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BIOMED VS. HEALTHSCI | Everything you need to know to get into MED SCHOOL at University of Auckland!

hi guys welcome back to my channel if you're new here my name is emily penelope and i usually make weekly vlogs but today i'm here with my friend tyler and we thought that we would bring you a video all about first year university specifically .

If you're thinking that you want to go into a clinical career such as pharmacy medical imaging optometry medicine dentistry although we don't know a lot about dentistry those sorts of careers so we're going to talk to you about our experience at the university of auckland and give you .

Some i guess tips tricks some information to help you make a decision or if you're here just because you like watching cool maybe you can compare our experience of first year to your experience of first year and let us know if it was like similar .

Or different i guess yeah yeah sounds good um and we've got our videographer over here too do you want to pop in don't just say hi this is our videographer mackenzie you need to come like right in here do you see anything hello she also did first year but she said it .

Was a blur so she's just being out yeah i can't remember anything she's our tech lady today our photographer our videographer so i didn't come straight from high school we both did like a certificate but um you know more about high school than me .

What subjects did you take in your last two years of high school so in year 12 i took biology chemistry physics english stats and french and then i just dropped french in year 13 so i took all three sciences math and english so pretty boring but yeah how did you .

Find it um it was hard i think because i wasn't good at physics anyway but i knew if i wanted to go this pathway it'd be good to take it anyway but i think that kind of affected my rank score overall because you should take subjects you were good at yeah strong in .

But i knew that i would need it in the future anyway so but other than that i think it was okay yeah it was definitely once i was interested in so yeah i was completely different i took photography media studies spanish music and writing for publication like an english .

Paper and that meant i had to do a certificate essentially too before i did first year tyler opted to do a certificate um that's what they suggested to you yeah yeah um just to like strengthen her sciences and stuff but pretty much if you have if you want to go straight into health .

Science or biomed from school health science requires at least one subject from table a and table b this is like ncea i'm not sure how it works for cambridge yeah or ib but i think that's like kind of like one like english or arts based paper and then science yes papers i also think it's changed .

Because of corona they've changed that you don't need a specific table a table b i think it's just the rank score this year that's for biomed it's always been there i always for biomed yeah but i think they do it for outside and nursing oh okay any subjects but obviously if you take the science or .

Math subjects they're going to be really helpful yeah because i mean always i thought um for biomed because you didn't have to have the table a table b which is sciences or english like it would be good you'd be able to get that rank score and subjects you're really good at but .

If they're not science related you could get in but you know you wouldn't be yeah you would be off to like a yeah not a very good start i guess do you know if the rank scores have changed or they're the same i think last it was the same yeah i checked a couple months ago the rank scored again to health science .

Was 250 and the ranked score for biomed was 280 and i guess like tyler says you don't need table a and table b subjects now which is really good because it like it is good to do the subjects that interest you as well at school so like do the sciences maybe but also if you like photography like i did do it .

You know like don't feel like you have to do the three sciences maths and english sure so we move on to uni now talk about school so you got into uni woohoo and you can't decide between health science and biomed you got offered both and you're thinking i really want to get .

Into med school or i really want to do pharmacy or you know you've thought about your career options you want to do something clinical yeah and i guess that's what we're going to talk most about is like which one should you choose and obviously we're not going to tell you but .

I did health science and i did biomed yeah yeah so let's first about talk about the four core papers or should we talk about the structure of university university you do um four papers a semester if you're full time and across health science and biomed there are .

Papers that are called core papers so they're like the most important papers if you want to get into a clinical program those are chem 110 bioci 107 pop health triple 1 and med sci 142 those are your four core papers and then you do four alternative ones and they are pretty much chosen for you .

Depending on whether you do biomedical science or health science so for me personally i also did pop health 101 pop health 102 health psychology one two two and then i did a gen ed but we'll talk about genes in a bit what are the other papers that you did so i think i did a biosci 101 .

By 106 physics 120 i think it was and i did um maori 130g we both did maori 130 as our gen ed paper we loved it and obviously the journey has changed every year but i'll talk to you about a couple of things you should look at when picking a generate so first off .

