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65 Everyday Things I Finally Googled What It’s For

the loops on the frame of a shopping cart are for hanging fragile goods like eggs and fresh bread so other groceries don't crush them a pop can tab has a hole on the other end so you can twist it around and put a straw through it the metal tip of a tape measure .

Has a slit that lets you anchor it to a nail or screw you can also press the tip against the surface to make marks when your pencil is not within reach to open a glass bottle without a bottle opener hold the bottle vertically by the neck press your thumb on the lid and cling .

The edge of it onto something hard gently hit your wrist not the bottle and the glass won't break but the cap will pop off you don't need a special scissor sharpener do those even exist cutting fine sandpaper or folded aluminum foil will do the trick coins haven't always had ridges on the edges .

Back when they were made of gold and silver people would shave off pieces from the sides and melt enough shavings to make a whole new coin the ribs were put there to show the coin is still intact today it's more of a tradition you can use a penny to check the tread on your .

Tires put the coin in between the tread lines with the head upside down if you can see the top of the head well it's time to pony up for some new tires that small square piece of fabric that comes with clothes often with a button sewn to it isn't for patching holes .

It's so you can test if the material fades stays or pills in the wash before you throw the whole garment in the machine and possibly ruin it no escalator brushes aren't there to clean your shoes these bristles mark the edges of the steps if you stand too close to the edge your shoelaces or loose hanging clothes .

Could be dragged into the gap between the stairs and the wall we instinctively step back when we feel the brush touch our leg the extra pocket on the right side of a suit jacket is called the ticket pocket first they were used to store coins for people on horseback to pay .

Toll booths without having to open their jackets then when train travel became popular they held tickets and passes for easy access as for the left chest pocket it was used to store handkerchiefs keeping them away from the other cluttered and dirty pockets .

The hole in a pen cap is there in case the thing gets swallowed it allows air to flow through lego heads have holes in them for the same reason go look at your bathroom sink really see the hole up near the rim it's there to prevent overflows excess water goes into the siphon and .

Your floor stays dry in case you forgot to shut the water off it also helps your sink drain faster instead of glugging down slowly as it fights air resistance the hole gives that air somewhere to escape there's a special oval shaped compartment under the flap of the tic .

Tac container it's supposed to make it easier to extract one little mint at a time well if you still like the idea of having a handful of them i can't blame you what side of your car is the gas tank on well it may be a tricky question if you're driving a rented vehicle or some .

Brand new wheels but just look at the little gas pump on your dashboard fuel indicator the little arrow points to which side the tank is on holes and tube-like coffee stirring sticks help reduce resistance from the liquid so they can stir the sugar more .

Efficiently and we're thankful for that this design also makes the plastic stick sturdier and protects it from bending in hot water and manufacturers save money by using less plastic when the thing is hollow the microwave door looks completely .

Black when it's off but when you're heating up your food you can see through it look closely it's not just a black glass it's a special mesh against regular glass this protective metal screen keeps the microwave energy inside dimples on the surface of a golf ball .

Make it look cuter now actually the dimples increase its lift and reduce air resistance meaning a ball can go further with them in my case it goes further into the trees and pods these dimples don't have to be spherical they can be hexagonal or any other shape but choose carefully the .

Slightest change in form or depth can really affect the ball's performance those two holes on the side of any converse shoe are not there only to let the stinky air out sure breathability is important for any athlete but the second reason is that athletes lace through those holes to get a better .

Grip donuts have a hole in the middle and it doesn't stand for oh and donut it's not designed for an easier grip either although it can be quite convenient it's actually made this way for mass baking so that they cook all the way through evenly .

Most metallic zippers have a hidden lock inside them to save you from awkward situations such as an undone fly oh boy don't leave the zipper handle in an upward position when you pull it downwards it automatically locks it's all thanks to those tiny grooves hidden underneath the .

Handle almost any public toilet has a large gap between the floor and the door the reason for such a zero privacy thing is to actually minimize the level of privacy and comfort so that people wouldn't stay there long and there'd be no lines .

Is also easier to clean and safer if some emergency occurs spoiled milk emits gases like most foods when they go bad a classic plastic milk jug has a concave shape on one side so when the gases expand inside the jug it expands too and the concave shape curves out also .

