Three people were stopped at the security check of an international airport they were suspected of smuggling different stuff out of the country the first man was heading for a beach resort in his suitcase there were a lot of things needed at the seaside an umbrella a pair of sunglasses sunscreen .

And a beach towel the second man had a cage with three colorful birds and a pet carrier with a family of hamsters he had all the necessary papers the third man was traveling for business in his bag he had a suit some documents a toothbrush and toothpaste and a bottle of expensive shampoo .

Who's the smuggler it's the third guy he's bald why would he need shampoo young fashion designer robert was preparing for his first show he was excited and a bit anxious so he took a break to steady his nerves in a quiet corner but when it was time for him to present .

His collection he was nowhere to be found in an hour or so a security guard saw him in the bathroom lying on the floor someone had hit him on the head the police had three suspects maya one of the models said she had had problems with her dress i didn't even have time to leave the .

Dressing room catherine one of the guests answered she was robert's huge fan i've been wearing his clothes for years why would i hit him sam the designer's assistant said he had rushed to the nearest coffee shop to get robert an americano to calm him down can you figure out the culprit .

It was katherine that day it was robert's first show then how could she be wearing his clothes for years ethan and his girlfriend ann went to explore a cave and got lost after some time they came across two people a man and a woman the man bearded and rough looking had a shovel in his hands i've been stuck here .

For a week i know how to get to the surface but i need your help come with me the young woman exclaimed don't trust him he's a criminal follow me i've been here longer than him i know where the exit is who should the guys believe .

Ethan and ann decided to follow the man if the girl had been in the cave for more than a week why does she look so tidy and has fresh flowers in her hair mickey wakes up locked in a basement the guy has no idea how he got there probably through a hatch in the ceiling there are also three doors leading out .

Of the room behind the first one there's a deep pit with metal spikes at the bottom the second door leads to a lake with hungry piranhas and behind the third door there are crocodiles suddenly the room starts to fill with water which door should mickey choose to escape he should pick the first door once the pit is filled with water the guy will be .

Able to swim over the spikes adam's car has gotten broken right in the middle of a deserted forest road but the worst thing it's winter snow drifts are huge and the wind is freezing cold adam has to get to the nearest town and fast but if he follows the first path he'll have to deal with hungry wolves the second goes through the area .

Inhabited by bears and if he takes the second road he'll have to cross a river covered with thin ice which is the safest way atoms should sneak through the bears territory these animals sleep in the winter you find yourself in a photo gallery after looking at the wall you realize .

That one of the pictures doesn't belong to the rest you see a raccoon a llama a football and a balloon can you tell which is the odd one out it's the llama picture the other three objects have two double letters in their names but the llama only has one double there's a barrel of water in the yard .

You look inside and say that it's more than half full but your friend argues that it's less than half full how to figure out who's right without using any measuring tools or removing water from the barrel tilt the barrel so that the water touches the rim if you can see the .

Bottom the barrel's less than half full if the bottom is still covered with water it's more sam and his brother john were always fighting their mother couldn't take it anymore and came up with a clever plan to stop them she told the boys to stand on the same piece of paper in such a way that they .

Didn't touch each other and it worked the boys couldn't fight anymore how did she do it the woman slipped the paper under a closed door and made sam stand on one side and john on the other there is a bridge that is one mile long it can hold only five thousand pounds at .

One time that's exactly the weight of the truck that's crossing it the truck reaches the middle of the bridge and stops suddenly a bird lands on the truck is the bridge going to collapse the bridge isn't going to break down because the truck has already used some .

Gas to get to the middle and therefore weighs less than five thousand pounds a young woman is sitting near the window at first she's deep in thawed then she suddenly decides to throw something out of the window a couple minutes later she drops on the floor unconscious she's perfectly healthy and isn't prone to sudden faints .

There was no one outside to have hit her either so what happened she was knocked out by the very same thing she'd thrown out the window it was a boomerang that came back and hit her on the head well that was a dumb thing to do two men are in a room facing each other one of the men is a psychic and can see .

Into the future he predicts that in 10 minutes the other man will be hit on the back of his head of course shocked and paranoid the other man can't stop staring at the clock on the wall and exactly ten minutes later he's lying face down on the floor how could it happen .

After 10 minutes the man turned around to see if there was anyone behind him at exactly that moment the psychic hit him on the back of his skull well i'm starting to think he wasn't a psychic after all you walk up to the edge of a forest when suddenly you see a man in swimming trunks goggles and a snorkel going out .