Look at the subjects that you think will interest you do you think that's right like yeah yeah because i think your other subjects are kind of what you should have to take to get to what you want to go so it'll be good if you actually had an extra subject that you're interested in .

It would make it a much easier to study for i think i talked to a lot of people who had been before me and suggested maori 130 as a really interesting amazing topic it's something that i'm really interested in which is teal maori which i think tyler's really interested .

In as well and i looked at how it was assessed what they'd be assessing on and the amount of class time and it looked really good to me yeah you should also look at yeah like i think looking at something how something's assessed is really important so .

Drama is a really good one if you you know if that's something that you're thinking about that could be really good because there's no exam so that gives you that gives you time at the end of the semester to really focus on those core papers and other papers that you're doing .

Yeah drama i think is all like internally assessed whereas pharmacy which you were thinking about taking right yeah that's a lot of work really hard work they expect you to memorize like a lot of drugs and things like that and at the time you're thinking yeah .

That's great that's super relatable to what i want to go into the field i want to go into if that's pharmacy or medicine yeah but you need to think about it in terms of you need to get into those clinical degrees first yeah and to do that you need to get a .

Really good grade on your gen ed so pikachu need that is going to work for you and with you rather than against you i guess are there any gen eds you wouldn't recommend um well because i originally had chosen pharmacy because that was the .

Only one that i was interested in and because i i didn't think i could go to 130g but i managed to work it out in the timetable but pharmacy is the gen ed is basically like a first year paper for the pharmacy degree so i also think if you wanted to keep your options open like .

For med pharmacy op time it probably wouldn't be best to choose a pharmacy paper as your gen ed because that would you wouldn't be able to go through that pathway because it already kind of counts towards that degree so you're kind of blocking off your yeah your options you .

Know so i feel like in first year it's important to keep your options open i also i had a friend who did philosophy 101 i don't know i can't remember the number but did philosophy as a gen ed and he had essays to write like every week there was a lot of writing and reports and stuff so unless you love .

Writing and that's what you're really strong at maybe not philosophy yeah and i think it was all kind of online module learning whereas we had like lectures and we had guest lectures it was very interesting and interactive yeah and then there are other gen eds like some sociology genetics some education engineers some gender genetics .

And those all sound fine as well but i don't know a lot about them but it's up to you guys to do your research when choosing a genetic yeah but it's definitely important to get on to that i guess before semester two starts because first and first serve and i was very .

Lucky to be able to switch into multi-one throughog because it was so good and it was so full and i ended up fitting in just in the last like tutorial that no one wanted it was super early but get on to that fast yeah i also think they open around october november timetabling for the .

Next after the first semester so you can timetable your semester one and your semester two prior like at the end of this year for next year yeah i think that's a lot of like because we had a certificate before our first year i feel like um people coming straight from high .

School that wasn't knowledge to them so we were able to test and on the timetable yeah and so that would be a good advice for people like that when aware you can actually go in and customize your timetable and get in early before you find out later like most students .

Cool so the next thing i've written down to talk about is timetabling you guys probably want to know what will your uni timetable look like in first year how busy are you going to be you know things like can you have a job can you keep babysitting can you do your sports etc so i'll talk .

Quickly on the health science timetable so i did three core papers and pop health 101 in my first semester and the first semester was full on i had labs every week so i had a kim lab every fortnight and i had a biosci 107 lab every fortnight so that .

Worked out for me to be like alternate week so i had lab every week that's a three hour lab you have to prep for it you have to study for it but they're really good that's where you can like get good grades quite like not easily but it's not as difficult as in the tests and exams to .

Get those grades so you really want to work with the labs to get your grades i didn't have a job in my first semester of first year i also had three core papers and i think most people have three core papers some people might have two too now it might have changed a bit .

But your core paper grade is what they look at when deciding whether you're going to be selected for an interview or not so you have to go in hyundai's from day one and first semester because that is the important semester and it's also because they don't get your medsi one for two grade back .

