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Hello whoever and wherever you may be i'm james randi or did you guess there are well accepted accounts from the Bible the Christians and others never questioned events and locations that are part of the story told of Christ and his history one such is the account in John one of the birth of Christ in the lower galilee town of Nazareth this town is .

Not mentioned at all in the Old Testament nor in any of the extensive rabbinical literature and the only established site there is the ancient town water well now referred to no surprise as Mary's well the modern child is covered with churches also no surprise and though archeology offers no support at all for them the Nazarenes .

Can point out sites such as Joseph's carpentry shop and the spot where Mary received the Annunciation the message from the angel Gabriel that she was pregnant with Jesus as well as the exact location of Mensa Christi that table where Jesus dined with his apostles after his resurrection and the sight of the sem agog where jesus preached as a .

Lad but nazareth may be overrated as an historical site that proves the inerrancy of the Bible author Rene Psalm has written the myth of Nazareth the invented town of Jesus a book that effectively demonstrates the controversial archaeology of the town where the Bible has Jesus Christ being born of course the religious faction has .

Reacted furiously to the book specifically in the bowden of the Anglo Israeli archaeological society be AIAS which devotes some 47 pages 25 angry rebuttals there is we are told an ambitious commercial enterprise presently under construction in Nazareth to rescue the facts about Jesus hometown it's a resort known as Nazareth village .

It is designed to eventually contain streets and several dozen stone houses inhabited by actors and storytellers in authentic garb who will illuminate the life and teachings of Jesus an ocean perhaps inspired by the phenomenal success of Disneyland where Tinkerbell and Mickey Mouse Arsene clipping and strolling about also an .

Authentic garb as of ten years ago and international consortium of Christian groups called the miracle of Nazareth international foundation had raised some 60 billion dollars for the project with contributors in the u.s. such as former President Jimmy Carter Pat Boone and Reverend Reggie White firmly a Green Bay Packer football star scholars associated .

With the Nazareth Village project Stephen pfann Yehuda Rapuano and Ross Voss none of the marquee ologist now say that evidence has been discovered there for our town that existed at the time of Jesus a settlement before the first Jewish war that took place in 70 ce e this evidence was simply lying on the open surface of the site they say this .

Claim author Psalm shows is bogus and it results from misstating mislabeling misinterpreting and from pure invention these artifacts and facts were somehow missed by the previous crowds of professional archaeologists who have been digging on that site for the last century the nazareth village resort lies on a 15 acre plot of land called the .

Nazareth village firm the nvf the scholars under discussion surveyed the farm dug on it and published a lengthy report in the 2007 issue of the BA IAS journal there is little difficulty to show that their evidence for a town there 11 small pieces of pottery shards actually dates as late as the 2nd century ce e and psalms research shows .

That the rest of the material from Nazareth site dates well after the time of Jesus Christ there simply is no demonstrable evidence from the Nazareth site that dates to the time of Jesus Christ and to Hellenistic times in fact one awkward fact after the other stands in the way of such a claim for example the Church of the Annunciation .

At Nazareth the largest Christian structure in the Middle East is a primary destination of Christian pilgrims to the holy land of course it is there that the faithful believe Mary received the Annunciation from the Archangel Gabriel at her home with the existence of a number of tombs directly under the structure firmly established .

By archaeologists is just impossible since for the faithful Tunes have no place under such a structure according to Jewish religious law Jews cannot live in the descent any of tombs which are a prime source of ritual impurity so the ancient commentary on Jewish law mandates the tombs must be located outside of the village proper thus tombs .

Under the house of Mary are denied by the tradition these post Iron Age tombs are also post Jesus Middle Roman and later and the wealth of pottery found in them is also later consider continuing pilgrimage to Nazareth which fortifies the convictions of the true believer while supporting the community financially depends on the sanctity and .

The reputation of the site as author Psalm points out perhaps the entire Jesus story depends on it too he also tells us not to be too surprised if remarkable finds at Nazareth conveniently appear in the next few years finds that substantiate a settlement there at the time of Christ to fit the demands of the Christian .

Tradition the upcoming material will have to be early and non funeral and just recently as if Solomon self had prophetic powers the nvf now reports that a cache of Hellenistic and early Roman coins have recently been found at Mary's well at the northern end of the Nazareth basin but strangely nothing even remotely similar had ever been .

Found there before in the entire century of professional digging about a cache of Hellenistic and early Roman coins a bonanza for any archaeologist is exactly the sort of evidence which the believers need in order to decide the matter in their favor but the earliest coin found their dates to about 350 siiii in fact a 2006 .

Report from the Israeli Antiquities Authority signed by the archaeologist who dug at the Mary's well site mentions no early coins at all when coins found in wells are very frequent discoveries the only dateable coins she found there were from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries after Jesus the facts are that no demonstrable evidence dating either .

To the time of Jesus or two earlier Hellenistic times has been found at Nazareth it is a late Roman Byzantine village not a mythical settlement at the turn of the era as author


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