Of the thicket and falling on the ground as if exhausted but you know the nearest body of water is several miles away how did the weird man end up in the forest there was a huge forest fire and the plane that was extinguishing it had to scoop up water from the lake several miles away doing it it accidentally captured the .

Man snorkeling in the lake he was dropped down together with the water and miraculously survived upon receiving an anonymous tip the police rushed to a house where a suspect was said to be they have no physical description but they do know his name is john when the cops reach the place they see four .

People sitting at a table a carpenter a firefighter a truck driver and a mechanic none of which have name tags on their uniforms without a moment's hesitation they arrest the firefighter so how did they know that's their guy the firefighter was the only man in the room all the others at the table were .

Women and couldn't be named john a man and his wife are driving down a highway when they run out of gas so the husband decides to walk to the nearest gas station which is about an hour's walk away before he heads off he tells his spouse to stay in the car and lock all the doors and windows .

The wife bored and wanting to entertain herself turns on the radio only to hear some shocking news a notorious criminal has escaped from prison and was last seen on that very highway where the car is sitting the reporter on the news gives a very detailed description of the escapee the wife gets so scared that she quickly .

Turns off the radio she double checks all the locks but when she look
s up she sees the escapee just a few feet away from the car when the man returns he finds the car still all locked up but his wife is nowhere to be seen how is it possible the answer is simple the couple had been .

Driving a convertible with the top down and the woman wasn't dare we say terribly bright you're wandering in a different forest and you come across a picnic they're all witches you tried to hide before they notice you but uh oh what do they want .

Actually they're pretty chill they just need a little help there are eight of them and one of them celebrating her 999th birthday they've got a birthday cake but there's a problem and no it's not that there's too many candles and too little cake their magic knife can only make three cuts and they can't figure out how to cut the .

Cake into eight pieces can you figure it out first cut the cake in half then make another cut so there are four equal pieces now cut the cake sideways through the middle so it has two layers now everybody gets a piece .

Helena finally got herself a new guitar she wanted to play it right away but she had school she locked it in a room and left when she got home that evening the guitar was gone her family was kind of fun they were always pulling pranks on each other she asked everyone about her guitar here's what they said her mom .

Said she hadn't even seen the guitar her dad said he saw it when he walked past her room but then he didn't go in because he had a lot of work to do her brother said he was at home but spent the whole day downstairs helena solved the mystery instantly can you figure it out her dad's lying he said he saw the .

Guitar while walking past her room but that would be impossible she locked the door on her way out mrs miller left the house and put a hundred dollar bill in the dining room for her son but the son said he never saw the money there were three other people in the house that morning stephen the gardener .

Bill the cook and molly the housemaid steve said he saw the money but he's an honest man he'd never take it bill said he spent the morning in the kitchen and didn't see the money at all molly said she had to open the kitchen window but didn't want the bill to fly away so she put it in this book between pages 35 and 36. .

Can you tell who's lying molly is she couldn't have put the money between pages 35 and 36 their two sides of the same page kevin's a single father of four he was working late one evening and got a call from a neighbor the neighbor just saw one of his daughters walking around with her friends in a totally different .

Neighborhood it was dark so the neighbor couldn't tell which daughter it was when kevin came back home he asked his daughters which one of them was out after dark lily said she was reading all evening madison said she was playing uno riley said she was in the backyard in the pool .

Ava said she was talking to a friend in her room kevin immediately knew who was lying do you it was madison she couldn't have been playing uno by herself she's hiding something josh was walking in a forest at night and came across an old castle he was .

Curious so he found a way in and started walking down a corridor pretty soon he met three people they said they were two werewolves and a vampire they wanted to keep josh in there forever but in the end decided to give him one chance to get away he had to guess who the vampire was he .

Was allowed to ask the same question to each of them as long as it wasn't are you a vampire josh asked what's your eye color why did he ask it and how would that even help him vampires don't have a reflection in the mirror and don't show up in photos the vampire probably wouldn't know what .

Color eyes it had bonus time can you think of any other question that josh could have asked those three guys how well do you know your vampires and werewolves lost in an underwater cave sarah just got her certificate as a cave diver she decided to spend her afternoon exploring some dangerous underwater .

Ocean caves while turning left and right she got lost she didn't have enough time to look for her way back and continued swimming further that was when she came across three openings through the first there were 45 hungry piranhas through the second a great white shark .

And through the last one a giant box jellyfish which is the safest path the first one piranha fresh water fish they can't survive in salt water the van susan was outside watering her plants when she noticed three people dressed in .