Before they decide if you're going to get an interview or not so they give you kind of like an a plus grade just to see you know what would happen your potential so your first semester was really full-on i think for everyone yeah and then for me second semester was still for long but it like .

Chilled out a bit i only had one lab every fortnight that was for midsize one for two and i actually really liked those labs those were like dissection labs with rats body parts like animal parts lungs and heart it was really interesting .

And that was just once a fortnight so that was really good then i could focus on my essays for pop health 102. i had my genered maori 130 which i absolutely loved i looked forward to that every week and health psychology was like for me personally i found it quite .

Chill i could just learn off the slides i didn't have to go to every class the tutorials were once a week they were really interesting and we had to write a behaviour modification report which was actually pretty all good as well so my second semester was fine and i think i started picking .

Up some babysitting shifts in my second semester as well yeah what about you so because i like bias uh by med is more of a biosci heavy degree compared to health science which is more pop health so like emily said i had alternative weeks of like a chem or a biosci lab but then i .

Also had an extra biocide paper which means i had like two labs a week i'm pretty sure so i was definitely more lab heavy but if you're like me and i i really enjoyed labs and prepping for them and like emily said it's not easy but it's good to get those great .

Those grades because it would just top up your overall um paper mark but i really enjoyed prepping for those and just having the hands-on experience it was really cool but yeah i had all my cool papers the same as emily and semester one i did have a babysitting job did we have a day off we had days off .

One day a week what's that you did i didn't um so you had wednesdays or fridays i feel like yeah i feel like we had oh no we had friday i had fridays mom but sometimes i have like a tutorial on friday yeah so you usually have like a day off yeah like one day and it might swat and .

The different semesters yeah i'm pretty sure i had like a wednesday and then a monday off or something i can't remember like i had a friday off and first semester but in second semester i just had classes in the morning on fridays but i know like with the new campus change because i had some of my classes out in .

Tamaki i know that they're now at the new grafton campus so that might have changed some things around so you might have a day off you might not i think biomed is more likely to have a day off a week whereas health science might have like a tutorial or something on that day yeah .

Yeah so that allowed me to do extra like babysitting work um so that was good and then in semester two like the thing is between house i environment is that they like they feel a bit more chill and semester two because we've already done the majority of our cause .

And but you do still have a lot of lab but we had labs and i had physics and then also bioscience and being someone who's not hasn't been good at physics but it's in a like a a biomed degree it was very hard and a stressful time but i really enjoyed that the last core paper that we had .

Which was mensah yeah so that was right but yeah semester two was a bit harder for and by med but yeah yeah you just gotta work through it okay my next point i've written down next question is what study methods do you use to help get through first year do you .

Want to talk about your study methods first sure so i i try to prep for the lectures like it's recommended that you look over get familiar with what you're learning so you're not fully blind um i try to do that but in first year i find there's a lot of .

A lot of readings like it's overwhelmingly a lot of readings don't you think yeah um so it wasn't always like i'd be doing that the night before when i'll be studying so it wasn't always a priority for me to do these readings so i didn't do it all the time but so you .

Should kind of prep before you go and then when i would train all the way home and sometimes i would look over what i'd just done at lecture and like maybe i'd question mark like oh i double checked that if i wasn't too sure so i knew different areas that i had to like hone in on .

Or hone in on whatever but yeah my study technique is i just i use the learning outcomes because that's like what they test you on and so i basically use the reading content the learning outcomes and what i've written in lecture and i've kind i like to make a summary or like really .

Neatly put them together because they could be like quite all over the place so it's good to have all the ideas in one place and use highlighters and pretty markers to make it look visually like pleasing make me want to study but yeah i just i'm a writer .

I was in first year and yeah but there's a lot of notes so i had a lot of paper to like shuffle through when it came to exams but yeah and yeah this is how i learn i just keep reading over it maybe like summarizing condensing like really like getting the the basic concepts or like the overarching ideas is what i .

Would like to focus on but yeah cool we can make a whole video on our study techniques if that's something you're interested in for me it was pretty similar there's like a cycle you should kind of follow what i that i follow which is like you know prep prepping doing it revising it re-revising it re-revising .

