Hey everybody rob sachram here from feed background should we do websites advertising and seo for small businesses and particularly we love helping accountants bookkeepers go check out my youtube channel i got over 600 000 views on how to start an accounting and tax firm that is a little bit more unique i call it .

The outsourced account model but here what i want to show you is i want to talk about cpa site solutions now cpa site solutions is a competitor of ours cpa sites so we're feedback wrench we build gorgeous websites for accountants i have a course on how to do .

This we do seo and paid ads have over 75 five star reviews and really what our focus is is fully custom great value websites that are going to rank high and actually close customers we specialize in doing the writing for you we specialize in in building them the way that actually .

Delivers results besides that we we build in some really cool you know facebook lead magnets we will help you set up paid search ads in a way that actually gets clients and i will coach you and guide you in fact when you look at like ben brown and some of these bookkeeping gurus that are out .

There they do a great job but you won't just get the information that you get from their two thousand dollar course we'll help you realize all that and will help you put it into action but cpa site solutions so cpa site solutions is kind of an interesting one for me .

Um cpa site solutions is this gigantic um ready to go accounting website design now when i first started my tax firm called nuance financial tax and accounting i did it six years ago and right off the bat i had my my friend tell me that i should build a website and that i should work .

On google reviews they showed me the way it was like my first way but my partner who my other partner i don't speak his name really um my best friend was nick and he was our cpa and then the other guy he was like why don't we just call cpu site solutions we signed up we use this thing cpa site solutions .

Is their whole value proposition appears to be and just you know i don't know them fully um they sent a do not or a cease and desist letter to me five years ago because i wrote a blog that talked about how they position themselves as an seo company that they're going to help you .

Rank higher in search engines i'll just tell you nothing could be further from the truth i wrote an article in it talked about how their duplicate content which is something i'm going to show you right now actually hurts you in search engines but there's not an official negative thing that happens because of .

It it just doesn't help the the principle of it is google wants to serve up authoritative trustworthy unique good content and solutions and these websites are built where the home page is kind of custom tweaked but the rest of it's just this pre-built design in it and it doesn't do much to .

Help you there's a couple of things but let me just get into this a little bit so um you know their whole value proposition is that they'll set up ads for you they'll help in fact i'm going to show you there's a company down the road that's using them their ads are terrible in my opinion and .

This is compared to what we do so i'm being super critical of these guys because they're huge they have over like 700 and 7 500 different companies that that work with them but their whole idea is you can come in you kind of pick a template and once you pick this template you'll be able to uh go to the template .

And then you can kind of customize it just a little bit just enough put your company information in there now they'll build you a custom website mind you um but what i think is funny is that their entire website system is not even built on the same system they put you on um they can do like .

A wordpress blog this is a php based just i totally get it it's a template system but there's some things that happen here that you don't understand so first of all their portal system has its place i'm sure what i recommend is using a high protein .

Really good system like smart vault okay so they claim to have a website template that you're also going to get a portal that you can use with your clients and that might be fine but let me tell you what you're going to want the fastest easiest to use high protein portal .

And my experience i use this first hand i would never rely on that for my business you need portals your portal is all about your productivity nothing's more important to your business than productivity anything that gets in the way between you and your productivity including marketing actions .

Or whatever that is needs to go and you cannot afford for your customers to have a bad experience with their portal or you to have a hindered experience and i'll just tell you smart vault has a sweet integration between you know the quickbooks intuit systems and itself it's not perfect but .

It's secure it's easy to use the app is slick um smart vault is good so they they have a value proposition where they're giving you a template they kind of they do some writing for you they do your newsletters and your blogs and your social media but let me just tell you everything they do .

Is commoditized like this is the cheapest chinese version but let me show you one of the and that's in my opinion this is a competitor right so i'm totally hammer on them hard um if they weren't some giant corporation that sent me a cease and desist letter because i wrote a blog about .

Um about them i would probably take it a little bit easier but if you're on cpa site solutions call me we'll set up a better website website i will help you get better search engine optimization our little team we got a full-time designer full-time project manager we got a couple of writers full-time video .

Game we will build an absolutely beautiful website that converts customers we do all the writing for you we set up the funnels for you the paid search ads we do the whole thing for you and we will help you actually close business clients and now what i'm going to show you is .

