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Who Is Number One Monster Legend

Dementors harry potter they're blind since they have no eyes but they can still find you by sensing your emotions slenderman the humanoid faceless creature was created in a photoshop contest in 2009. not sure why he's always in a suit good taste .

Demogorgon stranger things the design of this monster's huge head-sized mouth was inspired by nature it looks a lot like a rafflesia the world's largest flower that smells like rotting meat cooper super 8. although many fans believe the monsters from super 8 and cloverfield are the .

Same both movies are from the same producer the filmmakers stated many times that they're not so there one won the giant game of thrones if he existed in our world the northern giant would be twice as tall as shaq fluffy harry potter to make the giant dog more believable each of his three heads were given .

Distinct personalities one was made to be sleepy another was alert and the final was smart not to be confused with dopey sleepy and dark of the seven dwarfs xenomorph queen aliens when the film was made the queen was the largest most complex puppet ever created the creature you see is a combination of .

Animatronics and miniatures rancor star wars its creators described the design as a cross between a bear and a potato cave troll the lord of the rings the troll was designed to look not evil but like a buffoon that got tangled up with the wrong crowd hippogriff harry potter .

A magical being with a lower body of a horse but the front and head of a giant eagle nope no hippo parts that part of the name comes from the greek word for horse king kong 1933 the giant apes height changes throughout the film it goes from 18 feet on the island to 24 in new york trico the last guardian .

The creature is a combination of animals and has a feature from each the strength of a dog the agility of a cat and the flight of a bird yarados pokemon they evolve from magikarp an idea that comes from the ancient chinese legend that carp would turn into dragons after swimming upstream .

Balrog lord of the rings one of the biggest debates among the franchise's fandom is whether or not this fiery beast has wings the book only describes wing-like shadows surrounding him erumpent fantastic beast and where to find them even though in a rumpet can be five .

Times bigger than a hippo it's considered medium-sized in the wizarding world king kong 2005 the sound of king kong's roar is a lions played backward at half speed whale sharks this is the biggest fish in the sea it weighs 50 000 pounds that's his third as heavy as the space shuttle orcas although thought to be whales the .

Orca is in fact the largest species of dolphin tyrannosaurus rex scientists believe one of these could eat up to 500 pounds of meat in just one bite so that's what two thousand quarter pound hamburgers colossal squid they live in the deep sea surrounding antarctica they're shorter .

In length than the giant squid but their dimensions are bigger giant squid a giant squid has three hearts and its eyes are as big as beach balls hey look if i saw one of those my eyes would be as big as beach balls blue whales the loudest animal on the planet the volume of its calls can reach .

188 decibels that's even more deafening than a jet engine and the winner is sciphonophor this is a colonial organism recently discovered off the coast of australia scientists weren't able to study its full length but believe it can be up to 390 feet long glass sponges are weird little creatures that sit in one place for thousands of .

Years from their favorite spot under the sea they witness the first europeans crossing over to the americas they can live up to 15 000 years and what's even cooler is that they can control their aging process speed it up or slow it down they have a glass-like exoskeleton for .

Protection lobsters can grow back a limb if they lose it and they're basically immortal they produce an unlimited number of enzymes that keeps their dna young forever and they just keep on growing that means they outgrow their own shells they have to shed their exoskeleton every now and then and upgrade to a .

Bigger one the largest lobster ever caught was 44 pounds off the coast of nova scotia scientists think this large lobster was around 100 years old it was around when edison invented the phonograph this next creature is a mix between a jellyfish and a tree branch each end of the hydra has a ringed foot .

And it spends its days chilling by lakes and rivers its tentacles grab onto tasty snacks that swim past it so what's the secret to its immortality that's something everyone wants to know the hydra has the ability to renew its stem cells scientists have been trying to do that for years they can actually slow down .

