hi audience so today we have isha with us ishika is studying her ba program in political science and history from hindu college university of delhi so welcome to education view 360 ishika thank you mom it's a pleasure right now ishika this year if you look .

At the admission trends in a ba uh program or honors political science emerged to be a very very popular course followed by a ba program political science so can we talk about the difference between political science honors and political science program so basically the core difference between the two is that in the honors course you .

Have more number of papers so basically it's a more in-depth and intensive studying of the subject and uh basically it involves more papers like uh when i told you about the curriculum of the program uh more or less these papers are also there in uh on honor .

Uh but beyond that there are several other papers about indian political philosophers and uh more about constitution of india or like the the constitutional philosophy and all of that so basically it's a more in-depth study and it gives you a specialization in that subject which can definitely be suitable if you're wanting to pursue .

Higher studies if you have decided particularly that you want to go into academia uh so it is definitely going to help you to give in-depth knowledge and masters is going to become a little easier for you definitely right right so we we take it that that is more in depth and this one is .

Do you have almost similar papers but not as many as you have in the honors course right now ishika i wanted to come to a point most of the time students are opting for honors course but when i've interviewed a lot of students and ba program students have invariably told me .

That the curriculum helps them a lot in preparation towards upsc exam since you are preparing for your upsc exam tell me how does the ba program curriculum help you in preparation for this exam and do you feel had you taken up honors course that would have been more helpful so uh with regards to upsc it requires you to be a generalist rather than a .

Specialist so this is what be a program as a course offers you it obviously diversity to study study different subjects uh and it gives you an overview of several subjects so uh beyond history and political science you also study uh environmental science and then you have several options of for example in the second year and the .

Third year as well you have an option of getting a skill enhancement course wherein you can choose either of uh your discipline subjects to have further knowledge in like further give one more paper and have further knowledge about that and you know in the third year you also have an option to .

Select the general elective which also gives you one which is uh beyond your discipline courses so you have to study uh get choose the subjects which is not like history or political science for me so i chose philosophy so i think it offers you a lot of diversity and it gives you a general approach towards various .

Subjects and moreover one more benefit of taking be a program if you have not decided you're optional for ubs exam optional is a very important part so it's important that you make an informed choice by selecting that subject now you can do your previous research and if you're quite sure about what you want as your optional and you previously decided .

About upsc you can definitely go for an honors course because you require that sort of in-depth knowledge about the subject but in case you haven't thought and you're not sure about which subject you want for your optional you can narrow down to two subjects and then study those two subjects at a polish level and then make an informed .

Conscious decision as in what optional do you want and definitely that will be a smart choice uh because you'll be well informed about what you're choosing and where you're putting your feet in so i think that is how you program it definitely most of the time i feel students are not very sure of not all of them are rather .

Sure of what do they want to study for their higher studies or their optional so that's the example i think it was the case with me as well i thought i will take my optional political science but when i studied at college level i uh my interest in history developed further so i thought when i changed my decision and i think i'm much more confident about .

That decision rather than my political science decision of functioning so i think definitely helped me to make an informed choice that's wonderful very nice so i wish you all the best for your future journey and really hope that you make it to upsc and be our speaker once again on the channel that how did you ace your upsc with all the .

Best wishes thank you so much ishika for sparing your time and also for giving your inputs i'm sure it is going to help us and for our students i request you to keep sharing and liking the video if you feel the videos are of help to you and this is going to help other students as well .