Some of the things that they do that i think are really kind of not good for your situation so um what i've got here is there's a local competitor or not a local competitor there's a local company down the road here that uses cpa site solutions so if you go to your home page you'll see this is their .

Template and you know they've got a little bit of so here's the here's the custom here's its custom here our mission at valley tax and accounting is i think these guys are probably really nice they've been in business for a long time but um i know that they're they're using .

Paid search ads and their paid search ads are just they need some help um and so what's what's really weird here is now if i go forward to a couple of different things here so let's just take a look at this so right off that we promise to only use our superpowers for good that's .

Cute that's nice um this is the some of the only parts of this website that are actually unique they have their core values but this is not a custom tool like what our websites are built on where we can really design things to look fantastic to appeal to people to clearly .

Communicate your value propositions show how you differentiate yourself have video pop-ups so that you can close more business and then what's really hard is that um if you take a look at like let's just look at book
keeping for example this is probably a really important page for them i mean .

Look at this talk about anemic bookkeeping well there's helping entry date like this is not communicating what they're really all about and it's just not that helpful um let me show you a site that we've done here and i think what this will do is this will show holy cows i'm uploading all sorts of stuff .

Let me show you a site that we just completed and let me show you the big difference between what we do and what you're going to see out of like a cpa site solution then i'm going to show you how when you go into copyscape their duplicate content is actually identical to everybody else and it's .

It's just it's terrible um so here we go this is a website we just completed called performance financial right fully custom website every graphic everything in here is meant to attract his core so a cpa serving iowa nebraska in the midwest focus on your taxes we'll handle the tax .

Bookkeeping accounting and payroll you come down here and you can actually get to know drake drake has a video here where he talks about who he is welcome everybody guys um super custom this is going to break my computer here um super custom setup for them come down you have your google reviews notice all .

The white space it's clean there's a good ui then we jump into each one of these services so let's just take a look at like bookkeeping services for example now we use tractors because construction are one of his core things you can get started you have a clear call to action that .

Will go right there you can call him if you want to that'll actually call him we have a quick breakdown of what his you know cpa caliber bookkeeping services for small business um and he cast vision for what he does now we'll be adding more information in here we have a clear call to action and as you go down we have another clear .

Call to action look at how that differs from what we see out of cpa site solutions bookkeeping i mean talk about anemic how is that going to move anymore payroll right we just have a bunch of content about payroll where's your call to action now this is probably an actual .

So you'll notice that there's some seo work that's been done here this is probably one of the only pages that has some discrete information or some unique information because let me show you what really happens here so what i was going to show you is you get into their services your business .

Services pages are important let me show you um you know if you were to do uh what's the best way accountants near me a good search ad now here's value tax and accounting nobody at cpa site solution is telling them boy you better try and get more .

Reviews or adjust your maybe don't even put this here and just have your core top ad it's starting not to show me their ad because i keep searching this um what's a better one let's do like i just what i want to show you is the importance of your services so here's what i'll just tell you is .

Like your your google my business will take its its information from it's the website so it says provides accountants for small business that's because i this website for my old firm nuance financial tax and accounting notice how this is different like they're doing an ad here they have .

One review here's my old firm 147 reviews you want to talk about who's going to get all the clicks you want to see who's actually going to be closing business there um that that's what's going to happen so um what i'm trying to get at is having a .

Good services structure inside of here in fact let me let me see if this works so um seo near me or let's see if this pops up because it it's kind of hard to get this to okay so this was interesting um seo near me so my i'm a web designer 76 five star reviews if this was on my .

Phone it would say website says seo and i'll just tell you i know that's what it says on the on the phone it's taking its cues not from the google my business profile but from here because seo is not actually a service i'm a web designer but seo is working for me so what you'll see here is that your .

Services structure is super important but if it's just duplicate content that's not going to do anything so if you were to look at and i know let me show you real quick i'm going to show you how this is duplicate content and duplicate content which just means that unless you come in here and actually .

You know just write a bunch of information here which i bet they did for payroll because i bet that's an important part to them otherwise if you come into this tool called copyscape you know i took their small business services and put this through copyscape hit .