Their aging process now these little sea creatures are red sea urchins they sit on seaweed in shallow waters and are immortal well we haven't been studying them long enough to know for sure but scientists say they only grow in size not in age what well they sort of stay like little baby urchins but grow in size adult baby .

Urchin okay these little babies can reach around 100 years old even 200. the slowest on the list the giant tortoise it can reach 200 years old and one of the oldest is jonathan he's technically the oldest crawling land animal he was born in 1832 and lives it up on a remote island called saint .

Helena jonathan's been through a lot he's seen the very first american skyscraper the eiffel tower oh yeah he's also lived through every single world series starting when he was 71 years old now he can't see too well and he's lost his sense of smell but he's still going strong .

Back to the oceans and the greenland shark it's been known to be the longest living vertebrate and can live more than 400 years swimming around for that long in the deep dark cold ocean means these sharks are tough they're able to withstand insane water pressure sharks are one of the only creatures .

Today that haven't been affected too much by evolution many sharks have been around since the dinosaurs and haven't changed much scientists found out that they grow around a half an inch per year so with a little bit of quick math they can easily find out the age of these tough sharks imagine seeing a shark that's older than .

The usa this next creature is probably the most durable indestructible and cutest on the list it's called a tardigrade but scientists nickname it water bear because i guess it looks like one but it's not exactly bear size it has eight legs and hands with a strange little nose and these bizarre microscopic .

Creatures are indestructible they're known to live in the most extreme places on the planet they're fine with temperatures as high as 300 and as low as minus 330. volcanoes frozen desert nights they can even handle radiation and massive amounts of pressure in the deepest parts of the ocean they can even survive the .

Vacuum in space no tiny little spacesuit or anything that would be cute enough so far they've survived 10 days on the outside of a spaceship but they could probably do longer tardigrades might be able to outlive humans if there's some sort of worldwide catastrophe microscopic organisms in charge of the planet .

Wonder what that would look like whether it's all the volcanoes erupting at once or another ice age or even another pesky asteroid tardigrades probably wouldn't even notice scientists are studying them to see if they can help us with some next level biotech now just for fun here's the mayfly this .

Poor little insect doesn't even make it past 24 hours on average females and males can make it to a whopping two days old talk about living in the moment these little flies grow in swarms and are known to have one of the shortest lifespans of any creature but as a species well they've been around for hundreds of millions of years .

Jellyfish have discovered the fountain of youth and surprise surprise it's been inside them all along not inspirational poster style but literally it's always been inside them jellyfish are able to reverse their aging process whenever they want imagine you're swimming along and then you think to yourself gee i kind of want .

To be eight again and poof there you are who wouldn't want to go back to being eight that's how jellyfish stay young and live stress free these brainless and boneless creatures can turn the clock back any time they want as long as no one bothers them they're super chill just floating in whatever direction the current takes .

Them like go with the flow margin c lizard isn't an actual lizard it's a kind of a sea slug that dwells close to the water surface it swims upside down and somersaults to get food and let's admit it it looks very cute squat anemone shrimp is also known as a .

Dancer shrimp because of its peculiar behavior when agitated it raises its bottom above its head and does a little dance divers also say it readily jumps on their hands and cleans them pygmy seahorse has only recently been discovered thanks to its outstanding camouflage skills it hides so well in .

The reefs that it becomes almost invisible harry squat lobster lives in reefs hiding from predators and crevices you'll instantly notice the drastic difference between its whitish hairs and vibrant pink and violet claws cryptic teardrop crab is a decorator crab a species that attach things they .

Find in the sea to themselves this one is usually covered in living sponge tourists love flamingo tongue sea snails for their pretty colors thinking it's a shell but in fact the shell is quite dull and hidden underneath colorful soft tissues they'll eat softer toxic parts of coral and store their toxins to protect .

Themselves skeleton shrimp could be the stuff of nightmares if it weren't so tiny as it is it looks like a stick insect but almost completely transparent boxer crab doesn't do boxing as its name might imply but it sure does look like a boxer it carries a live anemone in either of its claws and catches food with their .

