prior business day and let's say today okay you can see the market so you're gonna see that it is 1192 loads .

And only 160 trucks so what does it tell you it's not enough drugs and it's a lot of loads so ratio is in your favor so that means that it's going to be easier for you to negotiate let's say we change for flatbed in the same memphis area right .

Still look how hard is memphis because why because they have all the production their industrial production they have their they have uh things made from the steel so look at this for step deck it's even better for flatbed because it's almost 2600 loads and only 16 trucks so that means the rates are going to be .

Easier to negotiate if we're going to talk about reefer let's see about the reefer well look at this in memphis right now do we have the produce and no so we need to go to mississippi arkansas to get the chicken but in memphis for river look only 313 loads and 26 trucks .

Right so no this is a neutral uh market if you go to los angeles right now let's see los angeles california let's look at the reefers now what's going on see not that many so what does it mean that mean that the north and col .

South california is not really paying much let's change to uh sacramento right let's change to san san francisco and see the difference for you first there see it is better so even by doing this little things you can see .

Is south california pain or northern colorful northern california or south is miami pain or jacksonville pain is seattle pain or boise idaho pain it's pennsylvania pain so this is the tools which come with that higher paying subscription so it seems like yes it's 30 dollars a month maybe difference right now right .

149 to 179 believe me it's gonna make your life so much easier not because we partner with them because i use it all the time also using the load boards for the brokers right i also have truck stop maybe i'll do the video for truck truckstop they
're too busy for me i have it actually everybody in my class if you .

Want to practice make sure you text me email me today i'll give you guys logins just practice track stop load words for the brokers on a saturday we were playing with coyote right we were not playing the load was posted for 45 we put 6 000 and they took it but again when you see all the details we .

Already knew that it was desperate load because it had minus 10 degrees four or five drops in california it was not even worse six thousand dollars they also had another load one on one we did put an offer and actually after finishing the class they recounted me at .

54. the 54 was much better option right one-on-one going from and the temperature was there 34 instead of -10 well i hope you guys learning with me i hope you with me on a mission to change tracking for better for all my students who in mentoring i'm gonna see you tomorrow night 7 p.m we have very intense class be prepared for three .

Hours of brainstorming probably so make sure you uh have your notes you have your tea maybe some snack because we're gonna be having intense class everybody who did not join mentoring yet make sure you do so today or tomorrow so you can be included and tomorrow's training it's only twice a month .

And again thank you and we love you and together with you we're gonna change tracking for better and remember do not be a desperate dispatch service watch this and remember not to do what other people do learn this industry and when you reach out to cares represent this industry and your knowledge the way it should be love you all and see you next .

so the