Hey guys yc here so yeah it's been a while since our last course comparison video right and i've received a lot of positive comments from it and i'm very grateful to you all of you and today we'll be taking this to a whole new level where we'll be comparing eight different biology .

Related courses here in um all at once based on the recent questions that i received from you guys i'm thinking that now should be one of those times that a lot of you might be contemplating about your future you're trying to figure out what kinds of courses are suitable .

Or that you are interested in right and yeah i feel you i feel you because back in my days you know i also was as clueless as you guys and but back then when i was in my matriculation i was pretty much very focused to get biomedical science as my first choice so .

In my upu system you know my selection actually chose biomedical science as my top two options and for the rest of the you know we had 12 options right back in my list i don't know the system for now but back then we had 12 choices i pretty much filled in on biomedical science for um and also .

Upm as my first choice and for the rest of the 10 other choices i just pretty much hunt down without knowing you know what kinds of knowledge they might actually offer me and so yeah don't be like me you'll always have to research into what all these courses .

Actually offer you before making a choice right if not you might actually regret making that decision so yeah this video is pretty much made just for you if you're also trying to figure out what kind of um you know all of these courses what they actually offering .

What kinds of knowledge what kind of topic they touch and so on and so forth so yeah before we start remember give this video a like and subscribe if you haven't already and now we'll look into all these eight different biology related courses yeah as you can see this is a google .

Sheet that i've prepared over the past few days and you can see that yeah there's biomedical science which is the course that i'm taking and one thing to take note is that biomedical science is very different from all these other seven courses where you know i've already placed this border right here .

Not because of discrimination of course but it's because biomedical science is under the faculty of medicine okay and for all these other seven different causes biochemistry biotech for health bioinformatics ecology biodiversity genetics and microbiology they are under .

The faculty of science all right clear okay so for biomedical science as you can see right off the back it's very different because faculty at madison they offer the faculty talk courses which are anatomy and physiology okay and if you .

Remember from my previous video call courses are the courses you know mandatory for all students of that particular course to take right so for faculty of science you could see that um they are pretty much the same because they are all under the same faculty so there are faculty core courses .

Provided uh introduction to science and tech ethics and safety and also biostatistics okay and it's pretty much standard over all these seven courses so moving on let's talk about the main part for today which are the program core courses and as you can see i've .

Actually color-coded all these different courses to help us visualize better on the differences between these courses and yeah um i'll explain on the way about what all these color codes mean but you should it should be pretty much very self-explanatory but just let's look into biomedical .

Science all right i've color coded them in like red or pink if you like and ping stands for all these causes related to the human body like you could see and terming physiology medical parasitology and whatnot so all of this .

Are related to the human body and pretty much all the causes that i haven't highlighted environmental science are all related to the human body right i did not highlight them to you know just make it much neat and clean to for us to observe right but you could see as well um biomedical .

Science do learn a few stuff from other courses like biochemistry even microbiology and genetics because there's no cost that would could stand individually as a cost itself right so you can see biochemistry microbiology genetics from the other .

Course but one thing to take note about the main difference of biomedical science is that you wouldn't see green color codes right here because for the green colors it actually indicates um the plant plant-based causes like plant molecular biology phytochemistry and whatnot so biomedical .

Science we actually only mainly focus on all of those stuff related to the human body like um histology or even um let's see um yeah hematology immunology all of this stuff they are all related to the human body itself okay so that's the main difference between biomedical science and all these .

Different faculty of science causes okay so moving on we'll look into biochemistry again most of the core causes in biochemistry they are all related to biochemistry itself as you can see biochemistry right here and enzymes they are also a part of .

Biochemistry as well all these are biochemistry biochemistry by chemistry oh yeah i forgot to mention that you could actually observe that um the front part which is the level level one part for faculty of science courses they are pretty much the same when they have to learn about life .

Processes cell biology biological organisms and also population biology right it's pretty much the same even for biochemistry they have life processes up here as well but you can see a main difference which is biotechnology actually learn about physics .

While others don't so that's one thing to take note it's very very unique right here and yeah you can see biotechnology is also unique in a way where they learn about energy right i've highlighted all those biotechnology related unique causes as you can see here .

Renewable energy bioprocess and whatnot in physics they are more related to physics itself next is biohealth and you could um you could observe that it's actually um the same color code as biomedical science why because i think they are pretty much .