Help another creepy crawler on this list is a terrible claw lobster and its claws are indeed terrible despite the tiny size of the animal its right claw is as long as half the lobster's body feel the smell of snow and hot cocoa christmas tree worms would bring the spirit of winter holidays even to the .

Depths of the ocean the hairs growing from the stem of their body look like many fur trees hence the name orangutan crab looks like its land dwelling primate namesake in miniature thanks to it being a decorator crab species it gathers plankton and algae and attaches them to its body .

Scarlet striped cleaning shrimp is a natural hitchhiker it stands on the sea floor and waves its long antenna for fish and sea animals to go down and pick it up then it pays for the ride by cleaning the host from bacteria and plankton if you dive in the ocean at night you might be lucky enough to see how orange .

Ball corillomorph blooms in the dark but make sure to be quick because as soon as you turn on your flashlight to take a good look it will retract its tubes back into itself despite hairy octopus looking like it's forgotten to comb its hair in the morning it's actually its skin that's sticking in every direction .

Predators have a harder time realizing where the octopus itself is this way i guess sea angels might look and sound pretty cute but they're fierce predators their favorite prey are sea butterflies they lay mucus traps for them and wait in ambush banded shrimp or banded boxing shrimp .

Was really aptly named it's got bands of color all over its body and always stands in the boxer-like ready-to-strike pose brown line paper bubble is another sea slug and it definitely looks like one it's got a special ability though it can quickly burrow holes in the sea floor hiding from predators inside of them .

Electric file clam looks like it has electric currents running through its body but that's an illusion the clam's underbelly is white and when the rim quickly unfolds it flashes the color pipe horse is a weird mix between a seahorse and a pipefish scientists think it might be a missing evolutionary link between the two squidworm showed ocean .

Researchers it's a newly discovered species that looks much like an earthworm in structure but has distinctive features of its own such as frilly appendages it uses as a nose cockatoo squids or glass squids are a large genus whose members can reach quite impressive size yet one thing they have in common is .

That their bodies are transparent and the internal organs glow in the dark helitrephy's massage jellyfish is normally invisible in the dark abyss where it dwells but when exposed to light it will reflect it and shine beautifully sea salts are often confused with jellyfish although they're closer to .

Portuguese man or they're very quick to mature growing from newborns to adults in less than 48 hours decorator crab attaches parts of coral reefs it dwells in to its body thanks to its adhesive properties persian carpet flatworm looks indeed like a carpet despite being very small .

By comparison able to become both male and female it really doesn't mate with other flatworms rather it fights them for the right to bear the posterity it's red hand fish it has front fins that look like human hands which it uses to crawl the ocean floor .

Ornate ghost pipefish not only looks like something from a sci-fi movie but is also the only kind of pipe fish that lets its females bear their offspring barrel eye fish is arguably the strangest creature you might meet in the ocean depths its body is just like any other fish but the head is completely .

Transparent and the eyes are inside the head covered by green lids the bulbs on its snout are in fact nostrils giant hatchet fish is only giant by comparison it's the largest species of its kin the flat hatchet-like body and huge bulbous eyes will probably chase you in your nightmares for a long time .

Afterwards at 65 feet there's a whole new world opening before your eyes shallow coral reefs are standing beautifully not far from the shore and hey there are people here again it's scuba divers this time though water pressure isn't kind to divers without special equipment .

130 feet is the depths where we say goodbye even to recreational scuba divers it's the maximum allowed for them take care guys 200 feet and here's the first orca these whales inhabit the relatively shallow waters of almost every sea and ocean in the world did you know that they're the apex .

Predators by the way it means they have no natural enemies and no one can take them down at 230 feet we meet whale sharks the largest known fish species weighing up to 60 tons and they're also quite long livers well yeah i guess their livers are long at that but actually it's about their life expectancy they can live .

