Thursday, May 26, 2022

Architecture Internships (Paid vs. Unpaid)

I'm drew Paul Dell and today we have a question from our friend Alex Rhea's and he wants to know about internships he's wondering if I interned while I was in college and it's internships pay or not all right so in architecture school I think internships are hugely beneficial if you have the opportunity to take one I recommend you jump at it when our .

Practice is worth 4 hours of studying that means that time you do in in the professional in the field is worth 4 times as much as the time you spend studying and the years you spend in school so if you have the opportunities to do is go for it unfortunately I didn't really had the opportunity to intern both summers but there was one .

Summer where I know no internship that like an architecture office came through for me but what I was able to do was actually in work with a friend of mine who ran a contracting business around Atlanta so what he was doing is he had some clients who they wanted to remodel their basement or two projects were they were on the remodel their basement and .

One some changes to like the master suite upstairs and so I helped him out that summer doing actual construction work that metal getting my hands dirty hanging drywall knocking down walls but enough likes all kinds of things and holidays would actually get my hands dirty and deal with real construction in a way it wasn't building something from .

The ground up it was like remodeling and exchanging around some walls when the grand scheme of things kind of minor as far as construction is concerned but that really runs boosted my resume into gave me a better experience of like what's actually going on on a job site because that's the kind of things you can't just like learn from a book you .

Can't it's hard to like know what it's like how how order how how instructions kind of get passed out and the more in the morning and then how you're going to be maybe working on different things in different parts of the house but yet you got to be able to communicate and know what those and plan is there's just a lot of unspoken things you get picked up .

When you're actually practicing and you're working in it and that's true whether you're on the job site or if you're in the firm and that's why internships are so valuable because they give you that opportunity to see God again or workings and see the things that don't get talked about because we is professional when we kind of like we .

Live our lives we go to this day-to-day thing and to us there's a lot of things that just come second nature to our job it's hard to really explain that to somebody in a book or a lecture as much as we try or as it's kind of what I try to accomplish with these videos to try to talk about some of the things that aren't already talked about that .

You're not going already learned from a book or from the class but nothing is a substitute for like actual experience so I highly endorse the idea of doing internships is if it makes sense to you given the amout given the time restraints that you have school and opportunities that you have during the summer if you can do co-op awesome like .

I think that's a great deal to get class credit for interning something a great deal with me it actually brings me to your the next part of your question which was are internships paid I just research on this and in the u.s. I think it is illegal to have an internship as not paid unless there's some sort of like there's a couple conditions in .

Which you can do an internship is not paid you're getting school credit then you are getting value for that internship and so then legally right through the Department of Commerce or I think is Congress they Department of Labor legally it's okay to not pay interns if they are getting school credits academic credit or if it's like .

The if the employer that would be employer is taking on like a burden it's like a net loss then having that person around then they don't need to be paid but for an architectural practice if you're interning and you're doing a productive work it's kind of illegal if you're not getting paid an internship and I'm going to clewd some links down .

Below every go do a little bit more research on your own because that every situation is different like just painting this two projects you're dealing notice it illegal to not be paid but I personally know what some architects in Atlanta know students friends of mine who are working for architects who are not adequately plant .

Paying then and you need to be aware what the laws are and understand the dynamics of the situation alright so I'm going to give you I'm going to provide in the bottom and the descriptions down below links where you can go to to do some more research on this and see for yourself I hope this helps don't forget to Like subscribe and share this video .

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