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Daniel Harrwitz vs. Paul Morphy, 1858 (Game 3) | Chess and Psychology – IM Dorsa Derakhshani

Hello how is it going hope everybody's having a great day um i'm jose directionally in saint louis and we were having such a great weather um pretty much all we can somehow today just started raining so they got that going on um for those of you who have been .

Watching me for the past um i guess few months at least since pandemic it i wanted to share a little information that today my cat has been extremely loud and he will most likely continue meowing so i apologize in advance for that hope you like cats meowing um there is a .

Stray cat behind the window that i feed sometimes and since it's raining the stray cat is kind of like taking shelter so yeah we got that going um but yeah and for the other those of you who uh have been hearing me vent on twitch about exams and .

Mcats and stuff i did an exam today it was actually pretty nicely i thought it would go way worse and signed up for mcat 26th of march it's going to be a very painful day the longest exam of my life so far eight hour exam i am not even halfway through studying so yeah i got that going .

Um hope you guys are doing better i see the chat is warming up thank you thank you amsterdam i have some friends in uh netherlands i was there in 2015. oh god i'm getting old it's already been five years since i was there oh god all right so um today i decided to take a .

Step back and we are going to talk about a little um fun game that morphe played but it's not just that morky played it it's really fun because well we've been looking at live to paul of games and lots of dynamic games so this game is a really nice mix .

Of dynamic and strategic so hope you guys will like it um last week i kind of had to rush into the last the parts of the game it was not this game it was a different game i think the game that we were looking at was the um chevsky bernstein i believe that was the game that's .

Yeah i had to rush into last week so uh if you did not catch it i did a more extensive end game for this game um pretty much at the um on the twitch channel on friday so feel free to take a look at that as well i really wanted to get that .

Out there so if you watch the last lecture and you want more explanation on that and feel free to check that out but today i hope i think i've managed my time better um should it should go smoother and it shouldn't be as meowy there we go here is the cat .

Alright so um you all probably know that i'm a very big fan of morphe as well he's one of the great chess players of all time oh and namibia jesus that is very far i have never been there actually yeah yeah i wanted to travel i remember i used to i grew up wanting to really travel and .

Then yeah somehow i just didn't really feel suitable traveling alone all right so uh enough about me and my hopes and dreams um so in this game um for those of you who play uh f5 this this dutch would be very interesting so there are very different .

Ways to play this touch and there's a way to go about g6 there's different ways to try and form this like a stone wall style so it takes i mean it kind of depends on you how you want to play it but most people kind of um tend to go for this knight f6 g6 .

And unfortunately i i used to play this as well and then the idea was that eventually i kind of wanted to get this e5 and so that's just i'm just throwing some ideas out there for you to go look up on your own but as the cat confirms oh my god peachy is this drake hat his .

Hyping came up all right um okay so now i kind of wanted to ask another question on how do you think uh where do you think our pieces are supposed to be as black basically well what do you want to do with your pieces are you going to do this g6 are .

You going to get the bishop out somewhere are you going to just straight up play d5 you have a lot of options so i really do enjoy an interactive class so i would appreciate it thank you frankness yeah bishop b4 yeah yeah there this is this is theory but .

For those of us who are not uh who do not play this it would be a good idea to just have a feeling of where your pieces are supposed to be all right so bishop b4 now what else are you going to take that or you're going to throw in some a5 or c5 in there .

If you know the theory i would uh kind of encourage you not to just like telemove more as kind of like give a explanation and encourage the players who don't play this to try and like guess them off that's something i've been doing with some of my students by the private ones .

Yeah well i mean technically you could take but i don't really appreciate the take because first of all the pawn tanks back and i don't really like this pin already i feel like if this bishop was already back in c1 and there was like an e3 pawn on it it would feel much more comfortable .

Anywho um c5 is actually a very decent way of playing it you could consider a5 as well but um yeah it doesn't necessarily feel i mean i feel like a fox so one thing that i've learned and i encourage you to actually do s watch that video that i did i think that was actually the first video i .

One of the first videos i did for santa's chess club um it's a game that i played uh i was black versus nimso indian and um it was a very interesting um strategy game and that a5 a4 and those styles really do tend to help you so uh it's good to consider a5 but at the moment .

