What's up fam welcome back to the channel my name is phil sarpon this is phil's guide to psyd this channel is dedicated to all things clinical psychology if you care about psychology if you're interested in self-care if you want a little bit of a sneak preview into what grad school might look like .

For you then this is the channel for you today we'll be talking about the difference between psychology and neuroscience and if you are an undergrad if you're in the university or in college and you're looking to try and figure out what major you should major in whether it should be .

Psychology or neuroscience then here's what we're going to do for this video we're going to break that down we're going to break down the pros and cons of both psychology and neuroscience and hopefully give you a little bit more clarity a little bit more of a better description .

In terms of what you can do with these majors and what you should possibly major in so that's interesting to you then stick around we will get this video started all right guys so the first thing that we're going to start off with is going to be psychology now the first thing .

That i do want to say about psychology is that a lot of people think that psychology is an easy major and i do not think that that is necessarily true and so i do believe that there are some easy classes in a psychology major but overall the major itself is not particularly .

Super easy when i think about research when i think about statistics there are definitely some harder classes in psychology to think about so definitely do not go into psychology thinking that it's going to be a cakewalk or a super easy career because i do not personally do not believe that that is .

The case at least from my personal experience and in the university that i went to now with psychology wouldn't break down the pros and cons i will say if you are thinking about becoming a therapist or going to grad school getting a master's in psychology getting a phd or a science degree .

In clinical or counseling psychology whether it's society or phd if you're thinking about becoming a therapist whether it's a licensed professional counselor or a licensed clinical social worker or even a marriage family therapist then i think having a psychology undergrad degree .

Is a perfect degree to have in terms of master's or doctoral level psychology studies the reason for that is that i think a psychology degree is perfect in terms of understanding the human body and the brain i do think that psychology sets a great foundation .

For a lot of those master or doctoral level studies the number one thing that i tell undergrad students is that being a psychology major if you do not have a good idea of what your end goal is going to be in other words if you don't know what you're going to do with your psychology degree .

Then you might be in a little bit of a pickle because there are going to be some limited job options for you for just an undergrad degree in psychology the other thing that you have to think about is that college is expensive and so if you are going to get a job right after .

College with a psychology degree you want to make sure that job pays well enough that you can pay back some of those student loans now here's the thing there are plenty of great jobs with just a psychology degree if you're interested in research and you want to work with faculty member right after undergrad .

Then that is certainly going to be an available option if you are interested in working in some type of mental health facility or a health care center whether it's a secretary or whether it's even a psychomatrician where you are working with neuroscientists and neuropsychologists .

To give out some of these psychological assessments that is definitely going to be available as well if you're interested in behavioral technicians or even a behavioral therapist where you work with kids that have autism that is going to be another great career .

So there definitely are some job options but definitely keep in mind that you want to have the end goal in mind if you don't have the end goal in mind of what you want to do with your psychology degree there are still going to be some options but you want to choose carefully to make sure it's the best option for .

You all right so the next thing is going to be neuroscience now i am super excited to talk about neuroscience i have to admit i do have some bias towards neuroscience because i was a neuroscience major myself i learned so much about the brain and the body .

Biochemistry chemistry all of these different things and related it back to human behavior and thinking and thoughts and emotions one of my favorite all-time classes in college was neurobiology of addictions where we learned about a number of different addictions whether it was sugar .

Addictions heroin addiction cocaine addiction all these different things and we looked into the brain to see what type of neurotransmitters that it affected and how that related to human behavior it was such a fascinating and interesting class and that is .

One of the things that is great about neuroscience is that you really do learn some interesting things now the biggest pro of neuroscience like i said if you already know that you want to go into a master's level psychology program whether it's become a therapist or to become a clinical psychologist then neuroscience will definitely .

Prepare you for that but in addition it's definitely also going to prepare you to become a neuropsychologist so if you are interested in neuropsychology and you want to become a neuropsychologist majoring in neuroscience will definitely give you the best foundation .

For helping you to understand the brain and the body and how that relates to different neurological disorders so definitely look into neuroscience if you're interested in neuropsychology now here are the two biggest cons with neuroscience the first thing that i have to say is that neuroscience is a much harder .

Undergrad degree than psychology like i said psychology isn't as easy as people think it is but definitely neuroscience is tough biochemistry or chemistry or neurobiology of addictions all of these different things mean that you have to study the not only just the brain and the mind but you have to study the .

Body you have to study the physiological functions that are involved it's a lot so it's definitely a much harder degree and so if you don't like science then maybe neuroscience may not be the major for you so that is definitely something to think about as with psychology if you .

Know your end goal you know that you want to be a neuropsychologist you know you want to be a therapist then that is fantastic if you don't know your end goal if you don't know what you want to do with a neuroscience degree don't worry about it because there are a lot of great job options right after college just like psychology .

In fact i would say that there are more diverse options in terms of career options with a bachelor's degree in neuroscience than for psychology like with psychology you can also become a psychometrician you become a behavioral analysis you can also do research but i think you .

Can do a lot of other jobs involved in tech or even involved in the corporate business world one of those could be working in a hospital and working with eeg technology and so again there is a number of different things that you can do with neuroscience i would say more things that you can
do with a .

Psychology degree which means that you might have further advances for pay as well as future career options with a neuroscience degree but as always if you don't have an end goal in mind it's going to be hard to find that particular job that's going to be best for you so definitely do your research in terms .

Of what jobs are gonna best match your qualities and your personality if you guys have any questions definitely put it down in the comment section below i would love to know if there are any graduate students that were psychology neuroscience majors or if you're thinking about choosing which .

One which one are you leaning more towards i would love to know your thoughts on that but with that i will see you guys in the next video you