It well i try to follow i don't always follow it i like to write notes flash cards i quite i find quite good i've got quite a few flash cards from first year i learn visually so i like annotating pictures and i think the biggest one is the .

Learning outcomes so the start of each lecture or module they'll be like this is what we expect you to know from this module and that's what you study too they're not going to test you on things outside yeah of those learning outcomes yeah especially in lectures that they might .

Have extra interest or just to like um fill in the whole picture like yeah if you you need to focus on what you need to know for the exams kind of be quite selective of what you take in yeah and how much did you study um i in first year i did study quite a bit .

I mean i didn't really have much of a social life but um yeah like i would get home quite late because i was in the afternoon streams and i'd like after dinner and a shower i'd just study for the rest of the night until quite late .

And in the weekends i'd study when i'm not babysitting although a lot of people like to study hundys during the week so they can have the weekends off but i couldn't quite manage that i just studied like whole way through but yeah i missed a bit i think i did study a lot .

First year was really important to me to do well so i did study a lot but i did still have like some aspects of a social life like i took sundays off sometimes i took seriously off as well i just studied um as much as i could during the week usually and you like you know when you need to .

Stop i reckon because like you just stop focusing you're reading the same sentence and you're like okay i just need to stop it's more beneficial for me to go to sleep now or do eat dinner now or do something else i still like cooked dinner every day you know i still managed like my house i looked after my house like tidy cleaned .

It i had at the time i had a flatmate who we were studying the same thing so that was really good we did a lot of study together and encouraged each other and kind of like checked each other's work and helped each other out a lot which was quite good .

We can talk about how they test you at university in first year your exam for most papers is going to be 50 of your grade and then you you'll usually have other components that make up the rest whether that's online quizzes tests usually worth 15 to 20 labs essays reports .

Yeah yeah so i think for the cause most of it was tests and exams and labs yeah and then for my non-course i did essays and reports and exams as well but yeah what would you say about how they test you at university yeah i do i do agree it's like yeah quite test heavy and especially .

Some papers i'd have like two small tests throughout the semester and then your your big exam at the end some you just do little online modules i think and like um in physics we had smaller tests and then a big test at the end but we also had like a weekly i think it was a weekly .

Um no it's like on wiley we had to do this physics question we had this whole a whole bank of physics questions we had to get through and it was horrendous that's how they would test in physics oh and then we'd have like a physics lab which would do our experiment write up .

Our hypothesis and all that stuff and then go away write a lab report which really saved me my lab so other than that i think chemistry we just had those two tests and the online quizzes online quizzes oh yeah they have to do that now yeah so yeah .

Chemistry has a report it's a science in the media report and it's to get you looking um how to write scientifically as well as being able to read other people's writing and be able to critique it so you have to not only write a report or like a piece of writing but you also have to critique .

Your other students writing too it's called like peer review your writing so that's quite a good thing to get to do if you're getting into research i guess but yes oh that's how they tested and the university grading gpa system grade point average is really different to school .

So it goes from like an a plus down to a c minus those are the past grades and then there's like d plus and d and d minus those are the fail grades and then you obviously have w for like withdrawn e for example oh there's a few other ones it doesn't really matter what they .

Are though but essentially a plus is 90 to 100 and they round up so if you get 89.6 that'll round up to 90 so that's an a plus a is 85 to 90 a minus is 80 to 85 correct i think so yeah that's your percentages b plus is 75 to 80. b is 70 to 75 .

B minus is 65 to 70. c plus 60 to 65 c 55 to 60 c minus 50 to 55. yeah so you and then they have numbers so like c minus is one c is two c plus is three all the way up to a plus is a nine and essentially .

What they do is in each paper you'll get a letter for that whole paper overall so you'll get like um a letter grade for each exam or test you do but then they average those out and you get a letter for each paper so you might get like kim 110 a .

Buy a i 107 a plus pop health triple one a minus and so that would be an eight a nine and a seven and then what they do is they add those scores up from your eight papers at the end of the year and then you get given a number for the whole year so you might be like 8.6 .