You gotta do something about the center now i'm gonna start meowing back is she working from home am i right some people have kids some people have cats all right so c5 is the best way to go um is that it's the most logical way to go just because you got to have something in the center .

D5 and now what and uh fragrance i i yeah i kind of agree with you i saw that question about bishop v7 i think bishop v7 would also work but bishop e7 would kind of allow your bishop is kind of misplaced on f6 and after e4 like opponents is trying to play e5 or take on f5 or bishop d3 you don't really have anything .

In the center to face it off so uh yeah i think this d5 is more sorry this bishop before is more interesting my goodness okay so now um what another question i wanted to ask was uh do you guys feel the difference .

Between playing d6 now or castling because to me honestly it's kind of um i mean i don't feel that much difference because if i play d6 you're still probably going to get this bishop out and i would still castle anyways so i don't exactly feel any difference and those are like .

Your only two reasonable moves you could potentially consider h6 but i wouldn't recommend that in this position so yeah i kind of just wanted to bring up that point because that was a little um the decision between d6 or castle was a little confusing to me but .

I don't really feel that it's too different and okay um some of our next few moves some of our next few future moves it's going to be uh moving this night definitely uh i'm not really comfortable what i want to do with this bishop i kind of just want to get rid of this .

Night maybe not right now but that's definitely to come um what else do i want to do i kind of want to kind of like poke this bishop so we have some variety of ideas on what we want to do about this position um does anybody have a favorite .

Oh my god that straight cat is literally trying to just like sew behind the window i wish i could actually show it on camera but yeah it's a yeah i i don't know if you feel bad about this poor cat or just kind of like i mean i beat him i get some .

Faster cat mom and just banged himself against them into jesus all right um i i kind of like this idea of knights coming to c7 but potentially trying to throw b5 yeah i do like that because um the one thing that i really really .

Really do like about black's position is that this this palm structure kind of gives you edge in both sides the king side and the coin side so depending on how the game will unfold you can always just throw something on f4 or e4 or like join the v5 so i do i really do like that we have this many options as .

Black um so i kind of think playing something like h6 might be more reasonable right now so yeah what do you think after h6 what do you think h6 uh what it sorry what do you think about h6 because h4 i mean there's g5 and f4 so i wouldn't really exactly go about that so .

When you play h6 opponent is going to definitely take on f6 shoe you guys like it do you like uh do you guys like age snakes or do you think h6 is a little premature uh you're correct the pawn on d6 could be a constant weakness .

But at the moment opponent has no threats on it so i wouldn't feel threatened i would only feel threatened if like opponent wasn't like 95 or started like throwing trying to actively attack it i i wish i could um yeah i .

Yeah that's true um after coin f6 knights can go to d5 all right i need a minute to get the kids i mean they get the cat the cat kid i look back in a jiffy and he knows it all right cat is gonna be hugged all right this was not how i envisioned uh my lesson to go but i brought the cat .

This should be fun i will most likely need to get up again because he will not be sitting this is straight okay i do like h6 uh why is bishop is for bad because if bishop is 4 he gets g5 and then f4 so yeah it's not the most pleasant .

Idea um theoretically white could try to do like a long castle style and uh it could get a little freaky but i kind of like it peachy pishikishi oh my god i do never want to have kids and work from home ah all right guys i'm sorry i gotta put the cats in a room .

This is not productive all right he doesn't want to go he doesn't want to stay oh my god i'm the second me just to take care of the cat how do people have kids on their own oh my goodness all right why psychology in the title well today i'm having psychological warfare with my cats i guess .

Uh a cat mate thank you uh yeah i don't this sacrifice is not worth it for for uh white and hopefully my cat knows that if he meows now he will have to uh endure my first love i will squeeze him yes um again i'm sorry about the cat i can't really help it i .

He made appearances in the u.s championship as well he was such a good captain though he was just napping maybe it was this was during the day anyway mission f6 is the best way to go after h6 uh twin time six the queen takes step six .

And i think now we could actually start considering some ideas but i'm not i'm not exactly decisive on it i want to see what the opponent does i mean if you cast a little short side okay well now i can do e4 and now i can do like a nice jump over right here .

So i think that would be pretty awesome but if like white does a long castle then i don't really exactly want to start that because that f3 g4 would be coming up so white in the game um played a3 and a3 well i mean we gotta take ah i mean we could play bishop a5 but i really .

