Saturday, May 28, 2022

Milwaukee Academy Of Science VS Roncalli LIVE MATCH 2022 WIAA Div 4 Boys Basketball Championship

hello he ever coming down i'm sorry arthur i thought it was the babysitter just what do you have against babysitters why nothing nothing .

It's a psychological stumbling block the juvenile mind resents the restraint of adult authority you ever have the feeling you're too old for your age physically i'm only eight mentally the doctors refuse to believe it why do you bring my sister flowers because you want to marry her it's all .

Part of the racket where is eloise putting on our lipstick so you can kiss it off come on young fella i'll put you to bed for your sister and i are going to be late for dress rehearsal why do i have to go to bed only children go to bed this early ah sir i didn't hear you come in you should have i made quite an .

Entrance thanks to junior donald didn't you promise mother and dad you'd be a good boy i am being good it just happens that their standards are much higher than mine where's this babysitter his sitter um well don go in and wash your teeth and go to bed and don't wake your baby .

Sister what's the matter no babysitter there are dozens of babysitters in the neighborhood well not for my dear brother he's been declared out of bounds have you tried the employment agencies they don't have babysitters .

Well it looks like my understudy will have to go on tonight start calling every employment agency till you find one that's open get somebody anybody it sounds like a bad idea but i'll do it and i'll handle my pal donald hey it's pretty reckless driving i'll .

Say it is you oughta watch where you're going big boy what are you trying to do get away out of my way shawty i'll run you in for this you're big enough to carry me in uh officer we're terribly sorry well all right but don't let this happen .

Again hey get off of my car what are you gonna do with that put it away well keep it there yes uh-huh i'd better hang up we've been talking for 10 minutes here comes my heavy date for tonight bye .

Who are you calling a heavy date you can you wait outside for five minutes or will you get a ticket well if i do i can get it fixed i have influence don't do that why don't you look where you're going see outside baby what do you see in a tall dark cancer fella plenty girls never say that to me .

What do they say to you shh not in mixed company cosmon employment agency yes i have been on the phone for quite a while i'm sorry we don't list babysitter and just a minute lady you are learning you are looking at the world's greatest babysitter that's right sure he is the .

Best where do you fit into this oh i'm his agent yes he lets me keep ten percent of everything iona i'm sorry i took so long but fortunately a professional babysitter just came in may i have your address please thank you he'll be right out goodbye .

Oh thank you mission gee you're wonderful i like girls like you eyes of blue and five feet two foot timber sorry to be late it's okay shall we go you mean you and i are going out together you see dink i have a way with girls please .

Now listen yes daddy he's so big come on we've got a babysitter get with it all right are you so clumsy i'm excited why this is my first job gee i hope he's a sweet child i love children come on .

it's about time they got here are you there babysitter yeah he sure is you're kind of big for a baby you're not for me oh reject it again i guess it isn't my night won't you come in for sure sure well we'll be playing .

Comfortable here well it's too late to get anyone else have you had much experience with babies oh yes sir i've been a baby all my life don't you worry about jack kids just love them he makes them feel so superior in which they are sure well they're both sound asleep and i'm sure you won't hear a sound out of them all .

Night but if you need anything oh no madam i will leave a thing i'm prepared for everything no one's prepared for donald well good luck and we'll be home after 11. are you going out right now oh costumes going to masquerade ball no we're playing wait kids are gonna play may i see you out the door excuse me may .

I help you i'll miss in case i want to see the children just where are they oh they're in the bedroom down the hall thank you hi pleasure music to my ears my first victim duty calls see you mr .

this calls for action wanna wake up your sweet little brother now i seem to be in trouble have a nice snack this is my real business i know kids good night get me a glass of milk .

What'd you say i said get me a glass of milk this is unbelievable this kid talks better than me you're not very bright i'm sorry kid but what school did you go to the baby isn't talking i am i know you're talking but who .

I'm talking over here this kid ain't even moving her lips this is a baby ventriloquist i'm talking over here i know it's you i mean i'm you're you what's your name donald are you a good boy no it's not my nature i'm a problem .

Child a little kid he's a problem child it's like me i think would you like to have me read you a story before you fall asleep that's been tried too oh this kid can try too i'm telling you can i read this to you .

Well i want to keep you happy let's hear how it goals thank you donald once upon a time that's pretty exciting isn't it once upon a time a whole village was turned overs was turned terrorized .

Yeah the whole village was terrorized by a ferraro yeah donald do me a favor this is a very exciting book about the giant and everything will you read it to me please i can't .

Get over the big words only because i'm fascinated by you here hold my club yes fascinated once upon a time a whole village was terrorized by a ferocious giant who lived in a castle in the sky in this village lived a simple peasant .

Boy named jack and his widowed mother they had come upon hard times because of the giant one day jack was told to bring their only cow to the market and sell him for food princess eloise your highness .

I wonder if i could have a glass of water yes your highness billy oh princess i would have brought you to water i'm a little tired of people waiting on me .

It must be wonderful to be allowed to do everything you want to whenever you want to oh you don't get around much do you what do you mean you mean you haven't heard there's no food in the village the giant he's taken everything he's even taken your father's crown jewels didn't he .

That's why i have to marry prince arthur well isn't it a love match i've never even seen him but his people have money did you ever have to marry a man you've never seen they they tell me i'm a boy thank you for the water thank you your .

Highness and princess remember have courage fear nothing when you're in the right that's my motto yes yes mother jeff you must stop talking to yourself i wasn't talking to myself mother i was talking to the princess .

Eloise princesses don't talk to peasant boys oh jack when are you going to grow up and get some sense does one go with the other jack i've come to a very important decision you're not going to give me a way no if we're not to starve .


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