Hi guys welcome back to my channel my channel aims to promote chinese medicine to correct some misunderstandings and hopefully to raise people's interest in it this is my second episode of my chinese introduction series and if you haven't watched my first .

Episode please have a look this episode i will be briefly comparing the major differences between modern medicine and chinese medicine after watching the first video i think we are all ready for a new way of thinking before we start remember to subscribe and turn on notification .

So you won't miss what's coming next last time we talk about thinking because these two medicines start from different points they have developed and used different theories i would say modern medicine is based on science while chinese medicine is based on .

Eastern philosophy or ancient chinese philosophy so how are they different maybe there's someone else who can help us to better understand it carl jung a swiss psychologist who has made great influence to psychiatry anthropology literature .

Philosophy and religious studies in the book of eating or book of changes the foreword was said by young we have not sufficiently taken into account as yet that we need the laboratory with its incisive restrictions in order to demonstrate the invariable validity of .

Natural law if we leave things to nature we see a very different picture every process is partially or totally interfered with by chance so much so that under natural circumstances a course of events absolutely conforming to specific laws is almost an exception .

Science and chinese philosophy both are trying to find the mechanism the law behind the world but their methods of approach varies there's same from eating seeds the appearance the form the shape whatever that can be directly perceived or sensed .

For example here's an apple it's red sweet crispy round and big the sun bright high up warm and hot from here that's when science and chinese philosophy split itself means going down so science then delves deeper into the directly perceived world using controlled experiments while .

Chinese philosophy is the method is to leave the world to be dynamically observing the changes of everything thus we can say that science is delicate and accurate it observes the law under a static state fighting partial truths of a whole .

In a relatively unmoving space looking for the structure and function of the subject to do so we need to artificially interfere with the conditions on the other hand chinese philosophy tries to preserve the natural state the ancient realized that everything is connected and somehow .

Influencing each other in an always changing universe chinese philosophy studies the law behind it so back to medicine the subject for modern medicine is the biological human being and for chinese medicine it's never only on the biological level .

Say putting all the components together doesn't make its entirety restored does putting up all the organs defines who you are medical science it focuses on a micro aspect from our body to our organs to tissues to cells to dnas to ions and blah blah blah blah blah for chinese .

Medicine we look on a more macro view we focus on the connection of being a whole from different organs as a whole we as a human ourselves the connection between people connection between us and nature between us .

And the universe and the law so this episode is actually pretty abstract i'm sorry about that i still hope you can have a kind of clear concept or an impression from next episode we'll start talking about chinese medicine theories and hopefully what you don't .

Understand in this episode will be explained