7.5 whatever it is that's your gpa for the whole year and those the gpa of those four core papers averaged are the important gpa yeah so you still want to do well overall but the kimono biosai 107 midsize 142 and pop health triple 1 the average gpa of those four papers are .

Your most important is your most important gpa you want to get that as high as you possibly can and i just wanted to talk about people ask a lot of questions about what are the gpa cutoffs for med so if you want to you can go to .

What i'll do is i'll link it below so that's and they have the official request statistics on that website and you can either make your own request to figure like ask what the grade gpa entry lowest and highest were for med or pharmacy whatever course you're thinking about .

You can request that on fyi or a lot of people have already requested it so you can actually just go and search like uoa med school entry gpas and it'll come up with the lowest and the highest for whatever that person requested so i highly recommend going in heaven going and having a look at .

If you want to see kind of what the ballpark ranges are each year i'll put like a little picture right here now this is what it looks like and you can see there's like the different gpas some people request different things so some people want to know what were the .

Maps cutoffs what were the rural cutoffs what were the lowest gpas for interview selection but the important thing is when you're looking at those official statistic requests is that every year is different so the year you do it it might be a very different cohort to say the year we did .

It or the year this year or last year or you know whenever so just take it with a grain of salt don't compare yourself too much to these grades they do say that a gpa of six which is a b plus is the cutoff for an interview and i would say that they don't often .

Interview lower than that most people will find themselves with an a minus a seven if you look at the interview stats most years the interviews all started deceiving unless you're going through an alternative admissions pathway they might have less competition so they might have a wider range of .

Places sorry guys we just had to switch over the camera does that look alright um yeah i kind of remember what i was saying now ah saying cut-offs for interviews do your own research look on nz and figure it out for yourself but definitely aim and the a .

Range if you're wanting to get an interview yeah yeah and you can also do your own research on for the alternative admissions pathways they have different slightly different statistics so what about the competitive nature do you want to talk about .

What the vibes are like in this first year yeah so like when you when you rock up because we we were in a certificate of like 60 70 people um and we always knew that our like buy side by mid and house i are like some of the biggest cohorts so we knew that .

Our big lecture theater was going to be just crammed full of people but on the first day emily could insert a picture here there was actually i'll send a picture and it is literally so there's two lecture theaters in fisher and paikel um yeah i don't have a picture there i do .

But yeah and and so once like where the lecturer will be and then upstairs is the overflow so on the first light week it would just be crammed everyone can india an hour half an hour early just to be in the lecture theater and and security guards to freaking .

Like usher you in so there's no like stamping those times i know and um so yeah it was just like that vibe of like oh everyone wants to come to lecture like these are my competition vibes you know um but i mean we just all hung out with our friends down the front that was cool .

But um definitely it was quite intense a lot especially if you're coming from high school like a class of 30 and then coming to these big ass lecture theaters with all these kids that are your competition essentially maybe yeah i mean some of them will be doing their own other degrees or whatever um but yeah .

But i want to just say in terms of competition like the only person that matters is you your grades are the only thing that matters to you and if you do well there will be a place for you in the program of your choice as in if you just .

Spend the year comparing yourself to others what did you get what did you get what did you get that's really not beneficial to you at all because it doesn't matter what matters is you you know like how are you doing how your grades going how's your mental health how's your .

General health you know how are you finding it not what everyone else is doing around you because if they get the grades and you get the grades the likelihood is there's a spot for both of you it's not a competition you just you need to do well but you can't do it comparing yourself .

To others it's really unhelpful so you're responsible for your own grades you're responsible for showing up you're responsible for doing the work putting in the effort so it's really you'll get what you put in and all the tools are there for you to do well .

You just you need to make the effort i guess is what i'm saying and it can be really horrible comparing yourself to others i know it's like i i definitely tried to not compare myself just because i know a lot of these people like i was a bit intimidated because i .