Copy escape search and what this does is show us every single firm that has the exact same copywriting and meaning that it's full of duplicate content and what this will show us is how your template is identical to every other content out there so everything highlighted here .

Is duplicate content everything highlighted is duplicate content is it all identical no there's a little bit of differentiation and that's what they're banking on but notice how all of these sites it's just a bunch of text crammed in together and when you get it on a phone .

It's no better whereas what we're working with here is we have very clear communication of what we want people to do we have clear calls to action we have open space there's real custom design like this is a design that nobody else has we didn't use a template here we're able .

To use all sorts of different tools to communicate what you do you know don't settle for a typical account proactive versus reactive we're getting into the real value propositions here so cpa site solutions you know might be inexpensive but what you're going to find is a couple things one it's filled with duplicate content .

And it's not like you get some big dinger from google it's not like google gives you a negative situation but let me tell you this this doesn't help this business at all it's not beneficial for it it's already hard enough to rank in search engines you don't need duplicate content .

Part of why my my hide gets kind of chapped for this is if you were to do like seo for accountants look at this so as i make this search cpa site solutions used to say that they are an seo company for accountants they're actually not doing it anymore they used to be .

Prominent and it used to kind of upset me because their websites are opposite of good seo in fact i would say that they're really not a good search engine optimization solution they're actually bad and then not only that but they're ads they do paid search ads .

Their paid search ads are just challenging so i'm hammering on them right now because if you're with them i want you to come to us if you're thinking of doing a website with cpa site solutions i think that you should call us because what i've found is that we're able to deliver .

An excellent value are we more money yup but trust me the you know the 1500 to 8500 usually we do a a small business setup and maybe i can dive into this what we do is we do all the work for you because not only is there duplicate content here but once that duplicate content is even .

Set up for you um what you're going to find is that so you just take a look at these sites here right even once this is all done you still have to come in and try and make your own good content so this writing is up to you and notice how it's always just .

Chintzy looking you know the faq system is really shoehorned in here um and and it's very we we if you were to look at this
all of this writing is just based upon them right and what i've found is is if you come in here and you focus on what what you're going to do focus on your business we'll .

Handle the tax accounting and bookkeeping what we do is we hit on what actually builds trust with people here and what is it that a business owner is looking for right how do you differentiate yourself what do you deliver right so down here we get .

Into exactly you know the the typical savings you'll get when you work with drake is 6 500 a year you have 48 hours a month that you'll save a thousand dollars a month in typical staff costs that are saved 12 grand a year a conservative venue .

Like what we're doing is we're hitting on what's important to these people and not only that we're making it clear what we offer and the clear calls to action it just looks better i don't me i don't know maybe maybe it's not that clear maybe what you're looking at here .

And you can always tell a cpa site solution they have the same little emblem up here but i mean maybe this isn't that ugly of a site but so meet our partners right so each partner has his own page here right and what you'll see i mean look at this what is this this is hideous um if you go into the industry so you .

Take a look at they do the construction industry right this isn't that bad this is just a blog right this isn't that big of a deal but it it's super simple it's not really helping them get in front of anybody it's not custom built it's not it's just mediocre at best so anyways i think if you're looking at that .

Um my goal would be we want your business go to feedbackrench.com and i'll just dive in real quick i'm not going to spend a ton of time on it i just want to show you exactly what we do when we're working with folks um if you come here and you go to we've got accountants for .

What or websites for accounts so i have a page here that speaks directly to you and it'll help you understand um really what we do is we do four things really well we're going to help you get set up we're going to do all the writing and messaging for you or with you we build you a custom .

Website that's built to convert we're going to help you generate leads with search ads and facebook lead ads and then we're going to help you do search engine optimization in an incredible way we have over 75 we have 76 five star reviews and uh what you're going to see out of .

Us is that we're going to work to make sure that your website has writing that actually stirs people to close with you will help you create a steady stream of qualified leads with paid ads and seo will help you rank for high value tax and accounting searches on google and bing .

And we'll build your lead generating campaign systems i'm telling you if you look through our sites our sites are sexy they're nice there's some similar themes here because the calls to action are very similar but let me tell you um our customers love what we're doing for them .

