What i got an 80. that's ridiculous hey guys i'm back at it and as you know from the position that i'm sitting in i'm about to do something on the computer and that's take a kid's health quiz because i've taken an idiot test before and i failed you recommended that i do buzzfeed medical quizzes and i think those are .

Going to be too hard so i took on something my own level kids health i'm talking about a health quiz for children if with my doctorate degrees i can't get a hundred on all of these i should be embarrassed i kind of have a feeling i will be .

How much do you know about the heart find out by taking this quiz and again this is meant to be for kids how many chambers does the heart have the heart has four chambers two atria two ventricles atria are on top ventricles are on bottom watch this bam all right they don't even tell you if i .

Got it right or wrong or not let's see what happens the movement of blood through the heart and body is called circulation locomotion ventriculation or heart pump this is a pretty easy one locomotion is what a train does ventriculation .

Sounds like something your ventricles might do harp up no idea circulation a final answer okay question number three the beating sound your heart makes comes from blood going in the wrong direction that sounds problematic b valves closing c the heart skipping beats .

Your ears playing tricks on you it's valves closing up with circulation the heart provides your body with oxygen nutrients a way to get rid of waste or all of the above well let's take these one at a time oxygen all of the cells in your body require .

Oxygen nutrients the cells in your body require nutrients getting rid of waste every time your body makes use of a nutrient there's always a waste product how you can get rid of it your kidneys how they're gonna get there i love blood the atria are the upstairs chambers of the heart and these parts .

Are the downstairs chambers well like we said earlier you got the atria up top ventricles chilling on the bottom bunk i want to go with b ventricles final answer question six what wall separates the left side and the right side of the heart the ventricle which we just said .

Is the basement the atria which we just called the attic the septum i'm not going to get into and the great walls what's what found in china so go and see septum final answer question seven what parts act like the doors that control blood flow .

In the heart heart dams heart damn kidneys chambers yeah it's valves final answer what organ removes waste from the blood the heart well we all know the heart pumps blood it's a muscle so ain't removing waste lungs kind of so this is kind of a trick question because co2 is kind of .

Waste kidneys final answer they remove waste you can keep your heart strong by eating heart-shaped candy doing activities like playing outside riding your bike and swimming c smoking d sleeping 18 hours a day playing outside riding your bike and swimming what are the tubes that carry .

Blood back to the heart called tubas pipes b veins a arteries a carry blood away veins bring blood back what's the difference between arteries and veins while veins are thin walled arteries are more muscular why because arteries sort of need to help contract and push that blood away from the heart .

Veins are sort of just tubes that allow blood to go back and they have valves inside of them so each time the heart pumps they open and the blood cell doesn't fall back down the valve's closed i got a hundred i've got a hundred on a kids quiz with a doctor in if i get one of these wrong you guys can .

Jump me in the comment section muscles quiz come on let's do it the three major types of muscles in the body are smooth muscle sports muscle cardiac muscle running muscle and flexible muscle the answer is b smooth muscle cardiac muscle and skeletal muscle .

Two the muscle that pumps blood throughout your body is the heart cardiac which muscle helps you move your shoulders let's talk about it smooth muscle where's that found not your shoulders that's not skeletal muscles smooth muscles like in your stomach quadriceps you know where that is your .

Legs your upper thighs tendons are what muscles use to attach to bone as opposed to ligaments which attach bones to bones deltoid muscle are the little caps around your shoulders that helps move your shoulders which type of muscle is found in your digestive system oops gave it away .

Smooth muscle yeah what connects bones and muscles together god i'm giving all of them away tendons oh it says glue elmer's skeletal muscles work with bones to give your body strength the ability to move strength and the ability to move and all the above skeletal muscles give .

You strength and the ability to move yeah some of your biggest and most powerful muscles are in your calves and thighs in your back near your spine in your arms or in your fingers the strongest muscle in your body is your calf has been measured .

Scientifically the answer is calves and thighs which muscles are found on the front of your thighs quads biceps pecs or deltoids let's start from bottom up as we've done before deltoids shoulder caps pecs boom biceps boom quadriceps front of your thighs which muscles are .