Don't see any bright future for my cat um for this bishop i don't exactly know i mean what am i going to do with this bishop i guess i'm theoretically we could make this difference but i do think bishop takes c3 is just the safest way .

Guess the cat agrees too and all right so now i am going to ask you to give me a plan on where what do you want to do with your pieces now and while you guys do that i'm gonna go trap the cat in the room close the door on him leave some food for him they'll be fine for 45 minutes right all .

Right oh my god this is now this is the chest and psychology part oh i go a bit oh my god okay so the cat is in the room that should be fine ugh he can be cute but he can meow that .

Cat can meow alright this is quality yes thank you fishy has been singing for you guys oh my this feels like a personal concert huh um no the cat is not hungry there's a stray cat out there he wants to go out and play with him .

But he's not allowed to as long as white isn't encapsulated yeah i agree peter i think that's correct as long as it's not castling yeah we shouldn't really touch the center yet um so i saw some um ideas about just trying to develop pieces a5 curve .

In fact the problem is that the knights could really jump here it gives it a clear path so yeah thank you yep 97 you're gonna get the queen somewhere around here and um then we could potentially try to go for somewhere like that yeah i agree that's a that's a very .

Great plan thank you okay so knight d7 and castle now um do you guys have a preference on where to place the queen are you worried about anything if you play queen g5 uh see how he has not made me crazy yet he was a very lovely cat during pretty much all my exams and us championship .

I probably just need to get rid of the poor strikeouts but i i don't want to not feed him it's i've been feeding him for months now but yeah it's it's a little touchy situation i i um i was encouraging one of my friends to adopt the cat .

And she backed out so if anybody's around said lose and wants a cute cat not my cat straight one feel free to come take the cat but yeah yeah yeah i agree um yeah i mean the one thing that does worry me about point g5 is just simply f4 like i see you're uh .

Concerned about between g6 when you play e5 the e4 that would be ignited for but i think the threat of right now f4 is much more severe than um potentially e4 than knight f4 so coin g6 uh who's handling the chat i mean i'm reading it i'm answering it i think that's handling it yeah i think .

That that's i think that's a queen g6 is the safer way to go and it kind of the the one thing that i wouldn't exactly love about it is that i'm i'm not really gonna have this f1 i really wanted to have that f4 so fingers x should be good enough uh in the game white simply .

Played b4 so um made a very interesting move this is not the first note i thought about so what do you guys think so black to what do you think we should do with that pond i doubt anybody would want to actually take this pawn .

Uh you don't want to give your opponent counterplay but i guess the main question is do you want him to take it and you take it with the knight or what do you want do you want your knight to be on whoa do you want your knights to be on c5 or hmm .

You're just going to ignore the fragrance and play e4 well play e4 that kind of does make sense uh but the other people are also quite correct b6 just kind of a chill move and this was not the first move i thought about i also considered e4 .

The thing with e4 is knight f4 and you can't really do this queen g5s there is a potentially i want to say knight e6 then you would have to play this queen of six and just exchange queens so yeah yeah exactly exactly arthur uh e4 is a .

Little premature right now so it's good to just go for b6 but e4 is a great candidate move and it definitely does deserve a little bit of thinking before it's missing it for right now all right so b4 b6 and white played f3 so now .

Black to move what do you think we should do and this move i did not find it the first time i saw this game actually i didn't really think about it but i saw this game a few months ago i want to say july august .

Um well i don't think it's about depth it's just kind of about understanding you're not required to calculate that much you're just kind of required to make sure you're not blubbering in one or two moves and that's kind of just figuring out what your opponent wants to do so you can prevent it a6 or a5 um .

So one thing to consider uh gabu is that right now black is kind of more concentrated on the center slash king side rather than queensland so that's why we wouldn't really want to play a6 or a5 however i do understand why you would want them because .

It's kind of like a stabilizing move if something like b5 now like this is completely stabilized but the perk the the problem is taking and if you take with the pawn then the rook comes to b1 and then rook is taking over here and you don't really want to give that counter play to the .

Opponent that's why i do not recommend um something with b6 e sorry a6 or a5 not yet uh you like knight f6 huh i actually have not seen uh any uh i have not seen this move in the chat so uh you guys got to think a little deeper if it was something like knight .