Did get in straight from high school i didn't have the rank score so i knew about these people really smart but yeah like emily said you just have to do what's best for you and i think especially it could be quite intense like because you really want to do med or optimal pharmacy but you just got to do the best you can and like if you .

Don't get in the first time there's always post-grad or other degrees and other pathways that you might actually find might suit you better or like you'll really enjoy so yeah if you just go through all first you're comparing yourself you're not going to be in a good mindset and it's .

Important to be on on the ball in here as well as like with your studies with your studies and results yeah so just talking about that really quick you just mentioned that if you decide that medicine or a clinical career is not for you you can do you can well you can try .

Postgrad if you don't get in first year or you might find that there's something else you can do so maybe we'll just talk quickly about what each degree leads to so health science is you do a lot of kind of public health study and population health study .

So you study the health of populations epidemiology and as well as public health especially you can do like health systems and new zealand you can do health promotion health management you can do multi-health you can work in addiction services there's lots of options .

And you can end up doing something like working for the dhbs working for like a non-profit public health company you could work through things like the heart foundation or you know the cancer society there's lots of public health opportunities out there and there are lots of different masters you can do as well .

That will take you through further education and yeah there's some amazing opportunities out there you could find yourself with some really awesome fun jobs and if you're if you think that you want to do a clinical degree or have a clinical job because you want to change the world .

Or make a change to your people your populations people around you i would say that you might find that health sciences for you as a degree because you actually have you can go into policy into law there's you know you can actually be the person who makes the change rather than just being a player a pawn .

In the big system which is quite often what you are when you're a clinical worker you're at the bottom of that hierarchy chain in terms of you know who actually has the power so that's where health science leads if you decide that you don't want to do a clinical degree .

So for biomed i think you can have like kind of a sub specialty because obviously it's um a bachelor of science in biomedical science so that's your major but i guess you can take papers and that further specialise and i was just looking up um um .

And like i had a lot of friends just so who didn't get into med they kind of went on a the physiology side of biomed um so i know that's quite a popular alternative route and but apparently there's like you can go into genetics cellular and molecular biomedicine .

Um so a lot of like hardcore like not hard but like how do you how do you explain like challenging yeah challenging or like i'm just being like hard science like you know like oh right really and there were the science yeah like that's really innovative .

Science yeah there's lots of different sciences yeah there's like human body science like medical science yeah and then there's like you know cellular molecular yeah sort of bio-engineering science definitely yeah and like i know you can take either like bio-sci or mid-size .

Papers because i was planning on if i didn't get into med i was planning my timetable so you can definitely structure your degree around what area biomedicine you're interested in and a lot of the work i think will lead into like um laboratory or scientist .

E jobs yeah i think and that that was like if i didn't get into meet i was pretty set on finishing the degree and i thought you know what i might actually like this because i i do like science and i do like the labs so i think that would be fine and definitely if you .

Take biomed as your first year course definitely having that in your head as an option yeah like if you don't get in you go oh this might be an okay like um route but yeah so i think that's when by me and i obviously you can like um you can get your masters and your .

Phds and all that stuff going to research research you can do like you know cancer drug research there's lots of life-changing research you can do through biomedical science so yeah that's a really good option as well yeah and like i think it's like .

Um like you do all the science stuff but it's not clinical so like you would do that but you'd be there behind the scenes doing all the tests or doing all the research yeah so like if they send let's say you're in the hospital and the doctor wants to send blood away for .

Testing you might be the person who runs the test and then tells the doctor like hey this person has this this this this and this in their blood and this means this this and this so you're doing like diagnostic stuff yeah so it's like you're still like a important part in like the healthcare .

System it's just different levels of clinicalness like an interaction with the patient which i know some people who don't want to do that or like the dissections and surgery if that's not for you you know that was one of the reasons i chose health science is .

Because i could not see myself working in a lab i really wanted to be working like with people um and you know and different people all the time every day whereas a lab work can be quite solitary so you just have to decide like what sort of person you are and what's right .

For you i guess yeah and like i think it's not always like set in stone like i know people like one of my good friends who got into medicine but decided she was in biomed with me and she actually decided she wanted to do like what emily um was talking about .

