Wednesday, May 25, 2022

ART ACE vs ENCE | ESL Pro League Season 15

Assumption that everyone is also uh on 16×9 in the new generation but you're right dee is playing in a little uh letterbox yeah i don't know why he's i don't know why he's doing that i'm guessing it's because uh or his idol taz did it back in 1999 oh 1500 injected into arts bank account .

Don't be spending that wisely i'm sure 600 plus 600 some quick math 2100 already farmed up art's gonna win this round ah come watch it just watch him watch him work watch this mastermind as he paints us a pretty picture he's already read the sight and he's got to get himself all the way .

Around to perhaps catch another off guard don't you dare swing that door open now young man he's got a good visual aid he's planting oh oh my god he's actually denied it can he get away yes he can the speaker's there and dead too chad the prophet oh the mastermind he's pulled it off with nothing more than a desert eagle bomb .

Down trying to fall across there and he will finish it an ace


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