F6 i would have thought about it if it was e4 i would have thought about it i wouldn't have missed a easy move like that so i kind of need you guys to think a little bit like it like up the game by maybe one or two levels just think a little outside of the box and .

Not i mean you don't really have that many options so if you play coin g5 there is f4 so that wouldn't really go your way even though opponent just played f3 oh can you change could be interesting but it's .

Unnecessary because you don't uh cooking doesn't really go with the plan that morphe did over the board so you guys do have the correct ideas we want to do something in the king side uh or center and we don't really i mean knight f6 .

Is too easy to move to be uh kind of like questioned e4 f4 f4 do not play f4 queen g5 there's still a force so now that's the problem like here there are still the f4 ideas even though f4 is not even the best f4 is the one of the ideas to consider or .

Something like pointy a i don't like youtube nope that's that's not a human move i prefer four yeah ah thank you tyler um i would appreciate it if you could share why you think s5 is a good move but even if not i couldn't i didn't really find h5 the .

First time i looked at this position in this game so um yeah is actually kind of a weird-ish combination of moves you like you play this h5 and my understanding is that you just want to push this pawn and my problem was okay but then what i play i played all the way up to h4 i'm not .

Trying to really play h3 so then what but the problem the question is not then what the question is like does it does it bother opponent to have my pawn on h4 if the answer is yes go for it in the game white just went with bishop c2 and black simply .

Played bishop b7 i do not fully understand this move i um to me i thought h4 is the way to go or even now something like a5 like something some something along those lines a5 i'm a little too scared to play honestly i kind of feel like h4 would be kind of more my style .

And um so i started clearing that college yeah s5 is the psychology move thank you for pointing that out yeah um a lot of these great chess players um did a lot of psychological just thinking or just analyzing without too much calculation .

And that's one of the things that i learned i've been trying to apply in my games i play very little chess as you all are aware or might be aware of if you've seen any of my streams i am not a professional chess player at the moment i have a i'm preparing for medical .

School exam and it is painful however i've actually been winning more tournaments in last like months than i have in like two years so yeah i i guess it's about quality not quantity i guess but yeah i've been having some .

Good tournaments um just over the weekend i won the witnessed bullets best woman prize so i mean it was it was kind of yeah i mean john i get that thank you for reminding me yeah i feel like but i always thought that the title .

Doesn't matter if you don't look at chess that often you don't actually practice it or play it out often then you're gonna drop but um i guess it's it kind of depends because if you don't calculate that often then it's going to be uh yeah you're gonna get worse of calculation but your chess understanding doesn't .

Really go away so as long as your chest understanding is intact you should be in a good style yeah so i agree i kind of like this idea with h4 or a5 so to me bishop v7 i was just like huh and the problem with then sorry not the problem the the .

Confusion that i had with bishop b7 was um well can whites now just try to like push these pawns at some points like can i just play f4 and i um i wasn't very comfortable with this idea of f4 i could simply play e5 and then maybe try and like push this idea of taking over there or something .

Like that and but somehow the king side attack does not feel as strong anymore so that's kind of why i was a little um on edge about bishop b7 yeah we could just finish the development that is true yeah i agree this b7 doesn't make much .

Sense but that's the beauty of it because um so i don't play poker but i i know some little cute phrases so this kind of feels like not showing your hands uh i guess in poker that like bishop b7 you're kind of just waiting .

On your opponent to see what the opponent does and um this is something that i do very frequently in my games um not necessarily with the bishop b7 so bishop b7 feels like a waiting move but at the same time like a slightly developmental move so it feels like a nice mix .

So yeah um if that could be youtube which would be someone could simply just be making way for the rook yeah that does sound pretty reasonable to me okay um so v5 could be a potential idea out there .

As well but i don't really see how it's gonna work now so in the game white simply play bishop a4 i kind of like it but i'm still i would still like to look at e4 and f4 deeper before i would make this bishop a4 move i guess bj4 is good because no more b5 so you're kind of blocking that whole .

Thing what there's no pressure oh yeah okay um pregnancy i kind of yeah i kind of forget that how do you balance a loss of a tempo with a waiting move so tempo or momentum is something that's very frequent and it .

Takes a lot of understanding in the middle in the dynamic games but right now this game is kind of still on edge between dynamic and strategic it's more strategic than dynamic so that's something to consider if your game is very attacky and you have a bunch of checks or takes .