What was good about how science like the policy and like the like the public house side of it so you can actually swap and it's only like a year you know like and the scheme of things if you decide that that's kind of the avenue you want to go down yeah because she didn't like labs in the .

End she found that out so finishing off by med was not an option yeah it's important that you do what's right for you not what anyone else expects you to do because at the end of the day all of these degrees are really hard work and they take a lot of time and effort and study .

And you have to love it i think to do it like you need to love it and if you're sitting there dreaming of doing a photography degree it's just you're not going to enjoy it at all are you so go and do that photography degree like if that's what you love you know do what .

You love and then make something of it yeah for sure yeah and then let's talk about making friends so in first year how do you make friends well i mean if you don't have people like from high school or like before other foundations that you've come .

Through um i find that maybe lab partners were always good um although i did kind of already know my lab partners but i know a lot of people have met friends through lab partners i was assigned to i know there's a lot of steins and .

Especially if you're in halls and halls is a really good way to make friends yeah they've got a lot of social events we weren't in halls but um but we had a lot of friends who were and absolutely loved it yeah like they're friends for life yeah you know like people on your floor or .

Like a couple of floors in your building it's just it's cool we've had people that i've got friends who also didn't didn't love it as well especially it depends on how you go into them some of them there's like a lot of health science biomed people and you're all like .

Trying to study and get it done and it can be quite intimidating yeah but your halls is a definitely a good place to make friends and also clubs i think with the university of auckland it's really hard to make friends because a lot of people like live at home and come from auckland schools with their high school friends .

And it's if you're especially if you're from out of auckland it can be really difficult so definitely joining clubs and going to a few club events like make time for that in your first year that's a really important way to make friends i think yeah yeah they have a big like expo day .

On city campus and at grafton campus and um you're even part of the the snowboard or the snow club yeah yeah i mean we'll be your friends if you need friends and you're all alone and lonely come find us yeah we're happy we love talking to people and let's talk .

Quickly about textbooks do you need the textbooks apart from greys no they don't have grayson first yet twitter and derrickson oh i love that one yeah so that's probably the only textbook you need in first yeah yeah and derrickson i got all the textbooks apart from kim .

Yeah i even got i got candy yeah and did not use it none of my friends opened kim none of my friends opened campbell biology the only one we did was twitter and derrickson for medsai 142. yeah because it had like the best yeah diagrams and versions really really helpful that was it .

They suggest lots of other ones but i didn't get any of them like i mean you can get them for pretty cheap on trade me like second or third hand or facebook oh yeah yeah and there's a lot of people swapping or like um moving up from their degree so they want to palm them off .

But yeah like i don't think i ever opened my other books apart from yeah so what if you would do it again would you choose biomed again or would you do health science i'd choose biomed again because because i got into both biomed and health science and i was .

Only thinking i was only going to get into health science but i since high school i really wanted to do biomed and like i didn't have the rank score i like did not even expect to get in and i said i was like you know what i've got the opportunity so i'm just going to do it yeah .

So i don't regret it and i'll definitely do it again because i enjoyed it and i would do health science again i loved health science and i found myself comparing myself to my biomed friends a lot because i think biomed is looked at as like a little bit more superior yeah but it i don't think it is i think .

Health science is like slightly more chill it's not chill at all but compared to biomed it's slightly more chill and second stem i definitely had a lot more time on my hands than the biomed people who were really stressed with physics and it gives you a really good like understanding of the new zealand .

Health system i definitely do think that biomed does have some papers which prepare you better for what we've done in medical school like for the genetics cancer like principles of medicine modules things like that i've definitely had to work quite hard because i didn't cover it in my first .

Year whereas tyler found that she covered quite a bit of it in her first year so that's definitely something to consider um if you love the science and you love the labs buy a mid and you get the rank score biomed could be a really great option for you and .

And a good face for medicine but that doesn't mean that health science isn't like i found health science to be a really good basis for me as well i found that a lot of what we did in med school just built on what we'd learned in first year on in both health science and biomed yeah it was just a few .