Almost the same where they do also learn about all this um human body-based um subjects like pharmacology parasitology and whatnot but um the main difference like i mentioned earlier is that they do involve plants in their course or biomedical .

Science don't so it's um i would say that it's pretty much more um broad for bio health where they don't only learn about humans but also they learn about plants as well right they're moving on bioinformatics now this one is a very very .

Um unique cause and i would say that it's very different from all the other courses right here because if you if you look into all these programming core courses you actually notice that only a few parts of them are related to the human body or even plants itself .

It's much more revolving around computer science you can see and also mathematics you can see algorithms computer programming and what not and that's the difference between bioinformatics and all these other causes right so moving on we have ecology .

Biodiversity and ecology bio diversity is pretty much very unique as well where you know ecology is the study between the relationship between us living things and the environment right so less of the human aspects and also m
ammals .

But more towards the relationship between them you can see more plant diversity phytology and whatnot and they have the least core causes right here which is i don't know if it's something important for you but yeah it's just something to take note of next we have genetics .

And i would say genetics is pretty much similar to biochemistry in a way that they learn pretty much all of this causes revolving around their own topic which is genetics itself and they go way deeper into the topics you can see molecular genetics advanced genetics and .

So on and so forth immunogenetics yeah that sounds fun so they dive more detail into all these particular topics just like biochemistry where you go into you can see protein biochemistry and whatnot right um as compared to all these other causes even us biomedical science .

Really learn part and parcel of you know genomics and also those genetics as well so if you would like to learn all those in-depth um information about genetics then this course would be suitable for you now moving on is microbiology where it should be pretty much self-explanatory as well when they've .

Learned about well microbes let me just shift this around a little bit yeah so they learn about microbes and of course a few other courses that they touch as well okay you could go go through this so yeah so all of these are the program core .

Courses for all these eight different courses so to summarize them up i would say if you'd like to learn only about the human body then biomedical science will be very suitable for you but if you like to learn about not only the human body but also .

Um you would like to learn about some plants then bio health would be a better choice because not only the core costumes right here there's actually a few electives that you could choose that that would touch around the topics of plants all right so courses such as .

Biochemistry genetics and microbiology they're much more specialized in that field as you can see in the courses here if you know that you're very interested in that particular field then go ahead and choose them right biochemistry genetics you can see .

Genetics here and also microbiology right well for biotech it's much more unique where you actually be able to learn about stuff like physics and also energies and bioprocessors and whatnot right whereas the other courses they rarely touch upon .

Courses such as physics you know topics such as physics right now bioinformatics is also very unique when they learn about computer science programming and i.t and whatnot so if you're interested in that field then bioinformatics would be much more suitable for you .

And lastly we have this ecology biodiversity when you learn about the relationships between um us living things and the environment so it's also very very different from all the other courses right here right so this should actually give you a much more .

In-depth understanding or insight on all these eight different courses so hopefully it will help you make better decisions you know when you're choosing for your courses but you also could look into the program electives as well um no harm looking into it but um .

I would say electives since they're like this you are not compulsory to take these courses right so you could actually craft your own path based on the electives you choose yeah you can see i've highlighted blue well there's no blue up here yeah so blue is just for me to visualize much more unique courses where they touch .

About insects bugs and also the marine life as well okay and then yeah you can see biotech actually leans into um plants here in the electives and there's also a lot of stuff to you know choose there's nutrition here wow and genetics .

A lot of genetics around and that's crow growing outside which is very distracting right so lastly we look into faculty electives and one thing we take note is all of this seven different faculty of science courses they have the same faculty effectives .

From all five different departments right so these are the courses the faculty electives that they could choose i'm not sure how many credit hours they should fulfill but i'm pretty sure they should be choosing around three two to three .

Different courses from this pool of five right so yeah that's pretty much everything that would like to share for today and i have a few minutes before my next class so i'll end my session here and i hope you guys you know actually find this helpful i hope it helps you make .

A much more um sound and wise decision before you filling out your uk selections right so yeah that's the end of video remember to like and subscribe if you haven't already also do let me know down below which courses is you know more of your liking and what what kind of courses you are .

Interested in right so yeah i'll end this session for today see you in the next video goodbye you