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Accounting vs Engineering | Which Career to Choose?

Hello everyone hi welcome to the channel wallstreetmojowatch the video call the and also if you are new to the channel then you can subscribeus by clicking the bell icon we have a topic today accounting versus engineering in thisis the career option what is exactly this career option is all about will one studentsknow graduate from the high school they always get confused about what career to choose havingso many options make them suffer from analysis to Paralysis I was very much confused on youknow what should I choose engineering or commerce that is accounting so finally shows the whatwe called as accounting for my graduation and my post graduation measures in financeso always better to step back from all the options and make an informed decision aboutyour career what you choose now will significantly .

Affect who you will be come in the comeso in this tutorial trial and discuss accounting versus engineering student gets over one bythe opportunities in impact of both this careers have on the society in the world large whatis the question for you really think that you are stuck with this true or not able todecide which one you should we will share over here everything about this to careersin this particular tutorial you will get to know the outlook of this to careers what sort ofeducation and additional qualifications you require the primary task we need to performin this to careers the work life balance you would have if you have chosen to join oneof this to careers and the compensation of both finally the pros and cons of this kindof careers so let's begin to be able to be .

Good at accounting engineering you need tobe person who is detailed oriented you have to be detail oriented i mean lovers numbersand and can be creative enough to think beyond the general construction of theories but theyare there completely different careers in this tutorial will discuss the perspectiveof the two career so that you can get a glimpse of what to expect from each of them any Businessmanwho they depend upon the most yes you are right you know the accountant why becausethey know the things about tax audit clauses company laws and moreover exports in how business worksin the business always recommend that you should have at least you should at least knowthe basics of the accounting and if you want to go in the business that's most visitingwhat you want to take a career in accounting .

It is not need to be it does not need to beboring as it is because it's been protected like that you can do relevant courses on aprofessional qualifications and then companies will run after you are confident enough we canalso do your own accounting practices at in that case your business will try liketax Seasons another another time so you need to do some marketing to keep your businessall the time hi in case of Engineering you need to you need to be at the top of yourgame of all the time so there are new inventions that are coming every year and you need toupdate yourself which with all such information that are floating around so engineeringis very brought term are many specialization in engineering Dubai there is computer engineersthis chemical engineers the mechanical engineers .

Civil engineers software engineers but thething is that you know what you should choose if you are queries about specialization willit depends upon people to people the accounting versus engineering education accounting processengineering it requires difference order of decreasing additional qualification that startwith accounting if see with accounting can be called as more of general degrees but if youpay attention to the top notch accountants they are not general Accountants day is specifiedand for that disqualification you can go for a CA Chartered Accountancy this is the worldsecond best course to you can imagine how good it really can we know that she is notfor the faint hearted absolutely no the pass percentage is 2- 3% and you can get heartof it is only the best get through at once .

You through the whole series of possibilitieswill open up for you having a CA degree allows you to start your own accounting practiceswhen if you are more interested in like a no is called as the public accounting youcan think of improving yourself into CPA course which is as good as Chartered Accountancyat the focus is more on the public enterprise and it is said that if you become a CPA joina public enterprise and your salary would be at least 50% more than non certified accountcan also go for MBA in this scenario in finance and is also an option but if you do not ifyou didn't finance the portion of the accounting would be much less think about this optionand then take a call I mean you have conservation to go for you need to take call on that engineeringis a technical degree you need to choose which .

Engineering courses you are interested inand then enroll yourself in the same like you interested in Academics you can do M techyou can do M tech over there and ultimately you can do PhD in the in that particular scenarioif your more interested in going opportunities are endless it say that the computer engineerson the maximum the United States after graduating from the courses if you are inclined towardscomputers you can go at you go for it otherwise chemical engineering electronic will pay aswell in a really good amount required strong math skills and you need to be really goodwith the calculations accuracy over here is a key thing and according to the serverthat was conducted in the career less in 2012 accounting engineering both came in the top20 happiest job so before you choose anything .

Between both off this accounting engineeringknow that the work satisfaction is guaranteed what are the key roles that you need to playas an accountant and as an engineer is now the account is always the age of so he has classify record maintainedaccuracy what is called as of the accounting statements of a company has so many transactionon everyday basis primary job of accountant is not the transactions and two correspondingjournal ledger and trial balance so that in of finally at the end of the year this transactioncan take place in the company balance sheet and the balance sheet can be dilute whendoes the accountant needs what is called accuries think about this one transaction gets missedby the accountant and lets a transaction is few $1,000 then how would affect the balance sheetof the company every accounting jobs are called .

Boring in routine it's it's far from it yesthere are definitely some parts that are monotonic we can say that that is not mean that thereis no exciting thing about accounting if you do chartered accountants your job would bemore exciting as you would be having a lot of knowledge and experience in the field oftaxation management audit accounting social auditing and Advanced Accounting now in the case of engineering they are mainly 6 functions 1 is calledthe research this is one of the primary thing that you need to do before for you to inventsomething you using different experimentation technique applying inductive reasoning unemployedmathematical concepts into your research tutorial do I get rid of benefit then there is a thingcalled development ones engineer Research and gatherers information that can be useful it's time toapply those ideas in the development of a .

Product or a new idea that can help the companyis a part called design in designing a product or any structure like building or Bridge Engineerdesigns each and every part of the structure of the product and it is 1st done caused an the perand then the product has been built then there is a thing call construction and over here engineerconstruct the building of the structure by following the design craft by him on his earlyin the final is the operations engineers who hand machines equipment you known take careof the overall operations of this machines and he takes care of the procedures in a supervisorthe person to see that every part of the machinery equipment is working properly or not knowabout the work life balance well if become accounting u will be maintaining a great work life balance there will be weworking of 40 hours a week and will get enough .

Time for your family too enjoy the hobby likeyou you like anything become a CA your work pressure will increase but still you willyou will not have a 16 hours a day everyday really do you need to work on 16 hours engineeringthe work life balance would depend on the specialization issues but job as are notas much as you would see in case of the investment banker doesn't engineering you can maintaina good work life balance through out and many times engineering want to make career in IBinvestment banking in a particular topic or is enough for them in an engineer get investbanking job now 7 how about the compensation Part now is the most important part the compensationso an accountant in USA they earn closely around 65000 $940 per annum the best andanswer on $115,000 closely .

In case of Engineering the computer engineersthe earned closely around $110,650 software engineer close the 106050 closely chemicalengineering close the 103590 electrical engineer 9570 and so on and so what goes aboutthis difference will surely help your to decide what exactly is good and what you should gofor so that's it for this particular topic if you have learnt enjoyed watching this videoplease like and comment on this video and subscribe to our channel for the latest updatesthank you everyone


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