Little modules where i was like man i wish i did buy a psi 106 because you guys covered this but it just meant a little bit extra work for me um once we were in med school yeah so yeah i think that they're both good yeah and i think it's important that you choose the one that's .

Right for you yeah because like if i took health science i hate english i hate essay writing so i would have been so much more stressed in that environment you know whereas i really like the assignments that i have lots of time to do them rather than like test test test test lab lab lab lab so i like .

Taking my time with things so and if you like writing like i know the pop health um exams pop path 101 102 triple one health psych 122 a lot of writing i think i even had to write like whole essays in my podcast one or one on one or two exams so if that's not .

For you if you really dislike essays then maybe don't do health science yeah but in saying that university essays are very different to school essays yeah yeah the way you write them and structure them it's actually quite straightforward you just have to learn and there are resources at the university people that will help you .

Yeah to actually you can take your essays to the learning center in the library and they will help you with your structure and how to do research and things like that so if you're thinking you want to do health science because you like the idea of less tests and more ongoing assignments but you're really .

Worried about the essay writing don't be worried about the essay writing like there are people there to help you with the essays yeah and that's really helpful i recommend that yeah you just have to want like be active and seeking it out yeah that's on you all of this is on you yeah .

What you study what you do how well you do that's on you um oh and one other thing i was going to talk about is extra tutoring did you get any extra tutoring like outside help did you pay for private tutoring no i didn't pay for private yeah no neither did i i don't think it's necessary i think they do give you the .

Tools you need to succeed but there are a lot of programs out there offering help and some of my friends did those and found them really helpful the university doesn't recommend them but definitely do your research if that's something if you're really serious and you want to get into some .

Outside tutoring yeah do your research and really find one that works for you and maybe try and talk to people who've done it before yeah the only one like i know that was quite popular with biomed and household is that the topicana sciences but .

They used to run tutorials in between like lectures yeah but i never could make it to those but um and then there's also like justin the tutor and then there's that other ones i don't know i'm not going to endorse any on this video anyways um .

The university isn't very for it but they're out there and some of them are helpful yeah but don't pay out your bum hole for crazy children because if you need help you can go to your tutors you can go to your lecturers and they actually will help you yeah piazza i didn't use it but in first .

Year that blows up because everyone has questions so definitely utilize all that stuff and if you have any questions leave them below um hello when this video goes live i'll be answering questions i'll be answering them .

Whenever you leave a comment whatever let's not lie 10 followers um but honestly feel free to leave us questions below i will also leave my instagram and tyler's instagram below and you can dm us with questions if you don't want to have them public as a youtube comment so feel free .

To send us a dm with any questions you don't think we answered today and that you would like to know about and we're really happy to help we know how daunting first year is and we know how scary it is when you want to get into that clinical program .

But it just seems like this is massive hell in the way in that first year and like getting up and over that hill is really difficult and scary so we totally understand how it feels to be in that situation and we're here to help as much as we can for anyone who wants it i guess i love helping people .

Yeah yeah i mean i can try answer questions as best as i can yeah maybe send her your biomed questions send me your health science questions and um we'll go from there but thank you so much for watching today i hope this video has been like informative and helpful .

And if that's something you were thinking about i hope that's either made up your mind or you've thought actually maybe i do want to do something else it sounds hard med school doesn't get any easier med school is hard it's really difficult and everyone's like you just have to get through first year then med school's .

Chill it's not chill it's really difficult so you have to be prepared to take this mentality from first year all the way through your degree yeah and you need to think about that as well because it's a long degree yeah i think um once you're in i like to say first year and by the end of it if you're not loving it .

You're not going to love you're not going to love the clinical degrees yeah so and one thing i do want to say if you want to do dentistry that's down at otago and you have to do the health science first year there and there's actually some youtube videos floating around of people talking about their .

Otago yeah definitely hit those people up if you want to know more about otago but yeah thanks for watching and we'll see you next week for another video bye guys thank you for being our tech videographer today thank you .

Bloopers holy oh excuse me i uh only shower intermission intermissions you


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