That's that's one tempo is gonna make that whole different um idea it's gonna make a lot of difference but if it's a position like this where you can just like just like kind of move your pieces without much purpose but the point also can't do much about it .

Yeah thank you fragrance yeah i feel like you're my translator in the chat as well all right so bishop a4 uh i wanted to ask you guys shall we move this night or shall we protect it that was another question that i wanted to ask because it's kind of important idea to figure .

Out if if you're going to actually invest time and energy in protecting the night or if it's time to call it a day and move the night that's why we hate london system i mean i get it but this is actually mrs dutch i'm reading the chat and i'm getting a .

Lot of different ideas i'm getting a lot of knight of six i'm getting a lot of 48s i you're a gyroscope or yourself sorry that was actually a very great point that you don't really see a piece that you would like to see on d7 so you would move it that is a very great .

Observation however queen f7 if you had your queen on d7 because this position is closed you could potentially go nuts and start throwing these pawns now that's a dynamic position peter you are somewhat correct but morphy that's the one thing that i actually learned about morphe this year .

Because i almost just imagined him as a guy who sacrificed mice or ropes or something and still wins the game but that is not actually accurate he does have a lot of strategy games and this is one of it that's kind of why i wanted to show this game just to kind of get the word out there that morphy doesn't just .

Checkmate he also makes you suffer well that's a bad message is there anything wrong with rook d8 not necessarily i mean i don't feel like there's anything wrong with this i mean white could try something like f4 i guess and try to attack this let's keep i just .

Go e4 yeah i don't like this bishop guys this bishop is not my friend yeah i i get it why you wouldn't really want her to be on d7 you could consider knight f6 however if you played knight to f6 um white could still play this f4 idea .

And then try something with bishop c6 that's kind of the weird part honestly because you're not really gonna take it because then b5 and this one is always going to be trouble for you um however even if you don't take it you would still have to like defend it maybe like queen of seven and it's gonna be a hassle .

We don't really want to deal with that um so arthur and great wolf i seen your ideas i i get that you guys don't really want to give up this night but uh it's kind of unfortunately what the position needs you can't just um you can't just like nah i'm gonna do what i want to do you're gonna have .

To play this queen of seven in the game white took it which was actually a mistake the best move for white would be something along the along bishop c6 it could have been something so white could have tried something with like uh bishop bishop c6 rook let's go .

V8 and sometimes rook b1 ah come on bro there we go just to keep the pressure and in chess the concept of pressure is actually a very very very very strong concept there's a lot of players tend to miss that's why that's another reason i like to call this channel psychology because .

It gives you that perspective that's um of the pressure and trying to balance between your ideas all right so in the game bishop takes d7 queen takes d7 takes c5 of course we're going to take with the d we don't really want to have this passpond the game white split f4 so my question .

To you what should we do what should we do with this tension take it leave it defend it i guess those are my three options they are grateful definitely so uh while you guys are thinking about this position it's telling me what you want to do as .

Black to counter counter play the move f4 i'm going to answer great wolf and so something like queen f7 the idea is that your queen on g6 the the the job for your queen on g6 was kind of done like you couldn't you your queen couldn't have really .

Benefited from being on g6 that much so that's kind of why we would bring it all the way back and kind of prepare it if you take this along i take with the queen great my queen is there my rook is open my queen is kind of like keeping an eye between both the queen side and the king side so i .

Kind of like that idea pushed upon gets space advantage but if you push the pawn then your bishop is kind of dead so i guess i mean i guess your bishop is dead now anyways um e4 does seem to be the best way to go about it you do get the space and essentially you might want to .

Launch some sort of attack on c4 or just not like move your bishop around a little i mean so very very slim possibility yeah um so i i see your idea uh that you would want to prefer to be white after e4 so how would you play this if you were white .

Uh arthur believe me i get it if it was up to me i would want to have a bishop on e4 instead of a pawn on e4 however we kind of have to compromise and in this position the best way to do that is to kind of have that because if you take it it just takes for the night and .

Now you have so many holes if you don't take it then he's gonna take it and then this is gonna be a past pawn so that's another issue so you kind of have to play this f4 sorry this e4 oh hi i see people are joining us every minute that is pretty awesome .