If you want to save some milk for later and freeze it the jug will expand when the milk gets solid as well occupying more space in a jug head rests in a car are about comfort and detachable headrests are about safety if you pull the headrest out of the seat you'll see two bars which are quite sturdy .

If you ever get locked or trapped in a car you can get out of there smashing the window with one of these bars bath foam isn't only for fun or a nice smell it also helps regulate the temperature the bubbles keep the water hot so you can enjoy a bath a bit longer .

Anyway it works for acrylic bathtubs only those made of metal lose heat really fast either way don't waste your strawberries by cutting off the top use a straw and push through from the bottom of the strawberry now enjoy a tasty cylinder of strawberry goodness .

Just don't eat the leaves mini screwdrivers can be used with a wrench to create more torque just place the wrench over the handle of the screwdriver and you'll use a lot less force than you would have before it also makes it easier to get to those hard to reach areas .

Flip any tupperware container over and you'll likely see a few symbols these are to show you if they're dishwasher safe if they can be microwaved or frozen and how to recycle them analog watches can do much more than tell time if you need to step away from your computer a bunch of times .

But don't want to have to keep logging back in place your mouse over the top of your analog watch the mouse will read the ticking second hand and keep your computer screen from turning black extension cords can easily frustrate anyone just as you start getting into a rhythm .

The power cuts out the best way to avoid this is simple builders use this trick all the time tie the ends together and they'll never disconnect again jerry cans have three handles so you can carry it without sloshing the liquid around you grab the middle one if you're alone .

Or you and a friend each grab a side one and gas cans have an extra tiny hole to prevent glugging that's a real word keep it open and it gives the air somewhere to escape wooden closet hangers are often made of cedar because it repels bugs and smells nice but if your delicate .

Tops keep slipping off your wooden hangers wrap some pipe cleaners around the shoulder part buttons were originally put on the left side of women's garments because it was easier for their right-handed maids to dress them people dress themselves nowadays but the tradition stuck .

The f and j buttons on the keyboard have tiny bumps so you can quickly find your home row keys without looking they mark where your index finger should be see the 57 etched into the neck of a glass ketchup bottle that's where you're supposed to tap it .

To get the sauce out not from the bottom the number in the upper right corner of heinz packets shows which line the packet was manufactured on that's all similar story with the colorful boxes on toothpaste tubes they tell the manufacturer's machines where to cut and fold the plastic a .

Toblerone bar is shaped with those triangular tooth like pieces so you can break a piece off easier just press the mountain top on the end toward the one next to it you mean somebody doesn't know this already the folded flaps on top of juice boxes .

Are there so you can hold the box without squeezing the liquid out the drawer under the oven isn't for storing kitchenware it was put there so you can keep ready dishes warm while others are still cooking the backs of uk coins have seemingly random pictures and lines .

Put all the coins together from the penny to the 50 pence piece and you'll see the royal coat of arms if you look at the wraps home the long thin box there's a special little feature that can help you a cardboard tab on each end push them in and the rolls not going anywhere strange that i've never seen them before .

It's lunchtime i'm feeling like a california roll today seaweed rice cucumber avocado and crab meat or is it it's actually imitation crab meat it's basically cheap white fish blended with sugar the fish mixture is then heated and .

Pressed into shape yummy that's maybe why it's called the hot dog of the sea now i just made that up microwave has a secret we've all seen but never paid attention to that black mesh you see on the door is a faraday cage it stops the electromagnetic energy or .

The microwaves from escaping and cooking you too that's how it heats up your food so quickly ever taken an iq test and realized you're einstein level smart me neither the median iq is only 100 plus there's very little evidence that einstein ever even took the test .

In the beginning most people thought the tests were too vague to be helpful in any way the test was designed for children who needed help with their studies later they realized it could be adapted to identify intelligence but it was never originally designed for that .

Hey never pop bubble wrap you're missing out and you guessed it it was never meant to be popped or used in the way we use it today it was invented as a new textured wallpaper by sealing two shower curtains together they created the first bubbles the idea .

Never really took off obviously after failing his wallpaper it discovered its true meaning in life it could protect sensitive items when the first computers were being shipped bubble wrap was there to help imagine a house with bubble wrap wallpaper in every room so making a mistake with a pencil is .

Easy to fix you just use the pink side right and with ink you just flip the eraser and use the blue part wrong and you just wrecked a perfectly good piece of paper that's because the blue part is actually also for pencil mind blown the blue side of the eraser .