Black clothing carrying electronic devices from her neighbor's home she asked them what they were doing and they said they were from a moving company immediately susan called the police why there were no license plates on the van and movers don't only carry electronic .

Equipment but all sorts of stuff the prison escape one morning detective smith was called into a maximum security prison to discover how three men had managed to escape from their cells the prisoners could neither see nor talk to each other but they arranged their escape together they went to the shower room at .

Breakfast lunch and dinner and only one person was allowed in at different periods how did they manage to communicate and escape they wrote messages to each other on the bathroom mirrors used steam to read them and planned their escape together the villa disappearance .

It was a cold rainy weekend michael susie amara and luke were spending saturday and sunday together playing board games on saturday morning when they woke up amra was missing they looked everywhere for her but couldn't find her that was when luke called the police detectives examined the room and asked .

Everybody what they were doing at 4 00 am luke said he couldn't sleep so he went downstairs to the gaming room to play some online games michael said he couldn't sleep either so he went outside to look at the stars susie said she followed michael outside to get some fresh air .

That was when the detectives figured out who was lying michael and susie it was a rainy weekend remember the cursed photo alan was on his final stretch to becoming a detective he passed a bunch of assessments until he reached the last .

One this was where his attention to detail skills would be tested the chief of police handed allen a photo he told him this is michael he's having a birthday party but something in this photo is very eerie alan spotted it in two seconds can you .

There's a hand inside the blue balloon well how did it get there so you're on a desert island and you're starving you find a bush filled with berries you eat a few but start to feel sick a local hey i thought this was uninhabited they tell you that eating watermelons and grapes will get rid of the poison .

But apples and carrots will make things worse in front of you there are tomatoes cabbages oranges which one do you eat tomatoes like watermelons and grapes they also grow on vines unlike the rest .

You're lost in the desert with just one bottle of water but you don't know where the nearest water source is what do you do cover yourself with your backpack to avoid sweating walk as quickly as you can to find water find shade and rest the best option is the last one when it gets dark you can walk further and find .

Help while sightseeing in a town a volcano erupts nearby there's no lava coming out just thick black smoke you see three potential routes to safety which one do you take a tall lighthouse is a few feet away a basement a car in front of you .

Go to the basement and close the door behind you lava smoke travels fast and it can reach the tallest point of the lighthouse it's 3pm and while walking in the middle of a desert you come across a tall tower with a crazy scientist living there he tells you
that if you want to make it .

Out alive you must calculate the height of his tower what do you use fallen tree branches your shadow your watch your shadow since you know how tall you are you can calculate how many times your shadow fits into the tower shadow .

You're at a water park and you've been taken captive by a super villain he takes you to the highest point of the park and shows you three slides an orange one a green one and a yellow one one leads to a pool filled with acid one to a tropical paradise and the other to a volcano filled with lava the super villain tells you in a .

Parallel world the purple slide leads to freedom which one do you choose the yellow slide yellow is the opposite of purple you're on a trip into the wild a huge angry elephant has spotted you and it's running towards you what do you do run down a steep slope leading to a .

River climb up a tall tree right next to you run straight towards some other animals hoping it'll lose sight of you run down the steep slope elephants avoid areas with high elevation to stop themselves being injured during a camping trip you realize you have no water but you're very thirsty .

There are three ways to get water which one is the least dangerous harvest some from a cactus drink the water from a stagnant lake take some water from a flowing river cactus water isn't the safest and a stagnant lake is filled with bacteria and parasites the least dangerous option is the flowing river .

You've been stuck in the wild for days and you have no idea which way leads to civilization which side do you follow a plane passing overhead a flowing river a group of animals your best bet is the river since the beginning of time people have built villages along riverbanks .

a mysterious biologist invites you to his home for dinner he takes you down to the basement and puts three plates of weird items on the table one has wild white mushrooms with white gills the second is filled with castor beans the third has some fish brains which one is safe to eat .

the plate of fish brains is the only dish that isn't poisonous but the dinner isn't over yet you're taken into a room with three large tanks filled with salt water you must stay in one of them for five minutes the biologist promises to set .

You free if you make it out alive the first contains six great white sharks the second has 70 piranhas the last one is filled with dangerous boxed jellyfish which could you survive in in the second tank piranhas are fresh water fish they can't survive in salt .

Water you're leading an expedition to the north pole as you're sailing there a huge chunk of ice falls into the water causing a large wave to come your way what do you tell your crew to do stop the ship and stay until the wave passes start moving in the opposite direction .

