Sunday, May 22, 2022

Converted Blockbuster Video : Whatever Happened To…? : UK vs US Retail Archaeology

hey guys welcome once again to Detmar walking today's episode features some footage report used to be my childhood blog post a video even quieter than usual thanks to lockdown which will lead me into a wider discussion of a key difference in how showed retail spaces are treated in the u.s. versus here in .

The UK before we get to the live video let's take a quick trip back in time to what this place used to look like back in 2008 courtesy of Google Maps I figured there was no point leaving it till the end since the title of this video has already removed all the mystery that could have been I did once purchase an ex rental Blockbuster DVD .

From inside the store after it changed hands but I haven't been out to track down my old membership card the quick drop is long gone and the only thing appears to be pretty much unchanged as far as I can tell is the carpet as you can see from these stills and will probably know from your own experience if you're American .

Is a big trend in the u.s. of repurposing clothes stores but leaving the exterior pretty much untouched I'm thinking of distinctive buildings like former Pizza Hut's and Taco Bell's in particular here which are always easy to spot for whatever reason things are very different here in the UK its brand new owners leave an indication of what their .

Space used to be which you can see from this spot every semblance of blue and yellow has been obliterated by red paint and siding and it's unlikely you'd know what this place used to be just by looking at it I'm not exactly sure why retail heritage gets decimated like this in the UK though I wonder if it's because external branding and shopping .

Tends not to be quite so distinctive here also companies seem to prefer to level old buildings and start from scratch in a lot cases major defunct British brands like CNA comet Dixon's JJB sports and Safeway not to mention current brands like Marks & Spencer or John Lewis don't really have much in the way of architectural .

Quirks that set them apart that might be the case because so many of them got their start in the British High Street where there are often strict regulations on how you can build we don't have hot topics with the distinctive red bricks like you can see in this still here or Wendy's with their signature enclosed glass areas and most of our McDonald's .

Have already been subjected to new branding that means they don't look like the old-school versions of the restaurant we know and love it felt good to get out there and do some more filming after being trapped inside for so long and I got some footage of another spot that I'll be uploading pretty soon too be sure to subscribe to .

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