Yeah um i'm reading the chat it kind of makes sense um white needs to step back from yeah so my biggest worry in this position for myself as black is what the heck am i gonna do with this bishop where am i gonna put this bishop so .

That's kind of like the biggest thing to have to deal with so we're kind of i feel like we're just gonna wait and see what white's gonna do because ideally we're gonna throw this around but it would be nice if there's like a pawn on a4 so you're just trying to gain as much as a space as possible as .

Black yeah i agree white does seem to be um doing slightly better just because of the knight um alright so do you guys have a move for me as white i got a lot of different moves so i feel like you guys have this cupboard i kind of just want to .

Move on from this position oh hi steve north ah you could try something like play c2 bounce up on to a5 and that does sound pretty reasonable but yeah white did play this rook b1 which is not the best move a4 is actually the best mode that white fails to do um after e4 i honestly am not sure how .

To continue let's say if we play bishop a6 then rope goes to b1 rook goes to b8 yeah it doesn't doesn't feel too comfortable for black it feels like black does not really have an attack anymore and it's just like holding in the queen side all right .

So what about rook b1 why do you think rp1 is not the best movie oh you like to play queen 85 instead of that i don't blame you queen i fight make sense too um you're still kind of limiting this bishop and i i'm having a little hard time .

Thinking about what to do as black let me just get the king up i thought there's just rooty ones yeah you're not really gonna be that fast huh no i guess queen a5 works too quick is actually more annoying than a4 honestly away .

You just stop the whole thing with bishop a6 yeah good job isaac when a4 sorry 25 is the best way to go yeah all right great job so um rook b1 and in the game why black simply played the special b6 take your opportunity if your opponent didn't play this coin a5 to allow you to .

Play efficient basics higher bishop a6 um bring the king up i mean i was trying i was trying to turn some g5 make it more interesting i mean steve north if we do that if you just play like um try and exchange the queens i don't really .

Think it's gonna have much for you at this point but bishop this position for black is much more promising i mean of course g6 does weaken the black king unless you have like a king on a seven or five male you if the queen side is completely .

Closed i would kind of go for g5 but yeah i wanted to play g5 unless i'm desperate so yeah yeah all right so um yeah perfect queen cannot go there anymore we're just going to pick up the pond this queen if i was a move that suggested i suggested .

Last one instead of rook b1 but okay bishop a6 rook c1 and here is another great move that you guys have already suggested so i'm just going to go ahead and make it queen a4 yeah you're really worried about queen at four yeah i agree with a4 uh huh i agree cleaning four was great you're kind of just like bringing .

This pressure and to be honest this does feel like one of those nimzo the ends with the double pawns of c3 c4 so i think that's another thing to consider like if you want to have that or not some people actually do enjoy playing with those .

Pawn structures i do not all right white skin has been stuck on c3 yep you're correct about that so after point a4 white played knight g3 what do you think we should do yeah unfortunately i did not block the cat away i put him in a very comfortable bed with food .

Just slightly close the door four cats only ideas for the g6 huh well not necessarily you don't exactly have to play g6 h4 could just kick the knights and knight there's five xs5 just feels 55 ways of wrong can i just come back and go attack that mind .

Yeah i think this should be enough just that nice gonna fall guys so nice gotta go back now how does that make a change kind of yeah queen a4 is a confusing move i agree yep knights g3 did lose the tempo uh if you went knight to h5 after h4 you would most likely be losing your knight .

I mean you might save it but you would give other material on the way so after knight f1 um our we can't really do anything else oh thank you i was just getting into it we can't really do anything else on the king side and the queen side i mean the bishop is fine the queen is fine so all we gotta do is .

Bring up the rook white played knight d2 and now this is actually a very cool move i i think this is one of the final moves that i'm going to ask you because from then it kind of gets a little smooth so white black to move what do you think we should do after a knife e2 in this .

Position i mean we can't really play the other rook debate we already have one there we could try to prepare for it but oh it's three new i mean even if you were to play this h3 g3 is still an existing um issue ah bring a rook yeah i like that so um .

Uh steve norton i don't think b3 but i do agree b6 looks pretty chill take take white and now as black we make the decision to exchange not only because the exchange is cut in he is better for us but also because if you played in the queen a5 now could be just like c3 and would .