Keep going and lean into the wave as it hits leaning into the wave is the only way to get some balance anything else will cause your ship to capsize a fishing trip david was crazy about mountain climbing it was his biggest passion in life but .

His wife jessica hated his hobby she thought it was too dangerous once david's friend oliver invited him on an exciting rock climbing trip david knew his wife would be against this idea so he told her he would go fishing to the nearest lake for a couple of days jessica agreed but asked her husband to .

Send a photo of him fishing once david arrived at the foot of the mountain he photoshopped a fishing photo and sent it to his wife as soon as she saw it she immediately realized it was a fake how come jessica knew it was snowing outside it means there had to be snow at the nearest lake too .

An epic rain storm someone got into matthew's house during a severe rainstorm and took a lot of expensive stuff the man called the police they came over and started to interview the neighbors nicole said she lived alone and worked from home she was inside the whole day jerry explained he was a chef in an .

Italian restaurant he came back from work only a half an hour ago sophia told the police officer she hadn't left home because she was ill who was the intruder it was nicole she claimed she had been inside the entire day but there was a wet umbrella in the corner .

A hitchhiker chris was a truck driver one friday afternoon he left orangetown and was driving along the highway when he saw a man lying on the side of the road chris stopped and ran toward the man after some time he managed to bring the man around his story was rather dramatic he was a hitchhiker who tried to get to .

Orangetown but halfway there he had an argument with the driver who had picked him up and was thrown out of the car the hitchhiker hit his head and lost consciousness now he was begging chris to give him a lift to the town chris didn't believe the man's story and refused to help him why .

The hitchhiker was lying on the right side of the road but if he was going to orangetown he would have been on the left side a missing dog jason agreed to look after his friend's dog while the guy was away he fell in love with a cute little pomeranian but jason's wife and kids .

Didn't like the pooch one evening the man came back from work and discovered the dog was missing jason called the police when they arrived they started by questioning karen jason's wife the woman said she had been sleeping all day then the police officer asked and what were the children doing they were playing in the yard then i .

Told them to go inside and do their homework well well well and now tell me please why did you kick out the dog how did the police officer figure out it was karen well the woman claimed she had been sleeping the whole day but then how .

Could she tell the kids to go inside a forest accident stephen called the police to report his valuables were missing when the police arrived the man told him his story i went on a camping trip alone i had just got there and set up my tent when it started to rain heavily i hurried to find some dry firewood i left my bag .

With my wallet and all the documents inside the tent when i came back everything was gone the police officers didn't believe stephen and find him for making a false call how did they understand the man had lied steven said he had set up the tent before started to rain but then why was .

It wet inside the tent ashley and mary were walking in the forest when they spotted some barriers each picked a different plant to feed on but one of them didn't make a smart decision guess who it's ashley there's an unconscious bird .

Next to the plant which indicates it's poisonous the endangered plant seeds can be eaten lucy and jack are both doing work on two different buildings lucy is sitting outside on the second floor trying to clean the window jack is climbing down an apartment complex .

Which of the two is less clever jack even if he's wearing a helmet the height difference is enough to injure him joanna and are spending the day at home joanna is doing her spring cleaning while is trying to feed her son which of the two should rethink their .

Actions there's no danger if the vacuum cleaner isn't plugged in but it isn't a good idea to feed babies chunks of chicken with a knife and a fork michael is ready to break into a house that has a dog karen is putting the jacket on her daughter in the middle of the street who .

Is in more danger karen and her daughter they're kneeling and don't see the car approaching while michael can spot if there's a dog in the yard or not jason went to the water park with his son jake is a firefighter and was called to .

Put out a fire now jason is on the phone while a boy behind him struggles to stay on the surface of the pool jake is putting out a fire on a tree which of the two isn't bright jason he's on the phone and ca
n't hear the boy behind him .

Jake is putting out the fire on the tree to prevent it from spreading to the forest ruth is spending the evening with her grandson and adam when camping ruth spotted a cockroach and began spreading pesticides everywhere adam sprayed deodorant all over him next to a fire who is less intelligent .

it's ruth even though jason sprayed something in a pressurized can next to a fire he's still in an open space but ruth is with a baby in an enclosed house filled with harsh chemicals simon and kyle are at the train station simon is sliding backward down the stair .

Railings while taking selfies kyle is sitting on the platform with his legs extending over the train track which of the two isn't sharp witted kyle simon can see behind him with his phone and even if he falls he'll be safe but kyle is distracted on his phone and can't see the train coming if he falls .