About a hundred thirty years now look outside if you're a scuba diver it's a real pro because at 330 feet they'll have to be very cautious not to get decompression sickness it occurs if you rise too quickly to the surface and if you're lucky you can also see a giant pacific octopus it dwells in cool water starting this deep and going down as far .

As 6 600 feet and now we're entering the dark part of the ocean at 490 feet just one percent of the light from the surface reaches us all the rest is absorbed by water everything that's deeper will get darker and darker still oh look at about 660 feet there's a giant oarfish circling our submersible .

These creatures are believed to be the source of all sea serpent sightings and also a lot of alliteration sometimes they swim up to the surface and freak out sailors and swimmers no wonder these fish can reach 36 feet in length enough to scare the heck out of me for example okay now we're at 980 feet and wait what's that huge and gangling thing out .

There oh i get it it's a japanese spider crab why a spider you ask well just look at those legs and the answer will come to you without further props by the way there's almost nothing more to them than legs the body of such a crab is normally just one and a half feet across going deeper now and at 1 640 feet .

You're going to see the last of the blue whales no not really the last of them i mean that's the deepest they can swim they don't really need to dive that deep for food which they have in abundance in shallower waters but they still can i guess it's just for the sake of showing how awesome they are after all they're the largest creatures in the history of .

Earth both in the sea and on land you hear this these are the sounds fin whales are making to talk to their friends many miles away they can do this thanks to the sofar channel or deep sea channel that generally starts at 1970 feet but can vary in depth it's a .

Layer of water where the speed of sound is at its minimum and sound waves can go thousands of miles before disappearing at the depth of 2723 feet we have reached the point where the burj khalifa the tallest building in the world would not even show its tip on the surface if it were put under water hey let's try that .

Now we're entering the really interesting part of the ocean where no sunlight reaches us and strange creatures dwell one of those is the giant squid yes that legendary type it inhabits the depths of 2950 feet just imagine the creature with eyes the size of frisbees sperm whales hunt down these beasts but they .

Certainly can fight back what a sight it would be to see such an encounter and that's where pitch darkness finally falls on us the midnight zone the pressure here is so huge that if you somehow end up being here without a submersible well you'll simply be crushed in a couple of seconds and that without seeing a thing too .

Not the best of prospects anyway at 3600 feet there's west mata one of the deepest ocean volcanoes in the world its last eruption was in 2009 and it was even filmed by a remotely operated vehicle four thousand two hundred feet down below and we see the ferocious great white sharks these ultimate predators .

Feel great at such a depth their eyesight is rather poor and they navigate by scent so they really don't need sunlight to hunt down their prey i don't see you but i'll still eat you also the leatherback turtles the largest turtles in the world dive at the same depth i wonder if they do it to tease the great wines oh see those huge nets .

That's because we're now at the depth of 4900 feet where the catch-all fishing method is used the nets are here to be dragged along the ocean floor catching everything unfortunate enough to be caught i'll let you decide how detrimental this is to the ocean life here at six thousand feet if we were in the grand .

Canyon we'd be sitting at its lowest and deepest point imagine that all the crevasses have been thoroughly filled with water and you'll get the perfect picture now if we're really careful then at the depth of 6600 feet we'll be able to see the black dragon fish a nightmarish creature that dwells in the deep and .

Dark parts of the ocean and trust me it's better off staying right here it looks like something from a horror movie and i'd rather it never crossed my path at 7 400 feet we'll be saying goodbye to sperm whales this is the deepest point they can dive and frankly they have no real business at such a depth maybe they hunt the black dragon fish of course or .

It hunts them nah the difference in size is too big now if you step on a sea urchin you're gonna know right away look at those spikes get the point ow while they're not aggressive they've got a great defense going against any creatures that want to eat them venomous .

Spikes and a poisonous bite pick your poison literally they live in all of the oceans of the world so avoiding them is out of the question they mostly hang out in shallow water hiding in rock pools and reefs so unmindful people step on them a lot the long venomous spikes of the urchin look like needles feel like them too .

