Hello everyone and welcome back to this little video today i'm gonna explain to you the difference between bnb and smudging what is the difference because there are so many people that ask me questions about this or when they try to swap bnb to a smaller token then they're like well my .

Balance is not showing on my trust wallet and i get so many questions related to this topic like can i swap normal b and b to smaller tokens what is the difference like are they the same coin do they have the same value like what actually is the .

Difference like so many people um have trouble understanding this and i'm not an expert on cryptocurrency but today i'm gonna try to explain to you the most important differences and what they also have in common um bnb for the smart chain so let's get started um first of all they are the same coin .

Yeah that means they have the same value at all times i can go to my trust wallet and i can open up smart chain and i can open up bnb they have two different listings in the trust wallet because in the end they are a bit different i'll come to this in a bit but they have the same value at all .

Times so it doesn't matter for me whether i have it in smart chain in my trust wallet or whether i have it in b and b on my trust wallet it doesn't matter they're worth exactly the same because they are the same coin they're in the end b and b also smart chain is b and b in the .

End yeah so it is in the end the same thing which is b and b so we come to the question now what is the difference so what is the difference between them and there's one fundamental thing that is different which is the network the network is .

Different which is bep2 versus bsc bsc for smart chain and bep2 for binance binance coin yeah for normal b and b so um what exactly is now the difference why do we have two different networks and it doesn't really matter for us who just want to yeah invest in cryptocurrency i don't .

Even know so much about the technical stuff myself but what is important for us to understand is that smart chain is used when swapping into smaller coins or tokens and this is what a lot of you guys asked me for like hey can i change um normal bnb so not smart chain .

To um within pancake swap for example to other to other tokens and the answer is from what i know and from what i have seen so far no you need to have smart chain ready otherwise it doesn't work so there were many cases over the last days some of my videos got like over 37 .

000 views which is crazy for me um so thank you guys so much for the support and there were lots of people telling me hey my balance is not showing on my pancakes i have b and b ready but the problem was they didn't convert it to smart chain first um and then obviously the balance .

Because pancake swap works with smart chain it doesn't really work yeah it doesn't it just doesn't function so your balance will in the end show up as zero even though you have b and b in your trust wallet um so this is the little um the little symbol for for smart chain .

This is important yeah the the black one is marching and the yellow one is bnb and when just holding bnb so i'm talking about the binance coin if you just try to invest in the binance coin then you can just use the bep2 network and most people have it in bnb although .

As i've already said they have the same value it doesn't really matter i can like for example right now i have like 2 000 euros or so in um smart chain in my trust wallet and i have it in smart in because i might invest it into some smaller tokens in the future but for now i'm good with just having it .

As much and because marching is going up in the last couple of days it's been going up maybe it um will stop going up so much in the next couple of days and then i will invest it into some other tokens at a good price but for now i'm happy having it as much and because there's fundamentally no .

Difference between having it as in smart in or in um in bnb on your trust wallet so the important thing for you to understand is when you try to swap b and b to smaller tokens you must have it ready in smart chain smart chain has the black little symbol and bnb has the yellow circle with the .

White logo inside yeah so this is the difference between the two coins and the only difference fundamentally is the network but you can convert them super easily in your trust wallet i made a whole other video about this you can go back to my channel and watch this video .

You can convert it within seconds between the two coins also if you purchase bnb on binance you can literally select which format you want to store it in by selecting the network in the end by going to your trust wallet to the one that you want to um yeah stored in so either smart chain .

Or bnb as i said they're listed in two different categories although you will see they have the exact same price um you can just tap on one let's say i want to have it in smart chain i click on smart chin and i click receive i paste the address in in binance and it will automatically select the bsc network or at least it should if it .

Doesn't then just put in bsc network um so it's extremely simple to swap between the two and to convert them as i said i made a video about this on my channel how to convert it if you already have it in your trust wallet and you let's say you have bnb in your trustworth and you want to invest in .

Some smaller coins or tokens you can convert it within seconds inside your trust wallet as well so yeah thank you so much for watching i really hope you found some value in this video i would really appreciate if you give it a thumbs up and i launched my patreon page as well so if you find some value if you really find value and if i .

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So i don't really know what to do but i did launch my patreon page and i'm gonna put it into the description and maybe we can find one or two patreons it would mean the world to me my channel um like two videos have been going crazy they have like over 30 000 views guys this is crazy for me so guys thank you so much for watching .

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