Hello my name is Gordy Tucker I am here in Asheville on the summer in 2015 I traveled here for three weeks with my wife Kathleen I do archaeology in the United States as well and in some respects archaeology in the United States the way we do archaeology United States is quite a bit different from the way it's done here in Israel and in many .

Other ways it's just the same the just the same part is we're still working with the remains of people who once lived here different points in time and the challenge is to use the materials that we find the artifacts to try and identify who those people are and when they lift here we do the same thing in America it's how it's done is a little .

Bit different in the United States much of the land is private and so all of the resources the cultural resources on the land is private on other parts of the land however on public lands it is it belongs to all of us to the to the people of the United States and there are governmental agencies that that administer and manage those resources .

And so the job that I do involves identifying protecting those resources before they are disturbed or destroyed by various types of projects oil and gas pipeline projects dams roads etc the the main one of the things I noted about working here in Israel is it's very much like working in the American Southwest in New Mexico and Arizona .

Essentially what you have in both places is architecture buildings and you have pottery and and how you interpret it from in both in both places is very much the same so there we have very much the same in other parts of the United States we don't have architecture and pottery but what we have is chip stone tools and more ephemeral type of features such as .

Pit houses and fire and the like and so the challenge of interpreting is a little bit different from here in Israel working here in Israel is great for me because it allows me to get off the rust and when i go back to united states i'm more often in the office and so this is a great opportunity for me to do what i really love to do .