In the tracks there won't be enough time for him to get out dan and josh are spending their saturday evening at home dan went to cut some wood with a shovel well josh started a fire in the bathroom one of them is making a huge mistake tell me who it's josh an indoor fire on carpet is .

Not a good idea cutting wood with a shovel may be impossible but it's safe mary and linda took their babies for a walk mary took her son to the beach while linda took her daughter to the park where it started to rain they both have umbrellas but which mom isn't bright .

It's mary without protection her son will get a painful sunburn susan and april are spending their weekends with their daughters susan took her daughter to the beach a huge tornado is approaching and she's taking selfies april put her baby in a bathtub and she's taking selfies without looking at her baby which mother isn't .

Smart susan her daughter is exposed to dangerous weather in the ocean while april can reach and grab her daughter in case something happens olivia and barbara are pregnant and they want to have some fun before giving birth olivia went to have an acupuncture .

Session while barbara went water skiing who should rethink their actions barbara acupuncture is safe during pregnancy while water skiing is dangerous mary and richard are going on a riding trip while their friend charlie is riding alone one of the two .

Motorcyclists is making a huge mistake can you see who it's richard it's more dangerous to ride with your eyes closed than without a helmet valerie and nicole must cut down some tree branches they both climbed on the same branch and started sawing the wood .

One of them isn't making an intelligent decision oh it's valerie she's cutting the part of the branch they're sitting on while nicole is sawing the outside branch you've crossed the safe bridge it's night time but the bright full moon illuminates the path for you you see a huge castle ahead you're sure .

Ghosts live there but you don't care it's better to face ghosts than stay outside with all these other creatures you enter the castle and find yourself at a ball eight people with masks are dancing you realize this is a test of your attentiveness how many of these people are ghosts .

Seven seconds until you're spotted that lady is dancing but her feet aren't touching the floor she's floating everyone is wearing modern dresses and costumes but that couple over there is dressed as if they're from the victorian era ghosts can't change clothes right you've .

Spotted three ghosts and you decide not to interfere in their dance gotta keep moving on you come to another room you see a huge table with a buffet of food fried chicken french fries pizza vegetables fruit soda mouth-watering desserts and pastries eight people are sitting at the table .

You've worked up quite an appetite by now and consider having a bite but intuition tells you something is wrong here you realize these are all vampires but how did you know you better decide in five seconds why is all the food on the table untouched .

Does anyone in this room really want to eat oh they definitely want to dine but not on ordinary food they want your blood hurry run you book it out of there but the vampires pursue you to be saved you need to choose one of three rooms along the way .

There's a huge fire in the first room a pit with sharp spears at the bottom await you in the second the third room is filled with poisonous gas which one will you choose hurry they'll be here in five seconds the correct answer is the room with the gas if you breathe in the poisonous stuff .

The vampires won't drink your toxic blood but how will you save yourself oh that's right earlier you found an antidote you drink it fully recover and leave the mansion you go through the jungle and finally find the shore perfect you've reached your goal that's when your joy is cut short by the .

Side of three people flailing out in the water help we can't swim you're about to dive into the water to save them but your intuition tells you something's fishy here two of them are sea monsters trying to lure you into a trap but which ones you have only five seconds to save the real person .

one of them has webbed fingers and that one's gills are visible but that guy over there still needs your help so you save him and head back to the shore you make a fire to keep warm that's when a bright beam of light shines on you from the sky it's the helicopter here to pick you up after the test hooray .

It throws a rope ladder down you start to approach it but then you realize something's not right do you climb up or do you trust your instincts you better decide in five seconds helicopter a lifeboat was supposed to arrive for you remember you don't board the helicopter but unfortunately your .

New friend did the chopper quickly darts away into the stars yes it was a ufo you open your eyes and find yourself handcuffed in a small dark room your sister is not with you although you clearly remember walking outside together in the rain .

Well it seems you were kidnapped and now have to get out you have to solve some riddles to escape and each time you'll have 10 seconds to think are you ready first how about getting rid of these handcuffs you turn around and see three buttons on the wall a red one a yellow one and a green one one of them will set .

You free but if you choose the wrong button sirens will sound but lucky you there's a note on the wall saying td-u-n-o-r-t-e-b decide which button you should press since you put the letters in the right order you'll get the red button since only one button releases you and .

The other two are traps the sign indicates the one that will set you free you press the red button and the handcuffs fall off the first step is complete but there's more to go you'll have to find your sister release her and then find a way out you search for the exit but there are .