Is for erasing mistakes on thicker paper where the softer pink side just can't get the job done a vegetable peeler isn't just for potatoes or carrots you can use it to shave off thin slices of onion hey i just saved you time stress and a whole bunch of tears it's also good for cutting perfect thin .

Slices of cheese everything is better with cheese the diagonal leather patch on backpacks isn't just for decoration it's there to hold your nasty shoes backpacks are made for the outdoors with pockets to hold water bottles pens maps coins and maybe even tiny dogs so it makes sense to tie up your muddy .

Shoes on the outside of your bag placing a wooden spoon across the top of a pod of pasta can stop it from turning into a volcano situation the bubbles get all confused when they come into contact with the spoon's water repelling surface and they retreat back into the pot .

Victory less mess and more pasta if you're pre-rinsing your dishes like you were told to you might be getting worse results from your dishwasher most modern dishwashers have sensors inside them to sense how dirty your plates are then .

They unleash a controlled jet of water to get all of that stuff off scrape any solid food into your compost bin and stack them up properly let the dishwasher do the hard work dropping an open juice box can turn a relaxing sunday into a day of cleaning up a sticky mess .

The manufacturers know how you feel and how clumsy you can be that's why they put little handles on the cartons flip up the flaps at the top of the juice box okay now you can totally space out blenders are designed to have the liquids put in first to make the perfect smoothie add your .

Milk coconut water yogurt or whatever you use in first then your berries and spinach and whatever you can thank me later you're welcome if you get a box of chocolates with a little dent in between the holes for the candy push it the chocolate surrounding it will pop right out of their snug little .

Compartments you shouldn't have to push the sweets from the bottom though this weighs much quicker don't throw away those little silica gel packets you get in new shoes and bags you can use them to absorb moisture in any place it collects foam get wet put it in a plastic baggie .

With a silica gel packet it'll get the water out throw one in your shoes to keep them smelling fresh tape one to the lid of your pet's food container to keep mold out you can even put a packet in your tool box to prevent rust pants creases have their story too to squeeze in as many goods as possible to .

Transport them folded pants got heavily pressed it was next to impossible to get rid of the resulting creases so why not make them fashionable doorknobs are usually made of brass bronze or some other copper alloys for a reason they have an anti-microbial effect they .

Get rid of germs pretty fast within a couple of hours but you still have to wash your hands after touching doorknobs airplane windows have holes in them to keep from shattering from air pressure differences but only some of them the window has three layers of glass .

The outer pane is made from a sturdy material that can withstand air pressure differences during takeoff and landing the inner panel is made of cheaper material and prevents potential damage to the window the hole in the middle pane balances that airflow it also keeps the windows from fogging .

Up almost every padlock has a tiny mysterious hole near the turnkey hole it's there so water can drain out after a rainy day also if your lock got jammed the right way to lubricate it is through this hole those little buttons .

They're actually called rivets on jeans were originally put there to keep the seam from ripping jeans back then were worn mostly by miners and other laborers who put their pockets under a lot of daily wear and tear we don't put our pockets under such stress these days but the tradition of .

Rivets stuck around and no it's not true that the rivets were named in honor of the frogs the california prospectors found while panning for gold most of the buttonholes on a shirt are vertical but the top and sometimes bottom are horizontal .

The reason is simple these two slip out more often than the other buttons so the horizontal buttonhole can stop your garment from popping open like the lid on a cheap suitcase next time you're struggling to peel off that tiny foil cover on a tube of ointment or cream look at the top of the cap it normally .

Has a spike on it for this exact purpose every toothpick comes with its own handy little holder just break off the top put it on the table and place your toothpick between the notches pointy end up now it won't touch the table and get all dirty you can do the same thing with .

Disposable chopsticks break off the top piece before you pull them apart a typical box cutter has lines on its blade these lines show where the blade can be broken if it gets dull when doing this use the removable sleeve on the backside .

It's safer this way for when your butter is too hard to cut put a glass of water in the microwave for a minute or so test the glass so it's not too hot take it out and pour out the water put the warm glass over the butter it'll soften up in no time coconut oil isn't just useful in the .

Kitchen or for making hair masks you can also use it to get chewing gum out of your hair if your pants zipper is stuck or your door hinges squeak you can use coconut oil as a substitute for wd-40 you can also polish cutlery and leather with it .


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