They can go in quite deep plus they release a strong toxin the cure remove the spikes quickly and wash with salt water one small marine mammal just loves sea urchins any guesses it's the sea otter don't let its cuteness get in the way of its toughness these mammals rarely leave the water and .

That even includes taking naps holding hands with other otters keeps them from floating away from the path their fur is the densest on the planet up to a million hairs per square inch hey we humans only have about two thousand they're also good with tools they can use rocks to hammer open shells hey how .

Else would you open a sea urchin you utter try it sometime stonefish aren't going to win any beauty contests unless the pageant is for best rock look-alike their tiny unreflective eyes and rough skin blend in perfectly with their environment a large head an even bigger mouth and a home full of yeah it's rocks and just .

Cause you're on the beach doesn't mean you're safe stonefish can survive for 24 hours out of the water stepping on one or even handling one won't be that fun their dorsal fin spines have extremely strong venom it shoots out when they get stepped on and it can lead to paralysis or even heart failure you'll need help fast no wonder .

They're one of the most dangerous creatures in the water or anywhere be careful when scrambling around rocky areas they love to play hide and seek box jellyfish tentacles grow up to 10 feet long and each tentacle has 5 000 stinging cells not bad for a creature that's mostly just water their venom is strong enough .

To paralyze anything they want to eat now if you happen to get stung it's going to hurt a lot its toxins contain proteins that affect the heart skin cells and even our nervous system no wonder it's considered one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet i wouldn't recommend using sunscreen soda coffee or other older methods they .

Don't work your best bet is some good old-fashioned seawater looks like jellyfish are the rulers of the ocean not sharks hey look around your local rock pool you might see this sweet little octopus it's tiny and has blue rings cute but don't fall for it now this octopus wouldn't make a good pet when provoked the .

Octopus will start flashing neon blue to warn everyone to stay away and i highly recommend you do just that their venom is a thousand times more dangerous than cyanide there's also no known antidote for it the best thing to do take a quick picture and walk away better yet just walk away now not even the octopuses are normal .

Down under i'll stick with my shrimp on the barbie mate do you see that large log near the ocean floor maybe it's part of an old ship a treasure gold diamonds hey i'm rich as you get closer you notice something it's swimming it's not a shark or a dolphin it's a salt water crocodile now don't panic if you bump into one of .

These reptiles in the sea it's unlikely it'll think of you as food crocodiles have a special valve in their throat that stops them from drowning underwater but that doesn't mean they can't bite usually they're heading to a nearby island and the quickest way there is to body surf they can't really take the .

Ferry watching one from a distance should be okay just don't swim to shore right away they love to ambush their lunch in the shallow water if there's one time i'd like to see a great white shark it's when i'm diving with crocodiles they'll gladly take a crocodile sized nibble given the right motivation .

Going out on a boat off the coast of mexico sounds like the perfect vacation the sun the blue water the most endangered sea creature wait what the vaquita isn't dangerous but don't expect it to stick around to say hello or sign any autographs it's incredibly shot this little cow that's what the spanish .

Means is one tiny sea mammal with those black markings around its eyes it looks more like a sea panda debate seeing one should make you feel very special they're on the brink of extinction mostly because they get caught up by accident in fishing nets it's estimated that there are only 10 left in the wild .

The galapagos islands are legendary giant tortoises blue footed bobbies sally lightfoot crabs and red lipped batfish but if you've ever swum around there you might have seen something really unexpected in the water iguanas everywhere these large marine reptiles eat the algae that grow on underwater rocks .

They're strictly vegetarians i'll bet the fish are happy about that a long flat tail designed for swimming helps them move around and sharp claws keep them on the rocks for their daily sunbathing sessions but watch them closely they sneeze a lot they haven't got a cold or anything they're sneezing out soft a special gland keeps the salt .