Three doors so you look through the peepholes to decide which route to take behind one door many little robots are poised to attack behind the second door there's a room on fire and behind the last one you find a room completely filled with water which one should you pick to stay safe the first one although there are robots .

They're still super small and probably can't cause you much harm well at least definitely less than the fire or water so you take a deep breath and with your heart skipping a beat you enter the first rule the robots attack you but the first one has a giant red button you step on and it turns them off the second one you kick really hard and it smashes .

Hitting the wall half a minute later you're already outside the room safe and sound all body parts intact success but what if the robot sent a signal to the people who kidnapped you you have to hurry you move forw
ard crossing the corridor and here it is again three doors and you have to decide which one .

To pick think carefully for 10 seconds it can save you a ton of time if you go the right way from the very beginning so which way should you go the third door there's a red finger stains on the doorway your sister must have been trying hard to break out you take that door and find yourself in a narrow hallway you can see the stains .

Here and make absolutely sure you're going in the right direction you run for about 20 minutes continually taking turns you start feeling a little dizzy but still can't see an end to this hallway another five minutes pass you take another turn and suddenly crash into a metallic door you try to open it but .

It's locked on a little screen a red sign appears asking for a password below there's even a password hint one two three four five six seven eight can you crack the code there are 17 spaces after reading the number out loud slowly you get it you type number two then number four three times .

Five sixes and seven eights the light changes to green and the door is unlocked you're in a long and gloomy middle corridor you want to run but you force yourself to stay quiet you're getting close and you're trying to be as careful and silent as possible but when you suddenly face a huge and .

Gloomy man standing in front of the next door your heart drops you want to run away but you freeze just right where you are he's definitely noticed you you stand speechless expecting him to grab and handcuff you or knock you unconscious but instead he asks where are you going you don't know why but you tell the .

Truth i want to find my sister she's 17 blonde ah i've seen her the man says she's in this room they always ignore me and never want to solve my riddles um you know if you solve one of my riddles i'll let you go you feel such a relief that you can only nod in response what comes once in a minute twice in a .

Moment but never in a thousand years a very poetic riddle but pretty straightforward it's the letter m the man smiles and moves to the side letting you go you run into the room finally there's your sister she has her arms and legs tied and her mouth is sealed but then you look around and see two more of your sisters looking .

Precisely the same it's another trap you have to decide which sister is the real one and if you touch the wrong person the sirens will sound can you choose the right sister before your sister was kidnapped you were outside in the rain together your sister is the one with a smeared mascara .

You reach the girl right in front of you and the look of relief on her face immediately proves you made the right choice you entire hands and legs unseal her mouth and she gives you a hug you grab her hand and you leave the room together michael was going home from the gym when .

Everything went black when he regained consciousness he found out he was in a locked room next to the door there was a computer with a keyboard on the screen there was a riddle michael had to write the correct answer and the door would open the riddle went like this .

It makes two people out of one what is it michael typed the needed word and the door open he was free to go what was the answer it's a mirror oh i was guessing a buzz saw but this one is better and not as messy .

Two best friends emily and luna came to a popular and expensive hair salon at first the administrator told the girls they had just one available hairstylist but after making a phone call she happily announced she had found another hairdresser emily and luna could have their hair done at the same time .

But in the process it dawned on the girls that one of the hair stylists was fake which one both hair stylists are using regular scissors but instead of hairspray the one on the left is holding a can of bug spray yeah that's a big clue right there a man on a bike grabs sarah's bag with .

All her documents money and smartphone and sped off the only way the girl can get her bag back is by taking someone's car and driving after the criminal there are three vehicles parked nearby which one can sarah break into and drive off oops i mean borrow a man is sitting in the blue car that's .

No good if she decides to take the red car cctv will spot her her only option is the brown vehicle oh and sarah don't forget to return the wheels when you get your bag back otherwise you'll be grand theft sarah mary and her younger brother alex were mushroom hunting in the forest wait mushroom hunting what do you do .

Sneak up on them so they don't escape anyway they started to quarrel alex got angry and ran away after several minutes mary rushed after him she was still fuming but also worried soon the girl reached a small river a man was sitting on the shore um did you see a teenager here mary .

Asked yup he's just taken a boat and made it to the other side but mary didn't believe the man why the boat is indeed on the other side but the paddles are lying next to the man how could the boy cross the river without them so where's alex kidnapped by the escaped mushrooms we may never know .