Force you into exchanging anyways so queen take take b5 it's very important to throw this b5 right now because you could play with a8 but then you have to deal with the a4s so b5 uh in the game i believe take take wasp happened .

And knight eight five what do you guys think we should do yeah easy peasy okay eight um and this kind of white one might be seven which was very weird to me but i guess i get it because you can make the mistake of taking here and then just takes over d6 blah blah blah so it's kind of makes .

More sense for black to not take it so something like her basics um yeah this is not such an easy end game i agree could we have tried that in five person then let's take where .

All right for ka it's 9p7 or a6 defending my pawn defending his pawn and now we finally do the killer move of bringing the king right right the classic one king king f8 bishop d7 no more knight e6's that's the attack rook v8 .

And um yeah i see a different language going going on in chat it's kind of interesting that i cannot read it yeah it doesn't feel comfortable for white i agree with that if you could just kind of like exchange those strokes wise would be done so you kind of know what the idea is you .

Want to exchange with the rooks now how are you going to do that so like to move should we eat the pawn on a3 or not this is not really oh sorry i thought you talked about the position oh feature oh that's like a french english .

Uh i mean the thing is if we were to actually take this bond now there is this nasty chick and you can't really take it because now you can't really stop the pawn so you have to be very very very careful with what you're doing so you can't really take that .

So you could simply just push this pawn and play c4 and i think c4 is the better way to go just because um you're gonna just say no i don't even need to eat this pawn i'm gonna make a queen uh in the game white plays king f2 we're gonna push and we're finally gonna take and now we get c2 .

The funny part is that we get to tr to do this and pick that pawn up like king d2 the three c3 maybe not pick it up but so yeah what do you think we should do now as whites well i mean that's not a question what's going to play with king c1 we gotta eat that .

And i kind of thought maybe a check would help i guess not never mind king c1 group 66 and now this is another way to try and test your strategies so white um what's this kind of trying to defend it's really hard that black is just trying to attack really hard .

But what do you think we we should do now is black oh life is much worse i agree with that no questions there but it's kind of about how you're gonna do this yeah you gotta bring in the kangaroo like that's king f6 and g5 take that bad boy .

Take that bad boy and now anybody sees a clear path to victory um the thing is i don't really know what's white's idea so a lot of things should be easy to do like king g6 h5 and g4 um or you could maybe consider something let's say with d5 but i mean that should .

Also be good enough to win but it does significantly lowers your ease on winning this game so i'm just liking g6 rxc5 you take it oh no no we're gonna take it we're gonna show our king and pawn warper oh yeah king goes up i think g3 wherever the king goes we're gonna pick .

This guy's up and we're going to make two queens no less than two all right so that's kind of why uh our k6 is required for xc3 you take over here i'll go up there i want to go to g4 there we go there we go and in this position i believe black actually did something pretty cool .

I thought just tape would be enough honestly let me take it and then just like king f2 and i push this poem i thought that would be enough but it's black quite very very interesting let's just play with your c5 and um rook c5 kind of makes sense you don't want to .

Lose this pond you're eating this pawn anyways so i guess we can let this one slide now you pick that up and just not this one is becoming clean so yeah i think this was a very very cool game um yeah morphing this game had like the perfect balance between .

Strategy dynamic the opening understanding like the cute little end game i think it's really had all of those um all of those balances and like it kind of hits all of those areas so i hope you guys like this yeah um yeah let me see what's going on in the chat white offer is a draw oh no we're .

Not going to accept this this is not leech's tournament that you can offer take backs not take backs i do not speak french i speak farsi i can read arabic i do not know what i'm reading though um i speak english and i apparently speak cats yeah yeah i think we are .

I think we're doing great yeah do i have a picture of the white player honestly i actually do not maybe i should have looked him up i feel like i feel like i don't want to check it out some stuff might pop up because i wouldn't want to have on youtube if i just google this name i don't know .

The kitty is a little occupied being trapped in my room yeah well guys uh yeah this was a very lovely evening i had a lot of fun and it's kind of getting really cold and centered so i really have to adjust the temperature yeah i have fun with daryl ah this is .

Actually a nice transition i showed you some cool end games they finished with the end game so you can get more end-game knowledge from daru and hopefully you guys are not too bothered with the cat that's working from home so yeah have fun .

And i will see most of you guys on friday on twitch channel so yeah have fun with that bye


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