Found in your belly and sometimes called abs they're called abs because the proper medical term for them is rectus abdominis when you make a muscle in your arm you are flexing your biceps and you know why the bicep is called bicep and the tricep is called the tricep it's because there's .

Multiple heads the bicep has two heads the tricep has three heads and the quads have four heads what i got an 80. that's ridiculous they said the the most powerful muscles are in your spine that is a lie i've seen the study that your gastroc is your strongest muscle i'm pulling up the study right now .

Before i lose my mind hold on a second i definitely miss clicked on something yeah wait where's the other one that i got wrong i only got one wrong why did i get an 80. number one right number two right number three right number four right number five right number six right number seven wrong .

Number eight right number nine right and number ten right what is this game cheating me this is ridiculous strongest muscle you're gonna see a couple things you can see the tongue and then the gastroc the muscle that can pull with the greatest force .

This is a government website by the way i'm gonna pull this up just to make it very clear there is no one answer for the strongest muscle in the human body since there are different ways the muscle that can pull up can pull with the greatest force is the soleus it is found below the gastroc .

Calf muscle the soleus is very important for walking running and dancing it's considered a very powerful muscle along with calf muscles because it pulls against the force of gravity to keep the body upright now the other one is the gluteus maximus which is obviously the thigh it's the largest .

Muscle in the human body and it's a large powerful muscle because he has the job of keeping the trunk in a direct body posture so if we have the gluteus on this list and we have the soleus where in the world is spine i refuse i want my hundred editors of the site give me my 100. .

Ridiculous all right which next one what should be the next one that i do do better bro are you serious sorry don't worry about it let's do the digestive system q1 how long is an adult small intestine god these are hard 30 m
iles 30 inches 22 feet is ridiculous it's not 17 .

Feet either could it be 17 feet no way i'm going 30 inches the digestive process starts in the bathroom do not go in there it actually starts in the mouth with your teeth doing all the chomping and the saliva doing the digestion the liver's role is to mash up .

Food no turn water into food that's like a jesus thing see help the stomach sounds legit remove harmful stomachs remove harmful substances from the blood that sounds more legit you know like alcohol and tylenol oh i'm rhyming today god i'm on a roll oh my god how many .

Things am i gonna say that rhyme with taking a poll god please don't jump into the comment control okay i don't have any more i'm sorry right now dad anymore this is getting out of control exactly question four when they reach the stomach mashed when they assuming they're .

Referring to the mashed up food particles they mix with guava juice well if you drink guava juice then maybe gastric juices mucus or bile mucus sounds gross but i think gastric means stomach and if we're saying when they reach the stomach they mix with stomach juices .

V final answer gastric means stomach bile is made in the large intestine no stomach no liver yes all the above no what does digestive system do breaks down and handles food pumps blood throughout the body okay if your kid thinks your digestive system pumps blood .

We got a problem c helps you breathe the digestive system ain't helping you breathe it digests helps your arms and legs move it technically could be d and i'm one of those yeah i'm one of those people that argues questions on tests but think about it if you don't get enough nutrients from your food .

Can you move your arms or legs can you breathe can you pump blood throughout the rest of your body i don't think so technically all of the above your food can spend up to this long in the small intestine there four years four seconds four minutes .

I'm gonna go four hours what tube moves food from the back of your throat to the stomach esophagus which organs help with the absorption of nutrients pancreas liver gallbladder liver heart and spleen well first of all the heart is not a digestive organ let's get that .

Out gallbladder kidneys appendix no because if we get rid of the appendix we're all good kidneys liver bladder well the bladder definitely doesn't do any absorption so we can go ahead and put pancreas liver gallbladder the large intestine measures about one foot long ten foot long five foot long hundred foot long i'm gonna say five .

Feet i got a 90 again hey you're quiet now i turn around you're gonna get wise i got the first question wrong how long is an adult small intestine the answer is 22 feet i should have known this i made a playlist for you of my funniest gaming videos click here to .

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