Out of their nose and they've got to get rid of it somehow ooh sounds painful what's cool is that they don't mind us in the water with them because the islands have been so isolated the creatures here aren't afraid of humans splash your submarine hits the water surface you descend one hundred one thousand two .

Thousand three thousand feet it's getting darker the subs walls creak as the pressure grows over 1400 psi it's like the weight of a grand piano squeezing every square inch of your body from all sides you've made it to your destination all that's left is to spot the beast just in time among the black void you .

See a bright green glow off in the distance it's getting closer as it approaches it gets bigger this is it the creature that's been leaving strange circular markings on fish dolphins whales and even other sharks behold the cookie cutter shark don't let its size fool you it may be no .

Longer than a bowling pin but this creature is a parasite it attaches itself to other marine animals using its neatly arranged serrated teeth with one bite it fills its belly detaches and goes on about its day its mobile snack also swims away with its life the only evidence of this rendezvous a .

Cookie shaped mark on its body don't assume you're safe in your submarine these bold little guys have been known to go after subs too you decide not to risk the shark punching a hole in the only thing keeping you from being squished to a pulp by the surrounding water you journey on to meet other bizarre .

Creatures lurking in the bermuda triangle at twice the depth you'll find the dragonfish unlike other deep water inhabitants these things produce light in the infrared range blue and green is what other fish stick to .

This gives the dragonfish a huge advantage it provides itself with light that other marine dwellers just can't perceive things that want to eat the dragonfish can't detect this light as well as the critters the dragonfish likes to feed on a truly unique deep sea dweller is the vampire squid .

Neither vampire nor squid or octopus this thing is a unique species of its own it has the largest eyes compared to body size of any animal on the entire planet when the vampire squid feels threatened it curls its arms up and around its body essentially the thing turns itself inside out .

Another animal to avoid down here is the terrifying bobbit worm it buries itself in the sea floor leaving a small part of its body out it waits for dinner time with its pincer-like mouth parts open what's on the menu other worms and fish that can be seven times bigger than the bobbit .

It uses its five antennas to sense when lunch is close enough to snap in an instant the worm launches forward and grabs its lunch with its mouth parts it's not done yet once it's got its jaws locked onto its lunch the worm injects it with venom and pulls it down into the burrow to feast .

One of the deepest trenches in the bermuda triangle is the tongue of the ocean this is also the secret breeding grounds of tiger sharks you'll instantly recognize them thanks to those darker gray tiger stripes on their sides they're the second largest predatory shark species after the great white .

And with a big size comes a big appetite marine mammals smaller sharks stingrays and green turtles are all on the menu if you ever come face to face with a tiger shark hopefully not remember this you can tell the fish's age by looking at its stripes they fade over time so the younger the shark the more pronounced it stripes .

There's plenty of zooplankton in the bermuda triangle these are usually small organisms that are essential to the ocean's food chain but get this if nothing ate them and they were left to grow out of control zooplankton would cover the entire world in layers and layers in just four months oh and the largest type of zooplankton .

Is the jellyfish jellyfish were around long before dinosaurs you probably know your body is 60 water a jellyfish is 95 so if it gets washed onto the shore after a few hours most of its body just evaporates into the air there's also a jellyfish that lives forever the immortal jellyfish can revert itself .

Back to its polyp stage and then grow again sounds like something from another planet but it's no space jelly those do exist by the way back in the 1990s nasa raised jellyfish in space to see what zero gravity does to them they were just fine living up there in .

The cosmos when they came back down to earth though they had trouble adjusting the european eel hasn't been to space but it is quite a globetrotter it travels all the way from europe to the sargasso sea where the bermuda triangle is located in the larval stage it just drifts around the ocean for as long as three years sometimes .

It's also the chameleon of the sea over the years the european eel changes color going from translucent to yellow to metallic silver they're nocturnal and secretive pretty much the ideal companion to have when you rate the fridge at midnight you


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