Uh and if you're going for like a specific niche here you know i've got fitnesstaxes.com this is a pretty cool niche these guys only work with um bodybuilding and powerlifting coaches online coaches this is a great uh company that we work with you know another one that we've done .

Nexoa cpa i'm just going to show you some of our favorite ones nexo is a fantastic clean beautiful site we've got performance financial right performance financial is a newer one that we just released very clean very sleek we have scale tax and accounting .

This is for women entrepreneurs so there was a feminine touch to everything we like this you know the the text showing up there this is a fantastic website when you look at whether it's her tax planning page you'll see that this is all custom it's there's open space it tells a story .

We hit on the on the most compelling things we walk you through the steps this is meaningful right we have quadrant tax and accounting this is another really cool site that we just think is fantastic selma loves it it's been really productive for them and no matter what folks if you're looking at cpa site .

Solutions i think you should consider doing a website with with feedback grants that's just our accounting websites we do more work we do other things with other companies whether it's you know trucking companies oh that's the uh you know we do trucking companies we've .

Done a whole bunch of different uh you know beautiful gorgeous websites here we do lonsdale auto works this is a cool site that we did and what you'll see is that there's some similarities here but they're all clean fast modern websites that are built to close and then we set up the functions .

Of the advertising behind them and i'm telling you that's really where the difference is we know what to pull so that you're actually going to close and uh i just we're super excited at what we might be able to do we just have another this is like a north bay .

Water heaters this is a super simple one pager that we did for this uh small business out of california really cool website um we've done all sorts of like cali let's see if i can get the uh expert well um you have different junk express websites uh this whole thing is meant to be a .

Super converting machine to help them rank and dominate all these different so if you wanted to dominate in la or if you wanted to dominate in a different keyword kind of cramming thing here that we got going there's all sorts of sites that we've made but i tell you what if if you take a .

Look at quadrant tax and accounting versus what you're seeing out of out of this i think you're going to be pleased we'd love to to work with you we'd love to help you out i think that this is probably explaining to you the difference between a cpa site now you'll also see there's like website for .

Accountants i think is one that was a certainly website's for accountants um i mean look at this oh yeah websites for accountants website builders when you look at their sites it's very similar there's just this very basic structure you got get set now build your firm this is another one .

They're all just cheap templates they're trying to get you set up and then what they do is they come in and they uh your site might i think build your firms a little bit better than what cpa site solutions does but build your firm here what we've found is that .

Again it it's just a very simple website they're kind of working out of a simple wordpress theme and it's not bad i don't dislike these guys as much but you're not going to get excellent copywriting and you're not going to get the conversion actions that are quite as good so .

There's solutions out there but i tell you what check us out we'd be eager to help you out we'd love to help you build your business grow and again if i were to just summarize this not only do we build your website we do the writing for you we're going to come alongside and set up paid search ads and .

Google my business ads along with lead generating um funnels here in fact let me i'll show you what i do on my site because there's some client confidentiality here i got to be careful of so this is a squeeze page we run facebook ads to this .

Uh the facebook ad itself when you fill out this form this will get your email and then you can generate a uh an excellent email list we can make it so that you have a little video pop up where you can explain what it is we will design these for you we'll create them for you .

And when you get into it we'll actually help you see the the ad we will write the ad for you set the
ad up for you not only that but we're going to optimize it so that it's good for machine learning let me let me show you this you know this isn't this is my ad right accounts and .

Bookkeepers here's how we built a 1 million dollar form in 24 months that's exactly what it is and when you're done with this there's a video master class that you hit once you fill this out you're going to land on my this landing page pushes to this where .

We have our videos and this is me walking through what we do we have another video and then we've got sales information to help people actually close with us so we'll do the same thing for your business we will help your accounting firm have a set up much like that and uh .

I tell you what we know that when we do this for small businesses we are able to create some massive momentum for them particularly these accountants bookkeepers and tax firms good luck god bless man schedule on my website just hit the the consultation button fill out the info you'll go right to my calendar link .

We'll take good care of you and that's the biggest thing we have so many reviews because we're committed to your excellence we take this really serious we don't take ourselves too serious but we take your business serious and we'll help you whether you're a small firm an individual an entrepreneur .

That's just trying to get started bookkeeping tax cpa firm whatever that is good luck and god bless